metall hammer



Yesterday (since we haven’t been working hard enough getting ready for our Vegas Pop Up w/ @_sholdt_ ) we made titanium damascus in the shop.

>be me

>under a bus

>jsut killed a large rat

>construction worker crawls out of manhole and pulls out a hammer and slams into the side of the bus and started hammering the metal and im still under the bus and idk what to do, god idk what to do, im so scared, where do i go? what does anyone do in this kind of situation? we think we’re invincible and safe in our little bubble of reality but we’re not. oh god we’re not, and i realize that now. i realize im vulnerable. we’re all vulnerable.

> double roll out from under the bus and run home before jeopardy comes on, kek mother fuckr 


forging red hot metal with a power hammer (via hayaaaw)


Avenged Sevenfold won Best International Band at this year’s Golden Gods Awards! 😁😁😁

[Photo credit: Metal Hammer / Mercenary Publicity]