(( referring to this / gif was made by Alice))

There was typing, clicking, typing. Very usual noises in the office.
And then there was some loud and rather rude cursing in Enochian and a wooshing sound…

and then some noise like the Metatron had knocked his chair over… and his table… and probably some of the pillars of papers and folders still piled up on and around his desk.

Then there was a soft, low and deep growling and a thud… thud… thud… and something big and dark moving down the steps to the lower part of the office where Alice’s desk was…

… thud… thud… thud… thud…

Two humongous paws ‘flomped’ down on the surface of the fluffy angel’s desk.

<<… Alice… >> the voice in her head was accompanied by a whining growl from the beast in front of her.


Seriously? … Five Minutes… FIVE MINUTES that I spared to stop by and say Good Morning to Raphael and…
Luckily these things seem to have no affect on me!
Going to find out who that little punk was and what he meant with those ‘bets’…

(( Oh look who forgot how to hands! And this legit happened… I looked into AJCrowley’s stream and BANG… Arrow to the knee…. ))

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Love Me - Alice and Metatron (Met having put on some weight)

“Ugh…” he muttered standing in front of the bathroom mirror.
How could that have happened…
Her fault! She made him behave so human since they were together…
Musing how to fix this unbecoming status, he did not notice a fluffy little something sneaking up on him from behind… Petite hands charging for the muffintop that her muffins had created…
Mercilessly she seized his love handles, making him yelp with surprise.
“G'way!” he tried to shoo her off, wishing her to not see him like this.
But it only made her hug him tighter, squeezing his little potbelly in the process.
“Yoooouuuu are sooooo cuuuuddlyyyyyy.” Alice cheeped joyfully.

“…including yours…”

Had some time at work to doodle a bit in the last days… nothing big, just some Metalice… it got crumpled so I threw some sepia in, in gimp…

Alternate caption:
“Of course it’s a long list, silly! Every angel and demon wants to come to our wedding!”

How do you guys actually pronounce Metalice?
Met - Alice?
Metal - Ice?
… I kinda go with whyever O.o

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Value Me - Alice ((yeah okay I feel bad about the other one... doesn't mean you shouldn't write it, btw...))





Value Me - Alice ❤

She had slept in his tent again… and once more one of them, or both?… did it matter? … Had moved closer at night…
Like a reflex, his arms had wrapped around her and he had buried his face in her hair…
He woke early with that subtle smell in his nose, it wasn’t always the same… today it was graprefruit and lemongrass… a bit sour but mellowed by her own body’s fragrance.
Carefully he placed his lips on her forehead.
“I think…” he whispered, “… I might probably be in love with you…  aware that she wasn’t awake to hear it yet…


Hello beautiful music of my childhood, nice to hear you again…

30 Days of Character Development! Day XXIV

<< This is not the Character posting >>

30 Days of Metatron Character Development!

Question List / Spoilers in the Read More

What might your character’s ideal romantic partner be?

Metatron is the King of Angels, he has always been a King and will always be at least a Regent.
And as such his ideal romantic partner would not be a wife or a girlfriend, but a Queen.
Someone ruling side by side with him. Someone he can and has to trust.
Supporting him, helping him, advising him.
Someone who is just as equally powerful and wise as he is supposed to be, perhaps even more.
Someone strong enough to handle things, make decisions, lead people on her own if he is preoccupied.
Someone who loves and cherishes him and still feels like an equal and not like a prize, if he behaves chivalrous towards her.
Someone who tells him off and honestly points out his flaws and mistakes, not to ridicule him but to help taking care of them.

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Clifford and Deborah… so shippable…
The thing I liked about Spice World were the side actors… Richard E. Grant, Alan Cumming, Meat Loaf, Hugh Laurie… and so many others…
What I didn’t like, were the SpiceGirls…

(( He wears purple Alice… and he’s an utter neurotic, manic manager who pretty much loathes the fact that the Girls not ever do what he orders them to do… sounds familiar?))

*has gotten hold of the video surveillance tape from yesterday’s movie night*
*has made sure the parts concerning everything past his waking on the campbed have been cut out, they will be in the report for God, but otherwise they are of no concern for anyone else*
*watches those parts now though… and is amazed by the amount of attitude those spiders showed that he did not notice…*
*some off the beginning is cut off due to static and a few bits of data went lost in the cutting-process*

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Metatron/Alice - Evil AU (not that God would allow that in Met’s case but derp)

First attempt, because I can! And because… even if they were evil, these two would still be the most functional couple in the whole Hellstream…
Chaos Star should be a dead give away for their alignment…
I didn’t know what to do with Met’s clothes… then I thought well purple is a dark colour… then I kinda thought… oh well, might just make him go somewhere along the lines of Sparda cause that’s one awesome husband/dad! LAWL…
Didn’t know what to do with Alice’s clothes either,…
As I was saying… first attempt… let’s see what Alice comes up with and then we can maybe throw stuff together and make them awesomely wicked as hell!

Remember that time I wanted to sketch Alice and Met cuddling and then I had the basic anatomy done and thought it looks great and I wanted to keep it but then I thought I can’t draw him naked because Alice fill feel awkward about it so I thought; maybe give him a tight t-shirt and then I thought, well he DOES currently wear one of Alice’s even if it is too big for her, it’s probably still tight for him and then somehow I thought, heh maybe she could wear his jacket then, because that would be cute and then I was like… oh wait clothes swap…. and now Metatron is wearing a skirt that is too small for him… look at my life… look at my choices *cries*

Alice said:

Hey, Met, I have an idea for Valentine’s Day. How about a fluffy wing hug?

Metatron said:

Well, fine, but be warned, that’s a game for two…


It’s still Valentine’s Day where Alice lives, right? Good.
As a reply to this piece of sweetness
(as if anyone else can draw kissing, don’t criticise it…)