“President Business? Pfft.. That guy. He was always setting these funny little traps…”

You dun goofed up, PB.

The final gif is priceless. My favourite is probably Emmet shaking his head like “not cool, man. not cool”. And Bad Cop with his chair.

This is my headcanon for Reformed!Business though. Accidentally slipping up and making doomsday devices or lacing soup with glue, just out of habit.


SO, when I was at Legoland I picked up a copy of Brick Journal, which is a monthly magazine that’s all about Legos. And it had this AWESOME article in it all about the design stuff that went into The Lego Movie!

Rough models! Idea processes! UNIKITTY CONCEPT ART!! I found it all super interesting, so I thought I would share it!

(if you open the images in new tabs, they should come up large enough to read the interviews!)