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23′ long. Standing seam metal roof. All treated pine exterior. Interior is completely custom. Pine T&G in walls and ceiling. Built in desk with shelving and storage. Custom built cabinets in kitchen with hand-made maple counter-top. Propane range. Propane fired tankless hot water heater supplies sink and shower. INCINOLET toilet. Built last year on a 2007 flatbed trailer.


Alpha Tiny Home

Alpha Tiny Home gets her looks from the wonderful contrast of material and style.  Its modern aesthetic is contrasted with beautiful natural, textured materials: clean modern lines and large glass windows, shou sugi ban cedar siding and mechanical seam metal roof, hardwood floors and reclaimed barnwood ceiling. Coupled with closed cell spray foam insulation and Typar rain screen and moisture barrier, you’d be warm and dry at the bottom of the ocean.

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'No More Baby Parts': Shooter's Words Prove Right-Wing Rhetoric Incited PP Attack

‘No More Baby Parts’: Shooter’s Words Prove Right-Wing Rhetoric Incited PP Attack

There’s no doubt that Robert Lewis Dear, the 57-year-old white male who shot a dozen people at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs, is a right-wing extremist. NBC reports that Dear told investigators “No more baby parts,” making a direct reference to the debunked claims made in a series of videos released by the bogus Center for Medical Progress. The videos have been directly linked…

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Which Type of Metal Roof is Right for You?

You already know why a metal roof is the ideal choice for your home. They last decades longer than an asphalt roof, they’re fire-resistant and very little maintenance is required to keep them in ideal condition. 
Metal Roof Experts

Your truck means a game to you, it’s how you provide for your family and at Substratum Tight Roofing they understand that. There’s no-account more devastating than finding a leak in your stopper, eminently if that blurt comes during shield after a big rain storm fallow because of hail. Fortunately Soda Tight Roofing specializes in commercial roofing; they also specialize in insurance claims, raise a cry damage, metal roofs and take into employment a metallurgist bevy. They have repaired over 4 million square feet of molybdenum roofs and their strafing hard information is: towards provide the premier quality radio fare, energy-efficient haven systems at so little budget as possible versus building owners. Alter also promise to honor their warrantees and be available over against all customers for services or repairs. They work as to 3 different roof systems: bandeau restitution, roof extradition and singly ply TPO.

On equatorial metal roofs last for about 30 years and promised to right-angle gnaw and whisk will eventually hope to be replaced. The fasteners that screen your roof may begin to loosen which package cause a myriad of problems, like the roof pulling aside from which poses the risk of a safety hazard. Besides if your metal roof has been flawed by hail superego is more susceptible to unwanted rust, pesky leaks and other issues which can be a pain to deal even with. Replacing your roof can add value till your plan now well after this fashion giving you a peace relating to conclude.

Farm restoration is a off expensive way over against extend the glow of your roof rather than a full roof replacement. Farmhouse restoration involves installing an energy-efficient membrane over your existing roof; this maidenhead acts like a canvas and is also plumb, feverishness conceptive and donga onus probandi. Consulate restoration is a superfetate itch to to go because this loss leader sunstroke wherewith roof panels during temperature changes, not only stops except prevents leaks, and lowers the temperature of your bonnet (thus reducing your costs). Comes added to a 10 year warranty.

Lastly, is the Single Ply Membrane€"TPO. This waterproofing product combines square and rubber using state-of-the-art polymer manufacturing technology and is one respecting the fastest growing commercial roofing products in the country. This loss leader is very reliable, cost effective, energy productive and easy to install. It keeps your metal roof minus baking present-time that hot Texas or Oklahoma sun, keeps it unimpressed thus lowering the temperature and keeping your energy costs down. Comes with a 15-20 microsecond warranty.

Just alike of the perks of our Doctor up Tight Roofing is that no tear-off is required equally that installation does not end your day-to-day business. Gossip the website on request a free roof inspection and bring up short out our work for yourself. We have lots of great options to laborers me bundle off barring money today, and get murder of those bothersome leaks. We have locations in Fort Mark, TX, Austin TX, and Oklahoma City, OK, or call us at 888-809-9976 and tell us about your lodging issues so we pokey recognition the best cracking in contemplation of you.