Cham Kosa - Shiva Head Metal Sleeve Fitted to a Liṅgam
800 AD, Champa Kingdom, Vietnam (via flicker: dalbera)

This Cham kosa, or metal sleeve to be fitted over a linga, is the face of Siva, as can be recognized from the third eye in the center of the forehead and the chignon hairstyle known as jatamukuta.
musée Guimet (Paris) / art du Champa

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can you name all the shops you get your metal/goth/occult clothing from that aren't like super overly expensive (even if they are expensive still list pls!!!) ? and where you got those amazing knee high leather black buckle strap boots from? I'm a goth/metal head and I'm finding it really hard to find new clothing stores that are my style (gothic/emo/occult/metal) but also make me look hot as fuck, I'm a woman by the way. thank you so much in advance and you are absolutely beautiful!

I get my black spaghetti strap tops at walmart for 3$ each

My leggings are the extra long leggings from which are 2 for 15$

All my band shirts and band merch is from

My hooded dress, velvet dress and other assorted gothic dresses are from different etsy shops. Theres one etsy shop called “lustful doll” and i love the clothes they make as they are more sexual/lingerie like.

Sometimes I find cute black dresses and lacy shirts at

One dress is from

Underwears all from la senza.

My boots i got off ebay from an authorized demonia shoe reseller. The boots are mens trashville-518s. And cost me 200$. If you want gothic shoes cheap look at thrift stores for black hooker boots. Thats what i wore for a bit haha.

Most of my spacers and body jewelry come from

I really love handmade one of a kind and vintage clothing so i highly highly reccommend doing searches on etsy.

It isn’t usually cheap to have nice clothing. But i find putting 120$ down on a dress is worth it if its made to last.

Good luck!!!



my little project this weekend - customizing my Bucky figure! because Bucky Barnes wears all black, muthafuckas. and doesn’t carry a bright red gun lol

it’s my first time ever customizing a figure and I had a lot of fun! I was only going to do his chest and right arm, and I ended up painting over everything but his metal arm and head :P

2 - Childhood/Adolescence/Young Adult Life


A hand grabs his helmet and the ground disappears from beneath him, legs dangling in the air. The metal dents around his head and Kaidan’s biotics flare, doing nothing more than curl around his body. An alert on his HUD – his helmet’s cracked, air leaking out and he gasps for breath, for anything to fill his lungs.

Shepard’s yelling behind him, the Lieutenant’s voice breaking over his comm. Everything’s going too fast, he’s swung around and his head makes contact hard, pain rattling his teeth. His suit automatically dispenses painkillers and his biotics spark uncontrollably around him in time with the pulses of static in his body – Kaidan can’t stop them, the amp’s not responding and neither does his brain and agony seizes him, choked noises coming out of his throat.

“Careful, son, you’re going to choke,” his father brings a napkin to his chin, wiping away the food gathered there. Kaidan smiles at him, a tiny kid no older than four with his crooked teeth and grabby hands.

Hands that grab for his dad’s nose, suddenly ignoring his lunch and the laugh that comes afterwards is filtered, muffled without the extra airway and the young boy giggles with delight, hand being removed with some amount of difficulty. His dad picks the spoon up again and Kaidan groans dramatically, pouting at him.

“Come on, your mother will have both of our heads if you don’t finish your food. Now, open up.”

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Imagine making nicknames for each other with Tony

*GIFS not mine :)

Y/N: “Did you know I have a metal plate in my head?”

Tony: “Seriously? OOh. I have a new nickname for you! Metal Head.”

Y/N: “Hmm. I like it. Wait. I’ve never had a nick name for you.”

A couple hours later you were in the lab with Tony while he was working on his Iron Man suit.

Y/N:  “Starky! Or, Or, Iron Donut, because you love donuts so much! Or DiNozzo because your both super sarcastic.”

Tony:  “Starky? What does that mean?” He chuckled.

Y/N: “Well you’re Tony Stark, and you’re working on your suit and it has sparks coming off of it so I got a bit inspired. Heh.”

Tony: “Iron Donuts my favorite. Almost satisfactory Metal Head.” He said with a sly smile.

Well, I hope you liked it. I was kinda pathetic but oh well. :) haha

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songs that make you think of zummer ? ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆

u mean summer ,,

sunday morning // the velvet underground
two of us // the beatles
drive-in saturday // david bowie
golden // fall out boy
death is a star // the clash
riptide // vance joy
out of my league // fitz and the tantrums
mrs robinson // simon and garfunkel
all my best friends are metal heads // less than jake