Not Northside Material - Part 1

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A/N: It’s me, back from the dead and this time… sweeter. Anyway, here have this. The next few parts are already written, I just have to edit them and I’ll post them depending on the reaction to this one because its been a while and I’m rusty, ya kno? so pls let me know what you think.

Part 2

Summary: There’s a new girl at Southside High and that means new entertainment for the Serpents. 

Word Count: 2,625

Warnings: Swear words, Serpents, and that’s all so far

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Taako is kinda missing having an umbrella as his staff and Lup makes him another one. 
Just like the old one with feather fall and magical but instead of consuming liches and fallen magic users, it vacuums up loot after combat.Or works like a loot/metal detector. 

Support police officers: Thin Blue Line

Support fire fighters: Thin Red Line

Support security guards: Thin Yellow Line

Support TSA agents: Thin Fuchsia Line

Support Bounty Hunters: Thin Burnt-Orange Line

Support Hall Monitors: Thin Cyan Line

Support Neighborhood Watch: Thin Tickle Me Pink® Line

Support the guy who says “go ahead,” giving you the okay to walk through the metal detector: Thin Periwinkle Line 

Support the white lady at the store who isn’t security but follows POC around because they look “suspicious”: Thin Chartreuse Line


My September in Review:

These are photos I have taken during the month which I did not post the day I took them. I hold onto them and see if anything meets my internal criteria for good photos worthy of sharing.

All of the colors and shadows are achieved in camera and with the use of filters during the shoot, I am not a big fan of editing afterwards. 

I live at the beach and see a lot of sunsets, so naturally the things my eyes are used to, and the thing my artistic side likes is shadows and rich colors. You will notice those themes repeated in these pics….Shot with a Canon6D with several different lenses at different settings(UV, Circ PL, and a few other lens filters)

Thanks for following…Hope you enjoy!!!

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Supercorp at a baseball game

When Kara asks if she’s free Saturday, she immediately makes sure she is.

When Kara, fingers coated in cheese and salt and salsa, drags her up bleacher after bleacher until they reach the perfect spot, she realizes maybe she should’ve asked why.

“Want one?” A chip is held towards her, cheese slipping off and falling in a clump on the bleacher between them. “It’s okay. I’ll get it.”

She doesn’t wait to see what Kara means by that, turning her attention back to the people milling about the field. A part of her knows what Kara intends, and her stomach twists at the thought.

“All good.”

When she glances down, the cheese is gone and Kara looks unnervingly proud of herself.

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Archaeologists and Metal Detectorists Find Common Ground

NEW LONDON, Conn. — Keith Wille was metal detecting in the woods of Connecticut a few years ago when he found a triangle of brass about two-and-a-half inches long with a small hole in the middle. He thought little of the find at first, and threw it in his scrap pile. Mr. Wille, 29, is a manager at a survival training company, but spends most of his spare time metal detecting.

In September, Mr. Wille drove from his home here to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center with several boxes of objects — the highlights of his recent collecting. The museum — a vast, glassy structure that looks like an airport terminal, complete with a 185-foot-tall traffic-control-style tower — is a testament to the years when the Foxwoods Resort Casino made the Pequots the wealthiest tribe in the nation. Although those fortunes have declined, the Pequots are still financing projects by the archaeologist Kevin McBride, who works full time on what Lori A. Potter, a spokeswoman for the Mashantucket Pequot Nation, called “history that’s written by the conquered and not by the conqueror.” Read more.

Flying With a Service Dog

This is based off my personal experience flying with a service dog: 

I have noticed that one thing that is very nerve wracking for many service dog handlers is flying with their service dog for the first time. Not knowing what to expect in a situation that is hard to train for specifically can make a person very anxious. I wanted to write a guide based on my own experience so that people had a comprehensive thing to look at!

Airlines that people have good experiences with:

  • Southwest
    • Southwest is by far the most accommodating. I flew with them. Once notified of my dog, they gave me the seat next to me for free so she could have more room. They printed out a “reserved” sign that I could sit on the seat so that no one could sit there and the flight attendants knew what was going on. They did this for free. 
    • Southwest has free seating. As a disabled person, you get preferred seating so you will be able to board first and get bulkhead if you want it. 
  • Frontier
  • American

Important things your dog should know:

  • A stellar settle.
  • Sit stays. 
  • Follow directions off leash (if you don’t use a metal free lead and want to have your dog go through the metal detector.)
  • Handle very busy areas.
  • Handle VERY loud noises. 
  • A good heel
  • Potty on artificial grass
  • Potty on command
  • A very tight tuck
  • Being okay with strangers touching them.
  • Staying even when you walk away

Before the flight:

  • Tell the airline that you have a service dog. It will make your flight a lot easier if people are alerted to this ahead of time.
  • Ask if you can have bulk head seating. These are the seats at the front of the plane that have much more foot room than any other seat. Most airlines will give you the seating for free.
  • Choose your seat (if you can). I find that sitting by the window is the best place so that your dog doesn’t spill out into the aisle. If you’re flying Southwest, there is open seating. And because you get preferred seating, you can choose whichever one when you get on the plane.
  • Do you need mobility assistance? Did you know there are people at the airport whose sole job is to push people to their destinations in wheelchairs? If you call ahead of time, you can have someone waiting for you at the check in desk to help you!
  • Try to limit your dog’s food and water intake. Your dog can go the day without food and with limited water. I promise they can handle it. It will help with the going to the bathroom situation. You won’t have to worry about it as much. 

What to pack:

  • Are you checking a bag or carrying on? Either is fine! Most airlines will give you a free carry on bag as well as personal item. So for example a backpack and a purse. They will charge you for more. If you need a bag separately for your dog’s things, you need to know this: YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR BAGS CARRYING MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. And guess what! Your dog’s supplies are part of your medical equipment! So if you need to check a bag for your dog or bring an extra carry on, you do not need to pay!
  • Things to pack for your dog:
    • Small first aid kit
    • Water bottle (empty – you can fill it on the other side of security)
    • Extra collar
    • Extra leash
    • Extra vest
    • Treats
    • 2-3 days worth of dog food
    • Poop bags
    • Portable bowls
    • A mat/blanket for your dog
  • Anything in your carry on that is liquid needs to be in a 3 oz or smaller container and ALSO fit into a quartz sized plastic bag. 

When you get to the airport

  • If you haven’t already printed out your boarding passes at home, you need to do that first. There are kiosks that you can do this without talking to a person, but I highly suggest going up to the desk to do your check in if you can. You’ll be able to remind them about your dog and confirm things like bulkhead seating or assistance. 
  • Once you have your boarding pass and any bags that you’re checking taken care of, make your way towards security. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS. Find someone who works there – they’re usually wearing blue, or a white shirt with black pants. Airports are big and confusing. Flying with a dog for the first time is scary enough. It can be exacerbated by not having flown alone before.


  • There are a few ways to go about this so I will outline all I can think of!
    • You do not need to remove your dog’s gear, even if there is metal on it. Put everything that you need onto the belt and then go to the metal detector. Put your dog into a sit/stay and walk through when they direct you to. Once you get through, call your dog through after you. The metal detector WILL beep. This is where your dog being okay with strangers touching them is important – your dog will get a quick pat down. That’s it! They may test your hands and your dog’s vest for explosives or chemicals with these little paper pad things, but it isn’t too complicated. 
    • A lot of people use metal free gear when going to the air port to make things easier. you would follow the same steps as above but your dog wouldn’t need to be patted down. 
    • You can also remove your dog’s gear entirely and put it through the belt with all your other belongings. Your dog needs to be good at a sit stay and you need to be able to handle them without gear, but otherwise pretty simple!
  • Grab your stuff afterwards and you’re done!

At the gate

  • There is usually a desk at or near every gate. Regardless of if you reminded them at the check in, go up to the desk and introduce yourself and remind them again of your dog. There may be something else they can do to accommodate you. That, and I find that people are more willing to help you later if they are aware of you. 
  • Wait until your flight!

On the plane

  • Get to your seat and put down any blankets or mats you brought your dog, if any. Have your dog get into a settle/tuck and then sit down. 
  • I have treats ready because I hadn’t flown with my dog before and I was unsure of how she’d handle it. She got nervous during take off and landing so having the treats available is helpful.

That’s it! It’s not as scary as it seems and I’m sure afterwards, you’ll find yourself wondering why you were worried in the first place. I hope that this guide helps the anxiety in the meantime!

Sweet Tears Pt.6

Jungkook x Reader { Cat Hybrid/Dystopian Au! }(a)(f)(eventual smut)

Warnings: None???

Who could have known that taking home a hybrid would change ones whole life? How could y/n have guessed he would affect her so much? All she wants to do is help, but she doesn’t even know if he’ll let her.

Wordcount: 6k+

A/n: Ah~ I’m so glad I could finally get this out. So, grab your popcorn, and something to drink cause I hope you’re ready <3

|| Masterlist || Previous ||

Previously: Jimin and you both got up as well. As they put on their shoes and grabbed their items, you picked up the now empty glasses before walking to where they were. “Who is Suga anyway.”

Slinging her purse over her arm, Hyemi opened the door. “That’s a secret.” She showed you a smile, pulling you into a hug before starting to walk out. “If you need anything, we’re only across the hall. Don’t be afraid to stop by.” You let out a laugh, waving her off before Jimin stopped in the doorway.

“Y/n?” You hummed, watching as he stepped inside once more. “I don’t know much about what Suga does, but I heard there’s an important part of his process”

“What is it?”

He smiled at you, his eyes turning to into those lovely half moon crescents. “You have to create a bond stronger than the initial connection.” You cocked your head in confusion, watching as he gave you a hug and left.

It had been an hour since Hyemi and Jimin had left, the pitch black night sky and blinding city lights your only company. You had cleaned up everything. After putting the bottle of wine away and washing your two glasses, you listened. The house was now silent, an atmosphere that you were used to yet wished had stayed away.

Two days and three nights- one of which you counted as today yet the amount of action you had faced made it feel like years. You had found a hybrid, taken him in and already found yourself attached. The thought that there was over a sixty percent chance that Jungkook would meet a doomed end scared you. If you couldn’t reach Suga and get his help, what then? Bring him back to his owner to live a miserable life- or let him die? With a sigh, you decided to push everything to the back of your mind.

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Southside High 

Or read it on Ao3 

Pairing: Betty Cooper x Jughead Jones 

Summary: Due to the start of Riverdale High’s complex renovations, the school is shut down for one year and all Riverdale High students are forced to attend Southside High.

In an effort to integrate at her new school, Betty goes to a meeting for the Red and Black and meets one of the top Southside Serpents, Jughead Jones.

AU: Jughead Jones is a Southside High student and, therefore, doesn’t know any of the regular Riverdale High students.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

A smug, balding security guard smirked at her terse tone and motioned for her to turn back around, “’fraid not, sweetheart. Take off the earrings and come through again.”

Betty clenched her jaw tightly before practically ripping her earrings out in frustration and throwing them in the bin. This was the fourth time she had gone through this absolutely ridiculous probably-not-even-TSA-approved metal detector at the entrance of Southside High and she was now thoroughly convinced this mall cop was fucking with her.

A few Southside High students sighed irritably behind her as she set herself up to walk through again.

But before the guard could motion for her to step forward, an older student sauntered over to him, effectively erasing the cocky grin from the officer’s face as he folded his arms.  

“Enough. Let her through.”

His voice came out as a low growl, a demand not a suggestion, and Betty’s eyebrows raised in surprise. She had never heard a student speak to a person of authority that way and was mildly horrified.

But also impressed, definitely impressed.

The guard bit the inside of his cheek for a split second before quickly motioning her through, stepping back to allow her appropriate space to throw on her ballet flats and jewelry. The student remained unmoved, his eyes dark as he watched her shove her earrings in, ensuring the guard would leave her alone until she was done.

“You good?”

Betty turned quickly to thank him and assure him she was fine, but found herself self-consciously pulling her bottom lip between her teeth.

Wow, she thought, her eyes trailing from his gray crown beanie to his striking blue eyes down to his full lips.

He offered a small smile, raising an eyebrow at her stare before turning to head down the hallway filled with students, backs pressed against their lockers to clear his way.

Her mouth fell open when the light hit the back of his leather jacket just right, revealing his bold, stitched Southside Serpent emblem.

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I’m reading more about it, and apparently tree spiking has been almost totally abandoned as a tactic for all except a few people and groups here and there. Along with being dangerous for logging workers and incredibly risky due to being illegal, it’s also a fairly ineffective way of stopping any sort of deforestation. Which makes sense when you think about it: if you tell them you’ve spiked the trees they’re cutting as you’re supposed to, they’ll either use a metal detector before cutting or demand they’re cut anyway, which results in both the tree going down and the workers lives being threatened. The main Earth First! organization abandoned it in the 90′s for these reasons, but some of their groups are still doing it.

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Bad boy Jughead keeps embarrassing himself every time town sweetheart Betty Cooper is around

Thanks for dropping by, @gay-for-rey1999 . I finally finished your prompt and I hope I’ve done it justice!

Blonde Ponytails And Leather Jackets

Bughead AU: There is no Black Hood, Jason Blossom was never murdered, and Jughead Jones had always been a Southside Serpent. He was never friends with any of the Northsiders.

It was a hot afternoon and all the students in Mr. Calpone’s class were sweaty and tired. Not to mention bored. Jughead Jones was editing an article for Southside High’s school newspaper, the Red & Black. He looked up from his work for a minute to take a look around the room. Sweet Pea was sitting with his feet propped up on the desk, busy tearing up paper to make spit wads. Toni Topaz was sitting next to Jughead, playing with her pink hair. Most of the other students were on their phones, or napping.

“Okay, guys. Listen up,” Mr. Calpone said, clapping his hands. “Southside High is doing a student exchange program with Riverdale High as part of the town’s collaborative society scheme.

“We’ll be hosting fifteen Riverdale High students for a few weeks so that they can see what school is like here in the Southside. Fifteen of you will be assigned to give them the tour and help them over the course of this program. From your class, Ellen, you have Ethel Muggs. Starke, you have Midge Klump. And Toni, you have Elizabeth Cooper.”

Toni groaned loudly but Mr. Calpone just ignored her.

“The students will be coming here tomorrow so I want you all to be kind to them and actively participate in making their stay enjoyable.”

A few kids started to snicker. Mr. Calpone sighed.

“Just don’t do anything stupid, guys.”

The bell rang and the students ran out of the class. Toni’s shoulders slumped as she walked.

“Why is it always me that gets stuck with tours for new students?”

“Because,” Sweet Pea answered, putting his arm around her shoulder. “You’re such a nice and lovable person with a great personality.” He and Fangs started to guffaw, and Toni swatted his arm.

“What was the girl’s name again? Elizabeth something?”

“Cooper.” It was Jughead who spoke up. “I’m guessing she’s Alice Cooper’s daughter.”

“Great,” Toni sighed. “I’m stuck with the daughter of the monster who prints shit about us in that newspaper.”

Southside High. A school that required you to go through a metal detector before you were permitted to enter. It was a very dingy place, and gave off an unwelcoming vibe. Graffiti plastered the walls, and no one had even made an effort to cover it up. The walls were gray, which matched the gloomy atmosphere. Southsiders loitered in the hallways, eyeing the Northsiders who were on their turf.

Betty Cooper shivered. She felt uncomfortable under their hostile stares as she and the fourteen other Riverdale High students made their way to the office. She wished she could have avoided coming but her mother thought that it was a good opportunity to dig a little deeper in the Jingle Jangle case.

“Betty, look,” Kevin whispered to her, nodding his head in the direction of a group of menacing teens. There were about eight or nine of them, all wearing black leather jackets. As one of the boys turned around, Betty saw the large snake embroidered onto the back of his jacket. Southside Serpents. Riverdale’s infamous criminal gang lead by the notorious FP Jones. They were people you did not want to mess with. Betty wasn’t afraid of them though. Her mother had taught her that they were not people to be feared as it would only give them power over her.

One of the Serpents caught her staring at them. He raised an eyebrow at her, challenging her to say something. Betty quickly looked away, her cheeks flushing. She took a quick glance back and saw the Serpent watching her, his gaze unnerving. He was devastatingly handsome, Betty realized with a shock. He had gorgeous black curls, a chiseled face, and intense blue eyes.

“Betty,” Kevin nudged her arm, pulling her out of her thoughts. Betty craned her neck to see Southside High’s principal, a tall, broad-shouldered man named Mr. DeVilio, smiling at them.

“Welcome to Southside High,” he said in a deep tone. “We’re excited to have you here and we hope that you feel welcome in our Southside family. Without further ado, let’s get you your schedules and show you around.”

Betty picked up her own schedule and looked around at the Southside High students waiting for them.

“Elizabeth Cooper?” a voice behind Betty asked. She turned around to see a cinnamon-skinned girl with pink hair, looking at her.

“That’s me,” Betty said smiling. The girl looked….. friendly enough.

“I’m Toni Topaz,” the girl said. “I’m giving you the tour.”

“Great,” Betty said. “And it’s just Betty.”

Toni gave her a small smile. “Sure, yeah.”

She turned around and Betty inhaled sharply. Toni was wearing a Serpent jacket.

Wonderful, Betty thought. I’m being given the tour by a Serpent.

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