“Do you have anything metal on your person? Phone, keys, that sort of thing?” the security guard asked automatically as Bucky tried to pass through the metal detector and it let out a beep.

Bucky offered a tight-lipped smile and allowed the guard to see his metal arm, “Sorry.”

“Military?” the guard raised an eyebrow slightly but his voice wasn’t judgemental.

Bucky hesitated a moment before answering, “Yeah, you could say that.”

The guard nodded understandingly, barely looking phased, “You can go on through, sir.”

You smiled gratefully and ushered your daughter forwards, “Thank you.”

You continued into the park, Bucky on one side and your daughter trotting alongside you, her fingers wrapped tightly around yours.

“What should we do first?” Bucky asked you, looking rather uncertain.

“Whatever you want to. Tony said to go nuts while we’re here,” you looked down to your daughter, “Do you want to watch a show first or find a ride?”

“Ride!” she exclaimed excitedly, grinning widely.

“Then a ride it is.”

Gif Credit: Bucky / Disney

anonymous asked:

Oh I think Katarina was alone that night too and all that team work was product of his guilt, of him thinking about what could have gone differently if he was there. And I believe the same night she was attacked, she decided to kill herself. I always thought the necklace was real and he had it with him all along and when he hallucinates about finding it, it's actually his mind reminding him of it, right there in his pocket. It's his mind bringing him back. Does it make any sense??

That makes perfect sense! I’ve been talking to starsaremyocean and she did some awesome work with the necklace! So apparently it says “To Ekaterina (Katarina) love Papa” which is cursive cyrillic and Ocean is freaking amazing when she puts on her tin foil hat.

So anon, I agree that it brought him back to reality but what if it’s not real or, as you said, he had it all along. The guy with the metal detector gave him some pretty weird looks so we can assume almost everything was in his head. I’m not sure what’s real anymore anon, maybe Red’s been in a perpetual state of hallucination from the drugs and the grief. Maybe Dom wasn’t even real, but just another projection of his guilt and memories?! Cause why would a Russian be in middle of nowhere America? But that’s another can of worms you don’t even want to get me started with!

Massive Viking Hoard Unearthed by Treasure Hunter Publicly Revealed for First Time

More than 1,000 treasure hoard have been recorded in Britain in 2015 alone, including a great find of loot possibly left by a Viking fleeing north after the Anglo Saxons under Alfred the Great defeated the Norse raiders in the battle of Edington. That booty, the Watlington hoard, is being publicly revealed for the first time at the British Museum in London.

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But if the phenomenon strikes on your inaugural treasure hunt, it can mean a significant payday.

Wesley Carrington was just 20 minutes into his first metal detecting trip when he unearthed a hoard of Roman gold coins estimated to be worth £100,000.

Yesterday he jokingly suggested he may have ‘peaked early’ in his treasure hunting career.

The novice revealed he had bought a basic detector from a local shop and headed straight out to woods to try his new gadget.

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Surfer’s ring, lost in the Pacfic Ocean, returned after 35 years

Robert Fowler was surfing off Bolinas in 1979 when he felt his gold class ring slip off his finger and disappear.

The thing it disappeared into was the Pacific Ocean, a body of water not known for giving things back.

Fast-forward 35 years, as can happen in seagoing tales. Two weeks ago, treasure hunter Larry Feurzeig was strolling the Bolinas beach at low tide with his metal detector, listening through his headphones for pings that usually mean he’s the lucky finder of yet another beer can, fishing weight or penny.

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