Wasteland Witch ☄️

Nomadic Witch of the desert, trading bone and scrap metal charms for supplies and hexing those who try to start trouble ☠️
This gorgeous @allsaints dress I bought second hand off eBay was giving me seriously post apocalyptic wastelander vibes 😸🛠
Sending you guys lots of love and happy thoughts ✨💖

Boots, dress, and belt all second hand from All Saints (belt modified by me)
Bolero from Anki


Just a small handful of the 2016 TPS Summer Collection! All new metal and enamel charms and necklaces! More to come as we photograph all of the adorable new pieces!

Which do you like best so far? 


A new line of merchandise has been announced at Pokémon center! Called “Pokémon halloween Time”, this line will focus on Halloween with Pokémon dressed as ghost types! The line comes out on September 2nd, 2017. Here’s the line-up:

- Pikachu, Mimikyu, Bewear standard-sized plush - 1 800 yen
- Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Eevee mascot plush - 1 200 yen
- Metal charms - 850 yen
- Halloween Time pin’s - 600 yen
- Set of three A4 clear files - 380 yen
- Stickers - 500 yen
- Hand towels - 700 yen
- Stick-it notepad - 680 yen
- Drawstring bag (dice bag ) - 600 yen
- Pouch bag - 1 800 yen
- Earrings - 600 yen
- Mugs - 2 200 yen
- Plastic keychains - 500 yen
- Pass holder plush (Pikachu ghost) - 1 300 yen
- Hair pin - 700 yen


As a counterpart to Dye’s ask for their SD babies!!!

This took a while to finish, sketched sporadically between may and june but I finally finished them. I’m so excited with how they turned out!!! it’s been so long since i drew these guys at all together so i feel like i learned a lot about em!! Disclaimer I know Chryssa and Graham aren’t here- they’ve been currently demoted to supporting characters AND were both more or less adopted to Dye. So they’re still here!! Just not mains for now

  • Charli > Charsil, a Kobold Bard (metal). A charming poet and bard by trade, she has a gift for spoken word and uplifting any weary hearts (except maybe her own). She’s travelling to sell her services in the southern capitol- and maybe fund a pair of glasses…
  • Kasey > Kaessek, an Ogre Warrior (fire). A sulky adolescent warrior who is a bit apathetic about their duties as a warrior, even if their berserk mode is not something to underestimate. They’re hard working when they have to be, but Kae would honestly rather be napping and enjoying a quiet mundane life.
  • Bailey > Balea, a Gnome Merchant (air). A bubbly merchant and part time mechanic (but more like a tinkerer, since she isn’t really that savvy with airships) eager to find her own life path, kiss cute people, and go on adventures. Her heart is in the right place!
  • Addison > Addisa, a Naiad Mage (air). A dreamy scholar and beachcomber (naiad treehugger) that spends her free time reading instead of socializing. It’s considered a bit hippie-ish to go accessorizing with shells directly off the beach (and lay around writing purple prose…) but here she is.

Pokémon Center just announced their new campaign for the opening of the new Pokémon Center in Tohoku! The goods are to be released on June 30th, 2017. Here’s the line-up:

- Pikachu poncho Jirachi / Rowlet / Victini large plush - 2 000 yen each
- Pikachu poncho Jirachi / Rowlet / Victini mascot plush - 1 200 yen each
- Pikachu / Victini / Jirachi kokeshi doll plush - 1 000 yen each
- Jirachi plush - 1 500 yen
- A4 clear file - 240 yen each
- Mug - 1 200 yen
- Acrylic keychains - 500 yen each
- TCG deck case - 1 000 yen
- Notebook - 530 yen
- Drawstring purse - 600 yen
- Metal charms - 550 yen each
- Postcards 150 yen each
- Kokeshi doll metal charms - 800 yen each
- Towel - 1 000 yen
- Hand towel - 500 yen
- Pikachu poncho metal charms - 900 yen each


My Mishima charms finally came in and they’re so lovely! I’m so happy ahh…./cries into hands/

Anyway I have these up for sale on my etsy (new because my sis is on vacation and she closed her store LMAO so I was forced to make my own) the link is the source at bottom left corner of this post because tumblr is an idiot and will hide posts with external links or click here if you can’t see the source link (only works for PC people)

He is 2 inch clear acrylic, double-sided. Comes with metal moon charm and clip-on metal keyring! I’m selling him for $8 USD + shipping (Canadian shipping, so shipping will not be as ridiculous internationally or to america ffff)

ASKS - Misc Majors

Asks sent to my main, answered here! All these deal with different majors at EU.

valaaz said: What would the Fae do about architecture students? Would architecture studios be one of those places where time passes differently? End of semester projects suddenly seem to ignore all laws of physics but the physical models still work somehow?

Not all architecture projects. But if you’re desperate enough for inspiration to strike a deal, it’s fifty-fifty you’ll end up with some Escher shit that would implode if constructed anywhere except on campus, model or not.

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✂️🎀 pastel stitch-witch set ✨🔮 on etsy 

I have to admit - it’s not one of my usual assemblies. I’m usually much more traditional and concentrated on nature. However I got incredibly inspired by @thecrossstitchwitch and all the wonderful art she’s posting, and decided to get out of my comfort zone a bit with this one. 

I hope you’ll like it nevertheless!

The cute oval box is wrapped in white ribbon with a knitting set charm. It contains: 

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