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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 1.17.17

large leather tote bag by patersonsalisbury

happy third anniversary to my sister and her husband! anniversary no. 3 comes with the traditional gift of leather, so today i’m going to share some perfect leather finds to kick-start some gift ideas … this large tote bag is made from new zealand cow leather in a gorgeous cognac hue and has thoughtful copper rivets. i know kat would love to carry this bag around kansas … just saying, ry.

Knight of the Night (Modern Superhero/Vigilante Au!Matt)

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A/N: Let’s talk about how lazy I am; I scrolled through all my post just so I didn’t have to type out the title. Anyways I’m thinking about coming up with a title for each part like comics, so bear with me, they’re going to be hella corny.

Summary: Matt Organa-Solo, a 21-year old psychology student at Academia: University of First Order. He was the only child of Senator Leia Organa-Solo and Retired Chief of Police Han Organa-Solo. It was a problematic community, but not as terrible as some other towns and colleges. But somehow, he always found himself always somehow saving one someone, literally. After a crazy night, will Matt dare venture to become the hero this place needs?

Vol. #1- Who the fuck is Kylo Ren?

Vol. #2- His Mary Jane, Lois Lane

It was a new dawn, it was a new day, and Matt had a new mindset. If he was to become this man “Kylo Ren”, he would have to change himself. Not only physically, but mentally. Matt knew he would have to heavily rely on his comics that he memorized like the back of his hands. He would have to religious follow his heroes and their confidentiality. “Uh, hey Hux.” Matt scratched his head, as he looked around. “I’m not going to be at the dorm for the weekend. My mom’s in town. So, yeah, have fun.” He ended the call and shakily walked up to the gate. He hadn’t been here in almost two years. Not much has changed. He walked along the gates until he started to see where the thick stone wall met the greenery. With a firm grip, Matt began to hoist himself over the wall into the yard of his childhood home landing ungracefully in the tall grass. Stalking his way over to the front door, he began pulling out his key. He looked down at the key. It was the last thing his mother ever gave to him before the divorce finalized. It hurt so much to watch his mother, with an aching-heart. It was the last time he’s seen her.

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I don’t really collect Sonic much any more, but these are the few items I’ve gotten in last year or so.

-Sonic Lost World tote bag

- Metal Sonic Postcards and Keychain

- Sonic and Amy Pinched! Keychains

- Sonic Adventure Phone Pouch

- Sonic Lost World clear file

- Jet Set/Grind Radio promotional video for the press

- Project Diva EXTEND limited edition SEGA Store edition CD (There was also a phone card, sticker and a promo CD with music tracks from SEGA).

Parcel #2 of 5

And the biggest thing is a Sonic Adventure Japanese store cut out they had around SA’s launch there, it’s as tall as me and is in relatively good condition for something that is 16 years old! It’s a gorgeous set piece.

What We’re Reading

Hey there, guys and dolls! 

Confession: we’re kinda’ (okay, very) greedy and are always looking for more fic’s with Darcy Lewis and Bucky Barnes. Whether they’re shipping like there’s no tomorrow, idiots falling in love, breaking up and breaking all the hearts, the bestest besties that ever bestied, (insert all the tropes here), we wants it all.

So please help us feed the beast and tell us what Wintershock awesomeness you’re reading. Just send us a message with the title, author, what you’re loving about what you’re reading, and we’ll post it to the blog.

This week my feels have been bewitched and all twitterpated by two stories. In fact, I think I’ve read them both about eleventy-five times. Yeah, they are that good.

“Come With Me Now” by Wynn.

Summary: She was gorgeous, her lips as red as her nails, her long brown hair curling down her back from her soft grey hat. He had chosen her because of that, because she screamed civilian; he had thought he could pass the remaining forces from the facility searching for him without attracting attention if he was riding with her. But apparently the cute civilian with the glasses and big blue eyes was not just a cute civilian but someone who drove a talking British car, was bored by high-speed car chases with mysterious gun-toting, metal-armed strangers, and who had been, it seemed, kidnapped by Hydra.


Things that are guaranteed to make my day better:

  • Hawt Scowling Commando
  • All that sass
  • Booty-short-Steve
  • Cats in translation
  • Jarvis awesomeness ( it’s my headcanon that Jarvis and Darcy are total BFF’s, I dunno…)
  • Flirtation that quickly rises to a simmer
  • The Thor Show

If any of this gives you the happy-feel-goods, then I highly recommend clicking on over to Wynn’s one-shot of awesome. This is easily one of the best gifts that I’ve ever received. It’s so much fun, and I’m a glutton for more, more, more, please. 

Saturday Is Haircut Day by nemhaine42.

Summary: ‘Laugardagr’ is just the Asgardian word for Saturday, it turns out. But it’s also Haircut Day, for Bucky and Darcy too.

Y’all. This fic…

This fic gives me all the pink cheeked, fluttery, glittery-belly feels.

The heartachey, romantical-sigh feels.

Just…yeah. S’good. If you haven’t read it, click on the link above. If you have read it, maybe read it again. This fic is food for my soul. 

As a side note, we’ve featured both of these writers in our Spotlight series. If you missed them:

Wynn’s Author Spotlight

nemhaine42’s Artist Spotlight

So um yeah, that’s what I’ve read this week. What about you? What are you reading? Or re-reading? Let us know! Drop us a line and we’ll post it up with the other Fic-Friday goodness.

Thank you all so much for reading along, feeding our obsession, sharing your ideas, and just being cool and hanging out with us. 

Have an awesome weekend, y’all!


Shine Bright

Metallic must-haves for the holidays

Besides the addition of cozy boots and blanket coats to our cold-weather wardrobes, we can’t wait to incorporate more metallics. With winter approaching and party season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to show a little sparkle (plus, it’s never too early to start thinking about that New Year’s Eve outfit!). Metallics suit every style, from demure to daring, so opt for what you love, whether it’s gold nail polish or a sexy silver dress. Take advantage of this seasonal favorite and shop high-shine clothing and accessories below.

Diane von Furstenberg FW14

Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss at Mario Testino’s birthday party

Nasty Gal In A Flash Halter Dress

Liquid Metallic Cami

Serpent and the Swan Hard Wear Metallic Tee Dress

Metallic crop top

ASOS Premium Pleated Midi Skirt with Metallic Inserts

Metallic Shorts

Metallic Pleat Skirt

Metallic Ankle Grazer Jeans

Metallic Skirt


ASOS Leather Zip Top Clutch Bag

Cold Picnic Metallic Leather Tote Bag

Verity metallic cracked leather rucksack

GALLOP Metallic Court Shoes

ASOS HOW WE DO Heeled Sandals

Metallic Finish Blucher

The Anouck Loafer in Metallic

Pascal 8-Eye Boot in Pewter

Birkenstock Arizona Metallic Leather Slide Sandal

Quilted Bag Love

5 budget-friendly quilted bag picks

Chanel’s quilted bags will always be in, but their prices can be slightly out. Want to carry something just like them? Check out these chic, adorable, price-friendly bags that are inspired by the iconic quilts; they’ll make your piggy bank happier because of the lower price you’ll pay!

ASOS Quilted Round Cross Body Bag

This classic cross body bag by ASOS is ideal for everyday use. You can rock it with a dress as much as with a pair of shorts and a crop top.

Quilted Crossbody Bag

This beauty from Forever 21 is available in black and classic cream. It has a more refined style, and has just the right amount of space for carrying your essentials for those dressy occasions.

Quilted Mini Affair Bag

What’s not to love with this timeless color? Burgundy is the perfect shade if you are aiming for a balance between a “subtly-low-key” and “attention-seeking” style. As a plus, the gold-tone chain strap gives this bag a more elegant look.

Love Moschino Quilted Crossbody Bag with Metal Trim

Talking about totes, this one is totes-adorbs! The shiny gold details on this crossbody bag add just the right touch of glamour. It’s perfect for a party and great for a day out as well.

Marc b Metro Quilted Cross Body Bag

This bag’s adorable color makes it so delicate and cute. It’s the perfect accessory to bring with you for a lunch date with your girlfriends!

You can thank us later for these quilted choices. First, go check em out and tell us all about your preferred one!