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10 Easy Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

1. Be generous with your smiles

2. Listen attentively when people talk to you.

3. Be warm and friendly. If you don’t know the people in the group, be the first one to introduce yourself.

4. Pay others compliments (make sure they are genuine – and not fake).

5. Be considerate and polite to both friends and strangers.

6. If you’re going to a party or social event, offer to be the designated driver.

7. Turn up on time (or arrive a few minutes early).

8. Overlook minor mistakes.

9. Never shame or embarrass others.

10. Give people the benefit of the doubt. If uncertain, think the best, not the worst of others.

Tangle Collection Update!

(If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to leave an ask. Also, if you would like to share your collection in the submits, be my guest! I love seeing other peoples collections.)

A short break from vinyl.

Today while doing some cleaning I did a pretty good find in one of the random stacked up boxes that usually aren’t accessible. These cassettes from the early to mid 90’s were highly influential in shaping my musical tastes back then.

There were far more than these, but this pile still sums it up fine. Most are bootleg tapes my dad brought back from working travels. He basically grabbed anything that looked remotely like metal, punk rock or grunge, and it usually paid off.

Many fond memories are attached to these.