metal tentacles

#3: Things you said too quietly.

#10 Things you said that made me feel like shit.

“How many times am I going to have to point out that I didn’t die in order for you to calm down and realize that this conversation is pointless?” Tony shouted at Steve. All of his armor had been removed except for one gauntlet, which he’d been taking a screwdriver to in his workshop before Steve and Bucky had barreled in. They’d all been fighting some octopus guy with metal tentacles and his army of mini bots just a few hours before, and like many times in battle, Tony had ignored orders and almost gotten himself killed.

“Your life is not pointless!” Steve screamed, his face so red, Bucky would have feared for Steve’s health if he weren’t so preoccupied with keeping himself from joining in the shouting match. Steve was yelling enough for both of them; Bucky would swoop in with his argument only once (and if) Steve ran out of steam.

“I didn’t say it was! Stop putting words in my mouth!”

“I’m not putting anything in your mouth, Tony! It’s your actions that say it all. You have no regard for commands on the field, and it puts yourself and others in danger.”

“I crunched the numbers. I knew the odds, and—”

“You shouldn’t have taken the risk! There was no need to take the risk!”

“It ended the fight faster!”

“Five minutes isn’t enough of a significant difference to put your life on the line.”

“Like you wouldn’t in my shoes? Don’t act so high and mighty, Steve. You break the rules just as much as me, and also risk your life just as much as I do mine.”

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Scientific Marvel | DirkHal | E

DirkHal robo-tentacle porn ft. asphyxiation. Inspired by our very own @mortior’s Endangered AU. Thanks for the nice setting for smut, friend.

Also written for The Interdimensional Lil Hal Appreciation Day. A noble effort inspired by the DirkHal gem otherwise known as @jaboody.


He’s a slithering mass of metal-plated tentacles above Dirk. Each one pulses with a deep, red glow that stripes along the appendages like the warning marks of a poisonous snake.

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Requested by uniquesashamarie1991

Any time Spider-Man’s name came up in the office, you jumped at the chance to go on the scene to see what was happening. You didn’t really care that your boss hated Spider-Man, you had a bit of a fan crush on him. And you hoped that maybe one of these times, Spider-Man would notice you.

And this time, he was fighting some guy with metal tentacles attached to the spine. You stood at the front of the crowd, careful to keep a safe distance away. You looked down to make note of a detail you wanted to include on your report, however this meant you didn’t notice when a car was flung your direction. You looked up as you were suddenly cast in shadow, and let out a scream, realizing you couldn’t get away in time.

But then the car stopped. “Hitting a girl is one thing, but hitting a girl who’s not paying attention is something completely different,” you heard Spider-Man say. Something about his voice seemed really familiar. He flung the car at Doc Ock.

“I hope the owner of that car had insurance,” he commented. Doc Ock fled, which allowed Spider-Man to relax. “Hey, you alright?”

You blushed, heart pounding. Spider-Man’s talking to you! Still, you couldn’t shake the feeling of something familiar.

“I’m fine,” you replied. “Thank you. I really should’ve been paying attention, but I’m a reporter and I was making notes.”

“Daily Bugle?” Spider-Man asked. You nodded. “What lie is it going to be this time?”

“I don’t write the lies,” you said quickly. “Jameson sends me to get facts and he gets someone to spin the story how he wants. I think you’re a hero and would stop the lies if I could.”

His voice, the way he moves, you swear you’ve seen him before outside of the costume.

“Do I know you?” you asked.

“No, uh, except for the news and stuff. And Jameson’s lies,” Spider-Man said, his voice going up and down strangely as if he was trying to disguise it.

“You are a horrible liar,” you stated. Suddenly realization hit you. “Wait, Peter!” You made sure to whisper the name so you wouldn’t out him to the people around.

“I’m afraid you have me mistaken for someone else,” Spider-Man said just as awkwardly.

“No, I don’t,” you said confidently. “You’re my best friend. I’d recognize your voice and lack of ability to lie anywhere.”

Peter sighed, realizing he was caught. “Just, don’t tell anybody, okay? Secret identity and all.”

“I can’t believe that you of all people are Spider-Man.” You gave him a playful shove. “The suit looks good on you.”

“Thanks. I was going for aerodynamic-yet-not-stupid-looking.” You’re pretty sure you were seeing a smile under he mask.

Stuck Together (closed rp)

The ONLY reason those bandits had gotten him in the first place was because they all seemed to have electrical weapons and they’d taken cheap shots at him when he walked out of the shack after the woman in the middle of the night. The last thing he remembered was watching the woman hit the ground too right before he blacked out.

Hours later he woke with a groggy groan and tried to stand, only to find that he couldn’t move. Nova blinked and looked down before suddenly struggling to try and get free. He was chained tightly, his metal tentacles clamped to his back with short but heavy screws holding the clamps in place. His hands were chained together tight enough to bruise…as we’re Birdy’s. He looked over and noticed the still unconscious woman, her hands tangled up in the chains around his own hands and wrists..they were stuck. The scarred man frowned deeply and eyed the bandits around them, most sleeping inside their warmer shacks as their prisoners remained outside in the snow, chained tightly to a metal pole.