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my personal top 10 favorite alternate Spidermen(in no particular order)

before I get into it. this is a list of my favorite Spideys from different universes, not different spidey suits.

1)Spiderman 2099- Miguel O’hara

-first Latinx Spiderman

-super genius level geneticist

-got spidey powers because a jealous rival tampered with an experiment he was working on

-made costume from  a Día De Los Muertos outfit he had

-has venomous fangs and claws,

-prefers gliding with a web cape rather than web-slinging.

2) Avataar Spidey

-exists in an alternate marvel universe set in Medieval times

-powers are magic based

-member of the Super Knight, a medieval version of the Avengers led by Captain Avalon

3)Spider Man 2211-Max borne

-literally just screwed from the jump

-freaking time travel powers

-helmet made of future telling tech

-Armor is bullet proof

-rocket boots

-Daughter becomes hobgoblin

4)Spider Man Noir

-yo…it’s spiderman…but noir! We talking dames, mobsters, rabble rousers, all that lingo

-How has this not become a movie or mini series?

-gets his powers from a spider god

-dude…..Vulture ate Uncle Ben…like..with his mouth

5)Spider Man India- Pavitr Prabhakar

-entire creative staff was Indian so it’s not some culturally inaccurate mess by a bunch of white dudes

-gains powers from an ancient yogi

- Pavitr Prabhakar, Uncle Bhim, Aunt Maya,  Meera Jain.  THESE NAMES ARE SO CUTE

-lots of cultural references, this isn’t a mere change in setting, but the lore has been reworked in such a beautiful way.

6)Kaine Parker

-one of the few good things that come from the Spidey clones concept

-yo he’s just dope, read the book

-lives in Texas


-Literally the most 90s thing ever

-has the same powers as Peter, but can also change his size and draw blades from his body

8)Spider ham-Peter porker

-Your dad jokes are shaking

-uncle puns could never

9)Steel Spider- Ollie Osnick

-like the opposite of incrediboy/syndrome from Incredibles

-a teen ostracized for being overweight got inspired by Doc Octopus

-made a costume with metal tentacles like Doc Oc, and wanted to be a villain

-sucked at being a villain

-Got saved by spidey

-changed his costume to be like Spiderman

-sucks at being a hero

-girlfriend  gets paralyzed by muggers, he kills them and retires from being a hero to take care of her

10) Spiderman 1602(Peter Parquagh)

-this was just plain hilarious. Every issue he came close to getting bitten by a weird spider but it never happens. i just think that was genius.

okay that’s my list! lemme know if ya want me to do any other top tens

age: 18
zodiac: cancer
height/weight: 5’ 4"/108 lbs
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: biromantic/bisexual
yaoi type: switch
hobby(ies): singing, dancing, plotting, pranking, scheming
personality: she’s a loveable character, but don’t let her charm and seemingly innocent personality fool you. she carries many dark secrets, one of which she will describe to you in the game as an easter egg on the 3rd night. she’s one of those very persuasive and convincing ppl, that makes you believe everything you hear. this makes trust a giant issue and makes her quite a trouble-maker. she has a bad habit of manipulating ppl. her biggest trigger is when ppl. don’t take her seriously and mistrust her. she is indeed guilty of clara’s death, whose soul isn’t left behind to roam’ it mysteriously vanished, leaving her mangled body nothing more that a bloody husk. the other soul, from baby’s first body, lingers around her reminding her of what she did. this happened bc beatrice had haunted her for killing her friend, clara. despite this, baby still smiles. that fake grin she wears is her biggest charm, even though it somewhat expresses her sinister nature in a weird way..

age: 8
height/weight: 3’ 7"/ 70 lbs
b day: 1953
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
hobby(ies): singing, sleeping, playing outside
siblings: vincent, connor
personality/story: the middle child and sister to vincent and connor. she’s a fairly quiet individual who doesn’t speak unless she needs to. after waking up to vincent and connor’s banter in his bedroom, and creeping in to find her dead older brother and her little brother writing messages, in his blood, on the wall, she was promptedw/ severe anxiety and constant snapping under pressure. at connor’s funeral, she sprints up to her brother’s casket and runs out, dragging his body behind her and screaming about what she saw that night while escaping through the entrance of the funeral home. beatrice’s parents and relatives soon caught up to her and brought her down. she was hysterical.. she was immediately sent to the hospital and waited to be admitted to a mental institution. days later, the authorities found her dead in the hall’s bathroom. she had slit her throat open w/ a razor. w/ her soul free she went on to avenge her friend, clara afton (who had died the day beatrice was admitted into the institution), by possessing baby’s scrapped body, which made baby sometimes her clara’s scream when she killed her. that body was later recovered, given green eyes, and kept stored away in the circus baby entertainment and rentals building. she now plots in secret and aims to leave by using you throughout the week, only to betray you in the end…

age: ???
zodiac: ???
height/weight: 6'2"/ 123 lbs
gender: agender
blood type: ???
laterality: ambidextrous
romantic/sexual orientation: heteroromantic/asexual
yaoi type: switch
hobby(ies): ???
personality: ​they’re very quiet and rather insecure, for the most part. bc of this, it rare to see them smile, unless the ends their mouth is stitched to their cheeks. at times though, they can be out of control. the knowledge of 4 different minds melded into 1 makes them even more unpredictable than baby alone. ennard has an ability that not even mariah or vincent can perform; they can change between soul and ‘human’ form, shifting between the fifth (the solidarity) and sixth (the infinity) realities. the catch is that they can only travel, and are practically stuck between 2 of the 6 realities. the tattered cloth ennard drapes over their body covers 12 retractable metallic tentacles on their back and the body he inhabited was indeed mr. afton (william). his son was taken over by vincent some years later… in 87, vincent kidnaps micheal afton, another security guard on day shift duty, strips him for his suit as a disguise, and dresses afton into his street attire. while micheal’s unconscious, vincent releases half of the purple flame into afton’s body. he releases the other half into stacey’s body. after vincent commits suicide, his and stacey’s bodies are recovered and taken away. micheal wakes up and recovers soon afterwards. one part of the flame was to hibernate and lay dormant for quite some time. that part was given to stacey, the active half was given to micheal. w/ this, and a built personality already engraved into it, vincent was able to possess micheal’s body and carry on w/ his objectives, but he knew that he now wasn’t able to return to the death revolutionists. he was on his own again, he slowly began to go mad, bc of the only partial amount of the flame afton received affecting his body. he finds ennard, still in his soul underform, in the same body. the two battle for control for quite some time, until vincent manages to eject ennard from william’s body.

DS by me

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"Fight me" - may I request TFP Soundwave and Starscream fighting each other, either sparring or seriously, I don't mind which. Soundwave ultimately wins but it's very close, as Starscream is a good fighter. Thank you!

  Soundwave absently clicked on the notification at the top of his screen, quietly humming as he scanned through Logically-Science’s latest work.
Subtlety had never suited Shockwave. The scientist had been known to prefer more straightforward methods. Something about how parsing through Tower politics and double meanings wasted time that could be put to better use.

Such as his dramatic reveal of Predaking. And look how that turned out.Soundwave turned his attention back to the post, fingers tapping rapidly as he finished a report before sending it off. Multitasking had never been an issue for the spymaster, no matter Starscream’s muttering about having a drone as TIC.


  Starscream’s heels clicked against the dark floor of the command center as he walked past Soundwave, idly twirling a shock baton between long talons.
Soundwave’s helm tilting, warily keeping the SIC in sight. Starscream was never one to give up an opportunity. Always the first to strike, chase down any perceived weakness, but quick to turn and run if the advantage turned against him, to unashamedly beg for mercy when caught.

The smirk playing around his mouth wasn’t easing any of Soundwave’s concerns.

 “Lord Megatron has been absent for longer than usual, Soundwave. Aren’t you getting concerned?”

 The mocking tone threading Starscream’s usual rasp felt like dipping his fingers into an oceanic oil spill. Deceptively pretty, quick to suck you under and drown you in suffocating layers of rage and despair.

 Clinging, desperate to survive and spread, even at the cost of others.
Soundwave turned, aware that Starscream would not miss the significance of giving him more of his attention.

 “Aren’t you getting concerned?” He played back, getting a petty pleasure from watching Starscream’s wings twitch with irritation at having his words turned back on him.

 Starscream glanced away, fingers curling tighter around the baton. “I… seek only to be helpful, Soundwave. There’s no need for your games!”

 Starscream temper, ever mercurial, flipped from insecurity and frustration at being caught, turned to self-righteous anger in an instant.

 “No need for games. - Starscream, maintain the ship until I return.“

 Soundwave loomed over Starscream, playing back Megatron’s last command as he forced back the seeker toward the hall’s entrance.

 Starscream, tripping over his feet as he scuttled away, thrust the baton towards Soundwave’s unprotected stomach, snarling in compounded fear and anger.

 Soundwave’s remaining patience snapped. Swatting away the first clumsy jab, he stepped further into the shorter flier’s face, reaching up to pin him to the wall.

 Wise from millennia of Megatron’s abuse, Starscream shrieked and leaped backward, clearing space to transform one arm to a blaster and firing off three shots in rapid order.

 Soundwave raised one long arm to protect Lazerbeak from the blast. Helm swiveling to track his trajectory, Soundwave turned and waited.

 Starscream shouted insults as he flipped in the confines of the hall, limited space not fully allowing the showiness for a battle display. Soundwave opened a tab to log some of the more inventive curses for later study. Never let it be said that Starscream couldn’t adapt.

 Eventually, Starscream came closer, lured by in by Soundwave’s apparent passive acceptance of Starscream’s tirade.

 Snaking one tendril out from seemingly nowhere, Soundwave slammed the blunt end into Starscream’s undercarriage.  

 The Seeker’s startled yelp cut short as he triggered a transformation sequence in an attempt to throw off the grasping tentacle.

 Metal screeching loudly at the abrupt landing, Starscream flicked the baton out to full length and pointed it menacingly at the offending appendage. It spat sparks in contempt of the intimidation tactic.

“You always did enjoy things like this, didn’t you?” Sneered Starscream.
Soundwave stepped forward, tentacles raised in curving arches to either side of the walkway.

 Starscream shrank in on himself, optics darting, looking for a way out. Claws snicking, he flicked his wings again.

 “Persistent,” Soundwave recalled Megatron saying long ago. “Arrogance to swamp a metrotitan, but he could outfly an army without a scratch.”

 Praise from Megatron was rare then, practically nonexistent now. Could it be that the prickly Seeker was looking for company, but not knowing quite how to go about getting it?

 Soundwave lowered the charge on his cables from incapacitating to something that would simply catch the others attention.

 “Starscream - an entertaining companion - worthy competitor.”

 Starscream jerked upright, optics shuttering quickly in surprise. They narrowed, suspicious again.

 "What, are you expecting me to laud your deeds because you can state the obvious?” Even so, Starscream visibly preened.

 Soundwave tilted his head, pinging the next earth weeks’ timetable with open slots labeled ‘Sparring’.

 Starscream squinted at Soundwave as he checked the list three times over before sending a confirmation. Soundwave nodded acknowledgment, turning back without a word to continue his work.

 Starscream muttered something unflattering and stalked out the door, wings raised high.

 Starscream could remain suspicious.

 Soundwave had won.

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TFP Soundwave first meeting scenario where s/o sees them and instantly takes a picture/video to post online or something

Soundwave (TFP): Cli-click

The large figure froze as you pushed yourself back up against the wall you had been hiding behind. Your face drained of its pallor at the realization that you hadn’t taken your flash off. This was a bad idea. No number of new followers is worth dying at the hands of some super robot.

The sound of harsh metallic thuds echoed through the warehouse, paralyzing you against the wall. It was terrifying to think that it might be the last sound you’d ever hear.

You let out a silent shriek as the giant rounded the corner, nearly dropping the phone that had spelled your doom. You were frozen in place as an unnerving metallic tentacle made its way to you, taking your phone.


You almost thought you heard a reprimanding ‘tsk ‘tsk ‘tsk.

“Sea Creature In Space”

Spray paint, acrylic paint, fabric paint, metallic acrylic paint and metallic fabric paint on hand stretched vinyl wallpaper canvas. 2014
Like the Moon and Tides - cleo4u2, cobaltmoony, xantissa - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: James “Bucky” Barnes, Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Xeno, octo!Steve, mer!Bucky, alternative universe, AU, creature!fic, Angst, Fluff, Bottom!Bucky, Gift, Tentacles, Consentacles, metal tail

What we are, what we’ve been, Steve shook his head. A tentacle wrapped up, around Bucky’s back and over his shoulder. The suckers latched onto his skin, pulling at it even as the tentacle held him closer to Steve’s broad chest. The tides have never met the moon and yet they follow her pull. You are my moon, Bucky. Knowing you… It’s more than events

#3: Things you said too quietly.

#10 Things you said that made me feel like shit.

“How many times am I going to have to point out that I didn’t die in order for you to calm down and realize that this conversation is pointless?” Tony shouted at Steve. All of his armor had been removed except for one gauntlet, which he’d been taking a screwdriver to in his workshop before Steve and Bucky had barreled in. They’d all been fighting some octopus guy with metal tentacles and his army of mini bots just a few hours before, and like many times in battle, Tony had ignored orders and almost gotten himself killed.

“Your life is not pointless!” Steve screamed, his face so red, Bucky would have feared for Steve’s health if he weren’t so preoccupied with keeping himself from joining in the shouting match. Steve was yelling enough for both of them; Bucky would swoop in with his argument only once (and if) Steve ran out of steam.

“I didn’t say it was! Stop putting words in my mouth!”

“I’m not putting anything in your mouth, Tony! It’s your actions that say it all. You have no regard for commands on the field, and it puts yourself and others in danger.”

“I crunched the numbers. I knew the odds, and—”

“You shouldn’t have taken the risk! There was no need to take the risk!”

“It ended the fight faster!”

“Five minutes isn’t enough of a significant difference to put your life on the line.”

“Like you wouldn’t in my shoes? Don’t act so high and mighty, Steve. You break the rules just as much as me, and also risk your life just as much as I do mine.”

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