metal teapot

Shuddering Gasp | A Tom Holland Imagine


Tom Holland X Reader requested by anonymous.
Words: 1,018
Disclaimer: it’s fluffy with a hint of danger.

The pouring rain outside his apartment was something created out of a great horror novel. It tore trees roots from the ground and swayed the building. You searched for any working news channel on the storm. Right as it seemed you had found a good once, a clear one, all power shut off. 

 "Are storms usually this bad around here?“ You asked as Tom brought you a wool blanket to wrap over your shoulders. It was large enough for the both of you, but Tom was busy stoking the fireplace he hadn’t used before tonight. 

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Made more plates and cups and stuff for this set. I feel like they could fit in Oblivion - Teenage me would have been mind-blown…

These all share one single 256x256p texture (also used as bump-map)!

The polycount is pretty high, though. I made them using Maya’s automatic smoothing function, so I’ll have to do potentially massive amounts of work to give them video game-ready topology without ruining the UVs.

UPDATE: I managed to manually retopologize it all! Now it’s 100% game-ready!


Mingyu’s love letter - drip coffee!

read terms before using

So, I posted my retopologized tea set yesterday, and got some compliments.

But then there was one dickbag, who kept pestering me about how shit it was, and kept insisting that I had to go much lower. Naturally, I just thought he was an asshole, and went to bed fuming.

However… after careful consideration, I had to concede that he may have been correct. And at least I wouldn’t lose anything by taking a look, right?

I was very wrong to think I had nothing to lose, of course. I lost many hours. But goddam’ the topology was massively improved.

Moral of the story: Dickbags should be whipped through the streets, but they can be right anyway. Listen to feedback, friends.

I’m in the middle of moving right now (hence, the reason my posting has been so limited…)

Yesterday, my aunt came over to help by packing up various items from the kitchen in the old house and bringing them over to the new place. As we were all in the new kitchen unpacking boxes, she pulls out this metallic gold and silver teapot that had Arabic writing on the bottom. She goes, “Where do you want this?" 

Everyone in the kitchen stopped looked at each other completely confused. My mom looks at her and says, "I have never seen that before in my life. Where did you find that?” My aunt explains that it was buried in the very back of one of the cabinets. 

I looked over at my mom and she looked more confused than ever. Wide eyes and everything. She explained that there’s no way that could have been there. Every cabinet, room, etc. in the house was empty when we first moved there five years ago. We would’ve seen it after inspecting every inch of the house before buying it.

So, here I am, stuck with this mysterious teapot that no one knows anything about.

If that’s not the beginning to a horror movie about a mysterious, possessed object, then I don’t know what is.

the signs as things i’ve fucked up

Aries: running into a wall behind home base in glow-in-the-dark kickball and cut my knee open 

Taurus: left the oven on and half-melted a metal teapot and almost set the house on fire

Gemini: forgot that “glove” is a word and instead said “g love”

 Cancer: dropped my paddle out of my kayak, leaned over to grab it, flipped the kayak, filled it with water, sat on my cousin’s kayak and slowly paddled us to shore while she dragged my half-sunken kayak behind us

Leo: put gum in my pocket without the wrapper and cried when it melted and got all sticky

Virgo: put a mac n’ cheese cup in the microwave without water at school and almost burned down the school

Libra: broke my nose because i ran into a sock rack at Kohl’s when i was 8

Scorpio: went two days early to camp

Sagittarius: jumped out of a moving canoe because there was a spider

Capricorn: sailed into a patch of lily pads because i thought it would be fun and got stuck and freaked out and tipped the boat

Aquarius: was naked out of the shower downstairs when my principal showed up and rang the doorbell 

Pisces: got lost while going to the beach and ended up climbing a mountain accidentally