metal swaps

Imagine your OTP (Mostly Fluff):

•Investigating the paranormal.

•Going to the Opera. (perhaps a Phantom of the Opera situation)

•Going to a movie premiere and strutting their stuff on the red carpet.

•Playing the most intense game of extra large ping-pong (tennis), or regular ping-pong if they cannot handle the intensity of extra large ping-pong.

•Going to a spa and getting mani-pedis.

•One throwing popcorn/marshmallows while the other tries to catch it in their mouth.

•Going to try on or discussing their Halloween costumes.

•Going out for a night at a metal concert.

•Trying to swap wardrobes for a week.

•Swapping bodies, but having to go to a family dinner.

•Exploring a pet store. Do they fall in love with a new little friend?

•Auditioning to be a team on the amazing race.

•Going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show, where one is a virgin to the experience.

•Touring one of their old highschools, if they are in highschool then their old primary/elementary school.

•Entering into a airband concert.

•Going out for a day of Pokémon hunting. Perhaps becoming competitive?

•Playing Mortal Kombat or another fighting game against one another.

•Exploring a museum or art gallery. (Perhaps a Children’s Science Museum.)

•Challenging each other to a dance/sing off.

•One convincing the other to join a cover band.

•Living in the 70/80/90s. What would change? What would be the same?

With You, It Means Something - Isaac Lahey (slight) Smut

Request; Could you do one where you dry hump Isaac in class during like a project or something like you guys are alone or something? Idm :)

Warning; slight smut

I’m back guys!!!!! omfg okay, this is so not my best work, but I tried for a comeback lmao okay, I have the jeep series coming up next yaaaas man yaaaas (that’ll be a little early christmas present ;) haha)

Word count; 1008


“Okay, discuss anything with your partners outside of the lesson, don’t try to think you can mess my classroom up just because I’m telling you to be sociable,” you teacher spoke and then continued with the lesson before the bell rang. You and Isaac met up at your locker, which was closer to the classroom than his. He leaned against the rows of metal cabinets as you swapped your books to those you’d need for homework.

“Do you want to find a classroom?” he asked with a small smile just a second before you closed your locker.

“Sure, yeah,” you nodded and twisted the numbers to lock your locker, before following behind him.

You both found an english room, which wasn’t going to be used for detention or any help classes so you had the room for yourselves to get a start on the project.

You were halfway through the work when you both called for a break, seeing you had plenty of time before you had to be home. You were talking about everything and anything when something a little touchy managed to slip into the conversation.

“I heard you made out with one of the guys on the team,” Isaac brought up nonchalantly.

“It was a stupid game, I didn’t exactly want to,” you chuckled, not too bothered about it, since everyone knew it was just a game of spin the bottle, something normal at parties once people get a bit more confused about what is going on. He knew that too, but suddenly, he didn’t seem to…

“You know you should be going out to kiss guys who you want to, right?” he asked, leaning back in his chair. You were sitting in the back corner at a long bench, simply because it was easier to lay all things out for your project. He was leaning his back against the wall as he faced you to talk, while you put your elbow onto the table, holding your head in your hand tiredly.

“Of course,” you smiled lightly, “I know that, but it was just a game,” you explained, “Didn’t mean anything, and never will. There’s not a lot of guys it would mean anything with,” you shrugged as he pushed himself away from the wall and leaned on the table, turning his head towards you as well.

“Like who?” he asked with a small smile, scanning your face as something tugged at the corner of your mouth as well.

“Well, I don’t know, there are a very small number of guys. Someone we both know well included,” you shrugged, watching him as he did you.

“Could I have a name to congratulate the lucky guy?” he pushed, making you go a little red, having to bite your lips to not blurt out your feelings.

“Not sure you’ll immediately know who he is,” you told him, your eyes flitting down to the table as you picked up the pen and twirled it around your fingers absentmindedly. “Isaac Lahey?”

“That idiot?” he chuckled, leaning forward and using a finger to lift your chin up, his other taking the pen from you. “God, I don’t know if he deserves you,” he practically whispered as you just tried to control your breathing before he had placed his lips on your hesitantly, but you soon let his confidence take over as you let your hands wind around hi neck and he turned in his seat, pulling you towards him. After enough tugging, you had managed to climb over him, straddling his hips as his hands wandered down your back to your jeans, pulling you closer, fingers caught in your belt loops while you felt the need to get closer and closer to him. Your back arched, pushing into his chest while his mouth continued to work, the sound of your lips and tongues moving together as well as your heavy breaths the only sounds in the room. This continued for a while before his hands had tightened on your back, making you push yourself closer to him. He let out a low groan at the movement, which you took as a good sign and continued to roll your hips while he let out a light chuckle, playfully biting your bottom lip before having to pull away to catch his breath while you continued to move over his crotch, hearing his quiet groans and moans, his hands running up and down your back, pulling you closer, squeezing your sides as your hands held the back of his neck and right shoulder, eyes closed as you moved faster, desperate for more friction.

“Holy sh-“ he cut off as you gasped, speeding up before you pushed his head to yours again, letting his lips meet yours to muffle your expressions of pleasure. “Whoa, whoa, stop,” he pulled your hands off him gently and held them between the two of you as you tried to get your breath back, staring at him. You slowly pulled one of your hands from his grasp and pushed his hair back.

“What? Did I do something wrong? Oh my God, did I-“

“No, no,” he chuckled, “Uh, I just kinda want to make it home dry,” he told you, not looking at your face, averting his eyes and keeping them on your intertwined hands.

“Oh,” you said quietly before letting out a giggle. “Do you want to-“

“I’ll drive if you don’t tease,” he said, cautiously looking up at you.

“Okay,” you smiled before lightly pressing both of your lips together and then sliding off his lap, gathering your stuff together before the two of you made your way out to the car park to your car. He grabbed your hand as you left the classroom, pulling you close to him the two of you both smiling as he kissed the side of your head on the way out.


Does this happen to anyone else?

Small Winterhawk Things

Like Clint waking up with a huge red stripe down his face from where he’d been sleeping against Bucky’s shoulder, half-on half-off the metal plate.

Bucky swapping the sugar for salt before Clint makes his morning coffee (and getting JARVIS to take a photo of the resulting Death Glare).

Falling asleep on the couch for the whole night - because they both know the value of uninterrupted sleep, and as trained snipers, discomfort isn’t a bother.

Clint getting bored during debrief and sexting Bucky - who is already in the room.

Bucky training Lucky to bring Clint an arrow every time someone says “arrow” and not telling Clint how the dog even knows where the quiver is, let alone how he can reach the top of the wardrobe to get it (Lucky doesn’t; Bucky hides arrows under the dog bed for this exact purpose).

Both of them arguing over the best Dog Cops character. Every episode. (Natasha now turns off her phone whenever the show airs.)

Y'know. Small things.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Shrine...

(Cut to me looking out over a cliff northeast of Zora’s Domain during a rainstorm)

Me: Hey, there’s a shrine down there. Damn fog’s in the way though. Screw it, I can glide down there!

(I jump off and use the paraglider)

Me: Ok, I got this, I can reach the shrine with no—was that thunder I just heard over-(lightning flashes) Oh SHIT, I GOT METAL!

(I swap out my weapons and land on the ground)

Me: Good, the shrine’s over there. I can just go in and get the orb–(lightning bolt lands a few inches between me and the shrine) FUCKFUCKFUCKGETINTHESHRINEGETINTHESHRINEGETINTHEFUCKINGSHRINE!!