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Christmas Day Out (Mark)

D-6 to Christmas ヽ(´ω`○)ノ.+゚*。:゚+

thank you @xxsweetangelcxx for your request and enjoy! ^^ (i really hope mark meets up with his nieces :’D)

“Get back here!” Mark yelped in a rush while chasing his giggling nieces. “Come catch us Uncle Mark,” Kylie shouted while holding her sister’s hand, running fast towards the imitation of cookie houses. You laughed cheekily at him, shaking your head in sympathy. You did offer to help him hold some of their belongings but he rejected, telling you that he could “handle the girls”. “Mark, babe,” you prompted, nudging him. He looked at you briefly, “yeah?” You directed his vision back to his handful of pink bags, offering once again to help. He sighed inwardly before unwillingly handing you some bags and ran after them.

Mark returned with Kylie in his left arm and Leila in another, “you little rascals,” he remarked, slightly shaking his arms to tease them. “Higher, higher!” both of the girls cheered, poking his cheeks. You were pleased at this sight, Mark with kids. “Babe?” you called out to him when all of you were walking aimlessly, “where are we heading?” He hesitated, thinking up of the name, “the bakery house place thingy,” he reasoned stutteringly but he knew the way there. Mark cleared his throats sternly when the girls wanted to run off again which made you smile more.

“Can we lick this?” Leila asked innocently, soothing the surface of the cookie house. You chuckled at her innocence, it was really cute. “You can try,” Mark sarcastically replied, earning a firm hit on his chest by you, “god no, it’s unhygienic,” you answered on behalf of him. He shrugged playfully, having a smug look on his face. You rolled your eyes discreetly, punching him again while he dodged it by embracing a hug.

“Uncle Mark, Uncle Mark, Uncle Mark!” the kids shouted when he was being all lovey-dovey with you. “Stop bugging her, she’s not mean like you,” Leila stuck out her tongue, thinking Mark was disturbing you. Once again, their actions managed to crack you up, kids are so lovely. Despite your change of response of the “licking” situation, the kids still did it which made two obvious saliva stains on the surface. “Oh my god,” you breathed, holding back your laugh. Mark however, patted their heads, “job well done, girls,” and both of them grinned in satisfaction.

Mark looked around and spotted a “free run of christmas cookie baking for kids” sign and announced, “who’s up for christmas cookies?” Both the girls raised up their arms eagerly and unknowingly, you grinned in anticipation too. “Let’s go,” Mark said, placing his arm around your waist while the kids take the lead. All of you entered the place with two person who were dressed up as santa’s elfs, Kylie and Leila took photos with them and Mark forced you to take one as well.

“Alright, now you knead the dough,” the instructor said, demonstrating. Children had smaller doughs so it was easier but you were having troubles with yours. “Let me help, babe,” Mark smirked, going behind you and held both of your hands, “like this,” he told you and he was being serious with his “coaching”. He then rested his chin on your shoulders. “Yuck,” Kylie commented, covering her eyes. You tried to shrug off Mark’s touch but he was stubborn to let go. So instead, you appreciated every second of it and eventually he had to separate from you.

Everyone was ready with their dough and were instructed to flatten it then use the metal shapers to produce variety of shapes. You did a star and made seven of them, intending to gift one star cookie to each of the members. The kids took the santa and reindeer shapers respectively and were cautiously and surprisingly quiet. You smiled at them, imagining what it’ll be like if they were your children. After you were done admiring who’s not yours, it was time to look at the person who is yours. You took a glance at Mark, he was too, really attentive to his product, carefully pressing down the heart-shaped shaper, cleaning the sides. “Stop staring,” he muttered playfully, blocking your view with his arms.

The last step after baking the cookies was to decorate them. There were different colour icings placed at every table. Kylie took the blue one while Leila grabbed the green one and they went back to their places, starting their major designing project. Mark handed you the yellow one, considering that yours were stars and his was a heart so red was the right colour after all. You concentrated on writing the members’ names onto the cookies and wrote “babe” on Mark’s. You couldn’t see what Mark was doing because he had his arms across to prevent you from peeking again.

The cookies were packed into pretty wrappings of transparent paper bags. All four of you made your way out, it was almost evening and you were going to have dinner at Mark’s place, along with Kylie and Leila. “How about a movie that’s around… hour and 30 minutes?” Mark queried, there was a theatre showing old Christmas movies nearby and the kids agreed immediately. You took care of the kids, playing children games while Mark pays for the tickets. “It’s starting,” he urged the kids to move on and grabbed your hand to usher you in.

Of course, you were bored. For a few minutes, you were so indulged in the movie but you realised you’ve watched this a million times. You sat back and yawned silently, soon to discover that Mark was just as bored. The girls were sitting together, in front of you and Mark in the double seat so they didn’t realise that both of you were begging for this to end. Mark put his arm around your shoulders, whispering, “here have my heart,” and you felt a paper bag nudging your fingers. With the faint brightness from the movie, you managed to see “to the love of my life” and horribly drawn hearts around it. You gave him a quick kiss on his cheek while containing your squeal at his cheesiness.

Mark went closer to your ear again, “and stop gawking at my sister’s children. Someday, we’ll have our own children anyway, then you can stare all you want,” before grinning and held your hand tightly.