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Humans are weird

I’ve been reading a lot of humans are weird/space orcs/Earth is space Australia and I’ve seen a bunch that glance over pets, how we pack bond with them and such. But what about when we treat them like children even referring to them as our babies? So here’s my attempt at adding to the humans are weird thing.

“Human-Rachel, you have brought a pet on board?” Loxg asks, two of his eyes glancing down at the ‘canine’, as the human manual had called it, as it sniffed at the metal under it’s clawed paws.
“Yeah, this is my baby Daisy. I didn’t want to be away from her for so long again.” Human-Rachel says as she leans down and scratches behind it’s ears.
“Human-Rachel…you birthed this…canine?? How is that possible??” Loxg asks in shock, the manual on humans would definitely need updated.
“What?! Loxg no, no!” Human-Rachel exclaims through a laugh and takes the canine, Daisy, into her arms as she stands up “Humans can’t give birth to canines, don’t be silly!” she adds while holding Daisy to her chest.
“You said Daisy is ‘your baby’, I do not understand Human-Rachel.” Loxg says, hoping he was making the right facial expression to convey his confusion.
Human-Rachel gets a thoughtful look while petting Daisy before flashing a smile up at Loxg, showing off her sharpened teeth Loxg always tried to ignore “You see, I raised Daisy from a puppy. She was six weeks old when I got her so she needed a lot of attention and care. Since I had to spend so much time with her Daisy is more like a part of my family than just a pet.” she says before kissing the canine on the head.
Loxg nodded his head as he took in this information, blinking his eyes slowly “Do all humans refer to their pets as their children?” he asks after a moment, growing a little concerned when Human-Rachel instantly starts shaking her head.
“No. Some humans only see pets as pets, just animals they live with, others just see them helpful hunting buddies.” she says, using the human expression of a  pout as she looks to Daisy again “There are humans that get mad at others for calling their pets their babies.” Human-Rachel adds.
“They get angry at you for referring to pets as babies?” Loxg asks, even more confused now that Human-Rachel was trying to explain these things.
She nods and exhales through her nose “Yeah, some humans say it’s ‘insulting to mothers’ if we call our pets our babies.” Human-Rachel says before setting Daisy back on her paws “But fuck them.” she says and smiles up at Loxg “Daisy is my fur baby and I’ll call her that if I want.” she adds in and if Loxg was correct her tone was prideful.
Loxg takes a moment to process this information as he watches Human-Rachel interact with Daisy, growing a bit worried as she laughs when Daisy bites at her and barks. Loxg silently takes his leave, wondering if this information needs to be added to the human manual.

Nico always imagined he’d make a much better son of Hypnos than son of Hades. He told no one this, and if he did, they’d likely disagree, but they didn’t understand the impossible love he felt in his heart for the act of sleep. It was noon now, and he’d been awake, technically, for quite some time. Still, he rested, drifting in and out of unusually sweet dreams.

That is, until the dogs came.

Aurum and Augentum leaped onto Nico’s bed, crushing him under their metal paws. He groaned, making a noise that definitely would have made Will laugh had he not been at the infirmary. “You sound like an old man!” he would have squealed gleefully, delight clear on his face. And he did, he knew - he felt like one too. The weight of the hounds made his joints feel a hundred years old. He pushed away the thought of “because they are” and instead wheezed, “Down boys!”

Reyna stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame with a fond smirk on her face, arms crossed. “Good morning, Nico.”

“Reyna, you useless lesbian,” he choked. “Get these things off of me!”

a little roughdraft of something im working on :0 the world needs more reyna-nico friendship. - mod will

little-eclipse-kitten  asked:

For the prompt thing if you're still doing them! Keith trying to bond with the black lion and she just keeps showing him images of Shiro bc she misses him too

[Short prompts ‘n stuff]

Keith sigh and put a hand on the massive metal paw of the Black Lion, closing his eyes. Shiro’s armor felt strange and he couldn’t bear to wear the helmet yet. He would have to get over his hesitation soon, but it was difficult to process the loss. Shiro was gone and Keith had to step up as leader, it’s what he would have wanted. Doubt and frustration crept into his thoughts and Keith did his best to try and silence the fears. It didn’t matter if he hadn’t wanted this or if he wasn’t ready. They had to make this work and time was running out.

Patience yields focus. He could almost hear Shiro’s voice, but the advice was easier said than done. Keith took a deep steadying breath and reached out to try and make any kind of connection with the Black Lion.

“I know you miss him, I do too, but you and I have to learn how to get along together.” He said softly. “I need you to let me pilot you.”

The image of Shiro was so sudden that it left Keith reeling. He could see his friend’s smile as he looked up towards the sky, light from an alien sun dancing around him. He was laughing, Keith could almost hear it, dressed in his armor. It overwhelmed him, blinded him and for a moment, Keith felt like he was there. Then it was gone and all Keith could do was gasp, shuddering sobs tearing through him.

Anguish cut through him like a knife, the unhealed wound torn open. Tears gathered in his eyes and he wiped them fiercely with the back of his hand, glaring up at the lion.

“I know I’m not him, but I need you to try! If we can’t form Voltron, then we-”

The next vision took Keith too his knees. Shiro was flying, heart thudding with excitement and the rush of adrenaline that Keith could feel as if he was someone in Shiro’s skin. They dove down through the turbulent atmosphere of some lonely planet, pushing Black as fast as she could go. Power coursed through them both, pride, bravery. Her Paladin, a friend. No one else would be enough.

The image disappeared and Keith doubled over, body shaking. It had felt so real, Shiro had been back for an instant before vanishing again. Rage flared, hot as fire, and he howled at the Black Lion like a wounded animal. “You think I don’t feel that way?” He snarled through the tears. “He’s gone, I just got him back and he’s gone, and I don’t know what to do without him! I don’t know how to do any of this, all I know is that he’s out there somewhere and you need to fucking work with me if we ever hope to find him.”

Grief took him and he curled his body around the black helmet, sobbing himself hoarse. Shiro was gone and there was nothing Keith could do to bring him back. Tears splashed against the black armor.

This time, the image was a gentle one. Keith felt strong arms wrapped around him as Shiro pulled him in close. A ghost of the hug they’d shared the last time they’d had to say goodbye, seen through the Black Lion’s eyes. It was almost real, a memory like an apology. Beside him, the Black Lion moved on her own, laying her head down by Keith and opening her mouth to let him inside.

We’ll find him together.

No one was the same after Shiro had disappeared.

They’ve been searching for weeks, trying to find their leader, their friend, the man who was a part of this misfit family they had formed.

Everyone was a little off now.

Keith seemed to harden himself, taking the responsibility Shiro dropped on his shoulders. He tried to stay serious, tried not to let his emotions control him. The only people that have seen him crack are Lance and Hunk and they just silently held him as they let him cry. They promised not to tell anyone.

Hunk was in the kitchen a lot more, constantly cooking, trying to keep his mind off of Shiro and what could have possibly happened to him. He’d go to Lance or Pidge sometimes when the emotions got to be too much and he’d let it all out if they were okay with it.

Pidge seemed to revert back to how they were in the beginning. They rarely talked, only talking when spoken to or when they needed to. They had to be forced to sleep by Lance half the time because he’d find them in Green’s hanger, constantly working.

Allura and Coran both worked themselves to the bones, neither of them bringing up Shiro due to the fact that not only did it hurt them, but it hurt the other paladins so badly.

Lance didn’t seem to have changed at first. He tried to keep the mood light for everyone, tried to make them happy. When that obviously didn’t work, he had taken to just silencing himself instead. It was definitely off for the Blue Paladin, but the others were kind of grateful for it.

At first.

Silence fell over the castle.

There was no laughter anymore, no cheerful voice trying to keep everyone happy.

Every now and then, they could hear a soft voice singing during the night, Keith having learned quick that it was Lance.

Lance rarely slept despite how he pestered Pidge to sleep. He just wandered the castle at night, sometimes ending up in Black’s hanger where he would just sit with the head lion, staring at her before simple placing a gentle hand on her large, metallic paw.

Then he’d leave.

Keith would stay with Red or Black often, letting the words he kept locked away out when with the lions he’s grown to know as his. The lions weren’t quite sure how to comfort their paladin, but they tried. They tried so hard and it rarely seemed to work.

Hunk started to just stay away from others in general. He’d be seen with Lance sometimes, but that was only when the Blue Paladin would leave his room/leave Blue’s hanger.

Pidge just flat out avoided everyone. They only went near the others during missions or when there were meetings where the whole group was needed.

Allura was still trying to find Shiro, constantly trying to track down where the Black Paladin went. Coran would often wake to find her scanning the maps and would have to lead her to her room despite her loud protests.

So no, no one was the same after Shiro disappeared.

No one would ever be the same.

Not until they found him.

And even then?

They were all probably changed for good in some way or another.

princeasimdiya12  asked:

For a fanfic prompt, can you do Shallura with the prompt vacation please?

They stand on the beach, Shiro with his hands on his hips. Allura squeezing seawater out of her thick hair. Before them, the waves roll in, thinning and spreading across the soft white sands, leaving flecks of seafoam at their toes. Behind them, the Black Lion lies smoking on its side in the grassy bluffs, the metal groaning under its own weight as things collapse and give way deep inside the machinery.

Somewhere deep inside himself, Shiro knows the Black Lion won’t get back up anytime soon. When the Galra ion cannon hit, he’d felt it rocket into his core, a feeling like fire exploding around his spine. With Allura’s desperate wormhole, torn out of space with a yell of defiance (how? How did she do it?) they had escaped to safety. But you could never be too sure – never be too safe – he clenches his fist, staring at the horizon, hoping the kids would find them soon. What would they do without him – ?

“We’ll fix the Black Lion and get out of here,” Shiro says, looking at Allura. She looks back at him, her eyebrows knitting together.

“There’s no point in lying,” she says. “I know we’re stranded. I can – “

She glances over her shoulder at the Black Lion, its giant metallic paw lying limp on a sand dune.

“ – I can feel it,” she says briskly. Before he can ask, Allura sighs. “We might as well… relax for a bit.”

“Relax?” Shiro says, frowning, but Allura bends down to unstrap her boots, slide them off her feet.

“I don’t know about you, but I haven’t gone swimming in ages,” she says. “I could use a good swim.”

“Princess, are you sure that’s a good idea?” he says, as she unzips the side of her white and pink flight suit. Allura raises an eyebrow.

“Do you have a better one?”

Several ideas (fix the communicator, scout the land, identify threats, fortify the area, on and on and on in his head) but the more he thinks, the worse they seem. Exhausting. Another demand on his strength, his energy. How long would it last?

Allura flashes him a smile. She peels off the flight suit and trots into the waves, water rushing around her ankles and calves in clear licks. She takes a deep breath and exhales, stretching her arms, muscles rolling in her back; then she twists on her feet, fixing him with a look.


“Allura, I really think – ” he starts, and pauses. They have nowhere to go – nowhere they can go – nowhere to be but here, with the smoking wreckage of a Lion. The beach is quiet. Shiro smiles. “You know what? I don’t.”

golden era aesthetics

Harry: heights, old sweatshirts, woody smells, late-night studying, untied laces, socks with holes, fireplaces, telescopes, rustling feathers

Ron: butterbeer, maroon, jersey numbers, chess, fireworks, sweets wrappings, collections, cozy heat, heavy drapes, bare lightbulbs, phonebooths

Hermione: dark ink, lists, broken hairties, antique shops, determination, stacks of photos, bags with worn straps, cats ears, mismatched pins

Draco: belts, leather boots, frost, scowls, harsh lights, hidden meetings, scales, stone buildings, swishing robes, smooth tile, reading old journals

Ginny: scarves, pumpkin spice, reflexes, combat boots, changing leaves, squeaky signs, rubbing your mittens together, butterfly kisses

Luna: tulle, pastels, frosted glass, charm bracelets, tying knots, sequins, flower crowns, scented candles, dashed lines, geodes, singing without music

Fred/George: seeing double, caramel, crowded shelves, wooden bats, puns, shaking hands, graffiti, narrow staircases, lollies, wooden trunks

Neville: flowerpots, beaches, dull metal, sweater paws, pendants, satchels, rain on the windows, herbal tea, messy bangs, magnifying glasses

Perfect (Oneshot)

Okay, so I made this before the second season was released, so it’s obviously not accurate at all. But it was something I imagined at the time and I really wanted to write it. I just wasn’t sure if I should post it at all. It’s the story that goes with these two pictures:

Perfect. This was the impression Lance always had when he saw Keith. He didn’t want to admit it, he wasn’t even sure of it himself. But whenever he saw him at the Garrison, when he saw how he kept his good grades so effortlessly, he couldn’t help but admiring him. Whenever he heard his fellow classmates talking about him, saying how amazing he was, he couldn’t help but being jealous of him. Whenever he was compared to him, he couldn’t help but hate him. He was better in everything. No matter what he did, he always made it look so easy. While Lance spend a lot of his nights studying, worried if he might pass the next exam, Keith kept his cool demeanor. He never looked like he had any problems. In Lances eyes, he looked arrogant and distant. It made him want to just push him off his high horse. He didn’t want to admit that whenever he saw him, he saw a person he wanted to be. To him, Keith was perfection. But that wasn’t true.

It was shortly after the paladins had been separated after escaping from Zarkons main fleet. Everybody was scattered across the universe with no idea how to get back. Those who could drifted around space, trying to find the others. Those who couldn’t were left no choice but to wait where they had crashed. Keith was one of them. His lion was severely damaged after the fight with Zarkon and it would probably take a long time until he would be able to take flight again. Lance found it weird that he was thinking of him now. He wasn’t the only one he hadn’t found yet after all. Actually, he didn’t find anyone. He was just flying from galaxy to galaxy, only landing somewhere when he needed to rest, always hoping the sensor build in his lion picked up a signal of his friends.
Where was he? Was he save? Was he hurt? Did he eat enough?
The blue paladins thoughts spiraled between questions like these. Knowing Keith, he was probably alright. After all, he lived a year in a desert. He’d be able to survive on his own. On an unknown planet. In the middle of a war. Somewhere in the endless space of the universe. Where it might take them weeks, months, years to find him. If he was even alive.
The boy shook his head trying to get rid of that thought. He would definitely be alive. He had to. He had to. He had to.

Repeating those words like a mantra, Lance kept flying aimlessly until he heard an alarm ringing through the cockpit. The sudden noise startled him and he quickly turned his lion around to search for its source, until he finally realized the alarm came from his lion itself. Realizing that, he opened the screen of his radar and kept staring at it.
Red. His lion picked up Reds signal.
Unconsciously the corners of his mouth moved up and he let himself sink into his seat with the most relieved sigh he had in ages. Only then did he realize his heart was beating fast at finally finding one of his team alive. Or at least the whereabouts of one of the lions.
The paladin quickly cut off his thoughts before they trailed off somewhere he definitely didn’t want them to be and headed into the direction the radar was showing him.
The planet wasn’t that far away, it was still in the same solar system as Lance. He entered the planets atmosphere and lowered the speed of his lion so that he could scan the surface for any traces of the red lion. The planet was completely covered in sand and rocks. There didn’t seem to be any water around. Or any sign of life. The boy swallowed at the thought of how someone could survive in a place like this. Just as he wanted to speed up his eyes caught a glimpse of shining metal. He quickly turned around to take a closer look and let out a breathy laugh when he saw a red metallic paw stick out behind one of the many mountains. Without hesitation, he flew into its direction and landed right in front of the red lion. It was stretched out like a sleeping cat instead of sitting upright with a barrier around it like the lions are supposed to be, but it didn’t seem too damaged. It’s mouth was open, which must have meant that Keith was at least able to get out.
Once his lions paws touched the ground, Lance practically jumped out and started to call Keith’s name. But nothing came back. The paladin went closer to the lion, checking it’s mouth and calling his name again. No answer. He started to worry that he might have left his lion alone.
Lance waited a few more seconds before he decided to go around the lion to see if the red paladin was hiding somewhere in the shadow of the mountain. Several meters and a few more calls later, he saw a figure leaning against a rock with his legs hold closely to his chest, face buried between them, right next to the robots hind leg. He recognized him right away thanks to the white uniform sticking out from the shadows. It was Keith.
With a big smile on his face he ran towards him, throwing his helmet away and calling out to him again. Upon hearing his name, Keith pulled his legs closer to him. This wasn’t the reaction Lance hoped to see. He realized that something was off and his smile and the enthusiasm in his voice turned into genuine worry.

“Keith? Hey, what’s wrong? Not happy to see me?”
He tried to crack a small joke, but it didn’t work. His steps became slower until he was standing right in front of his fellow paladin.
“Go away.”
His voice was muffled, but Lance could hear the tremble in his voice. He ignored his words and crouched in front of him.
“What? Keith, are you okay?”
“I said go away!”
Just as he wanted to reach out to him, Keith slapped his hand away with enough force to make Lance tumble backwards. The blue paladin was ready to yell at him, but his words were stuck in his throat when he saw his friends exposed face.

The first thing he noticed were his eyes. Gleaming yellow and wide with fear. They were swollen and he could see small tears running down purple cheeks. Then the ears. Trembling wolf-like ears where small human ears were supposed to be.
And there were fangs. Almost adorably tiny, but still sharp.
The creature in front of him was not a human anymore, it was a galra.
Several seconds went by in which the paladin had to take another look, just to be sure the heat wasn’t playing tricks on him.

It definitely was Keith. Besides the inhuman features, he still had the same face. The same small nose, the same almond-shaped eyes, the same stupid mullet that looked good only on him. Seeing him curled up like this, trying to hide himself from the world made Lances gut twist and there was only one question on his mind now. What in the world has happened to him?
The paladin slowly went back on his knees and moved his hand forward to touch him, to make sure that what he saw was real. But before he could even reach his cheek, Keith slapped his hand away and tried to yell at him.
“Don’t! Just…go away, leave me!”
It was a pathetic excuse of a shout. His voice was cracking and barely recognizable from his usually confident voice. Never has he seen his sworn rival in a state like this. So vulnerable, so fragile, so weak. His heart pounded in his chest painfully and he felt tears welling up in his eyes. He moved his hand forward again and expected another defensive move, but he was too weak to resist Lance anymore. His hand cupped the red paladins gently and he felt soft fur on the edges of his jawline, just below his ears. Without giving it a second thought, he pulled his friend closer to him, earning him a surprised gasp from his friend, and wrapped his arms around him tightly. It took a few seconds until Keith finally returned the hug and cried into the crook of Lance’s neck.
“Look at what I have become.” he said between his sobs. “I’m a monster!”
The blue paladin shook his head in response.
“That’s not true, Keith. That’s not true. Look at me.”
He pulled away from their embrace and held his face with both of his hands close to him, forcing the paladin to look at him. He tried to keep his voice gentle and steady.
“You’re still Keith. No matter what you are. You’re still a valuable part of this team. You’re still the pilot of the red lion. You’re still my rival. I don’t care if you’re human, galra or whatever.”
He pressed his forehead against Keith’s and lowered his voice, speaking in a tone he never thought he would use for his rival.

“You’re still a precious friend to me.”

A few more seconds passed in which Keith realized that, despite of what he was now, Lance would always be there for him and his sobs became louder, his tears streaming down his cheeks again. The blue paladin wrapped his arms around the others neck and pulled him back into a tight hug. They stayed like this until Keith’s voice became hoarse.

That’s right. He was still the same. Whenever he saw how gracefully he was able to pilot his lion, he couldn’t help but admire him. Whenever he saw him fighting off enemies, protecting his allies without regards to his own health, he couldn’t help but wanting to be like him. Whenever he saw his bright smile, his fluid movements, him, he couldn’t help but seeing someone perfect. He knew he wasn’t. Nobody was perfect, Keith was no exception. The person he has always looked up to was now in his arms, crying his heart out, broken and weak.
And yet, despite – or maybe because of – these flaws, Lance couldn’t help but see Keith as someone perfect.


Paw - Glue Mouth Kid
“Sun keeps shining, with or without me…”

Jealous (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hi, guys!! Another Bucky fic here haha, anyways happy birthday anon!! I hope you have a great day ahead😊 I hope this is what you wanted, I’m sorry, I would have posted earlier but I had to go the hospital so yeah…Anywaysss, enjoy!!

Request: Helllooooo :) Aw I love your Imagines so much ! Would you do an imagine for my bday where you and Buck share an Apartment and one day when you come home from work at a diner you hear noise outside the door and get worried but inside you see the most cutest sight of the winter soldier struggling with a puppy Labrador who fell in love with bucks metal arm. Bucky wanted to surprise you with that, so you spend the whole day with the puppy and later cuddle with the puppy sleeping on Buck’s arm? <3

“Thank you, please come again soon!” You waved and smiled as the customer left the diner. Sighing, you let your smile drop, you had no idea why you decided to work on your birthday. Well, at least you decided to take half day off, so you had the rest of the day to spend with the special man that’s waiting for you at home.

Bucky had woken you up early in the morning for work, but he never really said anything else, he just rushed you out, which made you very suspicious, however you decided to put that thought aside and go to work.

Keep reading


And the arms are done! I’ve messed it up a little bit. Don’t know how or why. It was weird xD. But I was working on a circle of 12 stitches and it was a little bit too small for comfort (let’s find an excuse xD).
Now I’m going to do the tail but it’s going to take some time. I need more orange yarn (the head took everything! Oo) to do it so I’ll start it with the white yarn and maybe use what’s left of the orange one to keep going until the next one arrives.

What do you think of the “metal paw” with the star? 8D


“Pull over. Let me drive for a while.”


They had agreed on attending the big gala that Tony Stark was invited to. His idea of crashing the party was to bring the whole team of avengers- who just so happened to not be invited. He had begged the team. Hitting the ground with his knees and oh so gracefully attaching himself to Steve’s thighs before he forcefully agreed.

It was fun tho, watching as he took the team to the mall to buy new tuxes and dresses. He payed- Obviously. All the men had bought different tuxes, all clad with different colors.

Bucky Barnes was the hardest to wrangle. Steve saw this as an opportunity to free himself from Starks offer, but oh how wrong he was when Tony gave Bucky the ‘please feel guilty look’, and within seconds the winter solider was mere putty in Iron Man’s metallic paws.

So, When that was taken care of and arranged, seating arrangements then took place. It was easy, the team broke in 2 full groupies. Tony and the rest, then Steve, Sam, Bucky, and (Y/N). Peter was suppose to be with the group of men with Caps side, but he had changed his mind when Tony pulled the big guns- wider seats, equals more space.

"This is so unfair.” Bucky grumbled for the nth time. “Push your goddam seat up Sam!” Bucky hollered, smacking his knee over the seat repeatedly, wearing a suite didn’t help the situation either. His face twisted in anger, his brows pealed together as his nose scrunched up and mouth in a deep scowl.

“Stop hitting the seat you fucking jerk!” Sam countered, dipping his hand under the seat to push the passenger seat closer to James feet. Which resulted in the man to snake his arms around Sam’s neck and hold him with his metal plates.

“Fucking move your damn seat up or I swear to god I’ll snap it-” Barnes murmured.

“Can you two just stop it?” The female stated, pinching the bridge of her nose in exaggeration. She had her knee length dress hiked up over her thighs. For it to not be under the seats and rip, given her luck. “Bucky, please stop.” She begged, placing a warm hand over his flesh forearm that was holding onto the seat to keep him leveled. Sam was trashing around the seat, hitting Bucky’s head and occasionally pulling his locks.

Buchanan looked to his side and let go of Sam’s neck, opening his legs wider and grazing (Y/N)’s private bubble. “Sorry Doll face,”

“It’s fine, if you want we can switch places,” The girl stated, happy to see that Sam had pulled the seat up a bit afraid he was still an arms length of getting choked again. “I’ll cross my legs over the cushions any ways, it’s more comfortable.” She stated, pointing to her heels on the ground where her feet should be. “I took them off because it’s just so much.” She admitted, heeding his small smile, “What do you say?” She asked.

“I’d love to change seats,” Bucky answered, a smile gracing his features. “But Sam’s a dick, no beautiful women should have to stand him.” That said, Sam had reshoved his seat back only to hit the solider’s knees then went back to giving James space, with an evil laugh vibrating from the deepest parts of his lungs.

“Are you sure?” She asked, pushing her dark locks to the back of her ears a dusty pink grazing her cheeks, watching as Steve ran a speed bump and didn’t even give it much thought. He looked so… peaceful. Like he couldn’t even hear a word.

“Uhh…” Buchanan trailed uncertainly, looking at Sam’s dark pupils from the review merrier. Before back at his little crush. “I really want to say yes, but you’ll just get hurt.” He rubbed his knees in point the fabric of the tux rubbing off over his hand. To show her, he also tried to move his legs- which were in vain. “You can’t even move a muscle, sweetheart.”

“I’ll be fine.” The young gal assured, tapping his thighs. She stood up a bit, her ass pointing out while Bucky tried to scoot to the other side of the seat, he held her waist in place, to make sure nothing happens. “There!” She exclaimed, clapping her hands as she watched Bucky become happy with all the space Steve had provided the girl with.

“Damn, Is this what it feels like to have space in a car?” Bucky asked astonishment lacing his voice as he opened his legs as far as they go, and slumped back on the chair, momentarily locking gazes with his foe. James smirked, slowly giving him the middle finger.

Sam was fuming to say the least. So he tapped Captains shoulders, watching as he pulled a white ear bud out from his ear. He looked around before he went back to looking at the road ahead of him. “What is it?” Steve asked, his eyes had tracked back to (Y/N) and Bucky, who had their mouths open at Steve. No wonder why he never said a word when Bucky and Sam were fighting since they drove one block away from the building, Steve Rogers was prepared for this trip.

“Pull over. Let me drive for a while.” Sam offered with a smug grin and everything.


“Oh you got to be fucking kidding me!” Bucky shouted, throwing his hands in the air as he watched Steve shake his head but pull over to the side. “Doll, I think we need to change again…”