metal panda alex

I should go
I should go

I Should Go

The sand glows bright on Virmire tonight 

I’ve got a rifle in my  face

Wrex is being kind of a dick and it looks like it’s up to me

The waves are pounding like this swirling storm inside 

Don’t know what to do; How do I decide

Don’t let them in don’t let them see

Be the leader you always have to be

Be strong, be brave and let them know

It’s what I’ve got to show

I should go, I should  go

Got a galaxy to save

I should go, I should go

Turn and use a biotic wave

I don’t care what the council says 

Let the reapers come

They’ll never get prepared for them anyway

It’s funny how some distance

Made all my friends turn weird

I died, okay, but look guys

I’m back and standing here 

It’s time to see what I can do

What is it Cerberus is up to?

No mercs, no husks, no Collectors can

Stop me

I should go, I should go, 

I’m one with with my ship and crew

I should go, I should go

You’ll never see me die

Here I stand

And here I’ll fight 

Let the Reapers come

My biotics shimmer and slam my foes to the ground

My soul is raging, bullets flying, banshees all around 

One thought strikes me right here at the very end 

I want to go back, the endings can’t be real 

I should go, I should go

Got to fix this shitty end 

I should go, I should go

I was promised blue babies

I went through so much crap to get here 

Let the Reapers come

They never got prepared for them anyway 

My response to this post. The lyrics were done by me and many thanks to Metal-Panda-Alex for doing my editing and cover art. 

anonymous asked:

Brittana fanfiction? Links!?

There are so many! I’ll give you some of my favorites

I’ve also heard that The Knife Thrower’s Daughter by themostrandomfandom is really good. I haven’t had time to read it, though.


What if Doctor WHO’s Madame Vastra starred in her own movie, and the intro. credits were done in the style of Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr. version)? I imagine it would look something like this.

Well done!

Also, one of my new favourite headcanons is by metal-panda-alex that Jenny has Vastra’s name written on her back in ancient Silurian (possibly in some sort of long-lasting ink, lol) and one of the songs I used on my fanmix was Between Sheets and one of the lines is “tracing patterns in the maze of your back” and I don’t know why but these two together are just giving me ALL THE FEELS