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Summary of Anime’s

Fairy Tail: Sexy mages

Naruto: Believe it!

Boruto: The reincarnate of Naruto

D.gray-man: Innocent children get involved with scary war

Mob Psycho 100: Countdown to Shigeo’s insanity

One Punch Man: Everything dies in one punch!

My Hero Academia: Young nerd wants to become a hero

Noragami: Girl gets weird tail

Nanatsu no Taizai: Op pervs

Full Metal Alchemist: Guy with metal arm and guy that’s all metal

Gintama: Anything can happen

Blue Exorcist: Satan’s son wants to kill him

Owari no Seraph: Vampires vs exorcists, lots of gay along the way

Madoka Magica: Don’t let the first couple episodes fool you

Inuyasha: Collect the shards, time traveler!

Soul Eater: People can turn into weapons and get wielded for killing witches

Your Lie in April: Angsty instrument players

Tokyo Ghoul: The kid just wanted a date

Fruit’s Basket: Hot guy gets turned into animal when hugged by girl

Yuri on Ice: Gay ice skaters

Black Clover: Orphan boy yells all the time


This is hands down the most amazing commission I’ve ever been asked for. The specifics were “Taako riding a black motorcycle wearing aviators. There’s a shotgun holster holding the umbrastaff. There’s an explosion behind him. It’s awesome.”

This is the second piece of finished taz art I’ve ever done and I’ve already peaked. This is it. I can’t top this. 

Bruce: “Dick, have you got the new armor I left for you?”

Dick: “Yes, Bruce, I’ve got it" 

Bruce: "Are you wearing it? I ordered it especially for you. I’ve made it extra flexible so you can do your thing”

Dick: *sigh* “Thanks, Bruce. It’s amazing” (whisper to Barbara): “It’s hideous! I can’t wear that!" 

Barbara: (making a serious face while trying not to laugh) "Just make your damn father happy, for Christ Sakes”