metal is better then rap

Tagged by @inuykago for one of these to finally play stuff I’m currently listening to instead of shuffled songs. Thank goodness.

Dehumanized by Disturbed

Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit

Parasite by Disturbed

Sad But True by Metallica

Getcha Groove On by Limp Bizkit

Kill Everyone by Hollywood Undead

Angel In Disgrace by The Raven Age

Bad Religion by Godsmack

Enter Sandman by Metallica

Nobody Likes Me (Nightcore) by Deuce

Actually this isn’t much better than the shuffles…I only listen to metal and rap-metal. My taste in music doesn’t reflect my personality at all, lol. Anyways I’ll tag these fine folks to put up ten of the songs they’re currently listening to! @polkadot-cookie @hanmajoerin @inukag @inuparents @bananacreamphi @bobafett @stephicool @sankontesu @midori37 whoever else.