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Kids everyday say, ‘my parents divorced too’ or ‘I lost a parent too’, or ‘I have a heart problem or a health condition too’, ‘I had a drug problem too’. They can all relate to every bad thing that has happened in my life. And they can see that I’m still here. They can see that I’m not perfect but that I got out of all that. I went from being 16 years old and living alone with nothing, to being 17 and living in a car, to being 18 and doing this. Now I’m 26 and I have a cosy loft in North Hollywood and I play in a rock band for a living. Anyone who has gone through stuff can look at that and go, ‘Wow – if he can do it, then so can I’.
I did a signing recently and a girl started crying, saying, ‘I wouldn’t be here without you, your music has saved me’. And I said, ‘I wouldn’t be sitting right here if it wasn’t for you’. She said, ‘What do you mean?’ so I said, ‘Where would this band be without our fans?’ I am where I am in my life because of them. If I’m not going to give anything back to them, then who the fuck am I? We do care, and we do take the time to do that stuff. I do stuff on my time that people will never know about.
—  Austin Carlile on relating to Of Mice & Men Fans

There are a few answers in the new Ghost interview in Metal Hammer this month that I thought were intriguing….

What kind of style should we expect from our new Papa, in contrast to other Ghost leaders we’ve seen?

The next album will be set in a much darker and God-fearing point of time. Where Meliora was in a futuristic setting - the Brave New World has very little fear of God - this new record will be set in a point of time where there’s an immense fear of deities. So there will definitely be a Papa around that has very little humour. That alone won’t make a show - there’ll be a surprise for everyone!

I read that the next album will be more medieval-themed. Will your masks and outfits reflect that also?

Yes! Where I think we took the theatricality a few steps forward on this album cycle, hopefully we’re gonna take it five more steps on the next one.

What can we expect to hear in the next Ghost record?

It will build on Meliora, production-value wise. There are a few things i’m really keen on exploring further; one difference is that it might be more of a sonically conceptual record. As opposed to 10 different songs it might be like one song that starts in the beginning and goes through to the end, seamlessly. Even though it’s gonna be an A and B side - because I always think in vinyl, so there will be two acts - and even though there will be eight or so tracks, when you listen through them it’s supposed to sit together. Even though lyrically it won’t be a story, there will be several stories that loosely sit together in front of a backdrop of a certain theme and a certain environment. I can’t really go into depth about it because it’s conceptual right now - we’re still writing it. But you’ll hear it…eventually.

When will Papa IV be revealed?

I can’t really say! There’s a slight twist to this, so Papa IV might take some time, let’s leave it at that.

secondhand smoke

Kara comes back.

(And oh, isn’t that a thought?

Kara comes back. Kara keeps returning, keeps slipping through those doors, fingers curling around the frame as easily as her smiles did around her heart.

Kara comes back and smiles and promises.)

“I noticed you’re still here.”

Lena hums, presses her nails just so against her knee to keep the pain there, keep it from her head, from her heart.

(Neither of them mention how Kara knows. How she would notice anything about L-Corp when Lena’s up fifteen stories.)

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