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Almost Home

SPN FanFic 

~Fluff Drabble~

Reader, Dean, Sam

715 Words (under 1K is a drabble, ok??)

A/N: I don’t know where all this fluff is coming from, but ya’ll better enjoy it while it lasts. ;)

The gentle rocking of the Impala lulled you to sleep as it sped down the darkened highway. You’d gotten used to this over the past few months, the constant grueling schedule of hunting broken up by hours of mindless driving. The backseat had become your home. The cracked leather upholstery your bed; the windowsill your pillow. How strange to find comfort in the low vibrations that rattled through the door as you pressed your forehead against the glass.

As you drove on, the clear sky became even darker as rain clouds extinguished the stars and a light rain began to fall. Droplets crashed into your window and chased each other silently across your vision, pushed on by the wind and the speed of the car. Dean flipped on the wipers, their rhythmic swoosh adding another layer to the soothing noises around you. The tapping of rain on the metal hood, the roaring groan of the engine, Sam’s fingers scanning and then turning each page in the book on his lap, Dean’s hands quietly drumming on the steering wheel. These were the sounds you loved most, sounds that calmed you, allowed you to relax and let the tension fall from your shoulders, if only for a little while. With a deep, contented sigh you let your eyes fall closed and you tucked your arms around yourself, drifting slowly into slumber.

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Can You Teach Me [Part 1]

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Stiles x Reader


Word Count: 2,814

**Hi everyone! This is my first smut and it’s going to be a part of a series.. I hope you like it and please send me in any feedback! Thanks to @completedylantrash for inspiring me!**

Originally posted by amazing-otp-moments

“It’s just so easy for you, Y/N, you wouldn’t understand.”

“What is?” I ask him, not tearing my gaze away from the inky black of the night sky or the small pinpoints of lights dotted throughout it.

I hear him sigh and he pauses before responding, “Nevermind. Don’t worry about it, it’s stupid.”

I frown slightly, lifting my body up from the metallic cold of the hood of the jeep so that I can turn and look at him. I shift slightly so that I’m lying on my side with my chin perched on my hand. “Don’t do that, Stilinski,” I grumble at him, “tell me what you mean.

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About the hooded Robins on Dark Nights: Metal

  • Right, I read on a site a super interesting thing about Batman Who Laughs, about Robins hooded.
  • As we saw in Teen Titans # 12 (Tie-in of Dark Nights: Metal), these Robins only say one word: “Crow” and the Bat-joker has a command word for them, which is: “Bar”.
  • And if we join it turns “Crowbar” a reference to the death of Jason Todd.
  • Bat-joker, as well as the other corrupted batmans, were made through Bruce’s fears and that one of them would be Joker’s triumph over him in Jason’s death, concluding the four corrupted Robins would be version of a single batboy: Jason Todd.
  • (I don’t know if you guys thinking about this before, I just notice that now).
a dare and a truth...

Bed sharing prompt courtesy of @bookstoreromantic“: “Would you please get comfortable and go the fuck to sleep already?”

Rated T - 2000 words - Modern AU - AO3

A warm breeze ruffles the wheat stalks on either side of her truck as she folds her arms beneath her head, smiling up towards the starry night that will be her blanket until dawn. Her friends had thought this a good dare, forgetting that she’s slept in much scarier places where real danger lurked in very real shadows. A night spent alone out here is a piece of cake, no matter how many stupid campfire tales of demonic scarecrows or sickle-wielding serial killers they might have spun.

She’s surprisingly comfortable in the bed of her truck, thanks to the thick pile of blankets beneath her and the lingering buzz of rum from too many pulls of Killian’s flask. Her cheeks warm at the thought of him, the constant will they or won’t they like a rubber band deciding if it wants to pull them together or break from the pressure. It’s easier to want the former when she’s alone and the idea of him can be just a fantasy without the real life implications of what being together might actually entail. Caustic flirting used to be their thing, but she’s sensed a shift, more sincerity and a longing in him that mirrors her own in ways that has her running a bit scared.

Yeah, she’s not scared of serial killers or movie monsters, but Killian Jones, he has the ability to absolutely terrify her.

A rustling too strong to have been caused by the wind catches her attention and she leans up onto her elbows, scanning the fields for what is probably just a crow set out to disturb her solitude. There’s nothing to be seen in the darkness and she’s too lazy to dig out the flashlight buried somewhere in the cab of her truck to go on a search…

“Evening, Swan.”

A scream bubbles up her throat as she’s scrambling to her knees, hands blindly searching for something to grab as a weapon as her brain slowly matches the voice to the unexpected intruder somewhere behind her.

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Off Limits - Finale

→ Reader x Blind!Chanyeol

“You don’t necessarily have space for one more?”

→ Warnings: Curse words.

→ Off Limits p. 1 - p. 2  - p. 3 (M)

Word count: 1,4K

Worry laid thickly in the bottom of your stomach ever since that night. The clock that hung over the head of Ms. Marcus ticked teasingly slow, letting you only stare silently as it closed in on the full hour. You tapped your fingers against the top of your desk, your eyes wavering in the direction of Baekhyun on the other side of the classroom. 

He was smiling, chatting in whispers with this sideman. He was glowing with glee, his life had somehow turned out okay. It all only added onto the never ending thickness in your abdomen. If only he knew that Rose was only playing him for you, playing on a small crush he had on her years ago that somehow had lingered until now. You could only imagine what would happen once Rose ended things with him, how he would react and what he would do with you. 

Finally, Ms. Marcus took a quick glance to her wrist before raising her arms, ending the lesson. You sprung to your feet, throwing your heavier than usual backpack over your shoulder and hurrying out with the rest of your classmates. Baekhyun jogged down the route you used to take, going towards you dorms, where Rose’s dorm also laid. You sighed before starting to run in the other direction, down the route where Baekhyun would usually go, to his and Chanyeol’s dorm. 

It only took a few minutes before you were knocking on Chanyeol’s dorm, tugging your backpack tighter over your shoulder. The backpack was heavy, filled with clothes and toiletries this exact day in the place of the books you used to carry with you. Chanyeol opened the door to you, calling out a hesitant “Hello?”

“Chanyeol,” You whisper, watching as a beautiful face lights up his face. 

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Handprints (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: You almost hit Bucky Barnes with your car, leaving an impressive handprint on your hood. If only you knew then what else those hands would do.

 Words: 1,308

 Warnings: blood, bruising, near-death action stuff, swearing, smut,

 A/N: I really wanted to experiment with my writing style for this one, I tried to make it feel more like a poem or stylized prose while taking a kind of minimalist approach, but I didn’t really stick to that as strictly as I would have liked. I’d love to hear what ya’ll think about the style (and anything else- i’m always open to constructive criticism)

HUGE shout-out to the amazing @lowkeybuckytrash for proofreading this for me and being an all around wonderful person <3 <3

Your hand searches blindly for the ringing phone in your bag. You’re trying to keep your eyes on the road. Finally, you find it in the depths of your bag and answer the call without looking. “Talk to me.” You pull up to a red light and roll to a stop.

“Hey, this is Hill. Are you on your way to the tower? There’s been a development in the case, we need you here for the mission brief, ASAP.”

The light turns green, you rush forward.

“Yeah, I’m already on my way, just a few blocks out. What happened that it’s suddenly so urgent?”

“Another scientist has gone missing, this is more serious than we thought.”

“Alright, I’ll be there in a-SHIT!”

You slam the brakes.

A hand! The screeching of tires and the sound of crunching metal. A metal hand crashes into the hood of your car, forcing you to a stop. You look up, shaken; bright blue eyes glare at you through the windshield. The lights had changed, you hadn’t noticed.

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A Soulmate to Remember chap 3

Hey! Guess who made it to 100 followers! I’ll now be taking requests! So why don’t you hit me up and I’ll see what I can do!

Chapter 1  Chapter 2

Tags: @welcometothecity, @miss-nerdalots

TW: blood mention? 

word count: 1,600

Chapter 3

You had actually forgotten for a split second that someone was holding yo and your arms were wrapped extremely tight around them. Then you realized that none other than Batman was holding you, and you got really self-conscious.

 "Are you alright Miss?“

  You nodded and he gave line back into his grappling hook that had made the two of you soar up into the tree. You heard two other lines descend with you and once your feet hit the ground you released him with a quiet,"Sorry.”

  The two other thumps revealed themselves to be none other than Nightwing and Red Hood. Batman turned to them,“Is Batmom and Red Robin on their way home?”

“Yep,” Nighwing replied,“Agent A picked them up right after we got the call.”

 "Good, Nightwing you and I are going in,“ You watched as Batman removed his cape and placed it around your shoulders, pulling a separate hood up and putting it over your head,"Red Hood, stay here with her.”

  Red Hood’s body languages changed,“What-”

  Batman turned to him,“No arguments, we need to get this situation resolved as quickly as possible, and quietly. So stay. Here.”

 Batman turned without a word and disappeared into the forest. Nightwing turned to the hooded man with a shrug,“Sorry man. Maybe next time,” and leapt after Batman.

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Devine (Part Two)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Language

Summary: As a young child you came in contact with an entity. It possessed your body and gave you unthinkable powers. You managed to keep your power hidden for the most of your life, but one day everything goes wrong and you get on the radar of The Avengers.

Word Count: 1.281

Originally posted by the-frosted-soldier

Your golden energy beams flew everywhere as you fought of the men attacking you. One pounced on you and you were tackled to the ground. Your head hit the pavement with a smack and your vision got blurry for a second.

You placed your hands on the man’s chest and the black marks on your hands lit up gold. Seconds later the man shot off of you with two burn marks on his chest.

You got off the ground and waited for the next one to attack you.

One man attempted to punch you, but you kicked him in the gut and he stumbled backwards. You shot an energy beam at him and he flew back.

Another man pounced on you and you managed to block his attack. You punched him square in the jaw and his head flew to the side. You shot him away with your energy beam.

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boy of dreams - gd

soulmate!grayson au

a/n: so uh this is a thing???? this is the first thing i’ve written about grayson ever (and the first of three things i’ve already written about him) but by no means am i done writing about 5sos, im just waiting for some inspiration to hit :-) since this is the first thing i’ve written outside of 5sos, please let me know what you think!!

word count: 2,137

Passing faces, a lasting impact.  Even in a crowded place, subconsciously, you were destined to meet.  But outside of vivid thoughts in a dazed state?  That’s an entirely different story.

Soulmates, the idea of them scared you.  Over 7 billion people spanning across the globe and one was supposed to be your perfect match? What if they’re across the country or on a different continent, separated by thousands of miles of land and ocean?  “If they’re really your soulmate, that won’t matter, sweetie.” You mother’s words rang in the back of your head, her sugar sweet voice danced tentatively around such a serious subject when you were younger.  Now though, after years of curious gossip with friends about the subject, you know that this isn’t necessarily the case.  Yes, everyone has a soulmate, but the chance of crossing paths with them was not guaranteed.  And you couldn’t do anything about it.  

Ever since that first conversation with your mom as you sat on your childhood bedroom, eyes wide, inquiring about this foreign concept of one single person that was supposed to be with you forever and ever, you had trouble sleeping at night when your head hit the pillow.  

“You don’t know who this person is at first, but after you see them in person for the first time, maybe at school or at the playground or the store, their face is stuck in your brain.  Little glimpses of them come to you throughout your life, but you don’t see their face until you actually see it in person.  Once you see them, they’ll be in your dreams forever.”

Her voice trailed off, fading out slightly towards the end of her statement, content with her explanation.  It was obvious that she’s been constructing her remarks for some time, waiting for you to question the subject.

“Forever?” your gleaming wide eyes looked to meet her comforting ones, eyebrows raising in the process.

“Forever,” her soft smile assured you.

From that moment on, you dreaded sleep.  What if you had already missed something important, some major detail that would tell you who the person you were supposed to spend the rest of your life with?  What if you never get to go beyond small scattered details that bounced from dream to dream, never really seeing their face? Alone forever with constant reminders flooding your brain each time you head hit the pillow.  


Blues hues mixed into purples leading to where pink clouds lined the sky thanks to the sun’s setting rays. Yellows met the hills along the horizon almost as delicately as the touch of a tanned hand that met your left thigh, the thumb ghosting over the hem of the soft material that laid there.  The press of fingers into your smooth skin was firm, yet soft, warm, yet absolutely electrifying, and foreign, yet all too familiar at the same time.  Your skin seemed to be burning to the touch, jolted with an unfamiliar energy, but still, you didn’t think once about moving from the cool teal metal of the hood of the car beneath you.

Night was about to fall, evident from the comforting silence and dark shadows cast from the glowing embers that laced each cloud in the sky overhead.  Colors emitted and danced along your skin, meeting what looked like a mixture of flowing watercolors with similar hues that sat permanently on the tanned leg pressed into yours.  The longer you stared at the piece of art that adorned his bare thigh just underneath the black material of his shorts, the more you could’ve swore that this sight was prettier than the setting sun and rolling hills that lined the horizon.

You woke up to the rather obnoxious sound of your phone ringing beside your head on the arm of the couch, your nap cut short as you forced yourself to wake from the dazed state.  The familiar name of your best friend was scrolled out in plain text across the screen, a twinge of annoyance setting over your entire body now that your dream was cut far too short.

“Go look out the window!! The sunset is insane!!” her shrill voice rang through the speaker.

“That’s what you woke me up for?” you begrudgingly question, pulling yourself up off of the soft cushion.  "I was just dream-“

Your thoughts immediately slammed on the breaks, no words continued to flow from your mouth as you reached the window overlooking the fields that were west of your house.  

"Dreaming?! We’re you dreaming about him?!”

Despite the badgering your right ear was receiving through the phone, you remained silent, jaw slightly agape as your eyes widened at the colors displayed in front of you.  No two sunsets were the same, each night bringing a different combination of beautifully mixed colors that painted at the sky like it was a canvas.  You looked to the sky from this spot countless times and every night would hold an entirely new work of art in front of your eyes.  But this one?  This one looked strikingly similar to the one just previously depicted in your dream as you willed your mind to absorb any and every detail imagined.  

Maybe he was looking at the same gorgeous brushstrokes of blues and pinks and yellows bleeding and erupting violently across the same sky.


Green foliage surrounds you, the piercing rays emitting from the sun in the clear blue sky lighting up the dark leaves that cover overhead, instantly bringing a comforting warmth to your skin.  Wild yellow flowers litter the ground around you from within the overgrown grass that tickles your legs as you make your way through.  

Two strong, tanned arms instantly wrap around your torso, tension rising in your body only for you immediately relax into the touch.  The contact is unfamiliar, yet strangely enough feels like home as soon as you are wrapped in the warmth that comes with a bare chest pressing into your back and two sun kissed arms encircling your waist, lifting your feet slightly off the ground.  Infectious laughter fills the open air of the field in which you find yourself.  The sound itself is sweet like honey, loud and boisterous, yet sincere.  From that second, you’re sure you could never get tired of hearing it.  A softer giggle escapes his lips into your right ear, a pair of smooth lips and hot breath splaying over the outer shell.  His lips move to just below your ear and down the side of your neck, soft and delicate as they moved across your skin.

Desire burns from within your chest.  Your heart full, yet aching.  You want nothing more than to know him beyond just dreams of vivid details, to hear the beautifully sweet sound of his laughter fall from what feel like his perfect lips, and to feel them on yours.


The strong summer sun beats down and finds your exposed back as you lay out on the beach blanket, feet absentmindedly digging at the warm sand just beyond the blue fabric beneath your body.  Despite the crowded environment of people soaking up the sun on the only day with good weather for the week, you found yourself in your own world, entranced by the writing scrawled on the open pages of the book at your fingertips.  The dark frames of your tinted sunglasses sat low on the bridge of your nose, the combination of ocean mist and sweat making them occasionally slip farther down as your peered through at the inked words.

Children raced around to your right, running back and forth to the tide with their parents to bring small buckets of water back to their towels where the construction of a sand castle was underway.  An older couple behind you began chattering about the contents of the cooler that sat between their chairs, noticing that their drinks were getting warm in the sweltering summer air.  Their chattering seemed to fade into white noise when paired with the sound of waves crashing onto the shore.  Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, the only thing in your focus being the beautifully poetic strings of printed words.

What you neglected to notice, now that the book was open and your shaded eyes absorbed each line of writing, was the soccer ball that was kicked very far wide of the makeshift goal posts of a black backpack and a balled up towel.  It only came into focus when it was right in front of you, just after knocking into your left hand, which ended in the pages of the book bending slightly as they hit the sand.  

The sun was blocked, a shadow casting over your body, before you knew what was happening.  A tall body stood in front of you, feet staying put in front of where the binding of the book laid face up, soccer ball retrieved from the sand, sitting firmly right in front of him as he passed it back and forth lightly between his bare feet.

“I’m so sorry about that! My brother clearly isn’t the better soccer player out of both of us,” rushed words flow from his mouth, but you don’t look up right away, reaching for your book first, sparing it from the countless grains of sand that are now practically embedded into each page.  Your eyebrows rise slightly when his hand met yours on the binding, his legs crouched as he knelt on one knee, hand extends outwards with your book between his long fingers.  You glance up from behind your sunglasses, eyes slowly raking across his bare legs, enjoying each gaze at toned and tanned skin, before settling just below the leg of his yellow swim trunks.  Watercolored markings are just visible below the hem of the fabric; the colors seemingly more vibrant now than they previously were in your dream.
Your fingers reach up to flip the glasses up from where they sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose to on top of your head as your sit up slightly, eyes wide as you move your gaze from his upper leg past his bare chest quickly until you reach his face.

“It’s you.”

Your voice is hoarse, softer than intended on the crowded beach, but he hears you regardless as his words match yours in that moment.  Your hand lurches forward at an agonizingly slow pace, fingers bending as they approach the art placed on his thigh.  They come close to his tanned skin, but refrain from touching.  Your eyes shoot up again, actually meeting his eyes for the first time before scanning over his face as you take in every feature you possibly can.  Being able to see his face, know him beyond vague details, you want to soak up any and every aspect of him you possible can, from his bright eyes that beautifully reflected the rays of the sun that beamed down on you both to his light pink lips that hung slightly agape.  

“I’m Grayson,” his lips moved deliberately with each word he spoke, his voice louder than his previous statement, a small smile forming on his face.  You’re positive you could fall in love with the way his face lit up when the corners of his lips turned slightly upwards alone.

“Y/N,” you breathlessly utter as you continue to stare into his eyes in disbelief.
Grayson sits down in the sand at the front of your towel, seemingly forgetting his aforementioned brother and the soccer ball that now saw a few inches away.  His fingers brush over the tattoo that sits on his left thigh, now aware that it’s how you knew.  Something so special already now has added meaning to each marking.

“How’d you know it was me?” you question lightly, a slight laugh falling from Grayson’s lips, sending you back into your dream with his lips gently brushing against your neck.  His hand reaches over to the book that sat at the corner of the fabric, grains of sand falling out from between the cover and title page.  A slight laugh mixed with a sigh falls from your lips.  Of course you had to have this book with you in his dream.

“And that laugh,” Grayson lowers his voice, almost speaking to himself, “there’s no way I could forget that laugh.”

A blush rushed to your already pink skin, the sun and this beautiful boy working together to raise color to the tops of your cheeks. 

“You’re just as beautiful as I dreamt you were,” Grayson noted, his eyes meeting yours, hand slowly moving to yours, fingers eventually intertwining as his moved to slot between yours.

“Grayson, you never saw my face in your dream,” you state, eyes falling to where you were connected.  A content sigh fell from his lips.

“Still beautiful.”

26: Alive [Acoustic]

By @sgarrett49: 26, “You are the only one I want baby”

Word Count: 749

A/N: Okay. Guys. This song. This is the song. This song. I can’t even tell you just how much I adore this song. Normally I don’t like acoustic versions of songs nearly as much as the regular version but this song. I love them both equally. I first got the song my freshman year of college and I remember that I had a playlist that had this song and Something More by the same band and I would just walk to and from my classes with these two songs playing over and over and I had this fantasy in my head that I always imagined over and over and I kept adding to it and I just…. This song makes my heart burst and my cheeks hurt my smiling so big. Until my iPod freaked out and I had to restore the settings, this song was my number one played song. I could keep going on and on about how amazing this song is, but you all probably wanna read what I came up with so… :) (PS. The music video to the original version of this song is so cute too!!)

Version en Español: 26: En Vivo [Versión Acústica]

Song 26: Alive [Acoustic] by Adelitas Way

Dean was the first one to say “I Love You.” You were both in the impala after a long hunt and the air between you two was light with the victory. The usual classic rock floated through the speakers, the windows were open to let in the fresh air, and there were miles of empty road in front of you two. It was a perfect moment.

Then Dean cleared his throat and you looked over to see what he wanted. He glanced at you for a moment before returning his eyes to the road. His fingers nervously beat out the rhythm of the song on the steering wheel.

“Y/N, you, uh. You know that I love you, right?”

For the longest minute, you didn’t say anything. You didn’t move. You just stared at his profile as he kept his eyes on the road, anxiously awaiting your reply. “I—yeah. I know that.”

The breath he let out was accompanied by the release of all of his stress from his shoulders. “Good, good.”

A tiny smile lit the corner of his lips and he reached over to turn the volume up on the stereo. He went back to drumming on the steering wheel, and you went back to staring out the window, glancing over now and again to see that that smile was still ghosting his lips.

You didn’t say it back to him. Not then. You felt it, but forming the words wasn’t within you.

But he didn’t need to hear the words because he knew. Just as you had.

It wasn’t until a few weeks later that the fist of your past finally unclenched around your heart. You and Dean decided to forego getting a hotel room for the night, deciding instead to camp out in the back of Baby.

It was a perfect night. The sky was clear of any clouds, the moon was bright, and the stars were shining. Soft animal noises broke the silent monotony, and a weak breeze toyed with the ends of your hair as you lay in Dean’s arm on the hood of his car. A thick blanket was the only barrier between you and the cool metal of the hood.

“Hey, Dean?”


“You know that I love you, right, babe?”

“Yeah,” he responded, smiling cockily.

You just rolled your eyes and settled back into his arms. After a few more minutes of comfortable silence, you decided that I love you wasn’t enough.

“It’s more than that, though. With you it’s… it’s where I feel safe. Dean, you make me feel safe and loved and alive. And I was so stupid to walk away from you a year ago, but—no, let me say this.” Dean had opened his mouth to protest you bringing up the few months you’d been broken up. “I walked away and I thought it was for the best. But now I know that it wasn’t. I need you Dean. You make me laugh and smile. I hunt and fight with you and because of you and for you. You are the only one I want, baby. I’m in this forever if you’ll have me. You are the absolute best thing in my life, and I refuse to lose you again.”

With the soft moonlight bearing witness to your confession, this moment seemed heavy and monumental. Dean was watching you like there was nothing else in the world that mattered, and you couldn’t take your eyes off of his perfect face. The very face that you woke up to every single morning and that was the last thing you saw before closing your eyes at night. The very face that you prayed you would be able to see every single day of the rest of your life.

Then he cracked a smile and you felt a mirroring one on your own lips. He leaned forward to press a kiss to your temple before pulling back slightly. “Was that a marriage proposal? ‘Cause it kinda sounded like one to me.”

With a laugh, you settled back down into the blankets and pulled Dean’s arms around you. Marriage in the hunter’s life?

“Ask me.” His low, serious voice broke the silence a few minutes later and your head swiveled toward him.


His bright green eyes shone down at you with all of the love and adoration in this world. “Ask me to marry you, Y/N. We’re, what? Two hours from Vegas?”

“Are you serious?”

“Ask me and see.”

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