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Update!!! Converting the Bus
Day 2

Guess what? I had my first interview to be an operations manager for a dispensary in California!!!! It went well, I think. I have the lowest self-esteem so I have no idea.


Ripped out some of the floor and a metric-fuck-ton of bolts and random metal, moved the heaters, which we still have to drain the coolant out of. And we still can’t get the bolts in done on that seat. Big pain in the ass I tell ya. And to finish the heaters for construction, I have to join the intake and outtake hoses so that I can build my goddamn bathroom. Because fuck walking to McDonald’s to shit. And I have to do so with out spraying coolant all over the inside of my almost clean gutted home.

As you can tell I’m negatively passionate about the system.

We are now getting close to construction. Since, we are living in it as we are converting it, we are going to do it a room at a time.

When we have big things like paining rustolium on the fully cleared metal floor or getting the windows removed and paneled, we will stay in a hotel.

Today, we are going to get some basics to aid in destruction, such as: a drill, a crowbar or two, rust treatment, a chisel, and a pizza because hungry.

We also need to get a circular saw, (we plan to rent a table saw) two more drills, a metric ratchet set (because I sadly have the other kind), nail gun (might rent), and then any help we can get.

And of course there are the building materials for each step. Which trust me, can range from $500 to $10,000. For what we are doing now, we only need about $500 and that will last us till we are actually building studs for our walls.

Tomorrow, We are paying the other half of our bus payment and we will then have the title in hand. It’s $1500 and we believe it we have it covered, I just hope we get what we were quoted for scrapping the van and all metal we have ripped out.

So there is that, and on a different note, we have news. Gwen was arrested yesterday morning for missing a court date. We thought she had it taken care of, but I guess when one of the neighbors called the police on us “dispatch advised of an arrest”. Take from that what you will. She is getting out asap. It’s just a shit-wait, I mean paper work process till she is out. We are expecting her to get out at any time. Really dumb, but we are rolling with the punches.

Thank you all so much for your support, other wise we wouldn’t still be in the ring with life. We thought we hear the bell a while ago and since we have grown stronger than ever because of your support. I can’t stop tearing up because of how much you have impacted and changed our lives. I feel way too many emotions to put it on paper right now.

Thank you. If you want to help us in our fight against homelessness and life our PayPal is

Sincerely with biggest hugs

Gwen, Ember, Kimmy
@gwennspacey @emberbrekker @spideygirl


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I went to the World Tour for Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens. I traveled 4 hours to Albany. It snowed! I got on line at 1pm and I was like the tenth person in line! I met some amazing people who I hung out with throughout the whole day. It was so freaking cold outside we ended up huddling like penguins together! I got inside at 4pm because of VIP. I didn’t actually get to meet them til 5pm. But while waiting I learned a lot about my new friends and I feel like became very close like we were friends for years. Anyways I ended up burning my arm on a stupid metal heater. When I got to go meet the bands it was more like a hey and pay but whatever it was totally worth it. I first got a picture with Sleeping With Sirens. I told Kellin he smelt nice XD and I hugged them. Then I walked over to Pierce The Veil and I was messing with my gauge because I was super nervous, I actually dropped my gauge then got it. But when I walked over to them, turned around and then turned back and Tony said “Hey don’t be nervous. Come on over.” I said “wow you talk.” He smiled and chuckled, then replied “um yeah”. I said “where do I stand?” Vic replied “anywhere you want” and he move a little over so I could stand in between him and Mike. I said “can I stand next to Tony?” Vic looked at me surprised. I stood between Mike and Tony. Mike had an arm tightly around my back and Tony had an arm tightly around my waist. I accidentally touched Tony’s butt, oops. We took the picture and then it happened. I turned to Tony and said “um will you marry me, just not in a weird way, like not in the way let me have your babies but in the not weird way.” Tony smiled at me and said “Yes! *chuckles* not in the weird way.” I said to Tony “thank you.” Then I asked If I Could give them my letter I wrote for them and they said yes. Jaime says “Look Tony she is perfect. You guys are are perfect match,” and smiled at me. Then Vic said, “yeah you found your soulmate.” I hugged them all then I left and started crying. Because of being VIP I was at the barrier and I stayed at the barrier for the whole concert. The whole concert was amazing. I got a guitar pick from Beartooth. Justin Hills smiled at me and pointed his guitar in my direction. I cried when Sleeping With Sirens played A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son and Iris. When Pierce the Veil came on Tony was right in front of me. I was so happy. When Jaime came over to the side of the Stage where I was he smiled at me and nodded then nodded to Tony. Tony looked at me and smiled and keep watching me the whole show. Vic came over to the side of the stage I was on and sang and looked at me when he sang. At the end Tony threw a pick in my direction but someone else got it :c anyways the concert was amazing. I am so happy and grateful. Although I suffered pain it was totally worth it!