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Caffine i sometimes have problems with making a plot. I know Point A and Point B and the path to those points. But i have no idea how to 'pad' it so its not just this super short plotline thing. Any ideas on how to make it long but keep it interesting enough? I realize that tpo much of violence or happiness can make things boring

I understand! Sometimes I end up putting too many “plot points” in a story because I move to them too fast! Here are some ideas to pad your work:

1) Dialogue. All of the dialogue. It’s really easy to tell your readers that the heroes took a road all the way to the castle to liberate their friend. That’s a sentence or maybe a few paragraphs if you’re particularly good at scene description! Instead, try putting some second thoughts or introspections in! For example, instead of:

The heroes took to the eastern road at sunrise. The dirt quickly heated under their feet as they walked, but they did not let it deter them. On and on they walked, well into nightfall. By dawn the next day, the castle was in sight.


“Are we there yet?”

“Jesus, my sandals are way too thin.”

“How are we supposed to kick the King’s ass if we have blisters on our feet?”

“Aren’t you a healer? Shouldn’t you have aloe?”

“Aloe soothes, it doesn’t heal, you complete–”

“You know, I probably should have mentioned sooner, but I’m having second thought about taking the East Road.”

“Well, that’s too late. We’re on it.”

“We all agreed on it at the tavern.”

“Yes, but the threat of trolls wasn’t quite so imminent then.”


They’re still going from A to B, but they’re exploring the world a bit more as they go!

2) Flashback. Flashback the hell out of it. No matter how much detail you put into your work, no matter how early you start in your character’s life, there’s always a defining moment you haven’t touched on. It adds depth to their interactions with others and also gives them more character development.

Narion walks silently behind his bickering traveling companions. His own footwear seems to be holding up to the heat of the road just fine, but the strap of his pack is fraying and will need to be fixed soon. The others’ have new packs, leather with metal hardware and he’s envious. He shoves the emotion away. Envy doesn’t help him do what he must.

He remembers being a little boy, sweat dotting his brow and shoulder aching (much as they are now) from the weight of the sickle he’d been using to cut wheat. He remembers watching as the King’s men arrived and kicked his family’s door down.

He’d been small then, too small to be working in the fields as he was, but he was fast. He’d darted over the cut wheat so fast that the wind whistled in his ears.

He was still too late.

Now, Narion hopes that they won’t be too late. He wants to move faster, wants to tell them to stop arguing, to save their breath, but he knows better. Move faster and they run the risk of burning out. All he can do is keep up as his pack falls apart and pray.

3) Touch base with the rest of the world. Sometimes in our big adventure stories we forget that a whole other world exists. And sometimes that whole other world has people who don’t necessarily approve of the heroes’ way of doing things.

They stop at an inn for the night. Despite earlier fears, none of their feet are burned, and it’s with lighter hearts that they head for the bar.

Their hearts aren’t light for long.

“Try our ale,” the barkeep says, already filling three glasses. “Best ale in the kingdom, King said so himself.”

“Does he,” Syanaes says lightly. She pushes the glass away from her. “I don’t drink.”

The barkeep swells. “If it’s good enough for the King, it’s good enough for the likes of you!”

Narion feels his skin crawl. “Does he come here often?”

“I’m blessed to say that he’s been here twice,” the barkeep says. “Always with a full purse though he doesn’t leave that way!”

The barkeep laughs but Narion feels sick. If the barkeep is telling the truth, this might be the only town in the kingdom that’s made prosperous rather than made poorer.

“They’ll hate us here,” Eadran hisses in his ear. 

Those are the three main ways that I pad my stories! Hope this helps :)


While at a miniature expo last weekend looking for props for @oliverthesnail, I came across this lovely shop called Petworth Miniatures that sells these amazing tiny (1:48 scale) all-included kits based on famous rooms from famous novels. Of course, when I saw 221B Baker Street I had to get it. All the structure and most of the decor were included in the kit, as was the wiring for the light. Of course, being the dweeb that I am, I had to add my own personal touches, like the cut glass bead lamp, the metal hardware on the door, and a furry bearskin rug to replace the printed one included in the kit. The last few photos are not great, I just wanted to show off the lighting a little better and included a photo with a quarter for scale, so you can see just how tiny this thing actually is.

I’ve never made anything this small before, so lord knows it’s not perfect but between my love for all things tiny and my love for all things Sherlock Holmes, I’m really quite smitten with this kit, and I suspect this won’t be my last book room kit.

hey guys!!! here’s another trend/styling guide, this time for pink doc martens!!! i think doc martens are a great shoe in general, they are very versatile and can add a casual, punky touch to an outfit in any sort of style. 

i think there might be some hesitation on wearing docs with anything outside of a grunge-y look where they’re seen more often, but docs also look fantastic with shorts, skirts, dresses, and softer looks in general, especially in pretty pastels or bright colors, like the pink ones we’ll be using for this guide! 

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Custom Blinds Set by Dot

1. Custom Blinds Tall. Contemporary and Traditional Cordless Two Tone Blinds, shown with White backside. Made of Metal with Plastic hardware in 4 colors. 9 meshes

2. Custom Blinds Medium. Contemporary and Traditional Cordless Two Tone Blinds, shown with White backside. Made of Metal with Plastic hardware in 4 colors. 15 meshes

3. Custom Blinds Short. Contemporary and Traditional Cordless Two Tone Blinds, shown with White backside. Made of Metal with Plastic hardware in 4 colors. 15 meshes

4. Custom Blind Set Part 4 Short. Contemporary and Traditional Cordless Two Tone Blinds, shown with White backside. Made of Metal with Plastic hardware in 4 colors.

Download -> Tall Blinds | Medium Blinds | Short Blinds | Part 4 Short


ecoage; @lallo25 and @DakotaJohnson at the #GCFAItalia.. 📷 @davebenett

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cameramoda; Dakota Johnson wearing a @gucci gown by at #GCFAItalia
#Mfw #dakotajohnson.
Dakota is wearing a @Gucci black biological silk tulle dress with Swarovski crystals and recycled brass embroidered cups for the #GreenCarpetChallenge. Swarovski crystal embroideries were also featured on the straps, bodice, belt and skirt. The black biological silk tulle clutch features a feline closure in recycled brass with lead-free metal hardware, plated with RJC-CoC certified gold while the black biological silk platform shoes are made from natural cork and recycled plastic. The components were selected for their low impact and low chemical properties, using recycled metal accessories, Italian vegetable tanned soles and insoles made with FSC certified cellulose and recycled polyester yarn

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simonebellimakeup; @dakotajohnson • Green Carpet Fashion Awards • #MFW
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Hair: @beautick_official
Dress: @gucci

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miraduma; ❤️ you to the 🌛 and back 🚀🛰 @livia_firth

@DerekBlasberg; World’s greatest pillow fluffer #DakotaJohnson

Chapter Five

A Conflicted New Home

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Ship: Kylo Ren x Reader

Rating: M

You looked down at the food in your plate, pushing your peas around with your fork thoughtfully. Next to you was a crudely written history of Kylo’s past, written up by General Hux and slipped under your door that morning. You stared at it, wondering about some of its lack of details. 

Kylo Ren - Master of the Knights of Ren - came to us 4 years ago at he appointing of Supreme Leader Snoke. Previously, he began his training to become a Jedi under the apprenticeship of a famous Jedi knight before realizing the true nature of the Force. Supreme Leader Snoke was the one who sought after Ren, sensing his powers and thus summoned him to join the First Order. Ren has been aboard Starkiller Base since its inception and will continue to be a pivotal tool in the rise of the First Order. 

Why exactly had Ren left his Master to work for the Order? Who had been his Master? And why was Ren so closed off to everyone about his past? The letter from Hux was vague, not giving much detail, which left you to fit the pieces back into a blank puzzle. 

You wondered if his master could have been Luke Skywalker, the famed Jedi who had taken down Darth Vader. You think back to his family tree, remembering his mother’s name. Leia Organa. That would have made Luke his Uncle, you think. Could that be why he was so emotional? Did he feel sorry for betraying not only the Light but his Uncle as well? 

Emotional, you consider. You almost felt sorry for him. But how could you feel sorry for someone who consciously betrayed their family for the dark side? But what exactly had pulled him towards the dark side in the first place?

Next to you, you scribble down on your napkin: What compelled you to train on the dark side?

Stuffing the napkin in your uniform’s pocket, you stand up and grab your tray of half eaten food. You haven’t been hungry much lately. When you weren’t picking apart Kylo Ren’s world, you were thinking about your family back home and wondering what they were doing. Would Papa ever forgive you, you wonder as you walk down the aisle of hungry officers. Would they write? Perhaps you should write them another letter to let them know you had arrived safely, you thought sadly.

Without warning, you suddenly felt a hasty pinch on your behind, causing you to jump from your skin. You turn around, staggered. It was the officer from the control room who had so boldly whistled at you in front of the General. You stare at him for a moment, mouth agape as you slap his hand away.

“How dare you,” you spat. “Control yourself, you filthy pig!”

His colleagues around him snickered, smiling at you and elbowing him with delight.

“Not with that ass, baby.” He leaned forward trying to grab you again but you move away. At a loss for words and fuming, you quickly threw your tray in the closest garbage and exited the mess hall.

“Filthy men,” you sputtered, your face burning in both embarrassment and anger. The nerve. With a mess of colorful words floating through your mind and your feet traveling much faster than normal, you suddenly found yourself in an unknown part of your sector. You look around as anger and embarrassment had replaced themselves with frustration and an ounce of anxiety. You stared at the room numbers, concentrating on remembering if you had ever been there.

Nothing looked familiar. Actually, everything looked familiar because the whole base appeared similar. Two stormtroopers rounded the corner to pass by you, not bothering to look in your direction. Your mouth opened with a question on its tip, but they were gone before you could find it in your pride to tell them you were lost.

You started walking, hoping you could find your way back to the mess hall at least. You poked your head in some rooms as you walked by, observing some stormtroopers leisurely reclining in their chairs as they watched a game of virtual chess. Their laughter filled your ears, but it was quickly replaced by the sounds of a rage filled cry that echoed down the corridor. You practically jumped out of your skin. 

The cry sounded again, causing your heart to jump from in its place. You looked around, your eyes landing on an open door where sparks bounced and scattered across the floor. The sounds of metal and hardware being ripped through caused you to take a step back. 

Finally, just as quickly as it had started, it stopped. The stormtroopers who you had noticed before poked their heads out of their room, staring at you in bewilderment. 

Curiosity seemed to guide you closer to the door.

“Good luck with that,” one of the stormtroopers murmured behind you. You ignored them.

Smoke filled the air as you peered into the chamber, leaning against the frame of the door. You waved your hand in front of your face, looking around at the pieces of metal that lay singed on the floor. Your eyes travel to a dark mass leaning over the machinery, their shoulders hunched over with labored breathing. Ren? In his hand was a glowing red lightsaber, it’s cross section still scorching the metal close by. 

“Master Ren?” Despite your uneasiness, your voice remained steady. 

What?” He bellowed, turning to face you. He took a step closer and you held your hands up defensively, backing away. The grip on his lightsaber tightened. 

“I apologize for the intrusion, Master Ren.” You uttered. “I just-” 

“You what?” He fumed. You glanced down at his right hand still gripping his weapon. “You came to cure me? Cure me of my anger?”

You stare at him for a moment, letting your hands fall away from their defense. Your eyes narrow, watching him watch you as his chest heaved in fury. 

“I don’t think you understand your anger,” you spoke softly. 

“I understand it!” He bellowed, ramming his lightsaber into a nearby cabinet. “Stop trying to pick me apart! You don’t know me! You don’t know what I am capable of!”

He stared at you through his mask, his other hand clenching and unclenching its fingers. In your ears, you could feel your the blood rushing as it tried to pump itself through your system. Your heart felt like it might beat out of its cage. 

Your eyes locked with the slot in his mask where his eyes were. You took a step closer to him. His chest was still heaving but he didn’t move, surprised at his sudden lack of space. Slowly, you lifted a quivering hand in the air, watching him with fixed eyes as you gently placed it on the grip of his lightsaber. You held his thickly gloved fingers for a moment before finally pressing his thumb down to deactivate the burning red strobe. 

Carefully you lifted your hand away, watching him as you took a step back, hoping he wouldn’t strangle you. 

“I think I do know who you are, Kylo,” You told him quietly. “And deep down, I think you know too.” 

His anger returned. He pounded the base of his lightsaber against the cabinet, grunting and leaving a sizable dent. 

“I don’t want to feel this anymore,” His voice was almost pleading. “I desire so much more. But I can’t have it because -” He trailed off. 

“You can have it,” You tell him quickly. Were you encouraging him to further his wicked course? “You just have to accept your anger. Accept why you get angry. Accept that your rage stems from other things- from your past. Accept it! Accept who you are!”  

He stared at you for a moment more before bowing his head. There was silence in the room. The sizzling of electric wires surrounded you and you could feel the heat from machines attempting to service at their usual levels.

 “Who I was. And who I no longer wish to be.” 

You pause for a moment, staring at him. You stuff your hands into your jacket pocket and remember what you wrote down. You hesitate, your eyes still fixated on him.

“Why are you here, Kylo?” You raised just above a whisper. “What are you doing at the First Order?”

“I belong here,” He answered quickly. 

“Snoke says you belong here,” You remind him. “Doesn’t he?” 

“Are you trying to change me?” He spat.

“No!” You quickly lift your hands. “I just want you to see things differently.” 

“Snoke is a good man!” He waved his hand as if to dismiss you. “He helped me when I needed it most. When I was teased and tormented at the Jedi Temple by my peers, Snoke came to me - telling me things I wish I had always known. Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory.” 

Ren stared at you, his fist balled up before him with fervor. 

“But didn’t your master-” 

“My Master?” He spluttered angrily. “Luke Skywalker! Luke Skywalker - the man my men are searching the galaxy for as we speak. The man, who like a coward ran into hiding after I realized the truth of the Force. The man who tried to teach me things but never showed discipline to those who tormented me. Luke Skywalker is no man. He is a coward.” 

You crumple the napkin up in your fist, feeling lost for words. 

“Do you not feel any remorse for having betrayed him? For having betrayed your family?” You ask now, leaving your counseling aside. This was a personal question you needed to suddenly know. The two of you stood on opposite ends of the room as he suddenly turned away from you, his shoulders stiff.  

He looked down, reholstering his weapon to his belt. “None.” 

A/N: Alright, to be honest I’m not really satisfied with this chapter. But I’m super sick of staring at it so I’m posting it. Let me know what you think. I love love love getting messages from everyone, even if you have some constructive criticism, my ask box is always open!

A Sammy Thing | Sammy Wilkinson

The city lights illuminated the lounge as I sat, wrapped in my blanket, watching Gossip Girl.
It was almost 2am and Sammy wasn’t home yet.
Sharing an apartment with him was difficult. He was messy, barely independent and always made the most noise as humanly possible when he came home.
We lived in a top floor apartment in the centre of LA.
It was my dream house. Open plan, glass walls and almost completely white.
A large fire separated the dining room from the lounge, but other than that, everything but the bedrooms and bathrooms was completely open.
On that particular evening, I had the fire on and no lights. This meant that the flickering orange glow warmed the room, it’s reflection on the metal hardware and vast amount of glass around the living area.
I wriggled my toes, moving one knee towards my chest, the other one straight and flat.
From behind me, I heard the jingle of keys and the distant echo of laughter.
I knew for sure that Sammy had brought a girl home.
Once he managed to open the door, he fumbled for the light switch, his girl still firmly attached to his lips.
He gave up on his search for the switch and began to take his jacket off.
Still, the girl was attached.
As they walked backwards, Sammy tripped over the couch, finally causing his date to take a breather whilst he readjusted to laying down on the couch.
I didn’t say a word, just continued to watch in amusement.
Slowly, Sammy turned his head to look at me.
As soon as his eyes hit mine, I could see the instant look of regret, but also a slight tint of embarrassment.
I didn’t react, I just smiled instead.
Now, the girl who had no idea that I was sat there, was unbuttoning her shirt.
Sammy stood up immediately, pulled her shirt back together once more and ushered her out of the door.
“But…why?” she said, as Sammy marched her out.
“I just suddenly got real tired, call me,” he said, before abruptly shutting the door in her face.
He turned on the ball of his feet to face me, his cheeks flushed and his eyes wide.
“You do realise you have a bedroom, right?” he asked, half sarcastic, half serious.
“You do realise I pay half the rent, right?” I replied, wittily.
He sighed, shrugged and slumped into the seat beside me.
He rested his head on my legs and opened his mouth, a silent way of asking me to feed him the popcorn that I’d barely touched.
I picked a handful and popped them into his mouth, one by one.
Soon after, Sammy was fast asleep.
I didn’t move, in fear of waking him up.
So there I was, stuck underneath my incredibly loud, snoring roommate, without any choice in the matter.
Living with him was like one big babysitting job that I never signed up for.

Original name, I know. Creds to Taylor for this incredibly fitting title. But on a more serious note, I really hope you enjoy it!


The Ashley Book of Knots – The bible of knotdom

The Ashley Book of Knots
by Clifford W. Ashley
Doubleday & Company
1944, 619 pages, 8.7 x 11.3 x 1.6 inches
$49 Buy a copy on Amazon

Thousands of old timey knots, both useful  and decorative. Their variety is enormous, almost incredible. Who knew there were so many ways to twist and tie ropes and strings? All can be made simply, with minimal guidance provided by Gordon Ashley. In the days before cheap bolts and metal hardware, knotted rope was the universal fastener. It held masts, machines, and buildings together. Still can. With much idle time (say on a boat), the same rope could be knotted into art.  Here, at 600+ pages, is the bible of knotdom, the encyclopedia of all knots. There are few known ones not included. This compendium would provide a lifetime of tutorials, but also serves up forms useful to fashion, engineering, math, and artists. The line drawings are state-of-the art instructionals on paper. – Kevin Kelly

June 19, 2014


Happy Tuesday!

We’re bringing you more Cosplay Cover Spotlights! Next up is a Sarah Jean Maefs, who will be on The Mighty Thor #1 Cosplay Variant, on sale November 18th.

Hailing from upstate New York, Sarah considers herself a huge nerd, and spends her free time reading comic books, drawing, working on cosplays, and watching her favorite movies and anime. Although Sarah has been a part of the cosplay community for three years, she has been dressing up midnight movie and book release parties for years. It was at one of these release parties, that Sarah met her friend that introduced her to cosplay and conventions! Now just a few years later, she’s traveling the country and producing amazing cosplay work, including her Thor and Angela!

We asked Sarah to walk us through the process of making a Thor!

When I found out there was going to be a female Thor, I was so excited I cried. I wrote an email to the author Jason Aaron thanking him and encouraging him to stick through the negative feedback he was facing online and to make the best comic ever. Ultimately that letter was printed in Thor #1! I made a promise in that letter, that I would be at NYCC that year, dressed as Lady Thor.

So I had to set off to make the cosplay, using worbla for pretty much the first time ever. I scoured the internet for all official art I could get, and contacted the artist Russell Dauterman, asking him about the design and elements of her costume. I sketched her up, decided on the materials, started saving like crazy, and got to work making the costume before the comic ever hit the shelves. I knew the armor would be worbla, so I googled “How to make worlba armor” and read everything I could. Plus I followed fellow cosplayers on Instagram who posted their progress and picked their brains. First I started by making a pattern out of newspaper and masking tape, transferred that to craft foam, bought some worbla, and jumped right it!

I made my skirt out of suede and gold leather, and the belt out of leather I cut, dyed, and tooled myself. I hammered in the metal hardware and buckles, and 3D printed the discs to make them prefect domes. I looked up all the ways to smooth out the texture of worbla, and managed to chrome my armor using a specific spray paint I cant even seal, making my armor really delicate, but so shiny my place in Valhalla is assured! I even made my cape out of wool.

The helmet was the most difficult part. That particular style of helmet is so difficult to pull off. it has to fit the head without being over-sized and looking silly. It needs eye holes that stay even so you don’t look cross-eyed in photos. The helmet needs to be perfectly smooth, perfectly symmetrical. I made it out of foam and fitted it to my head, so it lines up perfectly with my facial features. worbla made it a little snug, but I was able to fit it and ultimately I am very pleased with it.

We want to congratulate Sarah for winning 2nd place in Comic Book Division at the New York Comic Con Cosplay Championships for her amazing Angela!

For more from, click over to Lady Thor Goddess of Thunder on Facebook.

Stay tuned to Marvel’s Tumblr as we continue highlighting more cosplayers from our Cover Variants each week!

Photographs provided by Judy Stephens and Sarah Jean Maefs.