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last night I got carried away with re-designing firefly instead of drawing a bunch like I intended to ;-; but anyways, here’s one of my fave bug boys; him and killer moth are two of my fave villains~

Personally, I headcanon that firefly is much heavier set w/ fat and muscle because you need to be pretty strong to hold up giant metal wings and support all that gear, so to me he’s fat and really muscular and I love him to pieces <3

his straps ended up covering his round belly but it’s there; i’ll be sure to draw him more later!

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)

star wars is so funny like we have two movies now dedicated to how everyones tryin to destroy the death star and every scene with a character is like Im So Afraid Of This Giant Metal Death Orb but luke skywalker showed up day one to the rebellion and was like this bitch empty! YEET


Imagine a dude who is a metalhead blasting looooud music in his room while he hangs out and stuff. Then, as a song ends and before the next begins, he hears what sounds like quiet crying. He stops the music and the crying continues for just a moment then is stifled. But he feels like someone is in his room.

He looks in all the obvious places for someone to hide: under his bed, in his closet, even in the hallway just outside his door. The crying was too quiet to be from someone in his room, but the further he strays from one specific corner, the fainter it gets. He turns back around, pushing his long black hair out of his eyes, and freezes.

There, in the corner, is a trembling, crying, clearly frightened little person. Images flash through his mind of him or one of his roommates accidentally stepping on them, so he rushes over, feet booming steadily closer to the tiny, making them exceedingly more and more terrified with each step. They turn to dart off just as he reaches them, finally free of the paralysis that fear had laid on them.

However, this is just to be cut off by a large, black, leather boot as the man quickly sets a foot down to block them off. He reaches down and grabs them, hearing them scream as his fingers connect with their body and wrap around them.

They’re so small that when he wraps his fingers up, they disappear into his fist. They must be just over an inch tall. He feels their small body trembling in his fist and frowns sadly. He walks over to his bed and sits on the floor in front of it, setting the frightened tiny on the bed. His face is level with their shivering body.

He asks if they’re okay, voice encompassing them and causing them to cringe and scoot back away from him. He sighs softly and scoots away from the bed, giving them space for a moment. It seems to give the tiny some respite.

After a moment he speaks again, but stops himself as he sees that it’s just upsetting them again. But then he inhales deeply and slowly reaches forward, thinking that if they see how gentle he is that they won’t be afraid of him as much.

Their eyes widen as his finger approaches and they flinch when he touches the top of their head, but then they pause. He gently slides his finger from the top of their head, softly down their back, and then repeats. Although they aren’t fond of the idea of being pet, it’s certainly better than all the awful things they assumed he would do to them. They look up at him and see him smile softly. They begin to calm down a little more, much to his delight.

He begins to speak again though, which causes them to tremble once more, but when he stops talking mid sentence, they gulp and shakily tell him that its okay, and to continue.

Eight bad omens

1. When you see a single magpie, the size of a double-decker bus, descend from a storm-dark sky above Manhattan to peck shiny stuff off the top of skyscrapers.
2. When a black cat crosses your path as you are trying to pick your way through a minefield.
3. When you break a mirror over the head of someone who was previously a good friend of yours.
4. When the lift is heading for the thirteenth floor, but the building only has ten floors and the lift is not very aerodynamic.
5. When you open an umbrella indoors because it is raining indoors because you no longer have a roof.
6. When you are eating with giant metal chopsticks during a thunderstorm and you leave them sticking upwards in the bowl.
7. When you say ‘Macbeth’ in a theatre to a genie who has just asked you which play you would like them to make your life resemble more closely.
8. When you walk under a ladder which is being used by a loose coalition of supervillains to climb into the sky and put out the sun.


Also this. Drew and Dan’s reaction to Armstrong using THAT line. 


Rebelcaptain | Pacific Rim AU

Cassian was one of the best Jaeger pilots of the PPDC until, during a fight with a huge Kaiju, he felt his co-pilot dying. Key was his best friend, his only friend, and Cassian never recovered, choosing to retire, to escape far from the battlefield.
Burdened by self-pity and an oppressing sense of guilt, Cassian struggles to survive, until one day General Saw Guerrera, his old boss’s co-pilot, finds him, asking him to come back. They need pilots, all those they can find. They need him.
The exact moment Cassian enters the Shatterdome he realizes he’s home.
Jyn Erso is Saw’s adoptive daughter and a great pilot. Or at least she is on paper as Guerrera has always prevented her from piloting one of those metal giants she loves so much. The official excuse? She’s not ready. In reality? He just doesn’t want to lose the one member of the only family he’s ever had.
As Jyn and Cassian try to persuade Saw that they are drift compatible, Bodhi Rook lab technician is trying to find a way to understand Kaiju’s attack’s pattern. His research brings him face to face with organ smuggler and Kaiju enthusiast Orson Krennik. Not his brightest moment.
Bonus: the mighty Jaeger known as Force Alpha is piloted by married couple Chirrut & Baze, Jyn’s old friend and Cassian’s old acquaintances.
Jyn’s and Cassian’s Jaeger is called Rogue One by Bodhi, because “you are both scoundrels”.

“...interdimensional laser-shooting metal-horned tube-shaped giant floating green-eyed robot gorilla head.”

Carl the Animator: “Works for me.”

Ted the Animator: “…KISS-amusement-park-branded barf bag.”

Carl the Animator: “Works for me.”

Ted the Animator: “…KISS leaving to go play a show while the gang is being chased and almost killed by said robo gorilla head.”

Carl the Animator: “…wait, what?”

Ted the Animator: “…they totally just left to do a concert instead of helping them escape the danger.”

Carl the Animator: “Priorities, Ted. Your fans always come first.”

Ted the Animator: “Even when your friends are at the mercy of a laser-shooting decapitated great ape?”

Carl the Animator:Especially then.”

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speaking of bullshit powers that are just excuses for fanservice. quiet from mgs is A Classic Example and needs a redesign Very Badly

god. jesus tittyfucking christ. this design is so bad. there was so much fucking potential for a good character here kojima. how oculd you do this to me. fuckin shit dude

SO from what ive gathered after a cursory sweep thru the wiki is that this young lady got burnt a fuck ton to the point where she had to be exposed to a parasite that??? regrew her skin?? and make her breathe thru her skin and able to photosynthesize????? thats so fucking cool tho? imagine the possibilities for this! does she turn more plant-like? does she need food other than the nutrients she gets from the sun? if her skin gets dirty or otherwise clogged does she choke? how did her skin grow back so perfectly after being completely ruined? is she able to shower?

explanations of my changes under the cut bc there are a lot

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#‘took away the bonds of his programming’ ahhhhh the more i think about it hte more feelings i have#i’m sure i’ve reblogged this three times and i don’t care#fundamentally i don’t think i see it as paternal#but i definitely see it as—i don’t get the vibe that kay personally cares about the rebellion even in an artoo sort of way#he cares about /cassian/ and it’s very ‘i will go where you go’#which is why the movie’s use of 'reprogramming’ is so confusing#kay makes /zero/ sense as a droid simply reprogrammed for different allegiances#he’s insubordinant and disobedient! he’s not bound to cassian; he loves him#the intention is clear in how he actually behaves but the exposition is fuzzy#anyway i’ve complained before but i do mostly love their whole deal  (via @anghraine)

I got a similar feel from Kay and I guess I figured that when Cassian reprogrammed him he basically just removed whatever pieces of code enforced obedience and then let Kay choose for himself.  And Kay chose Cassian then somehow turned into a giant metallic asshole cat, bringing Cassian presents of dead Storm Troopers, timely rescues and sarcastic commentary.

Yeah, that’s pretty clearly what must have happened (and definitely what was intended to have happened). And haha, that is the greatest description of Kay I’ve yet heard.

hey y’all you know what would be a really great thing to include in your fanworks? actual representation of amputation-type disabled characters as disabled. especially in the case of characters with prosthetics like shiro, bucky, junkrat, edward elric, etc, prosthetics are not actual limbs no matter how high tech they are

thing that most bothers me: sleeping (+cuddling, lazing around, etc)

just imagine for a minute you have a giant metal thing attached to you. that would literally be the most uncomfortable thing ever to sleep with. NO ONE with a prosthetic sleeps with their prosthetic on guys. even if in these characters’ cases the mechanical part is like connected to them and their nerves, there should still be an option to take off the limb and leave the mechanical stub, just like ed’s in a few scenes of fma. mad max did a good job of that with furiosa too. pls consider drawing your disabled characters in comfy scenes without their prosthetic