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The Cognitive Dissonance of the Social Justice WarriorChris Ray Gun. Spoilers for MGS V: Ground Zeroes.

Fun fact; In Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (SPOILERS), Paz is sexually and physically abused - including rape - and has a bomb put in her vagina, as the video points out. She also has one put in her stomach, forcing the protagonists to remove it without anesthetic. This is presented as a highly disturbing sequence. The one in her vagina is there as a backup, in an attempt to kill the protagonists.

But you know what also happens in the game? A teenage boy is also tortured and sexually abused. In fact, he’s forced to have sex with Paz. She already knew about his crush on her, and actually told him to have sex with her to save his life.

My point being; this game is messed up in a way that might make a Game of Thrones character go “wait, what”, and not just for women. The fact that SJWs like Mcintosh are complaining only about what happened to Paz, but not Chico being raped, is quite telling.