metal gaga

The Signs as Lady Gaga songs
  • Aries: Heavy Metal Lover
  • Taurus: I Like It Rough
  • Gemini: Aura
  • Cancer: Gypsy
  • Leo: Applause
  • Virgo: Scheiße
  • Libra: ARTPOP
  • Scorpio: Marry the Night
  • Sagittarius: Bad Romance
  • Capricorn: Paper Gangsta
  • Aquarius: Bad Kids
  • Pisces: Dope
Johnny Weir, 2009-2010 Gala Exhibition Program

It’s Poker Face, okay? No other description is necessary. 

Actually, Johnny had more than one Poker Face costume, because of course he did. The other main one which he wore in competition is currently in my header but will merit its own post at some point. For now… enjoy. 

Johnny Weir is at Worlds as a correspondent right now, so you see this totally counts even though he’s not skating himself. 

Grade: A+ fierce metallic warrior of the Gaga Army.