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How To: Making Sigils!

Sigils are one of our favorite ways of doing magic. They’re easy, convenient, and portable, whether it be written on your hand, in a notebook, or sewn into a sachet. In this post, we’re going to show our current method of making our own sigils, charging them, and then putting them to use.

Making Your Sigils:

1. It’s all about intent. We try to follow some general, simple rules when penning our sigils.

Rule 1: Avoid using “I will” rather than “I am.”  “Will” could happen today, tomorrow, or in a year, and gives no guarantee that it will happen when you want it. Specifying, using phrases such as “I am”, “today”, “next week” or “everyday” focuses the energy in your sigils where you need it.

Rule 2: Be clear and concise (short and to the point) This ensures that your sigils will work the way you want them to. Say you’re trying to help your poor, sick kitty get better. You would want to say “My cat, ____, is going to be healthy, happy, and strong by next week”, therefore closing off any open ended, potentially negative outcomes such as death or loss, just to name a few. A much less effective, open ended example of improper, dangerous wording would be “My cat, ____, will get better soon.”

2. Start with small symbols. We use a codebook style of sigil making, where we make small symbols (examples below) that we can put together to make a more complex and specific sigil. In this post, we’ll show you how to make the Restful Sleep Sigil.

(In case you can’t read it, those small symbols up there read, from left to right: Negativity, positivity, purity, change, and repeat.)

3. Have fun with it and do what you feel works. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to make sigils. Honestly, as long as you can focus enough energy into it, a squiggle on some paper would work well enough. For us, the act of drawing out our sigils pours our energy into it, so we put as much creativity into it as we can. Also, don’t worry about making several different pictures before deciding which one you’d like to use!

4. Before you use your sigils, I highly recommend charging them for maximum power. - Bella

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Woltex bedroom by Jomsims

Here a new bedroom for your sims. modern and confortable .
1 modern double bed in 3 colors. 1 end table for bed in 3 colors. 1 table beauty with decorative make up and beauty accessory table texture metal and found in category en tables. 1 dresser modern with deco in 3 colors.1 deco cushions and blanket for bed 3 colors textured.1 deco cushions and blanket for bed light textured and colored in 4 colors. blanket and cushions deco found in category RUGS. 1 designer desk in 3 colors. 1 chair desk in 3 colors. 1 sofa modern in 3 colors. and 1 metal fireplace designer .

Minimalist from metallics. Wide, even sized stripes add a formal flair to this clean-lined and serene living room. Add shimmer and style by accenting a wall with a specialty finish paint like a metallic silver. Add interest easily: tape, paint and achieve precise lines of pretty on any wall.

Eggsy Imagine :: Project Princess (5)

The anticipated chapter 5! I hope you all like it! :) 

Chapter 5

Normal Point of View

Hearing my voice for the first time in over (your age subtract 5) years had a strange unsettling feeling in it, and I hated it. I clear my throat after the little outburst and cupped a sleeved cover hand over my mouth, showing no indications of speaking ever again. “Your voice is cute, can I hear it again?” Eggsy ponders while gently raking his long fingers through my hair, instead of replying I close my eyes pretending to fall asleep but it obviously didn’t work. He chuckles and plays with the helm of the sweater I wore all the while evenly breathing against my cheek, “Say my name again would you (y/n)? I like the sound of it.” He cheekily adds causing a giggle to erupt from my chest, what a charmer. I couldn’t help but to playfully smack his shoulder with the palm of my hand, but he barely budged an inch. “In all seriousness though, I really wanna hear your voice again. Along with the reason why you happened to stop talking. I know it’s not in my place to ask you this but I really need to know, it’s been killing me ever since I saw those scars.” I close my eyes again and roll over to my side where my back faced him, I could tell that he was about to protest but he stopped before a word came out once I reach over the nightstand to switch off the lights. I shuffle around until I slipped under the covers comfortably, facing him once again. I could hear Eggsy follow suit as the bed dips about and the shuffling of blankets and clothes came from his side of the bed. Once the shuffle stops he cutely chuckles and nudges me in the ribs, “Aight, I’m all comfy gonna tell me what’s up now?” Who can say no to this little puppy? Okay he was well more than a head taller than me since my face perfectly puzzles into his pectorals but even so he acted like an overly attached pup which I didn’t mind at all, I loved it. Never had anyone put so much effort to get to know me just because they wanted to, it was nice. Even though my vision was muted to complete darkness I could sense that his green eyes were sparkling in the darkness and completely trained on me. “Egg…sy…” I trail off, the said male stays in silence as if he were holding his breath, almost scared as if any sudden sound would stop me from continuing. “I-I’m…really…really scared to say,” I admit embracing him closely. Eggsy snakes his arms around my shoulders and holds the back of my head, pressing my face into the crook of his neck as his chin rests protectively above my head. “I’m not gonna let anything hurt you. Trust me.” “I trust you…”

A comfortable silence filled the air before I decided to speak up once again, “I’m just really scared.” He grumbles understandingly, “What are you scared of?” he asks tenderly, ushering me to go on and I did. “I’m scared of myself.” “How is that possible?” He asks taken slightly aback, he was probably assuming that I was scared of whoever gave me the scars but I wasn’t, after all I asked for it. I’m practically the most useless person on earth. “I’m useless. I’m scared of doing something stupid like I always do.” Another silence filled the room, and I thought maybe this conversion was finally over. Maybe Eggsy regrets even asking me about my problems and prayed that he could go back in time and never asked in the first place cause now he is stuck with this sad mope of a nobody. However, what came next surprised me, he laughed. “You? You are scared of messing up and doing something utterly stupid? Have you seen you!?” I shake my head and he coughs awkwardly, “Oh I am so sorry I didn’t mean-” “It’s okay,” I interrupt him and he continued, “What I meant was…you are so perfect. So graceful and polite, I can’t imagine you doing anything stupid at all. Even if you think it was something stupid it would probably be the cutest thing ever.” At his comment I couldn’t help but bite my lip, half attempting to hide the grin breaking it’s way across my face and half trying to hold in the tears bubbling from the corners of my eyes. “If…you still want to hear it. I want to tell you everything, from the start.” He nods vigorously and I nod before starting the untold story of my childhood, “When I was five I started to take correction classes, like classes that teaches you how to be a proper lady,” when Eggsy didn’t make any remark I took it as a sign to continue so I did, “I’m blind. It’s a little hard to tell which spoon is which, and it’s even harder trying to pour tea for everyone, you know? Well what happened was I got personally tutored by this lady…she was the best of the best, apparently she could fix any problem child. My mom paid her a lot of money to correct me but…none of us knew about…her technique. I didn’t tell anyone, I know I should have but I didn’t…I always saw it as my fault, I’m blind I can’t even be a proper human being who poured tea without spilling it all over the table. Well basically this went on for a few days before she made it very clear that there was no room for mistakes.” I paused for a moment, quite taken aback at how much I’ve said in one go after so long. “Well…basically the lady was quite furious as my progress so to speed up the process she changed to a method that actually worked.” “That method was…” Eggsy inquires and I continue, “If ever or whenever I made a mistake like picking up a teaspoon instead of the soup spoon she would make a cut in my back, and if I said the wrong words I- she would…she would…” “H-Hey! It-it’s alright take your time don’t hurt yourself,” Eggsy chimes in rubbing my back soothingly. “S-She would place this metal rod in the fireplace and press it into my skin…holding it there until I got it right. I-I don’t know it repeated for months until I got it right. And when I finally did I just gave up on talking, I’m scared of saying something wrong. I’m utterly scared of continuously being burned until I don’t screw up.” Like I predicted it forced Eggsy into a thick silence, simply because there was nothing to say, there was no purpose of him giving me the sappy, ‘I’m sorry” or ‘I understand’ because there’s nothing he should or could be sorry about and on top of that he can’t understand. However, what surprised me is that he did find his words and they were nothing I was expecting, “My dad died when I was a kid and I got this really fucking shitty step-father,” he confesses. I nod in understanding and he continues with a sigh, “He was really abusive. To my mom and me.” He stopped there for a moment and I hugged him even tighter if that were even possible and he continued, “No scars compared to you, but…I guess I understand how you felt. Being hurt, knowing it’s not okay but you couldn’t say anything so you just kept it quite. But it hurts so much inside you just want to give up, scream, leave, die I-I get it. This is probably not even close to what you’ve been through bu-” I cut him off by grasping tightly onto his shoulders and I broke. “I’m not going to say sorry and pity you…because I know you don’t need that. But…I want you to know that I’m here for you. No one is going to hurt you again…okay?” I choked out before the hot salty tears that I kept at bay for so long just broke and dampens Eggy’s shirt, “You don’t deserve any of that.” “Neither do you,” he chimes in before smiling against my forehead. Eggy does understand, he understands and knows how it feels to be so vulnerable and useless and I couldn’t help but to trust him even more than I did before if that were even possible. To think that we’ve only known each other for less than a day and all this already happened. I couldn’t thank the world enough for allowing this miracle of meeting Eggsy, he was what I’ve been waiting for and needed in my life for the longest that I could remember. Instead of the unsettling silence that usually lingers in the air, it was actually content and soothing for once. I could feel his calloused thumb caress the tears away from my cheeks while he hums a soft tune.

“You trust me right?” He suddenly questions and I nod in confusion. “Can I do something?” he inquires after and I nod once more, “I need to hear you say yes (y/n).” I swallow nervously and whispered a quite “Yes Eggsy.” I could feel him nod and he sits up pulling me along with him as the covers slipped off both of our shoulders. “Just trust me okay?” I nod and let him guide me through whatever he had in mind. Eggsy gently turns my body to allow my back to face him, he leans in and presses his chest against my back before leaning in to whisper into my ear, “Are you okay with me touching you?” and I nod once again, “Say that it’s okay.” “Y-Yes Eggsy…it’s okay for you to touch me…” he nods and softly kisses my jaw causing the ever-present blush to radiate an inhuman temperature. His arms encircled my waist and his fingers found the zipper of his sweater at my neck, and he slowly pulled it down. I flinch at his actions wondering what’s going through his mind but he quickly shushes my softly and plants another kiss on my neck, “Trust me, I’m not going to hurt you.” I nod squeezing my eyes shut as he carefully peels the jacket off my body, exposing my bare body to him. At that moment I felt a flash of danger of him attempting sexual harassment but my mind kept flickering back to him asking me to trust him, and I did so I sat still waiting for his next movements. I felt his large calloused hands sliding down to my hips as he carefully lifts me up to settle me into his waiting lap, “Trust me,” he coos against my shoulder blade when he felt me tense underneath him. I nervously nod and his hands started repositioning themselves, his right hand places itself onto my left shoulder as I hug his arm closely to my bare chest, his other hand slid up and down my left side slowly and soothingly. He repeats his previous statement before his right arm pulled me slightly forward so that my entire back was clear in his view. I hug tightly onto his arm bracing myself of what his next actions were going to be and it surprised me. Soft warm lips connect with my bare back, precisely to where the scars and burns decorated the skin. I could feel him leaving a trail of butterfly kisses along my back and carefully paying more attention to the areas where there was an old wound. I sigh in content and melt into his body as he continues to kiss every mark, as if he were healing the wounds that have been left unattended for too long. I squirm slightly when he noses the old burns on the rougher patches of skin before he loving kisses them okay again. “I’m kissing your boo boos better,” he childishly giggles into my spine making me burst out half laughing and half crying, “E-Eggsy…” I giggle sob making him stop to bring me closer against him. “Why are you crying?” He worriedly asks and I shake my head, “I-I’m…I just-” I break out into a laugh and I shake my head, “They are all better now. Thank you.” I could tell that he was grinning as I felt his teeth scrape against my jaw, “I’m glad, but I’m not quite done yet Princess,” he teases before leaning down and pressing his lips on mine for the first time ever.  


Created By jomsims

Rafel guz modern garden

Created for: The Sims 4
Here for your sims a new modern garden Rafel guz. inspiration for some elements.
in this 1 sofa with decorative cushions and wood and metal texture. 6 colors to change the style. 1 puff 6 colors patchwork fabrics.
1 coffee table 2 colors and metal.1 fountain panthere metal black or silver. I use bb.moveobjects to placing afront the swimmingpool. 1 table plant metal pot. 1 wall mirror ornaments in 6 colors. Metal and flowers ornaments for mirror. I sculpture metal, I imagined. not a copy. 1 wall wood. and 1 metal large fireplace modern.