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Battle-Goblin’s beloved yet totally underrated bands: Power-ish metal edition

If you’re looking for good, ridiculous (in content, talent, or both) power metal, look no further! I have 6 suggestions that will make your knees quiver.

Elvenking: Power Folk Metal from Italy. Great, very unique voice. Violin out the ass, medieval and Celtic sounding at times. Some epic 10 minute songs. Covered “Heaven Is A Place On Earth.”  

Listen to: “What’s Left Of Me,” “Grandier’s Funeral Pyre,” “Another Awful Hobs Tale,” and “Neverending Nights.”

Unleash The Archers: Power Death Metal from Vancouver! Female singer who can wail like nobody’s business. Recently signed to Napalm Records. Great live energy. The heaviest of all 6 bands. Some background growling. Amazing guitar solos.

Listen to: “Astral Annihilation,” “Daughter of Winterstone,” “The Worthy and the Weak,” and “Tonight We Ride.” 

Twilight Force: Straight up Power Metal from Falun, Sweden. Adventure metal. Swords, dragons, magic. Collaborated with Joakim Brodén of Sabaton on the song “Gates of Glory.” One of the best vocal ranges in metal today. LUTE! Unsheathing sword noises. 

Listen to: “The Power of the Ancient Force,” “Gates of Glory,” “Made of Steel,” and “Enchanted Dragon of Wisdom.” 

Powerwolf: Power Metal from Germany. Male singer who puts some of the world’s greatest opera singers to shame. Werewolves, religion, horror. Blasphemous as fuck. Church organ. Face paint. Satire. 

Listen to: “Sanctified With Dynamite,” “All We Need Is Blood,” “Resurrection By Erection,” “Die, Die, Crucify,” and “Catholic in the Morning, Satanist at Night.” 

Gloryhammer: Power Metal from the UK. The singer looks like Link. Saga metal. Epic stage names. Enthralling story telling. Gorgeous melodies. The closest you’ll ever get to a straight up parody band, though their talent is no joke. 

Listen to: “Tales from the Kingdom of Fife” in its entirety. 

Visigoth: Heavy Power Metal from Salt Lake City. Very good voice. Perfect soundtrack for playing D&D. Fantasy, battle. Slower than most power metal bands, but heavier. 

Listen to: “Dungeon Master,” “Vengeance,” and “Creature of Desire.”


DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 7: Angela Gossow
Born: November 5th, 1974 (Germany)
Bands/Projects: Asmodina (1991 – 1998); Mistress (1998 – 2001); Arch Enemy (2001 – 2014)

Collaborations: World Downfall (2006); Annihilator (2007); Astarte (2007); Amaseffer (2008); Doro (2008, 2009); Kalisia (2009); Never (2009); Rise (2009)

She is considered to be one of the few successful female metal singers to use growling as her primary singing style.
On the eve of a 2002 tour, Gossow was diagnosed with nodules, which almost stopped her from growling. However, after some vocal therapy, she was able to recover her voice and she proceeded to begin taking piano and screaming lessons from renowned coach Melissa Cross.

Personal life: She is an atheist, and politically considers herself an anarchist. She is a vegan and has stated that she follows a straight edge lifestyle (that promotes refraining from using alcohol, tobacco and other recreational drugs).

anonymous asked:

Legitimate question: Why isn't Evanescence considered goth? When I listen to some of those bands on the female fronted goth band suggestions post you made, some of those bands sound very similar to their music. Like I'm not going to call myself a goth just because I listen to Evanescence (it won't stop me from enjoying them) because I know they're not, but I just want to know why not.

Short answer: I don’t really know.

Long answer: A lot of music under *gothic anything* is a bit of a puzzle because the definition of the genre has widened of so much over the decades and gothic influences are in all kinds of music nowadays. I also haven’t paid any attention to Evanescence since Call Me When You’re Sober, so my knowledge on their music is seriously outdated. 

I think a lot of rock/metal bands with female singers and symphonic elements are given some kind of a gothic title because of the soundscape, themes and fashion. While I have seen Evanescence get called gothic rock/metal and a lot of people think Amy Lee as a goth fashion icon, it might be the lack of typical gothic themes in their songs and videos. In my opinion, their music and lyrics are harsher and more in touch with reality than songs that are based on fantasy novels, history, gothic culture, and the supernatural. At the start, they kind of lacked the mysteriousness, romanticism, and symphonic grandeur of bands like Within Temptation or Nightwish or the tongue-in-cheek take on the subculture like The 69 Eyes or Type O Negative, and it didn’t seem to take influence from the original or original-sounding goth bands either. It could be as simple as that.

I’ve also seen a lot of goths feel the same way about Evanescence that a lot of rock fans feel about Nickelback, if that makes sense? So maybe some of it is just general unwillingness to accept the band into the scene for whatever reason (e.g. mainstream popularity) and no matter how much their music’s changed since the beginning. For me personally, they just never fit in quite right. Gothic-influenced? I guess. Gothic? No. I just never thought of them as a goth band but there has never been one simple reason. I still enjoy Fallen, but I guess to me they’ve been just too generic alternative (nu) metal to be considered goth? There’s nothing wrong with music like that but it doesn’t suddenly become gothic because the singer looks like a stereotypical goth or there is a dark theme in a song. I never got a “goth-vibe” from them and there didn’t seem to be a connection to the actual goth subculture other than occasionally in fashion.

But I honestly don’t know, this is all just my own opinion that’s mostly based on songs and articles that came out 15 years ago and all other things I listened to and was exposed to around that time. Who knows what kind of a vibe they’d give to me if they were about to drop their debut album now. I’m not to fussed about labels anyway, I listen to whatever I feel like listening to, goth or not.


DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 22: Doro Pesch
Born: June 3rd, 1964 (Germany)

Bands/Projects: Snakebite (1980 – 1982); Warlock (1983 – 1989); Doro (1989 – present)

Collaborations: Beast (1981); Die Krupps (1997); Powergod (2001); Mägo de Oz (2001, 2006); Motörhead (2001, 2011); U.D.O. (2002, 2012); Killer (2003); Destruction (2005); Dezperadoz (2006); Twister Sister (2006); After Forever (2007); Saxon (2007); Tarja (2008); Axxis (2009); Dio Disciples (2011); Girlschool (2011); Grave Digger (2011); Krypteria (2011); Sister Sin (2011); Tankard (2012); Liv Kristine (2014); Angra (2015); Amon Amarth (2016)

Doro started her career in garage bands in native Düsseldorf underground scene and achieved media visibility and some commercial success with Warlock in the 1980s.

♦ In the 1980s the presence of women in rock, and in particular in heavy metal bands, was usually considered by press and fans more for glamour and sexual exploitation than for the musicianship showed. Doro Pesch was one of the few exceptions; her qualities as vocalist and songwriter in Warlock, her commitment in promoting their music and her avoidance of posturing as a sex symbol won the respect of a solid fan base in the expanding European metal scene of that period.

Both fans, press and internet community often referred to Doro with the moniker Metal Queen, to show their respect and deference for the uninterrupted career of the German singer on the heavy metal scene.

Her career and commitment are held in high esteem by the new generation of female heavy metal singers.

Doro is also known for her duets performed both live and in studio with other singers and musicians of the metal scene, whom she has befriended in her long career.

Personal life:
Doro Pesch has always been very reserved and careful in protecting her privacy off-stage. She consciously renounced a family and children in order to dedicate all of her time to her musical career and her fans.

Doro is vegan. Her stage clothes are handmade, following models she designs and using synthetic materials which imitate leather after the singer’s adhesion to PETA. She also supports the no-profit organization Terre des Femmes, which helps women and girls in need all over the world. Doro has been a trained Thai boxer, a sport that she started practicing in 1995. She still enjoys graphic arts and painting in her limited free time.

I’m so disgusted with some few FB page making fun of female metal singers especially Simone Simons from EPICA. Wow, do they have a very shallow taste of humor. Call me a buzz killer for complaining about this matter, but I can’t help but cringe on these people. Laugh all you want to her,  but you can never deny that her band is way better and arguably one of the best bands and consistent in the game field of symphonic metal. It’s funny, some of these people who are making fun of her are just big fans of some female metal singers who sell themselves to appeal to mainstream music. Most are them are even guys, it’s so disgusting to hear hate comments from these people. Dude, act like a guy.



I have always been tortured for my hair.  I’ve been wearing my hair “natural” for most of my life.  (There was a brief stint where I actually would wake up and hour earlier before school to flat iron the shit- but by the time I got to college I got smart- fuck that, I’d rather sleep.)  The fact that these type of curls are “trendy” now is almost mind boggling to me since when I was growing up, it didn’t exist.  I was the only one I knew of.  There were no references on tv, in movies or around me… this “TYPE” hadn’t been established yet… which is probably why I eventually started dying it bright colors.  It became my big middle finger to the world for people trying to make me feel bad about the way I look.  The moral of this story is:  If you are going to stare at me… I am going to give you something to stare at.

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