metal chrome

Y2K vaporware: Indrema L600 (April 2001)

“The console would have been the only open source console on the market, running on Linux, as well as the only modern console to allow free software to be written for it. Besides game play, it was also to be a CD player, DVD player, web browser, and TiVo-like video recorder. It also would have been an MP3 storage device. Indrema closed it’s doors on April 6th, 2001, ten million dollars short for what they needed to continue with the console.”


Mirror nails using chrome pigment

logo redesign for the german heavy metal band IRON KOBRA… their sound is deeply routed in the 80s (Omen, Manilla Road, early Iron Maiden, Brocas Helm, Tank, Running Wild, Manowar) and so this logo is with it’s overall chrome style