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The trial of serial killer Richard Ramirez was marked by disturbances, from his indecision over who to represent him, to the murder of a juror. One of the main causes for disruption during his trial for the murder of Peter Pan were the groupies that he had amassed as a result of his notoriety and good looks. This disruption was so intense that as a result the court made a decision to move Ramirez from the jailhouse, where he was being housed during the trial, to San Quention prison - where the security was higher and the groupies would no longer be able to cause a disruption. 

During his intake to the prison it was required that Ramirez be thoroughly searched, and during this search it was discovered that he had been concealing a metal canister in his rectum which contained a key, a needle and a syringe.

Octavia Blake and Drugging Bellamy

I have been very wary about Octavia and her story line this season and was really upset when I saw her knocking him out, however, after I’ve thought about it a bit more, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s actually a necessary act:

Everyone who really knows me and how I have felt about Octavia’s story arc this season goes:

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Here’s why:

1. Bellamy did not speak to Octavia directly to arrange this meeting. He informed Miller and Harper, who do not trust Bellamy in the slightest (and can you blame them?), of the location and the time.

2. Where would Octavia have gotten access to a knockout drug in a small, metal injectable canister? Not from Polis that’s for sure. I believe that Miller and Harper gave Octavia the drug. 

3. But why would they do that, you ask? Because Miller and Harper were just shown that they were being bugged the whole time. When Miller asked who planted the bug, Bellamy said that’s not important. It would be logical to assume that Bellamy who just yesterday got Kane arrested and sentenced to death, would still be working for Pike. This could be a trap. 

4. By knocking Bellamy out, they accomplish 3 things:

           a. They can check and make sure that Bellamy has no listening devices on him without his knowledge and without him fighting back. 

           b. They can safely take him to the Cave (where Miller gave Octavia Helios and which JRoth said was Resistance Headquarters and we would see it again). If Bellamy is not on their side, he is unconcious during transport and has no idea of the cave’s location. He can not report it back to Pike. 

            c. If Bellamy is still working for Pike, they can keep him trapped in the cave and away from Pike’s influence, while they rescue Kane, Lincoln and Sinclair and get Arkadia away from Pike. That way, when Pike is gone, they can return with Bellamy to Arkadia and hopefully he will be a…changed man. 

In conclusion: Octavia is a Blake, she loves her brother. If knocking him out and dragging him to Resistance Headquarters will keep him safe (which she probably thinks she’s doing) she will do it. 


Here is a picture of a tear gas billows from an occupation army vehicle in the West Bank village of Bilin on 7 February 2014. Look how fast the cowards- the soldiers- try hastily jump and run away to save their asses.
Tear gas – much of it supplied by the United States – is very harmful and been modified perhaps is the weapon Israel uses with the most frequency to suppress Palestinians, while Criminal IsraHell occupies, murder, rampage, and steals the land.
The gas IsraHell uses, and the metal canisters that contain is lethal, and have caused numerous deaths and injuries over the years.!!