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sculptured ivy and stone flowers

Alec Lightwood Appreciation Weeks - Malec

available on ao3 [here]

Padding over to the kitchen island to grab a tea bag from the metal canister, Alec sighed contentedly.

It was raining outside in thick sheets that resulted in very low visibility, and it was loud as it pounded against the windows of the loft. There was the occasional crack of thunder that punctuated the white noise of the rainfall. He had always loved thunderstorms, finding a kind of peace in it somehow.

He moved towards the cabinet to grab a clean mug, and upon opening the door, found one pushed to the forefront with a post-it note stuck to it. Carefully extracting it, Alec pulled off the note and immediately recognized Magnus’ sweeping script. Choose me! it read, followed by a small scribbled heart.

Alec smiled, warmth blooming in his chest, and poured the hot water from the kettle into it. He dropped the tea bag in after it then carefully carried it back to the couch where he had created a crease in the cushions that would mold to his body perfectly when he sat back down. He even had the throw pillows arranged just so with a blanket tucked in.

It was rare that he ever had time to do something as indulgent as this. Even before being appointed head of the Institute, he’d always been restricted to duty first. And that inevitably spiraled into very little, if any, time for himself. He’d done his best to shield his siblings from the same constraints, and he felt no shame in believing he had succeeded. However, on his end, learning how to enjoy time to himself was an obstacle he had been unprepared to face. It was a recent development that he was able to go extended periods of time without getting antsy and uptight at not being productive.

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Bloody Kisses - Chapter 3

Pairing: Ivar x Reader

Word Count: 3169

Warnings: Stalking, scary man

AN: The game is up!

Originally posted by alexhoghsource

Ivar sighed, breath raising a puff of dust from the shelf before him, books long untouched; lost to time. Ancient technology, he thought wryly as he glanced at the titles, pre-databyte. The stacks were seldom wandered by students anymore, given over to teachers and researchers and others behind the times. Ghosts. Memories lived on past their proper moment. As have I. He shook his head at the morbid turn of his thoughts, leaned on the shelf, carefully, lest he disturb the settling dust. She seemed unaware of him watching, her head bent beneath overhead fluorescence, books piled high all around. Ivar knew that she was writing only because he could hear the scratching of her pen on paper. He could see nothing of her but the top of her head, light reflecting off her hair.

Squinting, he could make out some of the titles, dry tomes. He wondered what she found within them that was worth spending hours reading when she could be outside, dancing in the warm, bright sunshine. Then, mortals always seemed to take such things for granted, believing there would be time for basking in the light later, when their work was done. His heart might not beat, but it still ached, heavy with longing to tell her to look up at the beauty of the world. He sighed again, stirring time’s ashes, not even bothering to brush them from his sleeves. If you shun the light anyway, perhaps you’d join me in the shadows? A predatory smile crossed his face, sharp teeth a warning, but, No! He closed his eyes. She is not for you. Another look: I can watch her, at least.

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anonymous asked:

I had this friend in elementary school who's mom was a teacher there and she seemed so shy and sweet. I talked to her again earlier this week to catch up and apparently she got suspended from school because she was drinking vodka from a metal canister during class. We're both freshman.

this is so relatable

Amusement Parks & Sunburns

request: Hey! I love your blog so much, ur an amazing writer! <3 I was wondering if u could write an imagine around the line ‘I’m sorry baby’, if it’s not too much trouble 💗💗

a/n: so that line isn’t in until the very bottom, but it’s still there. also feedback is super good!! ps i literally couldn’t think of a good title

You were on tour with Shawn for the summer, and since he had day off from travelling and playing shows, the team thought it would be fun to go to the amusement park that was close to the venue. “There’s a waterpark next door!” Shawn said, smiling like a little kid on Christmas.

You laughed, tossing him the black swim trunks he packed. “Wanna get wet?” You asked, and Shawn choked. Laughing, you went to change into your bikini. You threw on a white shirt, and a cute pair of shorts, before slipping on your sandals.

When you guys got to the amusement park, most of the team went to the water park first, but you, Shawn, Geoff, and Andrew all walked over to the amusement park’s line. “Babe, did you put sunscreen on?” You asked, knowing Shawn was prone to forgetting.


You rolled your eyes, an once everyone was through the gates, you grabbed the small spray sunscreen you had, and sprayed Shawn’s arm, causing him to yelp. “Babe! That was cold!” He said, grabbing the sunscreen. He applied the sunscreen, and handed the metal canister back to you, and you stuffed it in the drawstring bag you had brought.

“What do you want to do first?” You asked, lacing your hand with your boyfriend’s.  

“That.” Geoff pointed to a roller coaster that had a nearly vertical drop, and you felt your stomach flip.

“Um, I’ll stick this one out.” You said, and Shawn looked at you.

“I’ll stay with her, why don’t you do it, Geoff?” He asked, and the man waltzed right up to the line, and Andrew stood next to Shawn, not a fan of heights either.

“Ooh, let’s go on the Italian swings!” You pulled Shawn’s arm towards the ride, and he just went along with it, yelping out when his arm touched the already-hot metal rod that kept you in the seat.

After a few hours, a few other people from Shawn’s team joined up with you four, and Dave was posing with Shawn in front of one of those boards where you stick your head through. You snapped a few photos for blackmail, and took a swig of the water you got. “Hey, anyone know where  a good place for lunch is?” Mike asked, fixing the baseball cap he had on.

“I saw a buffet-style place over there.” You pointed towards the area without any big coasters, and everyone started to migrate that way. You found Shawn’s hand again, and the two of you talked about going to the waterpark after lunch.

The lunch buffet was pretty busy, but eventually everyone got food, and Shawn paid for your lunch, as well as his. “Babe, I’m gonna end up finishing it, so don’t even complain. Plus, we’ve been dating for three years, you should be used to this.” He said, carrying the tray to the table Geoff had claimed. You couldn’t argue that fact, since Shawn was always up for some food.

After eating, you went to the bathroom and tied your hair into a bun, and applied some more sunscreen. You usually burned pretty easily, so you made sure to not miss any spots. Stepping out of the bathroom, you saw Shawn was talking to a few fans, and you poked him in the side. “Hey, how are you guys?” You asked, smiling at them.

Once they left, you and Shawn made your way to the lockers, and paid for one. He took off his shirt, and you did the same, leaving you two in the swimsuits you put on earlier. Locking the locker, you two walked over to the waterslide where two people could race each other. “You’re going down, Mendes.” You said, sticking your tongue out at him.

You two went down the slides, and when you popped up from the pool, you saw Shawn doing the same. “It was pretty much a tie.” Andrew said, and you jumped, since you didn’t know he was in the pool. “Did I scare ya?” He asked, laughing.

You waded to the edge of the pool, and got out. Shawn followed, and you smirked when you saw his arms as he got out of the pool. “Like whatcha see?” He asked, taking your hand.

“It’s ok.” You joked, kissing his bicep. You two just meandered for a little, and you saw the entrance to a very populated lazy river. You lead Shawn to the entrance, and grabbed a two-person inner tube, and Shawn jumped on. You followed hia action, and he pushed off of the wall to get moving. “Today was fun.” You said, yawning.

Shawn looked at you, and smiled. “It was pretty great.” He reached over and took your hand, and you two just floated along the river, until Geoff swam by, splashing you two.

Back at the hotel, you collapsed on the bed, exhausted. “Um, baby, did you put sunscreen on your back?” Shawn asked, biting his lip.

“Yeah, why?” You asked.

Shawn pressed his finger between your shoulder blades, and you whimpered. “I’m sorry baby, I think you got burned.”

Your shoulders fell, you really thought you made it out without a burn. “Dammit.” You walked into the bathroom and spun so you could see your back, and you were relieved to see it wasn’t a super bad burn, but it was pink. “Shawn? Can you rub aloe onto my back?” You grabbed the green bottle, and walked back into the room.

“Yeah, of course.” He smiled, and you lied on the bed, while Shawn massaged aloe into your back, and before you knew it, you were asleep.

a/n: so anyway i went to virginia last summer aka all i did was go to busch gardens and water country usa so like. also i never knew how nice water shoes can be at a waterpark. 10/10 would say to buy them.

whatisdoneisinprogress  asked:

I request admittance to the birthday unending. I bring with me a spirit cracked at too young an age, a worn journal of well-loved story fragments, and a fist-sized metal bear canister full of hope.





sugar ‘n spice

Originally posted by junshua-intl

part 1/? of Café Carat series

genre: fluff/romance, coffee shop!AU, barista!Jun[SVT]

word count: 5415

characters: Wen Junhui/Original Female Character, Joshua Hong, Kim Mingyu, Yoon Jeonghan

(a/n): i finally finished this after how many months??? ;w; school got in the way when i was halfway done but now we here y’all. in celebration of their comeback and rebirth, i hope you sweet nibs of chocolate enjoy! ♡

He carefully hovered the cayenne pepper shaker over a pool of chocolate. He only needed a small amount so that the flavors can harmonize with each other. Anything more than that would result in burning hot failure. The tip of his tongue poked out of the corner of his lips while his eyebrows scrunched together in complete concentration. He gently tapped the glass bottle and red specks of fire drifted into the mug like snow on a winter’s day.

He pat the container a few more times, keenly watching the red dust-like particles until he was satisfied with the amount. His eyes focused on the cayenne as it slowly dissolved to become one with the chocolate. An air of relief washed over him like he just jumped through a ring of fire with his clothes still intact. The hardest part of making this drink was finally done. He grabbed a silver teaspoon and let the cayenne pepper mingle with the sweet, sugary flavors. Fluffy clouds of whipped cream spurted from a metal canister and rested peacefully atop the chocolate. To add to the aesthetic, he artfully drizzled chocolate syrup across the mountain of cream letting the streaks of fudge flow like waterfalls. Finally, he stepped back and admired his completed spicy hot chocolate.

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Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: This is an introduction to a new series I’m starting, please tell me how y’all like it :)

Words: approx. 1K

Prompt: Everyone has secrets.

Warnings: angst, graphic death, psychological damage, swearing, alcohol


“Hesitance is a vice.” A cold voice echoed, “Focus.”

The gun shook in your hand as you finger stopped on the trigger. The barrel pointed straight towards your brother’s temple, your hand barely stable under the weight of both Alexander Pierce and your brother’s gazes on you.

Shakily, you met your brother’s gaze. His lips moved, “Do it. Please. For me.” He begged, his voice ragged. You shook your head, a soft sob leaving your lips.

A hand came down on your cheek, causing you to flinch and drop the gun. Pierce’s face came into view, his lips pressed together into a thin line.

“Weak.” He snarled, “Useless. A fool.” His heel made contact with the butt of the gun as he kicked it over to your brother. 

“Shoot.” He ordered, not an ounce of remorse in his voice as he gave the order that you had refused to follow mere moments ago.

Without hesitating, your brother picked up the gun, pointing it at you. You offered him a small, reassuring smile despite the pounding of a thousand stallions in your heart.

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Razorblades And Lemon Juice (pt. 14)

You lost track of how long you stayed on the cold floor cradling Negan against your chest.

You were shivering and sticky with blood, staring off into space as your thumb caressed his cheek absently.

This was all your fault.

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ikeracity  asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Charles and Erik encounter a cockroach in their house (because that's what I'm dealing with right now wehhhhh). (also, cherik as a pairing please :33)

A loud bang, followed by Erik’s shout startles Charles two rooms away in his office, where he’s been busy grading mid terms all morning. It’s followed by more banging - like pots and pans are being tossed haphazardly against walls and onto the kitchen floor, accompanied by a rousing string of curses in German that has Charles both amused and mildly concerned.

Something wrong, darling? Are we being attacked? he asks, chuckling when he identifies the reason for the hollering, watching as the tiny cockroach scuttles across the floor and disappears behind the stainless steel garbage can through Erik’s terrified eyes.

Yes! Scheisse! There’s a monster in the kitchen, Charles! It’s huge! It’s as big as a toaster! 

And now Charles does laugh out loud, at the image of the cool and always collected Erik Lehnsherr, up in arms over the presence of a little creature in their house. He rolls back and turns towards the door, intending to head to the kitchen to see the carnage for himself, but then reconsiders and parks himself back in front of the desk with a smirk.

Would you like some help? he sends, fond and gently teasing.

Yes! Erik answers, exasperated, but no less fond. Please get this thing out of my kitchen!

Alright, no need to get your knickers in a twist, he says, as he takes control of Erik’s powers. From the cupboard he lifts a metal canister as Erik moves across the room, until he’s standing gingerly next to the garbage can.


Just kill it!

The garbage can floats upwards, slowly, to reveal the culprit nestled in the corner, and Charles quickly scoops it into the canister, screwing the lid on tight as Erik almost collapses with relief. He floats the metal prison out of the kitchen and down the hall, sending it - along with directions to a lounging Pietro and Wanda in the rec room - to dispose of it quickly and quietly, and definitely OUT OF ERIK’S SIGHT.

Better now? Charles asks, turning his attention back to Erik as he collects all the various pots and pans and loads them in the dishwasher, muttering under his breath. Now that I’ve slayed the mighty beast?

No, Erik snaps, as he pulls on a pair of rubber gloves and takes the cleaning supplies from the cupboard. Because now I’ve got to clean every inch of this ridiculously large kitchen. Why do we have such a large kitchen again? In this old mansion of yours, which is bound to attract all manner of–

Let’s save that fight for another day, darling, he replies, blowing Erik a kiss before settling back down to finish his marking. 

UPDATED Massive Spring Cleanout SALE/TRADE

I have a MASSIVE Sale/Exchange, mainly in credit to my Spring Cleaning Skills.

I also just want people out there in the community to know that I can get so many things that most seem to have a difficult time with <3

I’m here to help! I am also in a great deal of pain financially, so everything is for sale primarily. I will have a small list at the end of my Exchange Posts of the few things I am willing to trade for.

I have never traded on the Exchange, but I have a small online business and sell consignment in my town at 2 stores. I have a PayPal account that is linked to my Etsy for convenience <3

Happy to meet you all, and I hope you find what you are looking for!

Xoxo, Ginger


-Black & White & Clear Glass beads, various sizes/shapes (New, never used) $5

-Pin Blanks (10 count) (New) $2

-Hamsa Charms (10 count) (New) *These have a whole on either side with a circle cut out in the middle so you can thread through them, or have a small stone in the palm! $2

-Buddha Head Charms (10 count) (New) $3

-Crackle Quartz Beads-Various, Tumbled-Green, Yellow, Clear, Blue (New) $3

-Beveled Cast Plastic Silver Bead Spacers-Various (2 packs, 80 count total) (New) $4

-Lead Free Pewter, Antique Silver Finish, Horse Charms (3 count) (New) $6

-Turquoise and Silver Tassel Charm (Faceted Turquoise) (New) $2

-Silver Filigree Charm (New) $1

-White Waxed Cord/String (1 Pack) (New) $4

-Small Metal Canisters with clear lids (11 count) (New) $1/each plus shipping OR $11 for all

-Bead Design Board (New) $5

-Wolf Totem Stone-Green Aventurine, wolf engraving painted black $6

-Snakeskin (Ethically Harvested) $10

-Clear Quartz Point (Medium) (almost on matrix completely) $3

-Raw Sodalite (Small) $2

-Tumbled Sodalite (Medium) $3

-Raw Flourite Chunk $35

-Personalized Home Protective Rune Chains $30

-Scrying Mirrors Mini & Small: $12 / Medium: $24 / Large: $32

-Sugar Scrubs $10 a jar

-Potions $6 a bottle

-Oil Blends (For Diffusers, Oil Burners, & Anointing/Massage, all Blended by me!) $7/bottle

   ^(*Positive Thinking, and Full Moon 1, Full Moon 2 Left*)^

-Spell Bags/Sachets (All kinds of intents! Luck, Prosperity/$$$, Protection, Car/Travel Protection, Job, esc! ) $10 each

-Agate Slices with Antiqued Silver Leaf Edges (5 total, 4 purple & 1 blue, great coasters, altar tiles, décor, esc!) $12 each

-Huge solid Agate chunk Tea Candle Holder (Holds 2 tea candles) $21

-Ceramic Wax Melter (Light Blue Color, comes with 9 Pine Wax Cubes) $15

-Clock Tower Engraved Wooden Tea Box $21

///Wooden Rune Sets: (Small, Medium, and Large wood slices, wood burned)

   –Rune Sets WITH Storage Box. These come in a Pine Box or a Paper Mache Box with handpainted protection staves on them-I usually favor Aegishjalmr or Gennir, but am open to which staves are on them. Boxes can be left blank if desired. Small: $22 / Medium: $25 / Large: $28

   –Rune Sets WITHOUT Storage Box (Comes in see through mesh bag). Small: $12 / Medium: $15 / Large $18</b>


   Fulfillment Sticks, Into the Night Sticks, The Moon Sticks, Handmade in the Monastery Tibetan Healing Incense Sticks, Frankincense Sticks, Myrrh Sticks, Patchouli Sticks, Dragons Blood Sticks and Cones

**.10/stick & .05/cone**


   –Chicken $2

   –Macaw $6

   –Seagull $4

   (Ethically harvested, cleaned)

   –1 Dark Blue, 1 Med. Blue, 1 Light Blue, and 1 Black Artificial Feather free with another/pay shipping

   **Can get Pheasant feathers, Peacock Eyes/Feathers, Ostrich and goose upon request**

///Jewelry: (Mainly Necklaces, I have a problem xD)

   –Chevron Amethyst necklace $16

   –Silver Plated Tip Quartz Point Necklace $13

   –Flourite Point Wire Wrapped Necklace $33

   –Tangerine Quartz Wire Wrapped Necklace $16

   –Unakite and Aventurine Necklace $25

   –Turquoise Necklace $20

   –Om Necklace $10

   –Hummingbird Skull Necklace $10

   –Coral Jasper Necklace $12

   –Aventurine and Swarovski Necklace $25

   –Om Necklace with 7 Chakras $25

   –Crescent Moon Necklace $12

   –Agate Necklace $20

   –Winged Scarab Necklace $12

   –Moonstone Sun Necklace $20

   –Hamsa Necklace $12

   –Fire Agate Wire Wrapped Necklace $25

   –Garnet Necklace $15

   –Quartz Choker Necklace (Adjustable) $15

   –Resin Starfish & Ocean Aesthetic Necklace $10

   –Flower Centerpiece Necklace $10

   –Antique Oil Diffusing Pendant (Wooden, pendant had to be put on another chain, but still vintage) $15

   –Dreamcatcher Earrings with Turquoise and Quartz Crystal $16


   –Dark Red Votive Candles (4 Count) $5

   –Red Votive Candles (5 Count) $6

   –Pink/Red Candles (2 Count) (These are larger than a Votive but not quite a small pillar) $6

   –Light Blue Small Round “Bubble” Candles (9 Count) $10

[^^^All these are handmade^^^]

   –White Votive Candles (4 Count) $5

   –Tea Candles (However many your heart desires) .10/each



-Red Pepper Flakes


-Black Peppercorns

-White Pepper-Ground

-Mediterranean Sea Salt

-Himalayan Pink Salt

-Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

-Tobacco (NOT for smoking use!)

-Clove-Whole and Ground


-Yellow Mustard-Ground

-Brown Mustard Seeds


-Spearmint & Mint



-Star Anise

-Mediterranean Basil & Basil

-Cinnamon-Bark & Ground



-Dragon’s Blood Resin


-Orange Peel-Crushed


-Nutmeg-Whole and Ground

-White Sage-Rubbed/Crushed, also have Bundles/Smudge Sticks

-Sweetgrass Braids*

-Lavender Flowers

-Bay Leaves

-Oak Leaves/Bark

-Acorn Caps

-Walnut Leaves/Bark

-Maple Leaves/Bark

-So many trees, flowers, bushes, esc, omg just ask 8D

**Herbs are $2.50 a bag. Sweetgrass Braids are $12.**

— — — — — — — — — — — —

***Can obtain (Candles)-I can obtain most any candle size, color, scent! I ask that you pay the price and the shipping, and I can apprehend them for you <3 Most are handmade, others are bought outright.

***Can obtain (Stones/Crystals)-I only ask that you pay the price of the crystal/stone, and the shipping. I understand that most do not have the crazy selection available that I do, so I am extending my services to apprehend a stone (or a few!) to add to your collection or to aid in your spellwork (: ~Other than the more common stones (quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, smokey quartz, esc of all types and sizes) and the more common tumbled stones (Jaspers, Garnets, Aventurine, esc, esc) If you can name it, I can probably find it :D I, personally, have received some beautiful specimens of Honey & Orange Calcite-Raw &Tumbled, Green Calcite-Tumbled, Garnet-Tumbled, Snowflake Obsidian, Angelite, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Jet & Onyx, Flourite, Moonstone, Kyanite, Agates (Moss, Banded, esc), Labradorite (Raw & Tumbled), Bloodstone, Fire Agate-Raw with a polished face, primarily, Carnelian-Tumbled, Jaspers (Leopard, Picasso, red/brown, there are even Orbichular Jasper cuts at one shop nearby!), Unakite, Numite, Serpentine, Tiger Eye (Brown, Red-Tumbled), Pyrite, Peacock Ore, Amazonite, Aquamarines, there are Lithium in Aquamarine specimens too! Ruby in Fuschite-Tumbled, Desert Rose, Flourite Palm Stones, Bismuth crystals of all sizes, and so so so much more! Just poke me (:

***Can obtain (Herbs/Spices/Flowers)-I only ask that you pay the price of the  herb/spice/flower, and the shipping. I understand that most do not have the crazy selection available that I do, so I am extending my services to apprehend an herb, flower, or spice (or a few!) to add to your collection or to aid in your spellwork (: I also have a ridiculous plant access as well, so things like Fern, Ivy, esc, grow in way too plenty here! Just ask and I’ll probably be able to find it/obtain it!

***I have unlimited access to the Atlantic Ocean, connected rivers, and the wildlife. We have Seagulls, oysters, mussels, scallops, I have access to Abalone shells, Conch shells, starfish, urchins, misc ocean/river wildlife, ocean and river water/sand, and much more. Just ask!

///Only Trades I Can Accept

-Encyclopedia of Spirits, Judika Illes

-Fox parts-Pelt, Skull, Teeth, claws, Tail

-*Certain* Dragon, Norse related Items

-Small Vulture Culture pieces (Small skulls, teeth, certain pelts, claws, esc.)


-Certain Raw/*Very Certain* Tumbled Stones/Crystals (I love Clusters and crystals on matrix, generators and standing points, Smokey Quartz, Fire stones are a plus, unique formations, Opals, Aquamarine, Topaz, Jet and Onyx, Let me know what you have and I’ll see if anything catches my fancy!)

-Athame or Sword

-Statuary: Deities (Norse, Celtic, Green Man/Cernunnos), Dragon, Suns, Stags, Tree/Treefolk

-Jewelry/Crafting Supplies *Certain things only* Please send me pics of what you have (:


-Crystal spheres/stands, other shaped crystals

-Herb cupboards

-Oriental items

-Tree Aesthetic

-Elvish Aesthetic

///End Notes:

Currency is in USD, some things I will wave shipping, some require shipping only, and of course I will do a Bulk price for more than a few items! <3

Don’t be afraid to send me a poke regardless, though, I’d rather see everything go somewhere desired or needed other than in the garbage or sitting in my trunk /:

If you are interested in an item(s) and would like pictures, please message me, there are too many pictures to even be able to post them here!

@theegoldenndragonn or email me

Dreamer: The Waterbender (HamilSquad x Reader)

Characters: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, John Laurens

Length: 443+ words


A/N: This is gonna be a slow burn fic, but it’ll be worth it! I have a couple of ideas for the next few chapters, but I haven’t written it yet! 

“You’re getting slow!” Alexander snickered as he made his was through the forest to get to the top of the mountain.

“Shut up,” Aaron chided back, rolling his eyes.

They had just crossed the river when something caught their eyes.

“Aaron! Look!” Alexander stopped abruptly, making the other boy crash into him.

“What?” he asked.

He pointed in front of them, a stream of water flowing through air, and into the forest. They both looked at each other, wondering the same thing. They made their way deeper into the forest, the floating stream of water guiding their path. Their postures were guarded, ready for a fight to the death if they have to. What they didn’t expect was another boy around their age to be laying by the trees, the stream of water flowing into his metal canister.

“What the hell?” Alexander couldn’t stop himself from muttering.

The stranger’s eyes snapped in their direction, and the stream of water crashed to the ground.

“A Waterbender,” Aaron whispered.

“What are you doing here?” Alexander asked with edge in his voice.

“I don’t have to answer to you,” the boy spat.

Alexander rolled his eyes. “You’re in our territory. Like it or not you answer to us.”

“Alexander-” Aaron was cut off when his friend raised his hand.

The freckled boy narrowed his eyes just as Alexander raised his arm, burst of flames surged forward towards his opponent, but as quickly as he raised his arm, the boy defended himself, the water from his cannister taking the burnt of the attack.

“Alexander!” Aaron shouted, pulling the boy back by his collar. “We’re not here to fight!” He turned his attention to the other boy. “I’m sorry. My name is Aaron Burr, and this is Alexander Hamilton.”

“John Laurens.”

“Well, John, we were just curious as to why you are in our land.”

He shrugged. “Just sight-seeing.” 

“Well, I suggest you take it somewhere else because the new leader is planning to exterminate all the other benders,” Alexander spat. 

“What?!” John exclaimed. “Fuck. After everything you guys did- Fuck.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “You, Firebenders, have no shame.”

“Excuse me?!” Alexander bellowed, ready to tackle him again when Aaron placed an arm around his shoulder.

“Alexander, please!” Aaron shouted with frustration.

“We are a proud nation!”

“Who thrived off the misery of the other nations!” John retorted.

The Firebenders were speechless. Alexander was ready to argue for his pride of his people, but Aaron put a hand on his arm, stopping him to let John explain.

John scoffed, and rolled his eyes. “Of course they wouldn’t teach this in your classroom.”

“What do you mean?” Aaron asked, tilting his head. “Our nation-”

“Your nation sits on a throne of skeletons,” John seethed.

[beautiful liars]


There’s a new source of explosives being trafficked in and out of Kerch, and by dumb luck Jesper is the one stuck with the bombmakers salesboy. One a year younger than him with ruddy curls and a grumpy attitude. Business deals are quite an event between these two.

Jesper didn’t like the idea of being Kaz Brekker’s errand boy, but in all truth, that’s what he was. Of course he had other uses–more defining characteristics that proved him important to his gang, The Dregs. Such as being the best sharpshooter in all of Kerch. Being a dark, gorgeous man with a shining personality. Jesper could go on.

It was times like these that he felt…under-used. His talents could be needed elsewhere, in a number of places actually. Saints knows with the Dregs always stirring up trouble, they could use a good Zemeni by their side. Jesper was definitely a man you wanted on your side in a firefight.

Not coddling the accountant who shipped half the bombs in Kerch.

It was a mix of emotions for Jesper. On one hand, he surely had better things to do. Play some cards. Hit on some pretty people. Polish his revolvers. On the other hand though, he found there was something he looked forward to when visiting the man behind the explosives.

Hopelessly shy, small, caring Wylan Hendriks. Innocent puppy, Wylan.

Jesper just couldn’t resist torturing the fellow. His visits were short, his sentences even shorter, and his eye contact level nonexistent. A puppy in a room full of fighting dogs.

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Tano and Kenobi: Tatooine

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

Desperately fleeing the relentless pursuit of the bounty hunters sent by Culling Blade, Ahsoka Tano and Obi-Wan Kenobi have fled with the Duchess of Mandalore, Satine Kryze, across the Outer Rim. Out of time and with nowhere else to run, Ahsoka makes a bold decision to trade their starship for passage on a freighter.

A freighter bound for the desert planet of Tatooine.

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Melausta on the Outer Rim.

A Republic cruiser flew through the atmosphere, smoothly gliding over the spaceport of the planet’s capital city.

Hovering in place for a moment as the landing gear deployed, the vermillion ship slowly sank down into its assigned landing bay. White, billowing clouds of steam jetted out of the ship’s exhaust vents, nearly obscuring the boarding ramp that was quickly lowered.

A humanoid figure strode out, hard-soled boots ringing against the duracrete walls of the landing bay. He stepped into the warm midday sunlight and pulled off the voluminous hood that covered his brown hair and blunt features. Taking out his personal communications device, the man keyed in a frequency. “This is Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and I have landed on Melausta.”

There were several minutes of silence as the message bounced through the express relays of the holonet system before the reply came back.

“Understood, Master Jinn,” Mace Windu’s voice crackled over the com, low and serious. “Please inform the Temple when you have located the Duchess of Mandalore, Knight Tano, and Padawan Kenobi. May the Force be with you. Windu out.”

The line went dead and Qui-Gon tucked his com back into his belt and took off into the bustling city with one thing on his mind.

I’m coming, Obi-Wan.

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A Way Out Part 2

Summary: After using a magical stone to escape his prison cell, Loki and you enjoy a nice life hidden far away from the Avengers. But is this new reality too good to be true? 

Characters: Loki, Thor, Reader

Warnings: none really, just an angsty ending

A/N: So here’s the end! I went for a bit of a different ending than the first part. Feel free to send me more requests. As always, thanks for reading!

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Part 1

Loki tried to keep a neutral expression as he followed Thor and the Star Spangled Man with a Plan away from his cell. His hands were clasped together with tight metal cuffs. He felt the heaviness of the stone in his pocket with each step he took. Thanks to some clever slight of hand, he had managed to keep it out of sight during Thor’s pat down before leaving.

Loki just needed to time it perfectly, and he’d be gone soon enough.

It had been a week since you visited him and slipped him his escape route. A week since Thor had finally been able to convince the so-called Avengers to release his brother back into Asgardian custody. Seeing as it went so well last time, it had taken quite a bit more convincing to get Loki’s release. But apparently, Thor had been quite persuasive.

Thor and good ol’ Cap led him to an elevator where they traveled to the main floor of the Avengers Compound. The metal cuffs limited some of his powers, but the specially fortified concrete walls of his dungeon were what really held him back. As the elevator ascended each floor, Loki could feel more and more power surge through his veins.

The elevator door opened with a ding, and Thor and his comrade exited the small space. Loki couldn’t hold it back any longer. An impish grin overtook his face, and his teeth glinted under the white fluorescent lights. His shoulders shook with silent laughter at everyone’s stupidity.

Thor turned around uneasily and stared at his brother. “Loki?” he asked, stepping cautiously back towards the elevator. “What is it that has you so full of laughter?”

Loki stopped laughing and cleared his throat. “I’m just imagining the look on your faces,” he replied. He shut his eyes and scrunched his nose. The metal cuffs came off with a sharp hiss. He chuckled as the heavy metal fell to the floor with a clang.

Thor lunged into the elevator after his brother. “Loki!” he shouted. Instead of tackling a solid mass, Thor fell right through an image of Loki and slammed into the elevator wall. Loki’s clone saluted Thor’s fallen figure and dissolved.

Steve spun around and came face-to-face with the real Loki. Steve swung wildly, but Loki managed to dodge all incoming attacks.

“You have a chance to go back home,” Steve fumed as he continued to punch the air. “Why risk it?”

Loki’s face relaxed, and for a moment, Steve would have said he almost looked wistful. “My dear Captain,” Loki cooed. “Have you always been this naive?”

Then he took the stone out of his pocket and smashed it to the ground, disappearing in a harsh cloud of black smoke.


Magical stones made great getaway tools, but they definitely didn’t have the same amount of pomp and circumstance one would experience with other methods of transportation.

So when Loki wound up falling straight into a dumpster, he was annoyed, but not completely shocked.

He stared up at the pale sky as he tried to catch his breath. After a few moments, he pulled himself out of the metal canister and landed on the ground. Now that he was finally out of his prison, his power flowed more freely. But he had to be careful. Despite his cunning ability to deceive Heimdall, he didn’t need to draw unnecessary attention to himself.

Loki felt his body shake and realized he was shivering.  At first, he thought it was from the shock of traveling, but when he saw his breath come out in puffs in front of him, he knew it was due to the temperature. This place was much colder than he had been used to the last few months.

He walked to the edge of the alley and peered out into the street. It was early morning, and the sun was just beginning to rise over hundreds of colorful rooftops. Cars dotted the sides of streets, but the city appeared to be sleeping. Steeples peered out among the buildings, and Loki could see some sort of huge mountain in the distance. It was capped with snow, even though the buildings surrounding him were clear. He inhaled deeply and breathed in the scent of saltwater.

“Afsakið? (Excuse me)” a nervous voice asked from behind him. Loki whirled around and prepared to attack, but he lowered his defenses when he realized it was just a boy. He was still somewhere in Midgard, apparently.

“Hvað viltu? (What do you want)” Loki sneered, adapting effortlessly to the boy’s native tongue.

The boy stepped back, his eyes widening at Loki’s harsh voice. “É-Ég h-he-hef lykilinn þinn (I have your key),” he stuttered. He reached into his pocket and held out a shaking hand. A shiny gold key sat in the center of his palm.

Loki reached out and took the key from the boy. He held it up for closer examination. In the faint light, he could just make out the carving of a heart in the metal. He smiled and knew it was your handiwork.

The boy cleared his throat and pointed to a door a few yards away. Loki nodded his head in thanks and walked away. He could hear the boy scurry down the alley as he slipped the key in the door and unlocked the entrance to his new home.

The apartment was small and simple. Wood floors covered the entire space, except for the large rug sitting in the living room area. The edges of the rug spilled over into the quaint kitchen. Shuttered windows sat above the sink and allowed the soft, rising sun to peek onto the counters. Loki smiled at the fairly new appliances taking up the old-fashioned space. You loved your cooking, and clearly, you had put some thought into your new home.

His gaze landed on the coffee table in the living room. A well-worn book sat on top, and Loki picked it up. A Tourist’s Guide to Iceland. On the cover, Loki noticed the exact same mountain he had seen outside. So he was in Iceland. Definitely not a place on the Avengers’ radar.

Loki put the book back down and crept into the bedroom. His smile downturned when he noticed that it was empty. You weren’t here yet. Loki sighed and promptly yawned. The traveling had taken more out of him that he thought. After rummaging through the closets and pulling out new clothes, he managed to learn how to use the antique shower to wash the dumpster stink off of himself. The warm water felt magical on his sore muscles, and he barely made it to the bed before sleep crashed over him.


Loki groaned and slowly opened his eyes. Sunlight shined through the sheer curtains, bathing the room in a soft glow. He tried to roll over, but something stopped him. A smile took over his face as he realized he was holding you in his arms. He had been so knocked out that he hadn’t even heard you come in or slip under the covers.

Your eyes fluttered open as Loki shifted in bed. “Hello, love,” you whispered, stroking his cheek.

Loki gently kissed your forehead. “Hello,” he replied. He moved to your lips, and the kiss turned more heated. You slowly sat up and framed his body with yours. The moment was interrupted with one unexpected guest.

Loki’s stomach.

It rumbled loudly, and you giggled against his lips. “Someone’s hungry,” you teased, peppering kisses against his stomach. You leaned up and hopped off the bed. You interlaced your fingers with his and pulled him up with you. “Then let’s eat!”

Loki sat at the kitchen table while you whipped together eggs and pancakes. He reveled in the way your hips swayed as you hummed a random tune.

“So what’s the plan?” he asked as you plated the food.

You chuckled. “Well, after we eat, I was thinking we could…” you quirked your eyebrows suggestively towards the bedroom.

Loki smiled as he speared some eggs. “I meant, what’s the plan for leaving?” he clarified.

Your expression fell at his words. “Leave? There is no plan.”

“You mean you plan to stay here?” Loki grimaced.

“You mean you don’t?” you shot back, crossing your arms.

Loki scoffed. “And live my life in this town just existing?” He walked over and put his hands on top of your shoulders. “I am meant for so much more. I am burdened with glorious purpose.”

You shook his hands off your shoulders and stabbed your fork at him. “You are burdened with a warrant for your head.”

“Details,” Loki shrugged.

Narrowing your eyes, you glared at him. “I risked everything for you. For us.” You clasped his hands. “We can start over,” you begged. “Please. Give it time.”

Loki’s eyes gazed into yours intensely while his thumbs gently traced circles on the soft fabric of your t-shirt. You had risked everything, and it was all for him. The least he could do was give this new life a shot.

He answered you with a kiss, which you returned eagerly. He lifted you up in his arms, and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

“I love you,” he whispered against your lips.

You giggled and kissed him back. “I love you too.”

Your plates of food sat on the kitchen table as Loki carried you to the bedroom to show just how much he loved you.


Life in Iceland was a complete change from the life Loki was used to. Reykjavík was a small town with friendly people. Loki always altered his appearance slightly whenever the two of you went out, but no one ever paid him any mind.

You went shopping at the market every weekend after wandering around the town. It was small enough that you both had discovered the little eccentricities that made Reykjavík wonderful. It wasn’t uncommon for you to grab some food and eat in front of the water.

And the food! The food could be placed into a category all its own. Whether it was you cooking the local seafood or going out to a restaurant, Loki fell in love with the local cuisine each and every meal. It was certainly an upgrade from his prison cell.

While you both weren’t club-goers, you did enjoy wandering the streets at night. The sunset always reflected brilliantly on the water, and you liked listening to the different types of music seeping from club doors in the wee hours.

Despite its magical qualities, the spell of Reykjavík wore off eventually. You knew how much more Loki wanted out of his life. How much he wanted to leave. No matter what you did, it didn’t seem to change his mind.

Loki’s intense closeness during the beginning of your new life together slowly dissolved. His hugs became more lackluster, and his eyes lost their shine as you discovered a new part of Reykjavík.

At first, you tried to convince yourself you were imagining Loki drifting away from you. That he just hit a plateau with his freedom. He still loved you, you knew that much.

But one night it became quite clear that he didn’t love this life anymore.

The apartment was dark and silent, yet you found yourself awake in an empty bed. You sat up and looked for any sign of Loki, but there was none. Pulling back the covers, you carefully tiptoed out into the living room. You let out a sigh of relief when you saw Loki’s tall figure at the window. His face was streaked with moonlight as he peered out into the night.

“Loki?” He slowly turned around, and your heart sunk into your stomach.

As soon as you looked into his eyes, you knew it was over. They shone sadly as his mouth opened and closed, trying to form a sentence that would make it better. But nothing could make it better. Finally, he settled for walking over to you, cupping your cheek in his hand and placing a kiss on your forehead.

“I love you,” he whispered.

You blinked back tears as you covered his hand with your own. “I k-kn-know,” you stuttered. You swallowed thickly. “I know,” you repeated.

He nodded and clenched his jaw as a few tears of his own fell down his pale cheeks. He walked away, opened the door, and left.

You gave yourself ten seconds. Ten silent, excruciating seconds for him to have enough time to walk out of the building and leave. As soon as those ten seconds were up, a dam erupted inside of you, and you collapsed to the floor. Heaving sobs shook your body as you laid down on the cold wood. You so desperately wanted him to walk back through the door and tell you it was all a mistake. But as much as you wished it to be true, you knew it wasn’t going to happen.

You had given him a way out, and he had taken it.

But not in the way you had hoped.

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Indestructible Will [Fic]

[Eyyy, finally got down the other half of Tipping Point! It’s kinda cheesy, but I’m writing for a hypothetical shonen here! There’s probably going to be a third part to this as it ends on a pretty clear cliffhanger but? Lemme know what you guys think!]

“Now, Higashikata, I am capable of being benevolent when it suits me. I, unlike you, am mature.”

As Kira let the words roll coolly off of his tongue, halting his stride, the bevy of mutated creatures behind him had their attention shift to small animals and neighborhood pets to sate what hunger was left among them. Blood spilled further into the streets, pooling at Kira’s feet like a royal carpet rolled out for his magnificence.

“I am highly aware,” the parasite continued, “that death is not the only, or even the best, option.”

Josuke struggled to find a way to counter and was quickly losing hope of finding back-up–his mind turned again and again to the worst case scenario, and he struggled to hide his shaking as Kira’s voice rose.

“Now you, being immature, probably have not taken into account the depth of my gracious offer. So, listen closely.” Kira rose one thin, bony finger and wagged it at Josuke, lips curled into a detestable smirk. “I, Yoshikage Kira, am offering to spare you.”

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Title: NewsFlash: All Might, Eraserhead Team Up!

Summary: Five times the #1 headliner All Might and underground scrub Eraserhead teamed up, and one time they didn’t. Unfortunately, the first time they meet, both heroes are already high on weaponized ecstasy – or Dust, as it’s known on the street. Let the good times roll.

Tags: (EXPLICIT), Sex pollen premise, fuck or die, pre-BNHA, pre-vigilantes, golden days, size kink, age gap, superhero kink in general, smoker Aizawa because ugh why not everyone else does it so I claim peer pressure, handjob, cumshot, cum kink in general, I think, anyway dicks, implications that all might fought godzilla, aizawa being a foulmouthed slut


“Thought you would lie in wait and catch me unawares, hm?” All Might demanded haughtily, then frowned and raised a finger. “You hired villains are hardly the smartest sort. You know, it’s one thing to approach villainy as a passion, but to sell your skills to the highest bidder is just –”

“Hero, stop,” Eraserhead wheezed brokenly, slapping at the monolith’s bright yellow wrists, the only color left in the grey smear of his eyes as his ears popped, his head spun from lack of oxygen. “Fucking hero, watch out. They’re getting – look –”

There was a metallic, pressurized thump. A canister hit the warehouse floor with a clang and skidded toward them. All Might turned, the simple motion setting off waves of gravity due to his alarming size, and his arm lifted just enough to let Shouta suck in a sharp breath, feet still kicking reflexively for a hold.

Over the pro hero’s beastly blue shoulder the smoke pellet broke, spinning on the floor, and hot pink gushed up and out. The smoke, damnably familiar, saturated the dusty air with vicious speed, blooming outward like dye through dark water. All Might made a sound of surprise but Shouta just forced his battered body to go limp, knowing what was next.

Well fuck, he thought, smelling cloying marzipan, and lost consciousness.

rinskiroo  asked:

34. Before we jump :O

:D Thank you for this; it was super fun to write.

“They really don’t seem to like us here,” Mara shouted to Quinn over the din of blaster fire.

“I can’t imagine why,” he shouted back.

She crouched next to him, returning fire blindly as he sliced the control panel on the half-ruined door that could cut off their attackers. He jerked back with a yelp when power suddenly returned to the panel, shocking the hand holding the now-live wire.

They were on the upper levels of the Jedi Temple ruins on Coruscant. Something had tipped off the local Republic guard contingent that he and Mara were, if not Imperial, at least hostile. If he were forced to guess, he’d say a security bioscan had identified Mara’s species. Visually, there was no way to tell - her hood and knit mask covered the telltale chin spurs and brow stalks, and she’d deliberately left her lightsaber behind.

They shouldn’t have been here at all. Even now Quinn had difficulty remembering how exactly his wife convinced him that sneaking into the Republic capital was a workable idea. But he’d come - as if he’d leave her to this task alone - and there was little else to do now but make sure they got home in one piece.

“Got it.”

With far too little ceremony given his effort, the blast door slid shut. A hair before it did so, a metal canister clanked into the hallway next to them. Mara yelled a curse and shoved him to the floor, shielding him with her body as the detonator flew across the room, as far away from them as her Force push could send it.

The explosion left his ears filled with a dull ringing. Mara rose, shaking debris from her hair, and fired a single shot into the control panel.

“Come on, we’re almost there.”

She pulled him to his feet and through the hallway, up several flights of stairs, and finally out onto a landing pad. They’d not been stupid enough to bring their getaway vehicle to the temple; it’d be a short trek by foot to a spaceport in one of Coruscant’s seedier districts. As they ran toward the edge of the pad, Quinn squinted at Mara’s back, then grabbed her arm, bringing them up short.

“What are you-“

“Your parachute is damaged,” he said, ice creeping through his insides as he pulled ribbons of shredded fabric out of her pack – shrapnel damage from the detonator. “Badly. I don’t think it’ll hold you.” He unbuckled his harness. “Take mine. I’ll meet up with you when I can.”

She grabbed his hands. “Malavai, no. We both take yours.”

“Mara, this isn’t rated for-”

“I don’t care!” Her amber eyes burned into his. “My mother died here. I couldn’t do anything about that, but I-” Her hands balled into fists against his chest and she looked away. “Either we both fight our way to ground level or we hope the chute holds us. Your choice, but I’m not leaving you.”

“Alright,” he whispered, kissing her forehead when she turned hopeful eyes to his face, running the calculations in his head. Safety ratings on military equipment were conservative by design, and in any case, they had a better chance of living through this jump than they did of fighting their way through however many Republic troopers had already flooded the lower levels of the temple.

“Alright.” His voice was stronger.

It took a moment to buckle their harnesses together. As he finished the last buckle, Mara grabbed his harness and yanked him closer, her lips searing his in a short, hard kiss.

“Was that for luck?” he asked, casting a glance over the ledge, bracing against the dizzying sensation of vertigo.

“Luck?” her voice dripped disdain. “Why would I need that?”

He chuckled. “Right, you have the Force.”

“I have you.”

His breath caught. He fumbled for words, drowning in her glowing eyes, and then her chin jerked to look back toward the temple entrance, brow stalks furrowed beneath her mask as she reached out with her Force senses.

“Ready?” she asked

His arms tightened around her. “Always.”

As one they hurled themselves over the edge.

Nova vs 19: Friday

Hello everyone, Mr.E here with the newest nova chapter and the start of the new arc which is exciting yay! I hope everyone had an amazing week and has a great weekend. 

So the title? what’s it mean? easy. that whole last arc? was one day, Thursday. yep it all happened in a matter of hours. Friday has come and with it, a chance to play with your exceptions. So i took a chance with this chapter and i promise none of you could’ve seen this coming but I still hope you enjoy it. 

for anyone stumbling upon this, here is the link to the story on ff. 

so have an amazing day, a great weekend and please let me know what you think of this chapter. I took a chance and I want to know if you all want me to keep trying this out.

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ntbogoni  asked:

About those 54 writing prompts, 53 for Sarita and Reyes? *_*

Yes! Another prompt! This also happened before the events of my fic series. Enjoy some Sara x Reyes fluff! 

Reyes snapped to consciousness as Sara rolled from the bed. He kept perfectly still and listened to her pad around his apartment. He kept his eyes closed, and envisioned her every move. He heard the rustle of fabric as she hunted for her clothes, strewn about the room. Her disgruntled huff when something was particularly difficult to locate. In his imagination she opted to wear his shirt, and little else, instead of tracking down what was hers.

Then she walked away on quiet feet, the door to the bathroom hissing open. She hadn’t brought anything with her on this visit, and the thought of her using his toothbrush, tilted over his sink in his shirt, was an extremely pleasant one. She would use his comb, in an effort to tame hair left wild from the night before, and he sincerely hoped she failed. Sara’s appearance was typically tidy in an unaffected and carefree way; She wore little makeup and her hair was cut into a style that purposefully required no maintenance. But, her hair mussed from his hands and her head flung back on the pillows was a look he liked on her.

The door opened, and he remained still. He kept his breaths even and deep, and listened as she stood in the doorway. He wondered what she thought as she stood there, presumably watching him sleep. Was she content, smiling at him with a fondness he didn’t deserve? He hoped so. She’d been a mess when she came to him at Tartarus the previous night. His last report said she was in the Tafeno System, so her arrival in Kadara was unexpected. He would have been surprised if Keema hadn’t forwarded Dalton’s message that the Tempest had requested a berth. No, her presence in his private room wasn’t a surprise, but her demeanor had been. Frantic and needy, practically vibrating with unspoken tension.

And she’d been straightforward, skipping all pretense of coy flirtations and witty banter.

“I want to go to your place,” she said, before he could even stand to greet her.
His brow furrowed; this wasn’t like her. “Is everything all right?”

Her blue eyes shimmered in the red shadows of his room. “Please,” she said. “I just need you, right now.”

He was sure she’d meant it to sound sexy, but it nearly broke his heart. What had happened in Tafeno? He couldn’t demand more answers from her there, it was obvious she felt exposed enough, so he’d stood and walked her back to his apartment.

Movement in the room pulled Reyes from the memory. Her footfalls across the metal floor led to the kitchen, and he heard the distinct sounds of a spoon in the metal canister he kept on the counter, then there was the rush of water. A moment later the warm aroma of coffee brewing filled the flat. She walked back to the bed, and it sank as she sat beside him.

“Reyes,” she said, her voice soft. Her hand found his shoulder and she shook him gently.

“Shh…” he said. He snaked an arm around her waist and tugged her down to lay beside him. “I’m sleeping.”

She laughed in surprise, her minty breath brushing his skin. He analyzed the sound, and found it to be true. Whatever happened in Tafeno, whatever shook the Pathfinder to her core, had been forgotten somewhere in the night. He pressed his lips to her forehead, content that she would be all right, and pleased that she had given him the opportunity to help.

He ran a hand through her hair, his eyes still closed. “You can always come to me, Sarita,” he murmured.

She stilled in his arms, unprepared for this topic. Finally, she nuzzled her nose against his bare chest. “I know, Reyes.” She paused, and he kept his eyes closed, giving her a moment to find the right words. “Thank you,” she said.

He hummed low in his throat, and pulled her closer. He wanted to ask what had happened, but he had to admit that a part of him was afraid to know. And he didn’t want to push her; she would tell him eventually, if and when she decided she was ready. This was enough now, he thought. She was there, whole in his arms.

It was more than enough.

...The Brighter the Stars (Pt 1)

Summary: It is said that true happiness can only be found in the darkest times. For Natsu, trapped in a thousand years worth of perpetual darkness, happiness is a luxury he simple does not need, much less love. Love is a distraction, and would bring him nothing but pain and regret. This he thought, and lived by for a thousand years of solitude. Till he met Lucy… Exorcist AU part 2. Nalu.

AN: *laughs nervously* Hahaha…Jeez, did this fic took a whole lot longer than expected! By the time i realized it -  in-between school, laptop malfunctions, being dragged into Mystic Messenger hell, k-dramas and etc, this got sooooo long, that me and @nanakoblaze​ were like ‘Fuck it. Let’s just split this into two XD ‘ plus this way, we can prolong the pain by one more chapter! Yay! 

You can find the cover art on her page here and the rest of this amazing AU here

Parts : 1 , 2 , 3 (coming soon)

“Oh nononono- GAH!”

A crash, a thud, and a blond blur tumbled off the raised floors and onto the grassy backyard below.


“Lucy, language!”

Snapping her mouth shut immediately, Lucy Heartfilia quickly gathered herself from the grass, hopping back up the raised wooden floors of her house and gingerly placing back the dislodged sliding doors before scrambling for the entrance, feet thudding loudly against the wooden planks as she hissed improvised profanities under her breath.

Skidding to a stop by one of the glass sliding doors of her home, she hastily soothed out her crumpled uniform through the reflection and patted her disheveled hair down. Nodding in approval, she glanced at the clock in the kitchen behind her, and gasped loudly, “Shit!”


Poking her head into the kitchen, Lucy slapped both her hands together in an apologetic gesture, “Sorry Dad!”

“Hurry up, you’re going to be late.“ Said person looked up from his newspaper, and grunted noncommittally, jerking his head in the direction of the table in front of him, “At least have breakf-“

Lucy swept in like a blond blur, snatching the jam slathered toast from the plate and pecking a quick kiss on Jude’s cheek for good measure, before whisking out the kitchen, her cheerful voice hanging in the air after her, “You’re a lifesaver Dad! Thanks!”

Jude poked his head out the kitchen just as she stumbled off the raised platform, “Ah! Lucy, I’ve got an important matter to discuss with you when you come back so-“

“No detours! Got it!” Shoving her shoes into her feet, and tapping them in, she called back to him, waving back at him, “I’m off!”

The man waved back with a sigh, shaking his head. “This girl… hmm?”

Frowning up at the skies, the man murmured, “ “The air is unusually still today, and on this day too…”

Scrutinizing black eyes accessed the calm courtyard before him, zeroing into the cherry blossom trees that lined the main path, then at the looming red tori in the distance, “Am I imagining it?”

Looking around once more, Jude shrugged, and walked back into the house, sliding the doors shut behind him.

Standing on top of a sturdy sakura branch, hidden beneath the blossoming flowers, a lone shadowy figure stood, sharp eyes trained onto the back of the fading blond figure in the distance.

Sharp nails bit into flesh, as the man’s fists clenched, emerald slits brimming with hate and vengeance.

Leaping off the branch, he followed the sickeningly familiar scent of his prey, lurking from shadow to shadow, as he chased the light.

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