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You know, I try to avoid showing up to nitpick or lecture people in the comments of their fic

–because wow obnoxious behavior–

But do you ever run across one of those fics where it’s just like:


I recognize that you’re just doing make believe kinky fantasy fun time right now

And not actually trying to write a documentary

But I really, *really* need to make sure someone’s told you that whacking people in the spine and kidneys with a heavy, sharp-edged metal belt buckle is a Bad Kink Idea.

D: D:


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much noise Yang Xiao Long must make whenever she moves.

I mean…. 

New jacket? Zipper.

Boots? Zip ‘em up. 

New sleeve thingies? zIPPERS



And that’s ON TOP of a robo arm, to boot. 
Can you just imagine? Yang Xiao Long, charging into battle, and all her enemies can hear….


This child has an obscene amount of metal on her, even if you don’t count the arm. 

Slaughter’s Home

@ship-garbage-pile‘s ask about the possibility of a khornate dog-buddy tickled me, so I decided to waste 20 minutes writing the first piece of “fanfic” I’ve done for years. Please forgive me:

Blood still pattering in thick lines from his battle plate, Kavarak the Eightfold Butcher, Champion of the Red Rain and former Slaughtermaster of the World Eaters XXI Assault Company, stepped in through the hissing auto-door and unclamped his gorget seal. His caedere remissum-crested helm had barely clattered to the deck before the Chaos Space Marine heard the skitter of claws on plasteel. A second later and a vast hound – red-scaled, with flares of hideous green flesh about its skull and a spiked collar of brass binding its neck – surged around the corner of the habitation cell. With bared fangs the length of Kavarak’s forearm, it lunged directly at the World Eater.

Kavarak met the monster with a roar, the wild beast’s impact slamming him so hard into the door that the metal buckled beneath him. He went down with it, its butcher’s breath hot in his face, his own sharpened teeth bared. The two rolled in a death-grip, the monster’s jaw snapping mere inches from the Khorne Beserker’s exposed features, its saliva splattering the latticework of scars and burns that had once been his face.

Finally, the hound overpowered him. Daemonic musculature bulging, the monstrous creature pressed the Chaos Space Marine firmly against the deck, wicked claws biting into cermaite. Kavarak snarled a furious oath to the Blood God. And grinned.

Rex-Tearer, Killer of Kings, perpetrator of the Koralis Massacre and Kavarak’s soul-bonded Flesh Hound, yelped appreciatively and began to lap the thick strings of gore from its master’s armour. Kavarak fondled its green skull-frills and blood-matted black fur, teeth bared in what may have once approximated a smile, a very long time ago.

‘I missed you too, boy.’

Finally finished this carving. It is a belt buckle and strap end in an approximation of the Jellig style (one of several viking art forms). I planned it a year ago, but was delayed repeatedly due to several technical difficulties (needed bigger bone stock, didn’t know how to drill straight, locating ideal metal for crossbar). The buckle is made of cow bone and brass, the strap end is sheep bone.

The belt will be narrow, only about 2cm wide.

So, I saw @softabomination​ do this, and I wanted to try this out to!

Rules: spell your url with song titles (only using each artist once) 

… my URL is 24 characters I dont know that many bands orz

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Imagine: Anakin and Obi Wan saving your life

For anon… Enjoy! I know, the gif isn’t the greatest, but I just found it very funny :)

A deafening blast exploded past your ear, making you recoil in shock and confusion. Ringing started to echo inside of your head, obstructing your hearing. Your lightsaber slipped out of your hand and fell with a clatter to the floor, it’s yellow beam of energy disappearing back into it’s metal hilt. Your knees buckled and you clumsily fumbled for something to grab on to but to no avail. Your back slid against the wall as you descended to the ground.

You were in a narrow hallway. At the end of it, a dark, unrecognizable figure was making it’s way towards you, a blaster pistol in one hand and an unknown object in the other. It almost looked like a staff. Their footsteps seemed to reverberate inside of your head, bouncing off of your skull as if it were a ball. You suppressed a small groan of pain as they knelt down beside you, a smile playing on their lips. 

“I thought Jedi were supposed to be gods. I was raised thinking they were immortal. They are no better than the rest of us.” A cold drawl slithered from their mouth. The voice was feminine. 

You could barely see your attackers face. A short curtain of blonde hair fell in front of it, covering everything but her right eye. It was green, like poison. 

You forced yourself to sit up.

“And I was taught that bounty hunters were lowly rodents who would kill anything if it paid a handsome price.” You spat, ignoring your pounding head. 

The woman chuckled menacingly, raising her blaster pistol and pointing it at your nose. You could stare right down it’s barrel. 

“Jedi are murderers. You’re a murderer. I’m a murderer. We’re not all that different, petty Jedi.” She drawled, your index finger slowly pulling on the trigger. 

“We’re nothing alike, scum. I don’t kill for money. I kill only if I absolutely have to. I try and spare lives, not destroy them.” You choked out, bracing yourself for the blast. 

The woman raised her eyebrows. 

“Well, your head will certainly pay my ship’s fuel for a good six months. I thank you, Jedi scum, for your services.” 

There was a thunderous blast. You snapped your eyes shut, preparing for the worst. It never came. 

You heard a body slump at your side and you opened an eye cautiously, gasping audibly as you saw the woman who was about to pull the trigger. She was lying on her side, motionless, her green eyes staring at nothing and her mouth screaming a silent screech. 

You looked up to see Anakin and Obi Wan standing just yards away, a smoking blaster in Anakin’s hand. He was staring at you, breathing heavily. Both of their lightsabers were ablaze, casting an icy blue light in the dark hallway. 

“Y/N, are you alright?” Obi Wan asked instantly, rushing to your side and helping you to your feet. You swayed dangerously as you stood up and you grabbed on to Obi wan for support. The Jedi gladly helped you. 

“I-I’m fine.” You breathed, looking up at Anakin. The young Jedi had dropped the blaster and sheathed his lightsaber, his eyes still on you. 

“Thank you. Thank you both.” You blurted out, planting a kiss of Obi Wan’s on bearded cheek. You didn’t notice his face suddenly redden as you made your way over to Anakin, grasping his forearm and giving him a swift peck on the cheek as well. He seemed surprised. 

“No p-problem, Y/N.” Anakin stuttered, scratching the back of his head with his free arm. His face was redder than the sands of Tatooine. 

You smiled at him and turned to Obi Wan, who averted his gaze from yours, determined to hide his blushing face. 

“How did you find me?” You asked, releasing Anakin’s arm and finding that the ringing in your head had subsided, but left you with a nasty headache. 

“We both heard voices,” Obi Wan began, his voice quavering slightly, “Anakin took out a guard and stole his blaster.”

“And I almost killed you.” Anakin butted in, looking at feet. “I shot blindly in your direction. The blast could have hit you just as easily as it hit the bounty hunter.” 

Your brows furrowed.

“But it didn’t.” You whispered, leaning in to kiss him once more on the cheek. The Jedi looked at you quickly and then looked back at his feet, blushing. 

You looked back at Obi Wan once more.

“Thank you.” You said.

The Jedi smiled.

“Anything for you.”

Will we see Ashiok in Amonkhet?

My theory is yes or at least we will get to see where they originated from. Earlier I made a post on my feelings towards Ashiok and my thoughts and it got me really thinking of them and if they could, story wise fit with the up coming plane. On mobile so can’t post photos but looking at Ashiok’s design, I noticed there was a lot of similarities to the outfit worn in Gideon Jura’s new Planeswalker card.

The biggest clue is the chest area. There is a similar pattern in which the cloth makes a “V” shape, leaving their sides exposed. As well, they wear a thick layer of leather (???) With an ornate metal belt buckle. Similar, Ashiok’s looks similar to a dragon’s head with a jewel in-between the horns.

I’m sure there are plenty of theories that Ashiok is an agent of Nicol Bolas and the the clothing thing might be a Theroian thing…


Witcher 3 Conversion - Yennefer’s DLC Scarf & Triss’ Boots

First time trying out proper masks for things! These two turned out pretty good, I love that scarf so much, same with the boots. I especially love how they can be used for both Medieval and Modern settings, that scarf is just too stylish and I might be using it for everything. Help.

The scar has two presets- The first is how the scarf looks normally in the Witcher 3, the second is the recolorable version with one channel.

The boots have 3 channels, one for the main shoe, another for the accents and the third for the small metal buckles on the inside of the shoe.

The sim modelling these two pieces of CC is actually Triss Merigold herself– A modernised version, at the very least. I might put her up for download, she’s adorable in her outfit I converted from the Witcher 3, find that here.

Download: {SFS}

I follow the tag #ModernMythics CC – Show me my stuff~!


Anndddd General Hux is done too! Cut it to the wire with the metal belt buckle from jj armoury arriving today D8 (I leave tomorrow afternoon) but bless him cus he got it to me in a week and it looks so goooddddd 💕 fit the belt I made perfect!

The great coat is probably the nicest thing I’ve made; it took a ton of hand sewing to get the lapels and hem all nice, but worth it! (Also weights honest to god like at least 12 pounds, and took around 16 meters of fabric for all of it; its a beasstttt). Thanks everyone for all the amazing support! You honestly have no idea how much all the kind comments you’ve made mean to me ❤️


-Anon request

(A/N: Y/V/N = Your Villain Name, yeah it’s a thing)

You’d been working with your villain partner, the Riddler- or as you better knew him, Edward- for a little of six months at keeping Batman busy, when you agreed to run and hide the trophies for him. 

It never crossed your mind that Batman would already be there.

Waiting, and ready.

For you.

“Y/V/N,” he greeted in that monotonous and booming voice, “You did turn up.”

A growl bubbled up through your throat. Shit. 

“You and the Riddler have been making my life difficult for some time now,” he went on, taking a step closer to you. “Looks like that’s gonna change…” A grin flickered across his lips for a split second before he charged at you and threw you across the room where you felt malleable metal buckle under your body.

Fuck,” you groaned, sitting up and nursing your back, whimpering at the throbbing pain in your head and back- looks like there’s a couple broken bones to add to my list.

“Can’t take your own beating, huh?” the ‘hero’ mused, marching back up to you and dragging you back up to your feet with a handful of your costume fabric.

Feeling your eyes roll into the back of your head, you let it rock back and spat out the blood in your mouth, right in his face. Slipping the knife out from where it was strapped to your thigh, you just managed to slash his chest before he yelled out and released you in instinct. 

Taking the opportunity, you stumbled out as fast as you could and managed to make your way to the street where you collapsed into a darkened back alley. Squeezing your eyes tight, you grimaced and tentatively touched the small of your back with the tips of your fingers. Only to almost cry out in agony before you had a chance to bit down on your lip.

That was just about all you remembered before you felt yourself blacking out.

You woke up to the cool, wet feel of a damp cloth dabbing your forehead. Snapping your eyes open, you grunted at the throbbing in your head. “Edward?” 

“Y/N,” the man smiled above you, “You’re awake. I’m so glad you’re OK.”

“I’m fine,” you murmured, waving away his hand and trying to sit up by yourself. “I just-”

“Y/N, I love you,” he blurted out suddenly, earning himself a raised eyebrow. “I-I’m sorry. It just…seeing you like–that, I was so worried and I kept thinking about what if I didn’t tell you how I felt…”

You silenced him by putting a finger on his lips and whispering, “Edward…”

But before you could say anything else, his lips were on yours and he was pushing you down into the bed you were lying on. You mumbled a series of groans and whimpers as he kissed his way into your mouth and licked his way between your lips.

Maybe you’d take Batman some flowers the next time you were out.

Entire cosplay was created myself, sewn, fabric dyed, leather , cobbled boots, real full steel butted chainmail, latex painted ears, stained glass lantern with led, worbla bracer with leather straps and metal buckles, foam and worbla shield and sword with leather painted sheath and straps for the harness. Cut and painted for shading effect. If you want more detail of any item I made please ask. Link from Twilight Princess

Shop my closet so I can make some $ after cancer diagnosis

Since I have to take an 8-9 month SW hiatus, my income will take a huge hit and I have expenses :( 

I figure many cannot afford to donate, BUT may want to purchase some of my cute spring/summer clothing for cheap, win win! Some are items that I likely won’t be able to wear after my surgeries, and they are all adorable.

Everything is in good condition (like what you would find at Buffalo, Crossroads, etc) and I can standard ship anywhere in the U.S for $5. EVERYTHING IS $15 each OR 2/$20! 

1. Two sleeveless floral mini-dresses, sizes XS. (fit probably 0-4) Colorful with black background. Fit-and-flare silhouette. Cotton blend. One is new, one is 80s vintage. 

2. One medium sized peach/coral colored purse, with gold colored metal buckle closure, long over the shoulder strap, & two inner pockets, from LF. Vegan faux leather material

3. One lightweight cotton cardigan from Madewell. Size Medium. (fits probably 2-8) Bright pink with white polka-dots. V neck, metal buttons. 

4. One royal blue, sweetheart neckline, short satin cocktail dress from Arden B. Zip closure. Fitted/straight silhouette. Size Medium (fits probably 2-4)

5. One light, flowy wrap-tie dress from Varga, green with cream colored flowers, short, size Medium (fits probably 4-8). 

Let me know the item you are interested in and I will post photos AND specific measurements if I get enough interest. Payment via paypal. Can ship on Friday.

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