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Ok so deacon reacts to sole giving him their spouse's wedding ring (and yes I made deacon equip my wedding ring cause dammit if I can't romance him then at least let me pretend to)

 lemme romance spy boi pls BETHESDA PLS. (Computer and tumblr have been little shits lately so here u go)

  • Chilling in the Diamond City home plate, were Deacon and his now lovely sole.
  •  Sole was on the couch reading a magazine they found in some ruins, while Deaks was crisscrossed at the small table fixing his gun.
  •  Sole put down the magazine and let out a huff
  •  “ You okay? Sole?” Deacon kept fidgeting around with his pistol
  •  Sole reached into their pocket and took out a small golden band. They twirled it around their fingers and they reached for the other ring that was on metal, beaded necklace.
  •  Deacon looked back and saw them holding the rings. He frowned and hopped onto the couch that they were on.
  •   “I wanted to give you something, Dee…” They sat up straight “Here.” They handed him a closed fist.
  •  He fist bumped them and put his opened hand under their closed. Sole chuckled and opened their hand to let the ring drop into his.
  •  His eyes widened behind his shades “Sole, whats this?”
  •  “Its the ring my spouse had before they…” Sole paused for a moment “I want you to have it. You mean so much to me and I really, really love you.”
  •  Oh god Oh god “Are you sure about this? Are you really really sure?” Deacon’s face felt hot as he held the small band in his hand
  •  “Im absolutely sure of it, Deaks.” They leaned over and gave him a small peck on his cheek.
  •  “Heh, I love you too, Sole. I know you have some wine, how bout we celebrate?” He couldn’t stop grinning  at Sole. It got to the point where his cheeks started stinging.
  •  He notices Sole tearing up and he’s SHOOK
  • “I always knew I wanted to marry you after all we’ve been through, I’m sorry it took me so long.” Sole sniffled as they let some tears fall out.
  •  “Hey, its okay! We’re here now, I’m gonna marry you, Glory will be so jealous!”  He side hugged Sole as they let out some giggles.
  •  “I promise nothing will hurt you, Sole. Not this time.”

mmmmyes glory lives. She lives! I swear!!

Looking to sell these necklaces. Will go to best offers! Not sure what all of the metals are, so if you have any allergies, inquire at your own discretion!

I can only ship within the US, buyer pays shipping.

Items for Sale:

-Silver toned dragon (and I think phoenix) pendant with some kind of flat black glass bead behind the silver. I know the chain is 18k white gold plated, but not sure about the pendant.

-Silver toned necklace with a blue agate charm.

-Silver toned necklace with square clear/rainbow beads.

-Large silver toned metal bead necklace.

If you’re interested in any of these, please message me @beewitch

You knew Luke had named whatever city you were both tucked away in earlier during the concert, but in the moment it didn’t register.  The air conditioner purred to your right, it’s everlasting wave of air sending causing little shivers under the thin henley that Luke slipped over your head minutes beforehand.  Picking up immediately, at the momentary chatter of your teeth, he pulled you up onto his chest, somehow managing to pull more stark white comforter over both of your bodies.

“Cold, sweetie?” His lips brushed along your temple, a smile cascading gently on his features when your hands rested gently on his skin.  Your fingertips stopping just over the little metal beads holding his necklace together.  You hummed and shook your head around softly,

“Not anymore.  How is your chest this warm when you’re not even wearing a shirt?” Like water running through smooth rocks in a stream, his chuckle was melodious, just a little rough from the exhaustion built from the day.  He didn’t have any type of answer, instead pressed his lips in more places on your face.  The digital clock, lighting the room barely with red made no clicking sound as seconds passed, but your eyelids growing heavier gave you all the knowledge you needed of how time slipped by. 

“Stop thinking about it.” He couldn’t see the color of your irises flicking up to stare up at him. since his gaze was fixated up at the ceiling.  Luke’s fingertips brushed along the arch of your back, a soft sigh slipping from his lips, “We still have tonight.”

“And then that’s it for more than two months.”  You leaned up further on him to kiss his lips.  Your fingers curled around the cool, silver metal hanging loosely around his neck, in that moment it felt like the chain that held you to him. “It’s too long, Lu.” 

“It’s the fucking worst, baby.” He hugged tighter around your waist causing the shirt to crumble towards the area and reveal some skin to the starch laced sheets.  “I’m gonna call you every time I wake up and before I go to sleep though– even if I just get your voicemail, I’ll make sure to leave you a message, okay?” You hummed, hiding away under his jaw, hoping reality could slip away and this little room would be all that existed.  Just you and him and no reason to part when it had taken so long for you to see him in the first place.  Your lips made a line, as his arms relaxed and hands moved to stroke your hair around.  He seemed to already grow further by just loosening his hold. 

“What are you doing?” You peeked back open as Luke’s chest moved your upwards momentarily, his hands reaching before him neck for a moment.  He smiled through the darkness, tired but unwilling to fall asleep unless it would be a peaceful slumber for both of you.  It took less than a few seconds for him to click the chain properly and move his hands back upwards.  “Luke, this is your favorite necklace.” 

“And you’re my favorite girl.” He settled for kissing your forehead as you moved back against him bashful in reaction to his gift.  “It’s no promise ring, but I’ll definitely be back for you soon, okay?” You nodded against his chest, clutching the new piece that Luke trusted to you.  Your other hand within the palm of his, fingers interlocked, further connecting you to him for the remainder of your night together.  “I’m always going to come back for you, angel.”


Japan, Koyasan Temple

19th Century

Statue of Fudo, one of the Myo-o (Knowledge Kings), sits in the midst of fire symbolizing invulnerability. Also known as the immovable one, he is a part of a fierce class of protective deities who form an important category in Shingon art. Often depicted holding a lasso and vajra hilted sword, the statue was secured by Maxwell Sommerville from Koyasan Temple in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. He wears a metal and bead necklace and sits on a stylized rock formation. His sword is missing. 

Penn Museum


etsyfindoftheday | gift blitz 2015: jewelry | 12.10.15

featured: stocking stuffer jewelry by layeredandlong

layeredandlong has all kinds of fun jewelry styles — you’ll find something for everyone on your list. the featured finds are two of my newest favorites: a delicate turquoise beaded necklace or bracelet, with your choice of turquoise type AND chain; and a trio of vertical bars that can be personalized in metal type, length, engraving, and more. plus, they are very affordable — very stocking stuffer-appropriate.


To wear a pentagram necklace is to say you feel the connection with the earth the elements and respect the earth. The Pentagram is a symbol of a star encased in a circle. Always with 5 points (one pointing upward), each has its own meaning. The upward point of the star is representative of the spirit. The other four points all represent an element; earth, air, fire, and water. All these things contribute to life and are a part of each of us. The pendant is dichroic glass with a pink/green color shift. The pendant will reflect the pentacle and the back will reflect a honeycomb of color with direct light. The beads were chosen to evoke the growing seasons, spring and summer. Dainty green aventurine beads link larger violet shaded amethyst beads , fern green fresh water pearls, and silver toned metal beads. The necklace is 20" long by Elsie Marie and Richard Elvis  Etsy