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Mirror nails using chrome pigment


Over 20+ hours, I’m not sure. But this armour really is hard to draw as the scales are really tiny and i had to draw them with 0.3mm mechanical pencil. all other pencil had to be kept sharpened at all times.

The biggest problems I struggle with when it comes to drawing with pencil is that I make my drawing too bright and when i have to make white stand out, it doesn’t. I tried to get the shine on the scales and rings stand out and so far it looks fine.

The leather was another tricky part as again, the details here as tiny, and I have too keep it looking like worn leather

I also worked on his hair trying to blend them in better


Matte gradient + gold splatter tutorial

Thanks for all the support and encouragement, folks.  Here’s my tutorial for the matte gradient/gold splatter nails– accept no substitutions!

You will need: at least two colors of nail polish (more if you want to do each nail a different color like I did), a metallic/chrome polish, a regular top coat, a matte top coat, a wedge-shaped makeup sponge, scotch tape, and a straw cut down to 2-3 inches in length.

1. Start by painting your nail with the lighter of your two colors (this is two coats of OPI My Dogsled Is a Hybrid).  Tape around the edges of your nails to make clean-up easier.

2. Take your makeup sponge and paint a few stripes each of your base color and the other color in your gradient (here, Zoya Shawn).  I usually snip my sponges in half first to save on supplies.

3. While the polish is still wet, dab it over your nail.  The first coat is usually pretty patchy, but if you repeat a few times with more polish it will build in opacity.  Move the sponge very slightly up and down as you pat it on your nail, to help blend the colors.

4. Once you have a gradient you’re happy with, clean up around the edges with nail polish remover and a brush or q-tip.  Then seal it in with your regular topcoat (I’m using Seche Vite).  You can skip the regular topcoat if you want, but it helps it dry faster and gives the nail a nice, smooth surface.

5. Once the regular topcoat is dry, add a layer of matte top coat over it (I’m using Essie Matte About You).

6. Now for the splatter part.  This is really messy, so I recommend taping your nail again and also laying down some paper towels or old newspapers on your work space first.  Then open your metallic polish (this is Sally Hanson Liquid Gold) and dip your straw in the bottle.

7. Take the straw out, aim the polish-clogged tip at your nail, and blow through the other end.  If your straw is closer to the nail you’ll get bigger drips like you see here, and if it’s further away you’ll get more of a fine spray.

8. Remove the tape and clean up any stray gold.  Do not add topcoat, unless you want to lose the contrast between the matte background and the shiny metallic splatter.

anonymous asked:

Happy 2000 followers! Could we maybe get some reference stuff on "complex" objects (like machines and stuff like that)? You can find millions of tutorials on poses, anatomy, and perspective; but not many on drawing non-standard, non-geometric objects. (I hope this makes sense D:)

Thank you so much! It think in this case it is important to look at perspective and texture. Most of the machines etc. are metal and have a basic shape (most of the times circles and squares). I couldn’t find a specific tutorial for machines but this is what I could find for you:

I made a tutorial for these nails that I did a few weeks ago using @bornprettystore chrome silver polish. This polish is highly reflective and completely surpasses expectations for a chrome finish look. That being said, it peels quite easily and wears down after about a day. I’m still working on figuring out what combination of bases and topcoats work best with it though. This look will be cute if you just use silver polish too!

1. Cut two strips of tape and place them on your nail in a V shape. You want to make sure they overlap at the tip of the V too because this area will be the negative space area of the nail and you want that shape to be crisp. (sorry you can’t see the tape very well, I just used basic clear scotch tape)
2. Paint the top part of your nail black (the area closest to your cuticle).
3. Using a light/powder blue polish, make a cluster of star-shaped flowers on the black area.
4. Using white polish and a dotting tool, make a few white flowers by dotting 5 dot clusters. 
5. Make red dots in the center of your white flowers, and white dots in the center of your blue flowers.
6. Fill in the remaining area with green polish to create stems/leaves. Simply create Y shapes branching out from the flowers and the edge.
7. Using light yellow polish and a dotting tool, make a few clusters of yellow dots where needed to fill the space in a bit more.
8. For the Chrome polish, you must first paint the bottom of your nail using the given clear polish, and then once it is dry, paint over it with the silver polish. Make sure the nail’s surface is smooth, and that you do not touch the clear coat until it is completely dry, as either of these will cause imperfections in the chrome finish. If you do not have the chrome polish, simply paint the bottom half of your nail with silver polish.
9. Remove the tap strips once the polish is completely dry (do this carefully so that the polish does not peel),  finish with a clear coat, and enjoy!

Don’t forget to tag me if you do these! I want to see your work!

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Realism Challenge #4: Aluminum Foil by markcrilley