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Forgotten Outlaw - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: I’ll be honest I don’t watch a whole lot of Marvel so I kinda bsed the Marvel-ish part of this prompt. 

Prompt: I got this idea stuck in my head that maybe like blackmask bought Bizzaro, there could be another person, the reader, who is a former soldier presumed dead who was experimented on and has a metal arm (basically Bucky Barnes’ back story) and Jason finds her and helps her and they develop a friendship (then romance) and he helps her deal with the guilt and ptsd and her insecurities about the metal arm and she eventually becomes a vigilante

“Wait Red Him.” Bizzaro stopped suddenly as they were trying to escape Black Mask’s compound. Jason stopped in his track and internally groaned. What could possibly be the matter now?

“Seriously? We need to leave.” Jason pushed.

“First save Voice Her.” Bizzaro said before bounding off in the opposite direction. Jason had no choice but follow after him. They ran deeper and deeper into the compound and eventually came to a laboratory that was under lockdown. The doors were sealed shut with thick steel doors and giant padlocks. For a normal person, there was no getting through that door but Bizzaro was undeterred. He dug his fingers into the steel as if it were butter and yanked the door off of it’s hinges.

“Holy shit!” Jason called out, jumping out of the way of the door that Bizzaro just casually tossed aside.

The lab was filled to the brim with various equipment but his eye was immediately drawn to the center of the room where a woman lay strapped to a slab.

“Is this her? Is this Voice Her?” Jason asked,

“This Her.” Bizzaro responded. Jason nodded and pulled his knife out to cut through you binds. He lifted you up into his arms and motioned towards the clone that it was time to leave. Bizzaro ran ahead of Jason, making sure to take out anyone who got in his way. As soon as they were in the clear he took you to the Outlaws headquarters at Ma Gunn’s orphanage.

He set you down carefully in his bed and that’s when he noticed your arm for the first time. The coolness of your metal arm caught him off guard when he was pulling the covers over you. The appendage extended from your hand all the way up to your shoulder. Despite it looking completely solid it was clearly quite mobile.

Jason stayed by your side all night, making sure that you were alright but also making sure you didn’t run off and start causing havoc in the city. He didn’t know who you were so he needed to take every precaution.

When you woke up your eyes shot open and you immediately jumped out of bed and braced yourself in a defensive position, Your lip curled up in an animalistic snarl and you looked just about ready to rip Jason’s throat out.

“Who are you and where the fuck am I?” You demanded in a low growl. Jason raised his hands in defeat.

“Relax. I’m the one who saved you. I’m more than willing to take you back if that’s what you prefer.” He retorted  You lowered your guard but only slightly.

“Who are you?” You repeated, dropping your arms down to your side.

“Jason Todd. And you might be?”

“I don’t remember.” You frowned, your eyes going off into a distant world far from here for the briefest moments.

“Well whoever you are, you’re welcome to stay here until you’re back on your feet.” Jason said turning to leave the room to give you some privacy. He stopped in the doorway and turned back to ask a question that had been bugging him since he first saw you. “Bizzaro, the Superman clone, he calls you ‘Voice her’. Why is that?” He asked. You hesitated before answering but you figured the question was innocent enough.

“I-I used to sing when I was alone in my cell. Most days it was the only thing standing between me and madness. I think he liked to hear me sing. It comforted us both.” You said.

“You must have one hell of a voice.” He commented.

“Not really no.” You frowned and an awkward silence fell between you.

“Right. Well … make yourself at home. I’ll be downstairs if you need anything.” Jason replied awkwardly before leaving you alone in the room.

Over the next couple of days you remained holed up in the bedroom, only coming out when you needed to. Eventually you started spending more and more time around the Outlaws and they started to grow on you. You and Artemis became thick as thieves. With Bizzaro, you were a calming confidant. Sometimes you would sing to him when he asked you to.

Jason though … your relationship was a little more complicated. Some days you were friends, some days the two of you were constantly at each other’s throats, and other days you could swear that he looked at like he wanted more. You’re never quite sure where you stood with him. You and Jason did this ‘will they, won’t they?’ game for longer than you’d care to admit.

You joined up with the Outlaws shortly after they saved you and you had to admit that you worked well together. Slowly but surely your memories of your past life started filtering back to you in flashes. You still didn’t remember much but Jay helped you to sort through it all.

Apparently you were once a soldier once upon a time. You were caught in an explosion and lost your arm in the backfire. Things got fuzzy after that but you remember a grinning bald man promising a new life, a new arm. Then nothing until sirens are ringing in your ear and a man in a red mask cradled in his arms.

“Hey, are you alright?” Jason asked, catching you staring at your clenched metallic fist. Jason’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts and you lowered your arms to your side.

“I’m fine.” You said.

“Are you remembering more?” He asked.

“No, nothing.” You sighed. “I think I’m better off not knowing. There’s such a big gap in my memory. I don’t want to know what they did to me, Jason.” You admitted. Jason reached over and intertwined his hand with your artificial one. He lifted your clasped hands and pressed a gentle kiss to the back of your hand.

“[Y/N] I know this shit is scary and I know whatever your brain is blocking out isn’t pleasant, but I’m here for you. For whatever you need.” Jason promised.

“Can you be honest with me right now, Jay?” You asked.

“Of course.”

“What is this … you know us?” You asked, tightening your grip on his hand. He winced ever so slightly at the strength of your inhuman hand. He tried to cover up his reaction but you saw and started to pull away. You hated that you couldn’t even get the simple things right. Jason’s hand caught yours before you could pull away.

“Hey, this is whatever you want it to be.” He reassured you. “And before you get caught up in your head, I don’t care about your arm or your past or whatever other reason you can possibly come up with.” He continued when he saw you open your mouth to argue with him.

“Really?” You asked. He smirked ever so slightly and cradled your cheeks in his hands before leaning in and pressing a soft tender kiss to your lips.

“Is that answer enough?” He whispered against your lips.

“I don’t know. I might need you to repeat yourself.” You said with a ghost of a smile playing at your lips.

“With pleasure.”

Oh, Baby (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: Love this blog! Maybe you could do a bucky x reader, where the reader becomes pregnant, and the team is so excited. The reader goes on a mission just thinking she’s watching the jet, but gets attacked… you don’t have to follow that completely

Thank you for the request!  I hope it’s what you wanted!  

“Oh, sweetie, look! Tony raided Toys R’ Us for every Iron Man gift he could find for the baby!”  

Tony feigned a hurt look, clutching his chest.  “I’m crushed, (Y/N), just crushed.  That you would think that I would raid a Toys R’ Us?”  He waved his hand in the air as to dismiss the thought.  “I had all this stuff in my basement.”

“Yeah, because that’s better.”  Punching your brother in the arm, you gave him a stern look and shook your head.  “I expected more from you, man.”

Tony stood, walked across the room, and began to pull a large box from behind the bar.  The team had decided to throw a baby shower for you and Bucky, knowing that you really weren’t ready at all.  Even though you had only two months left before the baby was due, you were still going on missions, though in a much less active capacity.  More of a glorified pilot than anything, but you were happy just to be there nonetheless. Continuing to run missions really left no time for baby proofing, baby shopping, reading baby books, and things of the like.  You weren’t worried though; you had the best team of Aunts and Uncles that this kid could want.  

“Ooooh, whatcha got there, Uncle Tony?”  You stood, hand on your swollen belly, moving to meet him as he pushed the box towards the group.  Bucky moved up behind you, his hand resting gently on the middle of your back.   You began to rip the paper away, clearly not fast enough for your brother.  He ripped huge pieces of paper away to reveal a box from…Stark Enterprises?

“Ok, now I’m confused.”

“Settle down, kid, it’s the only box I had that would work.”  He cut the box away, revealing his true gift, and it took your breath away. You heard gasps throughout the team. It was the most beautiful crib that you or Bucky had ever seen.  It was made of delicate, polished white oak spindles, with iron scrolling on the head and footboards.  The bedding was a vintage lace; white, soft and gorgeous.  He must have been looking forever for this.  If you knew Tony, he would never leave such an important decision to anyone else.  “So, you like?”  He stood back a bit, with a huge grin on his face.

Even at your size, you could move when you wanted to.  You burst forward to hug your brother, getting sloppy tears all over his sharply pressed shirt.  “It’s perfect.”

Over your shoulder, Tony winked at Steve, who looked slightly disappointed in his own choice of gift after seeing the crib.  “Bring it, Grandpa Rogers.”


The time had come to go on your final mission before your due date.  It was a quick in-and-out; grab a few hostages and head back home.  It was a good thing that this was your last trip, as you barely fit in front of the control panel of the jet.  

“Hey, baby and baby, having trouble?”  

“No, Buck.”  You let out a little groan as you pushed your way into the seat.  “Ok, maybe a little trouble.”  With a sigh, you finally found a comfortable spot.  “Yep, this is the last time for sure.”

Bucky stood behind you, a quiet chuckle escaping his lips.  You turned to give him a sharp look.  “Excuse me, what was that?  Certainly you would never laugh at your immensely pregnant wife, right?  Especially when she is about to fly you and your team thru the sky?  Dangerously high up in the sky?”  

He raised his hand to give you a small salute.  “No, ma’am.” As he bent down, kissing you, the team had finally arrived.  

“Alright, (Y/N),” Steve called to you.  “Take us out.”  He paused at the lack of reply.  “If it’s not too much trouble.”


The mission had gone just as planned, and it was almost time to head back home.  Steve had just contacted you that the team was on the way back.  Good thing too, because you were exhausted.  Putting your earbuds in, you lifted your feet onto the chair next to you and closed your eyes for a few minutes before the long flight home. When the rear door opened, you swung around to welcome them.

“Well you guys are back faster than-“

That wasn’t your team. This was a HYDRA guard, apparently separated from his group.  He was alone, armed only with a knife, as far as you could tell.  He looked scared, likely from seeing his teammates annihilated by the Avengers.  His eyes darted around the jet, you assumed to look for more weapons to protect himself with.

“Can I help you? Grabbing your gun, you stood to face him, though not drawing your weapon just yet.  “I said, can I help you?”  

A hand was suddenly over your mouth, pulling you backwards.  He wasn’t alone.  You jabbed his throat with your elbow, swinging your leg back to kick his out and drop him to the floor.  As he hit the ground, you gave a firm kick to the head to knock him out cold.  You called out to your team, hoping they were still on their comms.  “Hey guys, I need some help here!”  The other guard was moving closer now, waiting for his moment to strike.  

“You should probably think this thru.  The rest of my team will be here at any moment, and I don’t think you have much of a chance alone, do you?  

He lunged forward, but you were able to swing your arm under his and flip him onto his back.  Holding his arm steady, you pulled the knife away and dislocated his shoulder as he screamed in pain.  “Are there any more of you?!”  You twisted his arm a little more, as the screaming grew louder. “Tell me!”

“No!  It was only us two!”

You released his arm, preparing to restrain him to the chair when the other guard woke and jumped up to shove you back against the far wall. You shook your head, slightly disoriented and dizzy.  He began to walk towards you, knife drawn.  He pulled his arm back and prepared to lunge forward…

Just then, a metal arm grabbed the HYDRA guard by the throat, squeezing until his body went limp. Bucky threw him to the back of the jet and moved towards the guard you had left on the floor, still screaming in pain. Before Bucky could get to him, Steve pushed him aside and knocked the guard out to silence him.

“Let me do this, Steve! Get out of my way!”  

Again, the Captain pushed him back.  “Leave him to me, Buck.  Just go to your wife.”  Bucky’s eyes filled with fear as he turned to rush to your side.  “(Y/N)?  Baby, are you ok?”  

Your breathing had grown heavier, more difficult, and oh, how your back was killing you.  “Hey, love.  I’m feeling pretty beat up right now.”  You put your hands flat to the floor of the jet, shifting to stand but a sharp pain in your belly stopped you.  “Buck-“ the pain caught your breath, leaving you unable to speak to him. Your hand shot forward, grabbing his arm tightly as you focused on trying to breathe.

Bucky stood, facing the team.  “We need to get out of here now!”                 


Tony had been pacing for hours.  “She’s gonna be okay, right?  Yeah, she’s gonna be okay.”  His eyes were darting around the room as if looking for the answer, anxiety growing as he waited for any news at all.  All Bruce could do was watch his friend as he waited, keeping his own emotions in check.

Natasha sat perfectly still, staring out the window.  She hadn’t spoken since the jet left the mission site.  Clint was next to her, his hand on her hers.

Wanda and Pietro were standing in the front yard of the hospital, awaiting Thor’s arrival.  Their posture was heavy and solemn.  Every few minutes, Wanda would quickly turn to look at Tony, assaulted by the thoughts in his head.  

After an eternity of waiting, Steve finally appeared thru the emergency room doors.  He was disheveled, tired, and tears stained his cheeks.  Tony charged forward, grabbing the front of Steve’s shirt.  “Tell me what happened!  Cap, you have to have good news.”  He released the Captain, his arms falling to his sides, his eyes changing from anxious to worry.  “You have to.”

Steve took a deep breath. His hands were shaking.  He looked down at them as if they were foreign, as if they weren’t his.  “So small…” he mumbled.

Natasha stood, finally speaking, only a whisper.  “Steve. Please.”

He looked up at the team, a smile spreading across his face.

“It’s a boy!” He began laughing out loud, this time crying joyful tears.  

“Steven Anthony Barnes.”  


he’s fast.  strong.
                                                                                      had a metal arm.


“Do you have anything metal on your person? Phone, keys, that sort of thing?” the security guard asked automatically as Bucky tried to pass through the metal detector and it let out a beep.

Bucky offered a tight-lipped smile and allowed the guard to see his metal arm, “Sorry.”

“Military?” the guard raised an eyebrow slightly but his voice wasn’t judgemental.

Bucky hesitated a moment before answering, “Yeah, you could say that.”

The guard nodded understandingly, barely looking phased, “You can go on through, sir.”

You smiled gratefully and ushered your daughter forwards, “Thank you.”

You continued into the park, Bucky on one side and your daughter trotting alongside you, her fingers wrapped tightly around yours.

“What should we do first?” Bucky asked you, looking rather uncertain.

“Whatever you want to. Tony said to go nuts while we’re here,” you looked down to your daughter, “Do you want to watch a show first or find a ride?”

“Ride!” she exclaimed excitedly, grinning widely.

“Then a ride it is.”

Gif Credit: Bucky / Disney

I’ll Never Let You Go

Originally posted by sindarofmirkwood

Fandom: The Hobbit

Rating: T
Character(s): Thranduil 
Word Count: 975
Prompt:  Hi, could you please write an angsty and fluffy Overprotective!Husband!Thrandy x Hurt!Wife!reader based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit: “Imagine Thranduil keeping you still, holding you and comforting you, which enables a healer to care for a wound you’ve received outside the castle in Mirkwood.” He saves her in the first place? A poisoned arrow? A spider’s bite? She hates healers? The treatment is painful? And he cares for her? Changes dressings himself to make it easier for her? Thanks
Requested by: Anonymous

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Epic Rant About that time I was Jane Foster at a Convention
It’s been more than a week after the con and I still haven’t posted much about it anywhere at all. Over all I had a great time, bar a little drama here and there as there always is with cosplay. Unfortunately though, I had to deal with quite a bit more hate from my fellow con-goers than usual on Saturday while I was dressed as Jane Foster from Thor: the Dark World.

I really liked TDW for reasons I’m not going to fully spell out here, but I felt like they did a better job with the women, particularly Jane, than in the first film. She was clever and funny and still feminine. When the big strong man couldn’t save the day on his own, she fixed it with science. Between that and really liking her Asgardian dress/armour, I decided to cosplay her with my friend Mo as Lady Sif.

We knew the movie was only released in late fall, so we kind of expected to still be relevant/interesting on the con floor, and thought maybe we’d meet some other MCU folks for photos or something. What happened was people coming up to me just to tell me how much they hated Jane Foster.

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The Ever Evolving Costume

Deathstroke’s costume has changed many times throughout  the years. Some alterations have been more drastic than others. For those interested, here is a brief history.

Ahhh yes. The very first Deathstroke costume in all its archaic glory. This was really just something Slade threw together in a rush to save his friend Wintergreen from the Viet Cong. After successfully rescuing Wintergreen, Slade was then discharged from the army for his actions. Which eventually lead him to become a mercenary. Perhaps Slade wanted to scare the enemy dressed in this manner or maybe he wanted to make sure his mission that day was as disconnected from American ties as possible, but that’s just speculation.

(see New Teen Titans: Judas Contract)

What came next is pretty much the traditional, iconic costume except that Slade’s  mask  was originally totally orange with two eye holes. This is what Deathstroke looked like during his first years as a mercenary until his son, Joseph was kidnapped.

(see New Teen Titans: Judas Contract)

Here is the version fans should be most familiar. Deathstroke had this costume starting from his first comic appearance in 1980 throughout most of the 90s and 2000s. Blue promethium mesh armor, orange flared gloves and boots, Orange pants and utility belt,  metal chest piece, ammunition belt, and the divided half-black-half-orange mask, all with gold/yellow accents. He also always carried a sword, his bow staff, a pistol and hunting knife.

There were however some instances during the 90s when Slade’s costume went through some temporary changes. Exhibit one, when Slade was forced into serving the terrorist Cheshire (Deathstroke the Terminator #17-20) he was given the above costume to wear. However, Slade was actually working as a double agent and he along with Roy Harper foiled Cheshire’s mad plans. Afterwards, Slade quickly returned to his regular battle attire.

Slade’s costume changed slightly while on a search and rescue mission  for Adeline in the World Tour Arc (DST #31) His chest plate disappeared and his shirt piece was replaced with ‘V’ shaped color blocking. He continued to wear this version through the span of his “Deathstroke : The Hunted” story arc up until he was caught in a huge explosion in “The Borgia Plague” Arc (DS #54) During this time he also ended up working for checkmate and the organization provided him with better armor and also special laser based weapons that could only be activated by him through fingerprint recognition.

The deadly explosion from “The Borgia Plague” arc tore Slade’s body apart so much that his super healing abilities worked overtime to restore his life, and as a result he came out of the rubble with amnesia and looking decades younger. Unfortunately, Slade also lost all sense of style (this is my least favorite out of all his costumes). From this time on going froward to events just before “Titans: Immortal Coil” Slade wore this blue and silver costume. A dark blue body suit with metal arm/leg guards and an external protective cup, and a half dark blue - half lighter blue mask.

After Slade regained his memories and regressed back to his actual age, he returned to wearing the classic costume. He would continue to appear in this costume through the 2000s. Many different artists got to illustrate Deathstroke during this period, and some made minor alterations to his attire: longer pants, less flare to the boots, leaving the chest piece out, and not to mention no one could agree on what type of sword Slade carried (I’ve counted at least four!). But for the most part his costume went unchanged for a time.

Briefly during Blackest Night Slade was shown wearing shoulder guards and there seemed to be a little less orange to his costume. But when he next appeared in Titans: Villains for Hire he was in his old costume again.

Then the New 52 happened and many characters got a make over, including Deathstroke. Slade’s costume had a whole lot less mesh, now only covering his chest and abdomen, his orange pants and boots disappeared replaced by knight-inspired boots and dark blue pants with light-blue style lines. As well as huge orange metal shoulder guards. He also now wielded a fantastically large sword along with a hunting knife and pistol.

Later Slade also appeared in another New 52 comic, titled Team 7. The storyline was an attempt at rewriting the origin of how he started out as a mercenary. The image on the right is the costume Slade wore while part of Team 7 and his attire looks like tactical gear only with some personal touches of color.  While the image on the left is the costume he appeared in after the team was dismantled. Notice how the costume on the left is much like the original New 52 redesign but with added gauntlet and boot spikes.

The New 52 Deathstroke series was cancelled and recently brought back to life by writer Tony S. Daniel. And again the Deathstroke costume went through a drastic redesigned. There is very little orange to the current outfit, that which remains is used as accents over a dark blue body suit. Most of the armored mesh has also been removed, with very little still remaining, but over the chest area. There are no shoulder guards, but arm and shin guards are present.

This post only covers the changes made to Deathstroke’s costume within comics. There have been many other versions and redesigns in other sources of entertainment as well, such as in video games and TV shows. But that information I’ll cover at a later date.

==>Goulas: take care of business

You had just got through another round of challenges. Ever since the debut at that arena, you’ve been sought after by everyone claiming to be the fastest or strongest. Each of them you would rather not cross again. Luckily you have metal arm guards for blades and those psiioniics of yours. Your face had its fair share of bandages and it hurt to move your arms.

 It was fun up until the point you got hit. Your racer makes for the best getaway, but it won’t for long if you don’t keep it hidden! Despite changing into your usual dress, others could tell you were beaten up. One glance is all it took for smirks to emerge. ‘Easy prey’ was practically written on their foreheads. Good going goulas. Your sponsor isn’t going to be happy about losing their racer. Going outside, the other trolls follow you into the bazaar where you start to run.