metal 27

the adventure zone ~ the r a v e n and the r a m

“I have one last request for you: are there other objects in this world that are as powerful as this belt? don’t let this happen again.

and then you are blinded by another flash of light, an explosion of force that sort of throws back some of the water in this pool back on your face. and you’re blinded for just a moment, but as your sight returns, you realize you’re being buffeted by this thick whirlwind of these light pink petals. and they settle somewhat, and the wind settles somewhat, and thousands of these petals are floating weightlessly through the air. and you can see, in the middle of this pond, a beautiful towering cherry blossom tree has appeared. it’s where these petals are just sort of flying off of, and as far as trees go it’s the prettiest one you’ve ever seen. and at it’s base you see these roots and knots that are forming two vaguely humanoid shapes. one is sort of a shorter figure, lying in the embrace of a taller figure. and on the ground, in the water in front of them, you see a r a v e n mask and a r a m mask, and tucked neatly in between the two of them, you see the gaea sash.