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Metal Torture - Chapter 27

AN: I do apologize for the wait.  I’m a glutton for all things Mister J and fun times, so my dance card is full, but I’m still going to make sure I don’t ever neglect my baby.  So, without further ado, here’s my poor excuse of a chapter.  Enjoy. 

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Gunshots rang out nearby, footsteps thundering down the hallway, heading right in our direction. Falcone was screaming in pain as several of his men, about four in total, came flooding into the room, their guns swinging to aim at J, afraid they’d hit their boss if they fired on me. The Joker dove away over the bed, my scream of rage smothered by the sound of guns firing, the room lighting up with gun flares.

“Nooo!” I howled, rolling over onto the floor, lurching over to hook an arm around Falcone’s neck. I dragged him to me, his body limp even though he was still conscious. The current I’d sent into him had paralyzed him temporarily and I wrapped my arms and legs around him, using him as a shield, my wild eyes searching the room for The Joker.

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Inktober Day 27:

Devin Townsend vs Ziltoid the Omniscient

Fanart for my favorite musician out there and his alter ego. Done while listening to his new Z2 album featuring Ziltoid on yet another quest for Earth’s coffee. Townsend’s discography is incredibly diverse, so I recommend checking it out. (Used a reference picture for the portrait, no tracing though.)

“This one’s for you, hippie!”

Find Out Your Chinese Birth Sign & Feng Shui Birth Element

The Chinese believe that there’s a birth sign, an animal symbol that best describes specific tendencies of your personality and in feng shui, the birth element of a person provides crucial information in helping create the best feng shui in your home or office.

The Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) is celebrated on the first New Moon of the year, that’s why the Chinese year doesn’t start in January 1st.

Find out your Chinese birth sign and your feng shui element in the list below.

1900 - Rat - Metal (1/31/1900 to 2/18/1901)
1901 - Ox - Metal (2/19/1902 to 2/7/1902)
1902 - Tiger - Water (2/8/1902 to 1/28/1903)
1903 - Rabbit - Water (1/29/1903 to 2/15/1904)
1904 - Dragon - Wood (2/16/1904 to 2/3/1905)
1905 - Snake - Wood (2/4/1905 to 1/24/1906)
1906 - Horse - Fire (1/25/1906 to 2/12/1907)
1907 - Goat - Fire (2/13/1907 to 2/1/1908)
1908 - Monkey - Earth (2/2/1908 to 1/21/1909)
1909 - Rooster - Earth (1/22/1909 to 2/9/1910)
1910 - Dog - Metal (2/10/1910 to 1/29/1911)

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