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At the end of petals to the metal what had bane done that was so suspicious that they didn't drink the toast? After they don't drink he starts to get annoyed but why didn't the drink immediately after they toasted?

… I’m not sure. Have this huge ass excerpt from the first The The Adventure Zone Zone that I just remembered existed that explains it!

Travis: Can I- can I say my favorite moment out of The Adventure Zone so far? Out of playing it? I loved Petals to the Metal. I loved the- the– [crosstalk]

Griffin: [crosstalk] Yup.

Clint: [crosstalk] I agree.

Travis: –the concept of. My favorite moment was when the three of us were in Captain Captain Bane’s office, and he handed out drinks, and there was no editing in this, there- n- we- the three did not discuss it, we all independently decided that we weren’t going to drink the drink.

Griffin: Yeah.

Clint: [Wheezes]

Travis: And it was, it was- like, I’m not even joking when like, I got chills in the moment because it was this very, like, you know, like, sympatico moment of, picturing this scene, and not trusting what was going on.

Griffin: And I think what was really great about that is it doesn’t come out of rolls, you weren’t doing- you could’ve done…this is- this is that- that scene I haven’t really thought of it that way Travis but it’s a perfect- it’s a perfect sort of, uh, like it’s a perfect little capsule of what this show is–

Travis: Yeah.

Griffin: –which is you guys- you could’ve rolled an insight check. Merle you could have used that- that earring that you bought in that first arc that gives you advantage on insight checks, to do an insight check on this dude to see if he’s on the level, offering you these drinks. You could’ve done an investigation check. You coulda done a nature check? To see if like, you could identify the poison in the- you didn’t do any of that, we just talked. Like I was doing a character, and you guys your characters, and we just talked, and in that conversation you came to the decision not to- not to– [crosstalk] drink it.

Justin: Well I- well I think that you also got a- a- a very strong- to give credit where credit is due, it’s a good example of, um, like, storytelling–

Travis: Yeah.

Justin: –by implication, like, why, like we’ve seen enough books and movies, like why is this guy tryna to get us to drink something. Like–

Travis: Yeah.

Justin: –and it- and honestly that attitude gets us into trouble with this show–

Travis: [crosstalk] Yup.

Clint: [crosstalk] [Laughs]

Griffin: [crosstalk] It do- you can’t- you can’t chalk that up to that because like, literally every other time, that I’ve set a trap, you’ve fuckin’ fell into it. I- like, I keep the kid-gloves on a lil’ bit ‘cause I don’t want you guys to die, ‘cause I feel like from a storytelling perspective that’s, just not interesting. Uh, but like, I- this might be rough for you to hear Dad, Merle didn’t need to lose his hand. Like, I was fully- I was 50/50 on whether or not you would grab that crystal. I was literally- I literally did not know which way that was going to break. Um, [crosstalk] so like–

Clint: [crosstalk] Good. I’m glad you didn’t know.

Griffin: –you guys all realizing not to do that was like- that was really powerful, for me.

Travis: ‘Cause here’s the thing, frankly, I play Magnus in such a way that I’m perfectly willing to accept the fact that he will probably die. Like, I- I- I am not protective of Magnus ‘cause I don’t- I don’t feel that that’s a good way to play a fighter whose main characteristic is that he rushes into shit.

Griffin: Yeah, sure.

Justin: Yeah.

Travis: So but like, there was something in that moment that it was just like, yeah like I think we were all on the same page, not in the same room, like we’re not like side-eyeing each other and kinda going ‘I don’t trust this’–

Justin: Yeah.

Travis: –like we all just kind of went like, ‘Yeah, no, we’re not gonna do this.’

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Did Barry try to poison the the boys via Captain Captain Bane at the end of Petals to the Metal or am I misremembering? But if so, was it ever explained why.

No. That was Captain Captain Bane. Barry used Dominate Person (or some equivalent spell) to make Captain Captain Bane knock away Taako’s and Merle’s poisoned glasses, followed by making him drink Magnus’ drink.

So Barry saved their lives.


Inktober day 27: All about Chara

I am very tired. =‘)

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I keep thinking that Taako had a pouch of wands? I'm not sure why, but I can't remember if it's canon or I made it up in my head

He wasn’t described with “a pouch of wands.”

He does have a satchel as his backpack, and he does have a few wands in there, but not “a pouch of wands.”

Griffin: Uh, okay. You- you have beaten the thrall of this thing. What are you gonna do with it?

Justin: Um, I’m gonna throw it into my backpack. My satchel.

Justin: Okay, uhh. I put away my wand - put away my umbra staff. I throw the emergency brake on the bike, and just as I do that, I pull out the Wand of Switcheroo. 

Griffin: Cam, uh, after being knocked off, uh, Taako’s shoulder, uh, he looks up at you, Taako, and he says, uh,

Cam: I’m gettin’ pretty sick of this. Taako, you got a spare wand?


Clint: Does he even have a wand?

Taako: Yes. I have a spare wand.

Griffin: Yeah, it’s ‘cause you’re using your umbrella, but you still have your starter wand.

Of course, there’s nothing saying that he doesn’t have a pouch made specifically for holding wands in his bag, so if you’re attached to that mental image, you can still keep it.


It’s been 100 years since the last class left Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. The once thriving institute for people born with a unique genetic mutation giving them extraordinary powers, otherwise known as mutants, had to close it’s doors for good because of a shortage of mutant students following the events of House of M. Soon, the world all but forgot that mutants ever existed, and stories told by the older generations were often viewed as nothing more than tall tales. But there’s a little truth to every tale, isn’t there? Over the past couple years, a new crop of mutants have discovered their powers and after being cryogenically frozen for 100 years, Scott Sommers gathered some of them together to reopen Xavier’s for a new class of students. This is the new generation of mutants. Welcome to Xavier’s,  G E N E R A T I O N  X .


Generation X is a group verse set in the Marvel’s X-MEN universe. Since all characters attend Xavier’s, they should all be mutants but if you have a storyline that makes sense and you really want a non-mutant, human character, we can discuss. When choosing your character’s super power, you should keep their canon in mind and choose a power that fits their personality. Get creative so we don’t have duplicate powers in the verse. No all powerful characters will be accepted. On a scale of 1-5, no character should be above a 3 controlling their power, and they should all still be learning how to control them. Older characters could have a better handle on their powers but younger characters will probably still be novices. Though this takes place 100+ years after X-MEN canon, no canon X-MEN or next gen X-MEN characters will be accepted unless you have a valid reason for their return, (ex. Scott Summers was cryogenically frozen for 100 years.


  1. There’s bound to be mature content including but not limited to sex and violence in a group like this, so we ask that all muns and characters be 18+, no exceptions. 
  2. While in characters drama is encouraged, OOC drama will not be tolerated.
  3. Major plots should always be run by an admin. (ex. major injuries or NPC deaths) Pregnancy and in verse children plots will not be allowed because they don’t really have a place in an environment like this.
  4. Activity will be required either on the group discord or on the dash, but preferably both. If we don’t feel like you’re contributing to the group, you will be asked to leave.
  5. Characters from all fandoms will be accepted as well as original characters.
  6. Each member is allowed up to THREE characters, but we might allow more in the future.
  7. Duplicate face claims will not be allowed so if a canon face claim has been taken you will have to use an alternate face.
  8. Duplicate powers will not be allowed so get creative.
  9. HAVE FUN!!


Please send applications to KATIE.

  • DISCORD TAG: (will not be posted)
  • TRIGGERS: (if any, will not be posted)
  • SUPER POWER: (3-5 sentences please - this is an overview of YOUR character’s specific power and their control of it, not a textbook, wikipedia definition)


  • Join the group DISCORD server for IC and OOC interactions with the group.
  • OPTIONAL: follow everyone in the verse for on the dash interactions.
  • Track the tags:  gv. generation x  and  gv. generation x ooc.


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Do you know all the episodes when Barry appears before The Suffering Game?

Here There Be Gerblins: Episodes 2, 3 and 6 (Was still a flesh Barry back then.)

Petals to the Metal: Episode 27

The Crystal Kingdom: Episode 35

The Eleventh Hour: Episode 49

Ask a number and a fandom and I’ll make an AU based off of it

1 - Color

2 - Fog

3 - Dirt

4 - Time

5 - Rules

6 - Opposite

7 - Music

8 - School

9 - Heat

10 - Digital

11 - Flower

12 - Secret

13 - Assassin

14 - Shift

15 - Unknown

16 - Sight

17 - Feather

18 - Apocalypse

19 - Team

20 - Winter

21 - Control

22 - Soul

23 - Kindness

24 - Silence

25 - Metal

26 - Rewind

27 - Shirt

28 - Box

29 - Blood

30 - Locket


today i found out that my cute friend in my physics class 

  • likes these two german metal bands
  • goes to hot topic for cool star wars wristbands (pleased, i am)
  • wants to get his ears pierced and dye his hair dark red but his mom won’t let him he’d be rly cute tho
  • looks extra cute without his glasses on, i almost cried
  • achieved god level procrastination but still manages to get his homework done on time 
    • just like me ;_;
  • writes smut fics, spends even more time reading them
  • read the fucking art of war because he was bored
  • looks really cute n happy when he talks about something he likes
    • i already knew this
    • i just like to acknowledge it
  • has a nice laugh i wanna wrap myself in (is that even possible i dont care)
  • used to live in a big house in vegas when he was a kid
  • is slowly ruining my l i f e

im falling deeper into the rabbithole ladies and gentleman 


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hey when captain captain Bain died at the end of petals to the metal, did Barry kill him? Did Barry compel him to drink the poison?

Yes. When Captain Captain Bane, under the thrall of the Gaia Sash, tried to poison the Boys, Taako attempted Charm Person on him when he got aggressive. After that failed, this happens:

Griffin: Yeah, he resists your charm spell, but you almost feel like your charm spell was overpowered by another spell. Another mind-control spell. And Captain Bane starts to glow red. Like, he has a faint red outline around him as he- […] -as he quietly stands up, and Taako, he takes your glass and smashes it to the ground, and Merle, he takes your glass and he smashes it to the ground, and then he takes Magnus’ glass, and just chugs it. And then suddenly, his skin starts to turn that sort of sickly black color that Hurley’s was after she dove into the silverpoint vines, and he falls to the ground, dead.

My only guess on the spell that Barry/The Red Robe used was Dominate Person and not Command, as Captain Captain Bane did multiple actions (throwing Taako’s drink, throwing Merle’s drink, downing Magnus’ drink) rather than doing just one action (downing someone’s drink.)