metal 12

elitist metalheads
  • what they think they sound like: *very educated on the history and subgenres of metal, seem impressive and intelligent*
  • what they actually sound like: lmao u listen to [insert random subgenre here]?? lmaooo poserrerr thats not even REAL METAL lol are u 12 REAL METALHEADS like ME only listen to dark blackened black extreme technical progrssive super grind porn core shit brutal stuff death heavy stone dog diddly doodly penis metal but i bet you dont even know what that is because its super underground and a POSER like YOU could never know that loool poser

i finished petal to the metal like…..12 hours ago…… and im RUINED. not the the usual homestuck junk but please…. if you don’t already listen to the adventure zone, it’s SO GOOD and I’m obsessed

actual img caption: it’s hard to hold ur gf’s hand when ur SO TALL and she’s fkn tiny