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The Telephone
Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids
The Telephone

The Telephone, a spoken word poem from Marilyn Manson. Also known as “Bitchy Beginnings of an Oversexed 12 Year Old” and “Jesus Is My Boyfriend”. According to The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, it’s one of his favorite poems he’s done. This recording comes from The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat.

Hitványok - Förtelmes tavi lidércnyomás 12" (Satanicsurfparty - 2017)

Nem átallottam figyelmen kívül hagyni az kánikuláris elfoglaltságaimat (melyek kiváltképp az őrjöngés és az izzadás) annak érdekében, hogy a Hitványok szezonális, sátánista psyhobilly blackmetál lemezét megismerhessem, és ráadásul még át is adhassam ismereteimet. Már mindjárt szögezzük le, hogy gonosz témájú, de egyben felüdítő is a strandtapasztalatok okkultista szemszögből való földolgozása, hiszen, ahogy a már most népszerű sorok mondják a lemezen:

“Szörfözök álnokul, fekete deszkámon,
hawaii-i ingben, de norvégiábúl”

E két sor magvas tartalmába nem is lehetne mást belepréselni, hisz már jelenleg is szinte végtelen tömeggel bír, mint egy épp összeomló csillag a szingularitás küszöbén ugye. A reszelős gitárok mellett a zubogó dobvízesés és a stilisztikailag jampecnek nevezhető előadásmód mind hozzájárul ahhoz, hogy kellemes színfoltjai legyenek jelen lemezükkel is a szörfblack zsánernek. A lemezt hétszínű nagyanyámi fotókra értékelem, ami a legmagasabb érték.


666 faktoros kecsketejjel keni testét a nagy Gormó (2:33)
Hullámokh hátánh siklotth Elvin mágus (4:31)
Asgorath és Satanik úr jégkását szürcsiz (3:21)
Tradicionális beach boyok kíméletlen megkínzása (2:08)
Vijjogva kénkövesítjük a strandpapság kaszárnyáját (5:21)
Sátánista bungalló (bungi) (2:55)
Dezső és a medúza eretnekségre buzdít a szabadstrandon (3:26)
Belzebúb nedvein nyilvános wc padlózatán átgázolva (papucs) (2:08)
Csalamádés mirelit fúria burger (3:07)
Darvas homokkal kínozta ellenfelét a púzwai démon (3:10)

age: 18
zodiac: cancer
height/weight: 5’ 4"/108 lbs
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: biromantic/bisexual
yaoi type: switch
hobby(ies): singing, dancing, plotting, pranking, scheming
personality: she’s a loveable character, but don’t let her charm and seemingly innocent personality fool you. she carries many dark secrets, one of which she will describe to you in the game as an easter egg on the 3rd night. she’s one of those very persuasive and convincing ppl, that makes you believe everything you hear. this makes trust a giant issue and makes her quite a trouble-maker. she has a bad habit of manipulating ppl. her biggest trigger is when ppl. don’t take her seriously and mistrust her. she is indeed guilty of clara’s death, whose soul isn’t left behind to roam’ it mysteriously vanished, leaving her mangled body nothing more that a bloody husk. the other soul, from baby’s first body, lingers around her reminding her of what she did. this happened bc beatrice had haunted her for killing her friend, clara. despite this, baby still smiles. that fake grin she wears is her biggest charm, even though it somewhat expresses her sinister nature in a weird way..

age: 8
height/weight: 3’ 7"/ 70 lbs
b day: 1953
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
hobby(ies): singing, sleeping, playing outside
siblings: vincent, connor
personality/story: the middle child and sister to vincent and connor. she’s a fairly quiet individual who doesn’t speak unless she needs to. after waking up to vincent and connor’s banter in his bedroom, and creeping in to find her dead older brother and her little brother writing messages, in his blood, on the wall, she was promptedw/ severe anxiety and constant snapping under pressure. at connor’s funeral, she sprints up to her brother’s casket and runs out, dragging his body behind her and screaming about what she saw that night while escaping through the entrance of the funeral home. beatrice’s parents and relatives soon caught up to her and brought her down. she was hysterical.. she was immediately sent to the hospital and waited to be admitted to a mental institution. days later, the authorities found her dead in the hall’s bathroom. she had slit her throat open w/ a razor. w/ her soul free she went on to avenge her friend, clara afton (who had died the day beatrice was admitted into the institution), by possessing baby’s scrapped body, which made baby sometimes her clara’s scream when she killed her. that body was later recovered, given green eyes, and kept stored away in the circus baby entertainment and rentals building. she now plots in secret and aims to leave by using you throughout the week, only to betray you in the end…

age: ???
zodiac: ???
height/weight: 6'2"/ 123 lbs
gender: agender
blood type: ???
laterality: ambidextrous
romantic/sexual orientation: heteroromantic/asexual
yaoi type: switch
hobby(ies): ???
personality: ​they’re very quiet and rather insecure, for the most part. bc of this, it rare to see them smile, unless the ends their mouth is stitched to their cheeks. at times though, they can be out of control. the knowledge of 4 different minds melded into 1 makes them even more unpredictable than baby alone. ennard has an ability that not even mariah or vincent can perform; they can change between soul and ‘human’ form, shifting between the fifth (the solidarity) and sixth (the infinity) realities. the catch is that they can only travel, and are practically stuck between 2 of the 6 realities. the tattered cloth ennard drapes over their body covers 12 retractable metallic tentacles on their back and the body he inhabited was indeed mr. afton (william). his son was taken over by vincent some years later… in 87, vincent kidnaps micheal afton, another security guard on day shift duty, strips him for his suit as a disguise, and dresses afton into his street attire. while micheal’s unconscious, vincent releases half of the purple flame into afton’s body. he releases the other half into stacey’s body. after vincent commits suicide, his and stacey’s bodies are recovered and taken away. micheal wakes up and recovers soon afterwards. one part of the flame was to hibernate and lay dormant for quite some time. that part was given to stacey, the active half was given to micheal. w/ this, and a built personality already engraved into it, vincent was able to possess micheal’s body and carry on w/ his objectives, but he knew that he now wasn’t able to return to the death revolutionists. he was on his own again, he slowly began to go mad, bc of the only partial amount of the flame afton received affecting his body. he finds ennard, still in his soul underform, in the same body. the two battle for control for quite some time, until vincent manages to eject ennard from william’s body.

DS by me


My music tastes have been a literal roller coaster and I’m not even including the 4 months I was into Country (or my never-ending love for 80′s & 90′s music).