here it is. fred’s and mine rewritten version of boruto: 

  1. lesbian icons sakura, ino and karin are together and they’re all sarada’s moms. they live together, but karin is off working a lot. the whole family cheers and has big parties when she comes home. sarada’s outfit is also fixed.
  2. hinata, naruto and gaara are the most disgustingly cheery and plant-loving household in konoha, and have boruto and himawari together. boruto’s redesigned and reimagined to look less like a carbon copy of naruto, and also he’s now more shy, kind and interested in chakra techniques and hacking.
  3. rock lee and neji(who survived-sasuke died instead sacrificing himself for his friends) are metal’s parents and together. metal can’t unlock byakugan, but he’s got enormous chakra control talent and his dads can’t stop embarrassing him by showering him with love and constantly bragging about him. 

+cho cho and sarada are now the main characters!! 

mariosonic471  asked:

If you had the chance to rewrite Forces's story, how would you have written it?

Haven’t thought about it long enough to truly iron it out, but some ideas of mine include:

  • Don’t have Tails be reduced to… well, nothing, basically. He can still be seperate from the other characters if you so desire, but he should be more determined than ever, in spite of potential sad acknowledgement of the situation, to find his oldest pal and help stop Robotnik.

  • Expand on the roles of the other characters. Forces as it is is already a step up compared to previous titles in that field, so you’re already halfway there. They just needed a bit more screentime to do even more.

  • Shadow/Metal/Zavok/Chaos all being illusions was a bit of a cop out. I would have them all be the real versions, and they’d have their own reasons for why they’re on Robotnik and Infinite’s side. (Also, you’d actually get to fight Shadow and Chaos.)

  • Establish more focus and variety with Robotnik’s conquest of the planet.
    With such a huge, game-changing premise, you don’t want to waste something like that. And just because the premise is a grim one doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with it. Casino Forest did offer a little taste of the doctor’s trademark tastes, but I would like there to have been more.

  • Maybe expand on Infinite a little bit. His backstory and setup is fair enough, but it could maybe benefit with having a little more meat to it.

  • Definitely elaborate more on the Phantom Ruby, so as to prevent confusion as to what it does and what it doesn’t (and also to prevent theories about Mania’s events all being an illusion, because seriously, I ain’t having that shit).