Oslo is ridiculusly hot these days.
I’ve capitulated on the couch, listening to blue sunday music and chillaxing.

It’s been a great weekend, including a very nice birthday party for metakat in the park (see previous post). Sat outside the entire day, grilling, chatting, playing a park game called “kubb”, listening to music and melting away in the sun. I got to see a lot of dear people I haven’t seen in a while, also it feels good to get out and be social again whilst actually not feeling totally out of it. So things are slowly getting better.
Anyway, there were a big bunch of people stopping by the park that day. All generations represented from newborn babies to Kat’s mum and stepdad, people from all kinds of backgrounds and groups. Even three chineese tourists that has been couchsurfing at Lena & Martin’s showed up. I had a really good time.

Today I had lunch with iezebel, supermons, tiberiusloft, metakat, Lena & Martin at Sagene, and I’ve just got home. Tonight will consist of cleaning the flat (or, procrastination if we should be realistic)

Hope you’re all having a wonderful, sunny sunday tumblrs. Love y'all


Tapas ftw

Still sinfully blissful after last nights amazing dinner, prepared by metakat for our (Kat, supermons and me) weekly Supernatural geek-evening. She just got back from Spain, and brought some incredible delicious Spanish tapas treats. Quite predictably, all three of us overate, died and went to food-heaven.

Unfortunately, I was too hungry to remember to photodocument the feast. And now it almost seems like a dream too good to be true (which might be enforced by the fact that my current breakfast consists of knekkebrød with no topping..).