your presence is accumulative. you are not in this instance. you are connected to all scopes. this is how you arrived here. where are you taking this now?


your thoughts are distributed. you are not in this state. you are delivered to all vector splays. this is how you arrive there. why are you wanting this to be?

narrative fractals are a story of an experience within a story of an experience.

(experience is defined as a holographic projection of reality within multiple subsets of connected information, clustered as networked trends which have density to a symbolic state)

(symbolic state is defined as a cultural influence which has embedded meaning and intention that grows as its usage is experienced)

in a sense, narrative fractals are a system within a system which has scope to go as far as necessary to deliver a construct of its own existence, for interplay of certain() yet initially undefined variables.

a narrative fractal is the unfolding (= able to be told or seen through instruction of its own deliverance) of timelines which expand (= reaching extensions of development) and contract (= condensing compounds into tangible substances) further than their foreseen
instance (that which is derived through effort vs momentum from a certain state / mode).

narrative fractals are connected to one another, involving multiple entities with their own instances portrayed as ‘environmental construct influencers’ to a vector (= a super variable point in the fluid hyperreality where a mind experiences a narrative fractal projection).

(entity is an organism which is connected to any other organism and is not limited to a human mind).

—   - @entpm

flowcycle string

formation of culture and communication

an environment where life communicates as streams of overlapping realities. real and virtual in simultaneous feedback.

being alive flows information.

information, content, data and experience are building our cybernetic environment.

  • information ( _ is -8 +1 )
  • content ( ^ is -7 +2 )
  • data ( _ is -6 +3 )
  • experience ( ^ is -5 +4 )