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A/N: This is a few months after the end of Forbidden. Reader is in college/university and Dean has found a job there as a professor.

My gift for Christmas to all you lovelies. Merry Christmas to all! Love you!! xx’

Forbidden - Teacher!Dean x Student!Reader - Sequel

“NO! Hey no, Dean stop!” you managed to say through giggles.

“No, Dean! Stop it! I have to study!” you said half laughing, as your boyfriend-slash-teacher did not stop tickling you.

You were at your dorm, which you shared with Caroline and Elena, but since they were out you had called Dean to come and help you study for your mid-terms. And Dean, not having anything else to do, came to help you like a sweet boyfriend would do.

“Hmm let me think about it…” he stopped for a second and tapped a finger on his chin “No” he smirked and started tickling you again.

“De-dean n-no co-come o-on I-I ha-ve to study! DEAN!” you said, not able to keep your laughter, tears streaming down your cheeks.

“I’m sorry but that’s not happening today babe” he smirked more and continued tickling you.

“N-no De-dean please! I-I ’m supposed to b-be studying!” you said through laughter,clenching at your sides and trying to stop him, or at least reason with him to take a break.

“Study? What the hell are you talking about? Who gave you such ideas?” he shook his head and stopped for a while, only to resume shortly after.

“Y-you! I-it’s your lesson I’m supposed to be studying for, biology!” you said and then started laughing again.

“Oh right, yeah” he nodded and then pulled away from you “Ok then let’s resume to studying” he rested his back against the head of your bed.

“Finally” you sighed in relief, the smile not leaving your face “You really are in the mood today”

“Well, yeah, of course I am. Lisa and I signed the divorce yesterday so that means I’m legally all yours” he gave you a cheeky smile.

“True” you gave him a peck on the lips “And since I’m now 18, I’m legally yours too” you giggled.

You fixed your shirt and straightened your hair, and after brushing a few tears you turned to look at Dean. After he put the book aside he turned to look at you and continued doing what you were before. Asking you questions about how each bone of the human body was named. (Which is what resulted in him being on top of you and tickling you after having poked at your rib and found out how ticklish you were.) You really should not have let him poke your side, but you did not regret it. So you continued.

“Ok so uhm let’s see.” Dean took your hand in his “What’s the name of this?” he pointed at a bone around the place your wrist was.

“That’s an easy one. Carpus” you smiled and he did the same.

“Correct” he said and kissed you at that place, as a reward.

“Now, what about this one?” he pointed at the area of your fingers.

“Again, easy. That’s metacarpus” you said and he nodded.

“And that?” he pointed at your fingers, but at a different place.

“Phalanges” you said quickly.

“Correct and correct” he said and gave you two kisses at those places.

You giggled at his childlike behavior and he interviewed hands with yours. He looked up and down your arm and then spoke “And what about this one?” he pointed with his other hand at your arm.

“Easy. That’s radius. And that’s ulna. That’s the radius head. And then that’s humerus, that’s the humeral head, that’s the scapula and that’s clavicle.” you started and then named bone after bone.

“Correct!” Dean gave you a full smile and did not lose time to start kissing up your whole arm but did not stop til he reached your collarbone and then your jawline and finally billow your chin.

“That’s mandible” you giggled.

“Hm correct” he mumbled and started kissing you there. Then proceeding to suck and lick it.

You threw your head back, giving him more access, as he continued to lick it, moving a little bit his head and proceeding to lick and suck at your soft spot. You gave a soft moan as he bit it lightly and you could feel his lips pull into a smile.

“Somebody likes studying hm?” he asked through kisses.

You gave a moan in agreement.

“And you like it a lot hm?” he said in a low husky voice, grumbling a little and running a hand a little bit below your shirt.

You purred again in agreement and heard him chuckle, pleased with himself. But then he groaned once you decided to tease him too, by putting and moving a leg in between his.

“And you like that a lot?” you mocked him, grabbing at his shirt with one hand, the other one behind his back, moving you leg more.

He groaned and pulled away for a moment. You opened your eyes and looked up at his green eyes that were clearly filled with lust. “You’re gonna pay for that” he grumbled and you smirked at him.

“I’m waiting for it, professor Winchester” you giggled at him.

“You’re going to be the death of me” he groaned and did not wait a second to close the remaining distance between you, crashing his lips to yours.

It was the first time he had kissed you this hungrily and so full of passion (if we exclude the dream) and it made your heart beat even more fast. Dean was always sweet and gentle, always making sure you were ok and felt comfortable with how you two were. But this time he seemed to forget it and not help but attack your lips, biting and sucking occasionally. Your heart was beating rapidly. So rapidly that you though it would come out of your chest . You could not help it though. You knew very well where this was heading to and your hands started shaking at the mere thought. You and Dean had not gone that far in your relationship, even though you were dating for about four to five months, and you really appreciated that he wanted to wait til you felt ready. You really appreciated it and it was one of the things that you loved about him. But you knew that, even though he insisted that he could wait til you were ready, he wanted to take your relationship to the next level. He wanted to be with you in every possible way. To be one with you. And you knew it.

As much as it made you nervous, you knew that Dean would be gentle and take care of you. So you did not hesitate and moved your hands around his neck to bring him closer, as his hands grabbed at your hips to bring you closer. He kissed you feverly, and started playing with the waistband of your sweatpants. Fact that made you gasp in shock.

As soon as he heard you, Dean pulled away and looked at you with an apologizing look “Oh (y/n) I-I’m sorry baby. I didn’t want to push you further. I-” he started but you cut him off.

“Dean it’s perfectly fine. You have nothing to apologize for. I want to, baby” you gave him a soft smile and he stood like that, not moving, and just staring at you with a small smile on his lips.

“I love you baby” he said after a good few minutes “So so much” he rubbed a thumb on your cheek.

“I love you too, Dean.” you leaned into him, barely a few inches separating you “So so much” you whispered and closed the distance between you.

The kiss was soft, sweet and full of love. Both you and Dean showing each other how you felt, how much you meant to each other. Dean’s hand placed your legs around his waist and then moved to rest on your waist, gripping firmly but not so much as to hurt you. They quickly moved under your shirt and he started kissing down your neck, stopping that the hem of you shirt. But just as he was about to remove it-

- Caroline’s voice was heard.

“Alright and don’t forget to call Bonnie and Davina. And bring- erh” she trailed off as soon as she opened the door and both you and Dean immediately pulled away from each other. You fixed your shirt and tried to sooth your hair as Dean ran a hand through his, clearing his throat. 

“H-hey Car” you cleared your throat too and tried to soothe your rapidly beating heart, feeling the heat on your cheeks.

“H-hey (y/n). Mr. Winchester” she waved awkwardly and Dean gave her an awkward smile.

“You’re back earlier?” you asked her as Dean fixed his loose tie.

“I- I am not back earlier. I told you I’d be back by this time.” she said and you looked at the clock to see that more time had passed than you thought.

“Oh I’m sorry. We got caught in-” you started and Dean cut you off.

“Studying. I was helping her study for your mid-terms in biology.” he completed your sentence “I believe you have studied Caroline, since they are next week.” he smirked at her and Caroline shifted awkwardly.

“I, well, I- Basically I- You know what, I’ll go have a shower. You two just- erh… whatever” she waved a hand and shaking her head.

“Talking about awkward” you muttered and Dean chuckled.

“Yeah, well, she’ll get over it. Meanwhile” he sighed and got up from your bed, you following suit “I should get going” he said and made his way to the door.

“Ok” you sighed, opening the door for him “Sorry by the way. For… you know, the interruption and all” you said looking down at your feet, putting a few strands of hair behind your ear.

“You don’t have to apologize for anything, princess” he cupped your cheek and gave you a small smile “Just forget about it. We had fun, even if it was for studying for some damn mid-terms. I can’t believe I’m saying this” he shook his head and laughed, as you did the same thing.

“So how about you come by my place later, hm? I’ll prepare dinner so that we can eat together for tonight. And then maybe we could talk and even watch a few movies. Maybe up until late at night, since, you know, you don’t have lessons tomorrow morning and… yeah…” he trailed off and ran a hand through his hair, nervously.

“You’re asking me on a date professor?” you smirked and you could swear you saw him blush.

He opened and closed his mouth multiple times, but found nothing to say.

You giggled slightly and then spoke “Of course Dean. After all it is cute to see you blush when asking me out, even though we’re already together” you said.

“What? Pffft me? No!” he tried to play it cool but you did not buy it.

“Ok you know what? I’m older than you and your professor so you do not dare make fun of me young lady! Or else I’ll give you an F!” he warned but you could see he did not mean it.

“Yeah whatever” you rolled your eyes playfully at him “Like hell!”

“Are you sure about that?” he smirked and you raised your eyebrows at him.

“No way! You’d really do that?! I can’t believe you Winchester!” you crossed your arms “Now I’m hurt!” you fake-pouted.

Dean chuckled and cupped your face with his hands “Don’t worry I’ll make it up to you princess. I’ll have (Favorite movie) and will prepare (Favorite desert)” he smirked at seeing your eyes lit up.

“You’re the best! I love you!” you said with a wide smile and he chuckled.

“I love you too” he said softly and pecked your lips.

Dean cleared his throat and pulled away “Anyway, I better be going or else we won’t have anything to eat for dinner. I’ll see you at 8 o’ clock baby” you gave him a soft smile and nodded. He smiled back and after another kiss he exited the room, making sure that nobody saw him.

You closed the door and rested your head for a moment against it, eyes closed and silence surrounding you. Until of course it was broken by Caroline.

“What the hell (y/n)!?” Caroline said, as soon as she exited the bathroom.

You turned to look at her and frowned “Didn’t you have a shower?”

“Of course not (y/n). I just wanted to get out of the awkward situation, which, by the way, you caused!” she pointed a finger at you.

“Oh come on Caroline, don’t be so dramatic!” you rolled your eyes at her.

“Yeah, sure, because it is not awkward to walk in on your roommate do the do with a guy that also happens to be our teacher!” she said-matter-of-factly.

“Come on, Car. What are you 10 years old?” you laughed lightly “Besides, we weren’t really doing anything… you got in” you ended up mumbling.

“So you weren’t doing anything because I interrupted you! Ugh, never mind, just don’t… get that far here. There are plenty of other places” she shrugged and you looked at her wide-eyed.

“Caroline!” you shouted, feeling the blush rise in your cheeks “We haven’t gotten that far, anyway” you mumbled and occupied yourself with gathering the books in the bed.

She mumbled something that sounded “Whatever” and went to open the door for Elena, Bonnie and Davina to come in. Each one of them holding some sort of snacks, pillows and blankets, their pjs and even a few DVDs with movies. 

“Girls’ time starting right now!” Caroline shouted excited. And so, your evening with the girls started.

You were all dressed in your pjs or most comfortable clothes and sat on the three beds chatting about whatever came to your mind and whatever had happened lately. Which meant that the conversation would soon drift to you and Dean. And it did.

“Soooo (y/n) tell us some spicy news about you and our lovely professor, Mr. Winchester” Davina said smirking at you from where she laid on the bed, on her stomach.

Of course she knew about you and Dean, just like the rest of the girls in the room. But only them, nobody else. You didn’t want anybody else to know, not until you finished college of course.

“I- nothing new. He and Lisa signed the divorce papers yesterday so I guess that’s just it.  Everything else is just about the way you know them” you shrugged and hugged the pillow, resting against the head of your bed.

“Come on (y/n) we asked about spicy news. Like…” Elena said pausing for a while “What is it like sleeping with your professor?” she smirked at you and your eyes almost widened. You really wanted to avoid that subject, but you obviously couldn’t.

You opened your mouth to speak but Bonnie cut you off “Yeah, have you two gotten steamy at his place? Or even in the classroom?” she smirked at you and all the girls looked at you in the same way, expecting an answer.

“We- we haven’t done anything girls. Really…” you said in a low voice and looked down at your hands.

All the girls frowned at you, except Caroline.

“Yeah, like hell! Because you definitely were not getting steamy a few hours ago before I walked in on you!” she said and you looked at her wide-eyed.

“Caroline!” you screeched.

“What?!” she asked innocently.

“Agh never mind”  you groaned “I’d better get ready” you said and they all looked at you frowning.

“Ready for what?” Davina asked.

“Dean asked me to go by his place tonight. We’re going to have dinner and then maybe watch some movie.” you said simply.

“So he basically asked you to spent the night at his place?” Elena asked and you nodded, hesitantly, after looking the expression on Caroline’s face.

“Yeah, basically” you said slowly and Caroline’s eyes immediately widened.

“Oh my Castiel! He wants to have sex with you!” she exclaimed loudly, and you all looked at her wide eyed.

“CAROLINE!” you all said at the same time.

“What?” she asked as if nothing had happened.

“Will you just try to keep it low?!” Bonnie stated.

“Keep what low?” she asked and you all groaned.

“Whatever” you threw your pillow at her “I’ll just go get ready” you said and got up, about to go get ready.

“Hey wait!” Caroline said and you turned to look at her “Where are you going?”

“Uhm to find what to wear?” you frowned at her.

“Yeah, but you are definitely not going to do it yourself. Ladies-” she said and turned to look at the girls, her hands on her hips “You know what this means. Time for operation ’The date.’ Get ready ladies. We’ve got job to do” she said and all the girls got up.

“Miss yes miss!” they all saluted and you looked at them as if they were out of their minds.

“Bonnie, Elena. You two go find two perfect pieces. In (y/n)’s style. Davina go get all the accessories to accompany them. I will find the right make up. (Y/n)-” she turned to look at you “You go have a warm and relaxing shower, but don’t take to long. Once you’re out we will do your hair, so don’t bother to dry them. We will.” she said and all girls started going to different directions.

You just stood there looking at her, frowning, and trying to understand what was going on.

“Come on! (Y/n), move!!” she said and after handing you a towel she pushed you into the bathroom. You stood like that for a moment, but then shrugged and decided to take a shower. You took your time and relaxed, but after a while decided to get out of the shower.

You walked out of the bathroom with only a towel ready to go take some undergarments and clothes to change. Just as you were about grab some clothes Caroline stopped you.

“Whoa whoa wait right there lady."you turned to look at her, frowning.

"What?” you asked.

“Come here, sit in this chair and just relax. We are going to take care of your hair, make up, manicure and pedicure.” she said and made you sit in a chair. 

You opened your mouth to speak but she hushed you “Shush, don’t speak. And don’t worry. You’re in good hands” she reassured with a smile.

You got slightly afraid of what she said, but tried to relax. If they were so willing to do your make up, hair and nails then you’d let them. Besides, Bonnie and Davina were really good at it. And even if you did not like it you could change it later. You closed your eyes and leaned at your chair as you let the girls do their job.

After about half an hour Caroline told you to open your eyes and then handed you a small mirror. You looked at it to see that they had actually done a really good job. Your make up was really natural, very light pink lipstick almost the same color as your lips, eye liner and some mascara, almost invisible, and light brown eye shadow. Your hair were curled slightly, and as you looked at your nails you saw a classic French manicure done on them.

“Wow girls this is-” you started but immediately stopped as soon as you looked up from your mirror at Bonnie and Elena holding something that you certainly did not expect. Basically Elena “What the hell?!” you screeched and looked at Caroline wide-eyed.

She just smirked at you “What?” she asked innocently.

“What do you mean by what?! I’m not wearing that Caroline!” you said getting up and motioning to the white, definitely revealing, but still kind-of modest, set of lingerie.

“Oh yes you are!” she smiled at you.

“Oh no I’m not!” you replied in the same voice tone.

“Oh yes you are! Look (y/n)-” she put her hands on your shoulders and looked at you seriously “Tonight, is your special night. And don’t deny it. We both know that Dean wants to take your relationship to the next level. Because he loves you. More than anything. So if you want it too, and if you love him as well, then-” she smiled at you “You might as well make it special”

You hesitated for a moment, looking at her and trying to decide. You finally sighed and nodded at her, turning to take them from Elena and then turning to take the white, almost light pink, dress and high heels from Bonnie “Couldn’t you at least find a longer dress” you mumbled and Caroline just rolled her eyes.

“Yeah whatever, just go get dressed already” she said and shoved you into the bathroom.

You quickly got dressed, and after exiting the bathroom and the girls wishing you good luck (and Caroline telling you to have fun - of course not meaning anything innocent) you got out of the room and made your way to Dean’s place. It wasn’t that far away from campus so you just walked til there.

After about ten minutes you reached his place. You knocked on the door and after a few seconds Dean came to open it. He was well-dressed, in dark blue suit, white shirt and black tie. He looked at you wide-eyed, opening and closing his mouth several times.

“Sorry if I’m late. I just- the girls helped me get ready and it took a lot time and- Sorry” you said slightly stuttering.

“N-no it’s o-ok. You’re really- I mean you l-look- Y-you- Wow” he breathed out and you bit your lip, trying to keep the huge smile on your face from appearing.

“Thanks” you giggled slightly.

He smiled at you and then moved from the way, motioning for you to come in.

“Wow” you breathed out at the sight in front of you. There were red rose petals everywhere, the lights were off but the room was well lit up by the small candles here and there, that were put in a line. The were rose petals everywhere, even in the stairs, and along with smells that the candles emitted they made you feel so relaxed. The soft music contributing to it as well.

“It’s beautiful” you breathed out with a smile on your face, putting  your small bag at the small table near the door.

“Not as beautiful as you” Dean whispered in your ear and then kissed at your neck, as he removed your coat. 

He slid it off your shoulders and hanged it somewhere. He put his hands on your shoulders and you turned to look at him. You had no time to say anything, he just crashed his lips on yours. And you wasted no time in responding to the kiss with equal love.

“Finally…” he whispered and brushed his thumb at your lower lip, once you both pulled away “Finally, I can do this and not feel any guilt. Not feel bad because I will hurt somebody. Finally, I can hold you, kiss you and love you and not hold back. I don’t need to hold back. Finally, after so long I don’t have to pretend that it doesn’t kill me to be away from you. Finally, baby, I’m not forbidden to love you.” he said and rested his forehead against yours.

“Finally…” you whispered and closed your eyes, breathing in his scent.

You both staid like that for a while, in peaceful silence. Enjoying each other’s company.

“How about we move to the couch and drink something before we start dinner hm?” he asked lazily and you smiled.

“Sure” you looked at him with adoring gaze, as he did, and made your way to the couch.

He filled two glasses with red wine and gave you one. He sat by your side and although he had a glass of his one he did not drink. He just sat there watching you, a small and lazy smile on his face.

You were drinking from your glass when you saw him stare, out of the corner of your eye “What?” you asked with a small laugh, pulling the glass away.

He just shrugged, the smile not leaving his face “Nothing. Just… I’m happy.” he brushed your cheeks with the back of his hand.

“Because of…” you trailed off.

“You” he completed your sentence “I’m happy because of you, baby girl. And I could never find the right words to say how thankful I am for that… I… I love you (y/n). More than you could ever imagine” he whispered, resting his forehead against yours.

You leaned into him more “I love you too, Dean.” you said in a low voice and closed the little space between you.

And so, after the kiss, you both started talking about anything that came to your mind. Soon the conversation drifted to what had happened months ago. To how it all started. To how you admitted your feelings. And then how you had to overcome all those obstacles, all those misunderstandings. Just so that you could, in the end, be together.

“If it wasn’t for your father then…” Dean sighed, shaking his head “We… wouldn’t be here. Together”

“Yes, but we are now. So don’t think about it” you cupped his cheeks and he took hold of your other hand with both of his hands.

“I was going to leave. For good.” he continued as if he didn’t hear you “I would be living away from you, with a woman I did not love and a child that I would believe to be mine. Living a lie because I’d feel guilty for that child. I’d be living a lie. A painful lie because I’d be away from you. Damn.” he put a hand over his eyes.

“Dean…” you whispered.

He chuckled “Sorry baby. Talking about chick flick moments huh?” he looked at you with a smirk.

You shook you head slightly “No Dean. It’s not like that. It’s your happiness we’re talking here about” you cupped his other cheek “And Iwant you to be happy. Because I love you” you said in a low voice.

He stared for a while into your eyes “And I want you to be happy too baby. Because I love you too” he said in the same voice tone  and he did not waist a second. Closing the distance between you. The kiss was sweet and soft, and it felt just like your first one. Sweet, slow, tender and full of care and love. Dean always making sure you felt ok. 

You leaned back, Dean still on top of you, kissing you softly and passionately. His hands moved from your waist to your hips and then your legs. They were somewhat cold and the contact  made you gasp. Dean pulled away for a second and looked at you frowning, as if asking if he should continue. You saw the look on his face, worried because he thought he might be pushing you, but you just smiled softly and gave him a small nod. He smiled and then crashed his lips to yours, his hand not hesitating a second to move below your dress. But as soon as he touched a piece (where the long socks connected with the thing that kept them from falling) of the lingerie Caroline made you wear, he pulled away from you and you opened your eyes to see him looking at you with a stunned look on his face.

“Really?” he asked a smirk making it’s way onto his lips.

You blushed and just shrugged a little bit “Caroline made me wear them so…yeah…” you trailed off and avoided eye contact, biting your lip nervously. Only to look back at him when you heard him chuckle.

“Well remind me give her an A on biology next time” he smiled and you chuckled, feeling more comfortable.

Once again he closed the distance between you, kissing from your lips down to your neck, licking and sucking at your soft spot. He pulled your legs around his waist and you groaned.

“What about dinner?” you asked breathlessly.

“Dinner… later…” he mumbled between kisses “Now…” he pulled away from you.

“I’d much rather eat you” he smirked at you and you giggled as he picked you up from your feet and carried you upstairs to his room.

Who needed dinner when they had their lovely professor, Dean Winchester, all to themselves?

muniaelena  asked:

Do you really find it more fair to the bear to kill it than to injure it and let it survive? Would you rather be dead than injured? ._.

I hate to shatter your innocence here, but that’s not really how things work in nature. You are projecting emotion and the human construct of “fairness” onto a situation that has nothing to do with either. But since I don’t believe that any question is a bad one, here’s some food for thought on the topic:

In most cases, especially in the wilderness, even minor injuries are a death sentence. Nature is not a Disney movie - animals in the wild do not get vet care, and something as simple as a broken bone can and does lead to horrible internal infections that will slowly kill the animal from the inside out. I’ve seen it happen, and it’s brutal. Death absolutely would have been a better fate than that. 

Of course, many animals do recover from certain injuries. I have worked with the remains of animals that have had calcified breaks and fractures, and even headdressed a bear that had been shot in the face and survived - at least, until it was shot a second time, fatally so. The injuries on that animal, while partially-healed, nevertheless likely contributed in no minor part to it’s demise. It was fatally shot near a farm, where it was likely seeking out easier-to-obtain food sources because the injury it sustained when it was shot the first time prevented it from foraging or hunting for its usual meals. 

The problem is that whether a wound will heal or not depends greatly on the nature of the injury, the time of year it is sustained, and what kind of overall health the animal had prior to being hurt. And many of these are factors which lie beyond my control in a bear-encounter situation. If a warning shot in the dirt doesn’t work, and the bear continues to charge, I can’t decide that, “Oh, I’m going to shoot it in the foot because that’s ‘more fair’ than killing it!” Aside from that fact that - yes, a simple foot injury could indeed cause the bear’s eventual death - I would also be endangering myself. 

An injured animal does not always run - but it is pumped full of adrenaline, the reaction to which is called “Fight or Flight Mode” for a good reason. A bear shot in the foot, or grazed on the shoulder, etc. will probably be pretty pissed off, but won’t feel threatened enough to back down.

I am now in a situation where I either have to shoot it again (cruel), or let the bear attack me (all aboard the Nope Train to Fuckthatville). Thus, shooting-to-kill is a perfectly rational and responsible course of action to take in the event that no other warnings are heeded by a bear in the wild.

So to answer your last question - if I were in a survival situation, in the woods, with no medical supplies and no way to reach help, running entirely on animal instincts (meaning that I would have no notion to stitch or cauterize a flesh wound, nor any knowledge to create a splint for a broken bone) and someone blew a hole in my hand and broke one of my metacarpus bones - I would be hard-pressed to survive more than a week. It would take a miracle for me to be able to gather/hunt my food, build any manner of shelter, obtain drinkable water, and otherwise do what nature requires one to do in order to survive. All the while, I would likely be battling infection, pain, and delirium. If the injury itself didn’t kill me, then the long-term effects of it certainly would. 

The best way to avoid the need to kill a bear is to take steps to prevent it from occurring in the first place. But I cannot (will not) bring my dogs with me while I’m deer hunting this season, and if I make a kill, I will have to pack it out on my own, which will be a tedious and time-consuming process. If I encounter a bear during that time, and nothing else works to dissuade it, I absolutely will not shoot to injure said bear because doing so is “fair” - I am going to kill it because that is the nature of survival.

madat-55  asked:

Sasha, you're a wonderful girl and I respect you and like you a lot but you are very suspicious! Liam's hickey is not a hickey but a mosquito bite. It was made by the same mosquito that a year later bit Zayn and caused him the swollen metacarpus (his words, not mine). This mosquito travels with them, it's like a pet but with a nasty temper. Whenever this mosquito throw a temper tantrum, we have incidents like these. Yep. Most definitely a mosquito!

Poor Skeeter. He’s so misunderstood. He means no harm. He’s just Ziam af. He certainly didn’t mean to cause Sophia–Liam’s girlfriend who is a girl–or Perrie–the loved up fiancee–any distress. He sincerely regrets any confusion his enthusiastic fan-mosquitoing may have caused.


Something I run across a lot as a crossbreeder is the statement that one cannot breed dogs without a ‘standard’, preferably written by a committee, made official by a breed club, and associated with a registry for purebred dogs. This statement is always made as definitive, concrete, a Truth of the Highest Order. In other words, with no standard one would simply not be able to produce anything like a functional dog, or even predict what kind of traits you will get. I guess basic biomechanics and genetics aren’t things.

I find this amusing. A breed, especially a breed with a closed stud book, is like a cake mix that comes in a box. You have a limited set of ingredients, so as long as you follow the directions on the box (the standard), you will get something close to the picture on the front. Once you step outside the box, you have to rely on recipes (knowledge of how gross traits are inherited) to make your cake, but you can add any ingredient you like if you think it would make a better cake. This is cool because you can experiment to get what you want, but if you’re an idiot you can also produce a cake that no one will eat, unlike the box cake, which always turns out pretty much the same. A lot of the work of purebred breeding (depending on the breed and the breeder, of course) is due to the icing, the nitpicky cosmetic details like roses or piping, stuff that doesn’t affect the basic taste of the cake.

(This is me simply amusing myself with a long way of saying that people who breed crosses or mixed breeds are generally more concerned with gross traits than with details like eye shape or tail carriage. I almost used Hamburger Helper instead of cake, but I don’t like casseroles.)

Anyway, I decided to write a semi-serious joke standard for my Afghan/Saluki crosses and backcrosses, based on the FCI standard format. It is based on what I have learned about what I want and how to make it, from two litters of crosses and two backcross litters, one each way. Come back in ten years after I’ve learned more and there may be amendments. Pictured are some of my ‘ideal’ first cross Afghan/Salukis, or Halfghans.


ORIGIN: BFE Texas, United States of America


UTILIZATION: Running and chasing dog. Makes a nice pet if you like the type.

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY: An Afghan hound named Zora thought it would be a dandy idea to conceive pups with a Saluki named Victor in the middle of a massive windstorm. Lo! The Desertwindhounds, also known as Halfghans, were born! And they were awesome. Usually a first cross between a Saluki and an Afghan hound, a Desertwindhound can also be a backcross to either breed, or any combination of drop eared sighthounds as long as it meets the points set forth in the standard. The Desertwindhound is a type, NOT a breed, and should not be confused with breeds kept within closed stud books and bred to very narrow physical specifications. It has variety.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: A large, lightly coated or smooth drop eared coursing dog capable of the speed and agility necessary to take a variety of traditionally coursed game over varying terrain, or to chase plastic bags, toys, or fellow dogs in an entertaining manner. Hardy and able to deal with adverse weather or uncivilized conditions with minimal support, the Desertwindhound should have the appearance of a country of origin Afghan hound. It is rustic, not the type of dog you would see with people who wear $200 jeans or who have phobias about dirt, and should never appear as if it was grown in a vat at the Fabio factory.

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: Reserved with strangers, affectionate with family. Loves to run and chase things. Not overly sensitive to adverse situations. Intact males may be tetchy with other intact males, but should not be starting fights. Bitches can undergo a sensitive phase during adolescence but should grow out of it. Can take up to five years to ‘grow up.’ Tends to howl, and steal food or objects if the opportunity presents itself. Frequently boings on its hind legs when excited, and may talk as well. Will bark at unauthorized intruders. May bark at small animals outside the fence that you cannot see. Loving but not clingy, loves to be with you but understands the concept of ‘go outside and play.’ Prone to goofballery and digging large dens. If you want a dog that likes every Tom, Dick, and Harry while staying velcroed to your hip awaiting your pleasure, the Desertwindhound is not the dog for you.


Skull: Balanced between muzzle and skull. No pinheads.

Stop: Slight.

Nose: One. Two nostrils and a good sense of smell should be present.
Muzzle: Long but proportionate to skull. Muzzle and skull should form a wedge shape from above.
Jaws / Teeth: Scissor bite preferred. Level bite causes worn down incisors and should be selected away from. Lack of premolars acceptable but full dentition preferred because missing teeth look a little peculiar. Canines must form a correct bite to hold struggling game or recalcitrant toys. Strong jaw musculature for a good grip. The angle at which the upper and lower teeth mesh should not cause excessive wear on the incisors or canines. Mouth should need minimal maintenance to remain healthy.
Eyes: Two are required for binocular vision. Should be able to see small moving objects over long distances and be highly attracted to motion. Dark skin pigment preferred to reduce sun glare. Light eyes are preferred because they look cool.
Ears: Two drop ears. The coated version should have some hair on them, but not so much as to create a very heavy ear and compromise air flow. Minimal hair under the ear opening. Highly mobile, perky ears are preferred over droopy boring ears due to greater cuteness.

NECK: Should be in proportion to the rest of the body, strong enough to grab moving game, long enough to reach small game while running. Giraffe and/or ewe necks are no. If it makes you think ‘OMG, that’s a long neck,’ it’s too long.

Back: Short, well muscled. Can have prominent muscles over the withers. Or not.
Loin: Muscular, slight arch preferred, flexible for the contraction phase of the gallop and for curling up on the bed.
Croup: Definitely has one. Should have adequate space for muscle attachment. Hips will protrude in direct proportion to how high the iliac crests are.
Chest: Should not be so broad that it interferes with the stifles while galloping, nor so narrow as to appear two dimensional. Egg shaped in cross-section. Can reach the elbow. Or not.

TAIL: Waggy. Coated version should be feathered.


Shoulder: Muscular and elastic. Scapula length should be in proportion with the humerus so the dog can get his front legs under him, no table leg outlines. Since standing very still is not the main function of the Desertwindhound, the angle formed by the scapula and the humerus when standing still is of no particular interest. A straight front is not penalized as long as the dog can get his feet under him without contortions.
Upper arm: Long enough that the dog can get his forelegs under his shoulders.
Elbow: Slightly turned out elbows not penalized as long as function is not affected.
Forearm: Forelegs straight. Feet can converge when standing naturally.

Metacarpus (Pastern): Can be upright. Sloping pasterns should have springy ligaments to produce good energy return. No floppiness or weakness.
Forefeet: Strong pads not prone to wear and tear. Strong elastic ligaments on flexible toes. Not so much hair between toes and under foot on that debris or mud accumulate. Feet may turn out slightly. Dewclaws should not be removed.

General appearance: Well muscled. Dog should be able to get his hind feet under him easily and without awkwardness. Can have high butt, hindquarters can be higher than fore quarters when the dog is standing naturally.
Stifle (Knee): Should have two bendy ones that move without side to side wobbliness.
Hind feet: Good pads not prone to wear and tear. Strong ligaments on flexible toes. Not so much hair between toes and under foot on coated version that debris or mud accumulate. Preferably not located in the next county when standing naturally.

GAIT / MOVEMENT: Trot should be efficient, without excessive reach or motion that wastes energy. Ligaments should be springy, no loose noodly flappy flingy movement. Gallop should be effortless, with long strides, ability to make tight turns and quick direction changes, and good jumping ability. Structure should be durable, not easily injured by normal activity. A certain boinginess, giving the impression that the dog is ready spring into activity, is preferred because it’s pretty, but not necessary. Absolutely none of that slow motion galumphing that some Afghans do, and none of that high kicking with the hind feet, either.

Coated version: Fine coat on sides, fore- and hindquarters, feathering on legs, tail and ears. Fluffy ascot in the underside of the neck. Hair on feet and between toes. Coat is longest over the elbow and stifle joints, not more than five inches. Body coat should be shorter or absent. Can have a topknot. Should shed in the summer. Coat can get heavier in cold environments. Coat texture should be easy to keep free of mats and debris without frequent grooming or bathing. Thin coat is preferred over thick insulating coat to avoid excessive heat build up during activity. Less hair is always preferable to more hair. Amount of hair should be no more than can be easily and quickly trimmed with scissors in a pinch. Cottony coats are crappy and should be avoided. A short coated saddle is preferred but some fuzz is okay, too. Bitches can get quite naked after a heat cycle.

Smooth version: Short haired over the entire body.

Colour: Any color or pattern is fine as long as it does not affect the health or function of the dog.

Height at the withers: 23” to 30”, females usually smaller. Larger dogs should never be clumsy oafs, small ones should never be fragile and easily broken.

Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health, welfare, and function of the dog. The Desertwindhound should be an easy keeper and health or behavioral conditions that work against this should be penalized when making breeding decisions.