Nakagin "Capsule Tower"

The day I arrived in Japan, I met Oliver, an architect who is doing an intern in a studio here in Tōkyō. He is a very nice person, and sometimes he tells me a little bit about the most interesting aspects of japanese architecture. For instance, the Capsule Tower.

Located in Shimbashi, next to the Ginza district, this weird building follows the rules of the so-called metabolist movement. It is a kind of avantguarde style which proposes huge structures ispired by biological growth.

Capsules are independent modules designed to be living spaces, but they can be connected to create larger rooms. Moreover, they can be replaced to support more modern equipments. Anyway, 1972’s standard furnitures still look extremely futuristic.

Unfortunately, the image above comes from wikipedia: the entrance to Capsule Tower is strictly forbidden. The building is basically abandoned and in ruin, so that someone has proposed the demolition of this extremely interesting, and unique, piece of architecture. Fortunately, the proposals were rejected and someone still lives in capsules.