Like, in the US, most obese people are POOR, because unhealthy, high calorie, high fat, high salt foods are actually much cheaper than healthy foods. Our food system and health system are fucked and bizarre. I can get a cheese burger from McDonalds for less than a bag of carrots.

You are fighting the good fight when you said this @fandomsandfeminism, but I just need to correct this bit of misinformation so you can continue fighting with the right facts on your side. [source thread; cw fat phobia]

Poor people, and especially poor people of color, are indeed more likely to be fat than their richer and/or white counterparts. But the reason is not because “unhealthy” food is cheaper. 

Food insecurity is one important reason that poorer people are fatter. But the processes by which food insecurity leads to fatness has less to do with the types of foods people eat and more to do with the metabolic changes that result from cyclical starvation. [source]

 Also, the stress of social oppression changes people’s biochemistry in such a way that becoming fat is more likely. Stress hormones tip the balance towards growing the fat organ, even when food is scarce and people are malnourished. [source]

And being fat actually offers protection against many of the diseases that are caused by the stress of oppression and poverty – including cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, and others. Once people develop these diseases of social oppression, being fat is actually a good thing. [source]

 Also, white supremacy is based in part on valuing a thin body type that is more common among white people of European ancestry, whereas many of the racial and ethnic groups that are marginalized under white supremacy also happen to be fatter, or at least, prone to fatness under certain circumstances. Old timey racists basically latched onto fat phobia as a means of further oppressing and excluding the people they wanted to oppress and exclude. [source]

So basically, poor people are fat for a whole host of reasons that have nothing to do with the cost of McDonalds. That is actually just a fat phobic myth that allows privileged people to “blame” poor fat people for their body size and the poor health status that is incorrectly attributed to that body size. It’s easy to avoid responsibility for social oppression when poor people are just fat and sick because they make made food choices, am I right? Yuck. [read more]

I know you wouldn’t want to perpetuate that type of harmful and abusive ideology, so it’s a good idea if you – and all of us – stop spreading that myth around!

Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

Need a boost? Here’s some tips to make sure you’re metabolism is functioning properly.

1) Vitamins Niacin, Vitamin B-6, and Iron helps boost your metabolism by assisting the production of L-carnitine, an amino acid that helps promote fat-burning.

2) Be sure to eat a healthy breakfast, what you eat determines the rest of your day. If you skip you’ll put your body in starvation mode and you’ll be sluggish.

3) Drink cold water, you’re body has to use more energy to heat it up.

4) Run, or do some type of exercise to get your heart rate up. The benefits will follow you for up to 4 hours.

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How to Boost Metabolism

The word “metabolism” is well-known for losing weight. What is metabolism?

Metabolism is a procedure by which the body adapts consumed food and beverages into energy. The calories are mixed with oxygen to give out energy. To lose weight, you have to each foods that has low-calorie count.

Foods for Metabolism:

- Green Tea : carries catechins (antioxidants) and advances energy production

- Beans : contains soluble fiber

- Pumpkin Seeds: contains iron

- Water

- Chili Peppers: lessens stomach fat + appetite

- Breakfast: contains protein like eggs

- Green Vegetables: full of magnesium

- Berries: full of water.

Any questions, ask us in our question box

Good Health = Good Life

Drug Metabolism - kidneys

Drugs and their metabolites are handled in the kidneys via:

  • Glomerular filtration 
  • Reabsorption 
  • Tubule secretions 

Glomerular Filtration

  • Molecules under 20kDa in size are filtered out under positive hidrostatic pressure through pores of 7-8nm in the glomerular membrane 
  • Glomerular filtrate contains about 20% of the plasma volume delivered to glom.
  • Plasma proteins and protein-bound drugs are not filtered
  • Therefore efficiency is influenced by plasma protein binding  


  • Not all glomerular filtrate is lost - some reabsorbed
  • specific tubular uptake processes for carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, etc
  • as the tubule to plasma concentration gradient increases only the most polar molecules remain in the urine
  • pH partition between the urine and plasma determines the rate of excretion/absorption 

Tubular Secretion

  • Renal tubule has secretory transporters both on apical and basolateral membrane (organic anion and cation transporters (OATs 1-4 & OCTS 1-3))
  • Some drugs (eg glucuronic acid and sulphate conjugates) may undergo active carrier mediated elimination 
  • secretion rapidly lowers the plasma concentration of unbound drug
  • causing rapid dissociation of any drug-protein complexes

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