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so i hate to make another post like this but its kind of urgent,,,

my mother has been diagnosed with pituitary cancer and a certain metabolic condition which means if she doesnt stary eating healthy, she could die within 5-8 years.

we arent a very rich family. we need to afford medical treatments, healthier food, possible chemotherapy, and other necessities.

my dad is disabled and cannot work. my mom works part time as a nanny but i fear she will soon be unable to work due to her illnesses.

if you can spare even a dollar or two, id be VERY grateful.

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PS: even if you cant donate, any and all reblogs help tremendously!!! ❤️❤️❤️

All Barça players wear a GPS tracker during pre-season matches to monitor their physical and metabolic condition.

According to sources of SPORT, Messi’s GPS data and parameters were incredible. That had never been seen before in pre-season.

Messi was shining in all categories, kilometres run, acceleration, top speed, speed over 20 metres, aerobic capacity, etc. [Sport]

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At one point in a post a while ago you said something about treating antifreeze poisoning with alcohol? Could you expand on that please??


[At some time of night Google just starts throwing random emergency numbers into the search results, right? This isn’t just because of my search history…?]

But anyway…

Automotive antifreeze/coolant is the (usually) florescent green liquid in a car’s radiator that prevents it from overheating in the summer or freezing in the winter. A common main ingredient in this, and what we will be talking about in this post, is a substance called Ethylene Glycol.

(Fun fact: They also make “environmentally friendly” or “pet safe” automotive antifreeze out of a substance called propylene glycol. This is also a common additive in ice creams in the US. Tasty!)

Ethylene glycol itself is not super poisonous, or at least not much more so than regular alcohol. What the human body does with it, though, can and does kill without prompt medical attention.

When ingested, ethylene glycol causes some intoxicating effects, roughly on par with drinking alcohol. This can make it difficult to identify early on in poisoning, when those around the victim (including medical professionals) may mistake life threatening ethylene glycol intoxication for less dangerous alcohol intoxication. It’s also sweet, making it potentially easier to accidentally ingest (or slip into food…).

The body recognizes ethylene glycol as an alcohol (which, technically, it is), and tries to break it down and excrete it using the same enzyme pathway it uses for, say, vodka- one that starts with the enzyme Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH). This pathway works well for drinking alcohol, but can end up breaking ethylene glycol down into a very toxic substance called oxalate

Oxalate is a problem for 3 reasons:

  1. The process of creating it makes the blood very acidic (several acidic compounds must be produced first, causing a potentially deadly condition called metabolic acidosis)
  2. It pulls calcium out of the blood (calcium is important for normal electrical activity in the heart)
  3. It uses that calcium to make crystals, which can accumulate in body tissues (this is especially problematic in the kidneys, which eventually clog up and stop working)

Oxalate causes death by either metabolic acidosis, a bad heart rhythm from the low calcium levels, or by causing kidney failure (which if not caught in time can lead to high potassium levels which can also send the heart into a bad rhythm).

The treatment for ethylene glycol poisoning is to prevent oxalate (and the acidic compounds that come before it) from forming. One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep ADH busy by giving it something else to break down.

First-line treatment is giving ADH a drug called fomepizole. Fomepizole has few serious side effects and ADH loves it. If fomepizole is unavailable, however (even in hospital settings, its sometimes difficult to come by and generally expensive), another molecule, ethanol (the alcohol in alcoholic beverages), works the same way.

…But it takes more than a single drink to do this. Like, a lot more. And the side effects aren’t always fun.

In order to use drinking alcohol to prevent oxalate from forming, the person needs to drink 4ml of 20% alcohol (anything “40 proof”) per kilogram of their body weight. For someone who weighs 75kg, this would be approximately 300ml, or 6-7 shots. Then, every hour after that, they would need to drink an additional 0.4-0.7 ml/kg (approximately 1 shot) for approximately 3 days.

That’s a long three days, because unless there’s an NG tube (or way to improvise one) available, the person would have to wake up every hour to drink. Not to mention, alcohol can cause a lot of problems, the most serious of which include respiratory depression (not breathing enough) and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels). The person would have to be very closely monitored during this time, and breathing/blood sugar supported as necessary.

The process of using ethanol to keep ADH busy also greatly depletes vitamins B-1 and B-6. Since these are vitamins necessary to the breakdown of alcohol, lowered levels can mean a higher chance of alcohol poisoning during treatment.


On the Trans service debate

You obviously know nothing about the military if you’re upset or surprised that Trans individuals are not deemed acceptable for service. Many trans people suffer from dysphoria, require medication, take estrogen/testosterone, some may feel the need to bind or have other habits that can impede in physical service. And don’t forget, the military still aren’t fully accommodating towards women, how do you expect the armed forces to magically sort out the entire mess that would come with Trans individuals. We haven’t even sorted out how we’re going about all this with public bathrooms. But yeah its a great idea to just throw them all into service and war, we can just figure it out later right?
I hate trump too but seriously, its not a good idea, at least at this time, and hey there’s a lot larger groups who have been barred from enlistment.

“Enlistment standards for joining the military include:

-Citizenship. You must be a US citizen or be a permanent immigrant with a green card.Age. No one younger than 17 and older than 42 may enlist. Each section of the military also has its own specific guidelines.
-Credit and finances. You must not have serious amounts of debt or have a history of credit issues.
-Single parents and applicants with dependents are usually disqualified. If you have dependents at all, you will need to show adequate support for them.
-If you are married to a military member and have children, you will be unable to join.
-Education. Applicants generally must have a high school diploma. In some cases a GED is accepted, and in very rare cases people without schooling are accepted.
-Drug and alcohol dependency, use or involvement can disqualify you.
-Medical disqualifications. Any serious mental or physical illness or trait can disqualify you from joining.
-You must be physically fit.
-Criminal history. Any offense that results in conviction is usually disqualifying.
-Sexual conduct. Deviant sexual behavior will disqualify you from joining.
-Height standards. You must be between 60-80 inches tall for men and 58-72 inches tall for women.

The military can also reject you for any other reason not listed above. Remember: serving is a privilege; not a right.”

“Miscellaneous Disqualifying Conditions

Frequent motion sickness
Being an organ transplant recipient


History of large benign tumors anywhere in the body
Auditory canal
Bone, if trauma prone
Anywhere in nervous system

Any malignant tumor (present or removed).
Any tumor that affects duty performance ability


Chronic hives (urticaria)
Scarring, if it interferes with ability to use equipment or wear uniform
Extensive, resistant fungus
Chronic, resistance eczema
Severe acne


Suicidal behavior
Any history of psychosis
Anything beyond mild stuttering/stammering
Frequent and persistent sleepwalking
Frequent and/or recurring encounters with law enforcement
Personality disorders manifest by drug or alcohol addiction
Inability to adjust in work, school, or home environments
History of drug/alcohol dependence

Neurological Disorders

Sleeping disorders
Meningitis associated head injury (within five years)
Epilepsy (after age of five)
Multiple sclerosis
Intellectual deficit
Head injury resulting in unconsciousness/amnesia
Congenital malformations
Brain hemorrhage


Chronic rhinitis (allergies)
Uncontrolled hay fever
Deviated/perforated septum


Perforated hard palate

Chest and Lungs

Acute, chronic beyond mild disease (pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.)
Asthma (any age)
Removal of any part of lung
Mastectomy (females)
Tuberculosis (within 2 years or two or more times)

Heart, Vascular Conditions

High blood pressure if requiring medication or dietary regulation
Heart disease

Head and Neck

Depressed skull fracture/s
Loss or removal of any part of skull


Bed wetting
Missing a kidney
Kidney stones (within one year or occurring more than twice, or current)

Genitourinary (Females)

Congenital absence of uterus
Acute or recurring infections
Vulva, condyloma accuminatum, dystrophic conditions
Vagina, congenital abnormalities that interfere with physical activity
Painful periods
Surgery induced menopausal symptoms
Irregular, or no periods
Genitourinary (Males)

Missing both testicles
Undescended testicles
Urethritis, if chronic or acute


Absence of lens
Lens implant
Scarred cornea
Double vision
Requirement of contact lenses
Opacity of cornea or lens
Night blindness

Back and Spine

Symptomatic (healed) fractures
Ruptured disc
Recurring back pain
Scoliosis (curving of the spine), if severe
Congenital deformities

Orthopedic, extremities

Soft/softening of bones, osteoporosis
Scars, if problematic, adherent, painful
Plantar fasciitis, resistant to treatment
Weakness of or paralysis of muscles

Amputation of big toe, hand, arm, foot, leg, more than 1/3 or distal part of thumb, one joint on 2+ fingers (except little finger), two joints on index, middle, or ring fingers
Fractures of any ‘major’ bone within 6 months
Improperly healed fracture
Metal implants for fracture repair
Beyond moderate arthritis
Knee cartilage torn (unless surgically corrected more than 6 months prior)
Unstable, deranged joints
Knee ligament surgery

Endocrine/Metabolic Conditions

Most of em, other than low thyroid that’s medically controllable.

Ears and Auditory

Acute, chronic canal infection
Missing an (or both) ears
Acute mastoiditis
Acute or chronic middle ear infections
Perforated eardrums
Hearing loss caused by eardrum scarring (+20dB loss)
Canal tumors
Smallness or closing of eardrums
Meniere’s syndrome


Braces or other ortho gear, acceptable in DEP (Delayed Entry Program) but must be removed prior to active duty.
Inability to eat ordinary food

Blood, Blood-Forming Tissue Disease

Anemia, unless correctable
Bleeding or clotting disease
Enlarged spleen
Immunodeficiency disease
Low white blood cell count


Hay fever, skin allergies
Asthma, reactive airway disease, exercise induced spasms, asthmatic bronchitis (any age)
Allergic manifestations, history of life-threatening responses to stinging insects, history of moderate to severe reactions to foods, spices, or food additives.

Abdominal, Digestive Sytem

Splenectomy (unless due to trauma)
Scars showing bulging or herniation, interfering with ability to perform, or causes pain
Resection of any part of digestive tract
Prolapse or stricture of rectum
Acute or chronic pancreas disease
Hernia, if present
Hepatitis within 6 months
Symptomatic hemorrhoids
Current gallstones
Fistula in anus
Abdominal surgery within two months”

But please, lets allow the minuteTrans community to push themselves into the spotlight again. They come first.

Update on my horse...

I’ve been struggling with vets around my town. Really badly. One vet, I told her on the phone that I wanted xrays and a full-scale blood test. She did neither and charged me $150 for pain killers and a “diagnosis” with no proof to back it up. 

Another vet had me waiting 2 ½ weeks before he would come out, while my horse was in severe pain. The pain killers the last vet got her over the hill and functioning again on a somewhat comfortable level. 

My good friend was PISSED. So she came and picked us up and took us to her really good vet (I am a librarian, I researched him and his degree. He is very good) an hour away. We didn’t expect much from the xrays…until they came up. The bone in Angel’s hoof has completely dropped. There is literally centimeters between it and the ground. She also has a metabolic condition which has caused this. She also has arthritis pretty bad in her hips. She was falling and spasmsing for about a week after the shit-vet came out. 

We’ve got her on a really good anti-inflammatory pain killer, but everything is there and laid out: she has too much going against her. If the bone penetrates the sole of the hoof, she will be in excruciating pain. The bone is beyond “fixing”. She will never truly recover from this. Therapeutic work on her hooves could take between 4 months and a year with little to no results. Not to mention, she is taking her weight from her front hooves and placing it onto her hind end, making the arthritis in her hips worse. 

If she had JUST this - just the rotation of the bone - we would be fighting this tooth and nail. But she doesn’t. If I let her go on, she will be in pain the rest of her life. If the founder doesn’t take her out, her metabolic condition will, or her arthritis will. I can give her all the medication and supplements in the world, but it will never be enough. Winter will be HARD on her. It’s dropping to the 40s at night right now, and I am having to blanket her pretty heavily. The metabolic disease causes their temperature control to go haywire - it will draw the heat to the area protecting the organs and pull it from her extremities, which will cause another flare.

I’ve made the decision to give her the time she needs to just be a horse, happy and content in the pasture, and put her down in October. The last thing I will let my horse - that I have had for 16 years - suffer a long, crippling, drawn-out death. I’ve seen so many people do it and its awful. I would rather give her some time to be happy and comfortable and, as all equestrians are taught, to end on a good note, no matter how hard it is.

Thank you, followers, to being patient with me, for supporting me, for sending both my horse and I good vibes…I really appreciate it all. 


IT’S SHOW DAY ppl!! Bellarke will be gracing our screens tonight for the first time in forever yay 

Today has been pretty great, I only have one more final to take and one more essay to write before I’m done with school AND I got a lab position for this summer! The professor is super nice and we’re still working out the details but I’ll hopefully be shadowing/working at his lab June-August and I could’t be more excited because one of his projects is studying yeast cells and stressing them to mimic the biochemical and metabolic conditions that lead to the formation of cancer cells in humans so yeah I really hope this works out!

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Question that's probably a little silly: do you feed donkeys the same thing you feed horses? Or are there metabolic differences you have to consider as far as protein and starch content go? (Like do you feed them more like a pasture ornament or a horse that founders?)

Not a silly question at all! Donkeys have very different nutritional needs. A healthy donkey does not actually need any grain at all. In fact they have to have their grass and rich hays limited, and eat mostly things like oat or barley straw. They thrive on a high fiber diet, with sugars and proteins being limited. They are very prone to obesity and other metabolic conditions (like laminitis) otherwise.

Because these two are so underweight though, they are getting regular timothy hay right now, and a small helping of grain designed for horses with similar dietary restrictions – I am mixing Cavalor’s Fiber Force and Strucomix grains. They are also getting limited access to fresh grass; I open up their yard fence to a new 6 x 6’ patch every day. Even though they are skinny, I limit this high sugar grazing so as to make sure they don’t get sick in the process of regaining their weight!

As they do start to fill out, I will reduce and eventually eliminate the grain from their diet, and probably replace part of their hay portion with straw later down the line. But one thing at a time, first I have to fatten them up a little :)

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can our liver have a hard time metabolizing fats when on a low fat diet?

Here is a Dr, never had a bite of meat in his life, life long vegetarian who developed a fatty metabolism liver condition & cured it eating the right kind of low fat diet, but you can listen to his story & hear it from him directly.  Found out he had non alcoholic fatty liver disease (elevated liver enzymes), got an ultra sound and found out he had a fatty liver.  Went on the McDougall diet and reversed it & now treats his own patients with Starch Solution.  (watch whole vid if you find yourself with liver issues from a high refined grain & high fat diet)

It was when they gave up their oils & processed foods that they became healthy.  Its really wonderful to hear him talk about it & how Starch Solution made it clear for him.  

Here is why refined carbohydrates are implicated in NAFL disease in children.

the high amount of refined carbohydrates in the diet, male gender and sedentary lifestyle were significant risk factors for its occurrence.

That is in children. 

Learn more about the liver here

The time-honored diet for all liver ailments has been a high-carbohydrate, low-fat, low-protein diet.  During my medical school training, more than 30 years ago, I recall prescribing this kind of diet for patients with all kinds of liver illnesses from acute hepatitis to chronic liver failure. Carbohydrates are the energy sources most easily utilized by the liver; in addition, a high-carbohydrate diet limits the intake of proteins, which can be toxic to the body.1 Carbohydrate fuels burn cleanly into carbon dioxide and water, without leaving behind toxic remnants of metabolism, like the nitrogen left behind when burning protein for fuel.  Carbohydrates also increase the production of insulin, which helps remove potentially toxic proteins from the body.

Dietary protein can cause a person with liver failure to become very ill, when amino acids and other protein-breakdown-products accumulate. The results of the build-up of these substances can be encephalopathy (mental dysfunction) and hepatic coma.  Vegetable protein is more easily tolerated by a person with impaired liver function.2 In fact, people with severe liver disease have been effectively treated by a diet which substitutes animal protein with vegetable protein as a single therapy – relieving encephalopathy and hepatic coma.

Simple accumulation of fats within the liver tissue, commonly referred to as “fatty infiltration of the liver” and medically termed “non-alcoholic steatohepatitis,” is caused by eating an unhealthy diet.  This fatty liver disease can lead to serious consequences, including inflammation, scar tissue formation (fibrosis), and cirrhosis.  At autopsy, from 6% to 11% of livers of Americans show moderate to severe accumulation of fat.  This condition is more commonly seen in people who are alcoholic, obese, have diabetes and/or elevated triglycerides (hypertriglyceridemia).  About 75% of people with this condition are women… …High fat and oil consumption are associated with an elevation in liver enzymes.6

There is so much helpful information in this paper for people dealing with liver conditions no matter how they were brought about, just don’t mistake the type of low fat diet that leads to problems, one cures it one causes it.

“Just exercise” “Don’t be lazy” “Everyone can do it, you just have to stick to it”

What part of a metabolic condition don’t you understand? I’m fat. I get it. But me and my doctors know what my lifestyle is, and how healthy I am.

“Think about your blood pressure and cholesterol!” 

As said by my doctor, its “textbook perfect”, your concern is just shaming me. 

As also said by her “you’re pretty much going to look at food and gain weight” 

I don’t have to match your definition of outwardly seeming healthy. 

If I went to the gym every day, for hours upon hours, I would be lucky to just maintain a steady weight. 

So no. Losing weight is not easy for ‘everyone’. 

Between 1 in 10 and 1 in 20 people with uteruses have PCOS. Many go undiagnosed. 

Not everyone fat is unhealthy. Not everyone skinny is healthy. 

Get the fuck out of my face with that assumption. 

That time around 4 am is known as “the hour of the wolf” the time of the night when the body’s activity is at its lowes, the melatonin levels are at its highest, body temperature and blood pressure reach their lowest levels and metabolism goes down, the conditions for being awake is at its worst at this particular time, all of these factors means that you usually sleep through these hours, but if you wake up, the body is extra vulnerable, and you usually don’t feel so good. Your psychological defenses are down, and the things you hide and fear might become very apparent, the hour of the wolf is the hour between night and dawn, it is the hour when most people die, the hour when the sleepless are haunted by their deepest angst, when ghosts and demons are most powerful - The Hour of the Wolf by Ingmar Bergman


The cute woman drew you in with her mischevious smile, and the choice was made.

The first thing you felt when you woke up was… hunger. 

The doctor swung in and explained your situation. Sara was tired of keeping herself in shape. A combo of bad genes, slow metabolism and some actual conditions meant it was super easy for her to gain weight. She didn’t want to be fat, but she was tired of the 800 calorie a day diet. The would explain the grumbling in your stomach.

He went through the specifics, it seemed like you’d be eating fuck all most of the time, but you figured you could persevere. Plus it wouldn’t be the worst if you put on a little weight, you could deal.

You didn’t realise how easily that “little weight” would come. You’d tried sticking to the diet, but you couldn’t just not have a beer or two right? Within 2 weeks you were noticeably chubbing up.

Within a month you were straining the clothes Sara had left you

Within 6 months you’d given up, but found a very easy to make money

Turns out that a BBW chick that could gain weight as easily as you was highly lusted after. 

You make an easy living these days selling daily weigh in videos and stuffing clips,people even gave you free food all the time! Life was pretty sweet, literally and figuratively

Weightlessness affects health of cosmonauts at molecular level

Space flight cause significant changes in all the major types of human cells, tissues, and organs.

A team of scientists from Russia and Canada has analyzed the effect of space conditions on the protein composition in blood samples of 18 Russian cosmonauts. The results indicated many significant changes in the human body caused by space flight. These changes are intended to help the body adapt and take place in all the major types of human cells, tissues, and organs. The results of the research have been published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature Scientific Reports. Skoltech and MIPT Professor Evgeny Nikolaev initiated this research, and he is a corresponding author of the study.

The effects of spaceflight on the human body have been studied actively since the mid-20th century. It is widely known that space conditions influence metabolism, thermoregulation, heart biorhythms, muscle tonus, the respiration system and other physiological aspects of the human body function. However, the molecular mechanisms which drive the physiological changes caused by space flights remain unknown.

Proteins are key players in the adaptive processes in an organism, so the scientists decided to focus on them. To gain a deeper understanding of the changes in human physiology during space travel, the research team quantified concentrations of 125 proteins in the blood plasma of 18 Russian cosmonauts who had been on long-duration missions to the International Space Station. The blood was initially taken from them 30 days prior to their flights, and again immediately after their return to Earth and finally seven days after that. This timing was chosen as it helped the scientists to identify trends in protein concentration changes and see how fast the protein concentrations returned to their normal levels prior to the flight.

Protein concentrations were measured using a mass spectrometer. This technology makes it possible to identify a particular molecule and perform a quantitative analysis of a mixture of substances (count the exact number of molecules).

As a result of the study, the scientists found proteins whose concentrations remained unchanged, as well as those whose concentrations did change, but recovered rapidly to their pre-flight levels and those whose levels recovered very slowly after the cosmonaut’s return to Earth.

“For the research, we took a set of proteins - non-infectious diseases biomarkers. The results showed that in weightlessness, the immune system acts like it does when the body is infected because the human body doesn’t know what to do and tries to turn on all possible defense systems. For this study, we began by using quantitative proteomics to study the cosmonauts’ blood indicators, so we detected not only the presence of a protein but its amount as well. We plan to use a targeted approach in the future to detect more specific proteins responsible for the human response to space conditions. To do this, the cosmonauts will have to take blood tests while in orbit,” said Professor Nikolaev.

The factors that affect the human body during spaceflight are very interesting because they are different to those that influenced human evolution on Earth. It is not known if the human body has mechanisms responsible for rapidly adapting to such major changes. The results of the study indicate that such mechanisms probably do not exist because, during space flight, these adaptations take place in all the major types of human cells, tissues, and organs. This indicates that the human body does not know what to do and is trying to do everything in its power.

6 Signs You Need To Drop What You’re Doing & Try CrossFit

If you’re a Crossfitter, there’s no such thing as too much Crossfit which means you inhale everything Crossfit related on your news feed.  For you, hopefully this will be another article to passive aggressively forward to one of your non Crossfitting friends before you lose them.

If you’re not a Crossfitter, sick of even hearing the word, and this title alone angers you… I mean really, “drop what you’re doing?” To do what? Eat my bodyweight in bacon, pick up heavy weights, and join a cult?…  I’ve saved you some time by pouring the whys into a shot glass.  Here are the top six reasons why you should try Crossfit.  I hope they challenge your thinking in some way or at the very least, bring some clarity to the chaos.

1. CrossFit scares the shit out of you.

The peripheral always creates room for our imagination to turn shadows into monsters. Or in this case, “beasts”. Many are intimidated by what they see and hear about Crossfit. And I get it. All you have to do is watch a few internet videos to see the freak show - people lifting an absurd amount of weight over their heads and workouts that look like one time bucket list events. But that’s why they’re on the internet. What you don’t see are assisted bands for pull ups, scaled weight, and the elements training session with a one on one coach before you even jump into your first class. Just like we don’t see the half day inside the classroom before one’s first skydive jump. Instead, all we see is the paid video footage of the terrified mother with squirrel cheeks at ten thousand feet. What many people don’t know is that CrossFit is completely scalable to your fitness level. This means it comes with a parachute. In other words, it’s safe. So if the idea of doing a CrossFit class scares you, you should try it just to challenge that fear, not only making you stronger physically but also mentally which is what CrossFit is all about.

2. You’re not seeing results with your current workout program.

There are many reasons why CrossFit has become so popular. But at the end of the day, people are doing it because they see results. Or they wouldn’t be doing it.  You can Google the Crossfit methodology and why it’s so effective. I’ll just tell you what it’s done for me, plain and simple. I’ll also take out all the mental growth and rewiring benefits and just tell you the physiological effects, because let’s face it, you want summer abs with the least about of effort, like everyone else. At 41, I am in the best shape of my life due to CrossFit. And I was never overweight or an athlete. I was just your average John who founded CrossFit while eating frozen yogurt one day. I’ve been using it to keep myself fit for the last five years.  Nothing’s been more effective.  The results you’ll see are almost instant as long as you’re not inhaling donuts daily and hittin’ up late night drive thrus like a sex addict cruising porn sites.  So if you’re not seeing what you want in the mirror with whatever fitness you’re currently doing, you have nothing to lose in giving CrossFit a try except fat. And a new mindset.

3. You’re looking for some new friends.

Creating sweat angles on the floor with twelve other half naked people four days a week forms quite a strong bond. What is unique about CrossFit isn’t just the high intensity but also the high level of comradery that grows from something as simple as working out. I say “working out” but what I really mean is changing lives, both yours and others through common goals and firery passion that strips veneers and allows people to be themselves. Simply put, CrossFit forces you to show yourself. And since that process requires vulnerability, it connects and creates relationships fairly quickly. So stop downloading social phone apps and kill two birds by getting fit while you’re creating a new tribe.

4. You’ve never been an athlete.

Leaderboards. Times. Reps. Rounds. Crossfit is inherently competitive its design. Everything is scored and timed. You may not choose to chase the fastest or strongest person in the class but if you CrossFit long enough, you will eventually chase someone.  Ideally yourself.  But let’s get real. CrossFit is now a sport. There’s no escaping our natural desire to “win”, whatever that looks like for us.  Combine that with the competitive energy that climaxes at the end of every hour and you’ll be facing your inner athlete every time that red clock starts it’s countdown.  This is not a bad thing, especially if you’ve never played sports or met your inner athlete.  Discovering a new side to you can be an extremely empowering process, one that will bleed into other areas of your life.

5. You want to have better sex.

Dull ears are all you need to hear the proud scream of someone’s first non-assisted pull up, handstand push up, or the king of all screams, a muscle up. These screams that can be heard from miles away. They come directly from the surprise of what one thought they couldn’t do. Enough of these surprises and your belief system changes. There is a mental shift behind each scream and the by product of this process is the building of one’s worth. Or simply put, confidence. Yes, the metabolic conditioning will translate directly into the bedroom and your partner will thank you for all the burpees you’ve done.  But that’s secondary. Crossfit will make you feel more confident and better about your body, the peanut butter and chocolate for better sex.

6. Judgement.

“Fran”, “Wods”, “Burpees”, “Paleo”, “What was your time?”, “I PR-ed today!!!!”  I get it.  Friends speaking a different language is not only rude but annoying.  Super annoying.  But right behind the annoyance door is usually judgement and if you follow that down, way down, you’ll probably land in a puddle of fear.  We judge when we are afraid.  

Well, Crossfit isn’t going anywhere.  This means you’re only going to hear more and more about this madness and get more and more annoyed, building a higher wall between you and whoever Crossfits in your life.  If no one around you does, someone will soon.  Trust me.  And you’ll hear their screams.  So instead of building a wall, why not turn you dial from hate to investigate.  See what everyone’s talking about.  Taste the Kool Aid for yourself. It may not be for you. I don’t know. But at least you can finally know what’s behind the curtain.  Use Crossfit as a tool to squash judgement and stretch your resistance to new experiences, promoting your personal growth. 

- Angry
Horse bites off a young girl's right thumb as she fed it a carrot through a fence | Daily Mail Online

Horses are dangerous. They are big and they have teeth and they have body language codes that humans, especially young children, are not always aware of. Horses don’t even have to be aggressive about food for this kind of tragic accident to happen - heck, once I was rewarding Vigri, the most gentle horse on the planet, and he moved his head in a way I didn’t expect and accidentally bit my pinky - luckily we both realized what was happening and he let go as I pulled back, but all it takes is bad timing for a child to lose a finger. Parents need to realize this.
It is incredibly foolish to encourage a child to hand feed a herd of horses without the permission and supervision of the horses’ owner. I have asked all of my neighbors not to do this and last month I bought signs to hang around asking people to PLEASE not feed my animals. It’s very sad that this happened to a child, but it could easily have been prevented. Not only for the child’s safety, but also for the safety of the horses who may have metabolic conditions or dietary restrictions, not to mention the likely possibility that people are rewarding pushy behavior from horses when they feed them like this, probably tampering with the horses’ training… Just generally, feeding animals you don’t know without permission and supervision from their owner isn’t cool.

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(Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find the faq) Is there anything in your chart that influences weight gain/loss?

thats all good…. Taurus/2nd house conditions the metabolism, so people with an emphasised Taurus chart, esp in the 2nd, 1st house or 12th have a lethargic metabolism, it  can be harder for them to keep weight off. Libra rules the hips and kidneys so there can be weight around the midline. same with a lot of Jupiter, we indulge with Jupiter and overeat, Jupiter also rules the liver and hepatic functions so lots of bubbly alcohol is full of calories, Jupiter doesnt know when to stop, esp so in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 9th house, and also if Jupiter is in Leo, Taurus, Libra, or Sagittarius 


Featured Essential Oil


 Sage Essential Oil is used to strengthen the seven vital centres of the body and may help relieve depression and mental fatigue.

Historically is has been used for digestive complaints, respiratory infections and menstrual difficulties. It also is thought to balance hormones for both men and women!
Because of its astringent properties, Sage Essential Oil is effective for dandruff, oily skin and hair. It is also used in some skin care products to soothe the skin and reduce scarring.

Genus: Salvia officinalis

Why is it important to know the Genus? It is always important to know the genus species and what part of the plant the oil is distilled from. There are over 700 different species of Sage and there are two chemotypes. Many companies may use a substitute species or a combination of species that may not offer the therapeutic benefit you are looking for. Even though they may share some similar properties they are used for different purposes.

Where is the name derived from? Sage is derived from Latin word “salvia” meaning “to heal”.

What Part of the Plant is used? Leaves and flowers

What are the Plant Properties? Antibacterial, antiseptic, antitumor, antifungal, antiviral, antispasmodic, hormone regulating, estrogen like, disinfectant, circulatory and gallbladder stimulant.

What are the Documented Sage Benefits and Uses? Menstrual problems and PMS, liver problems, hair loss, dandruff, asthma, bronchitis, digestion, gingivitis, lymphatic system, night sweats, skin conditions, metabolism.

What is the Aromatic Effect on the Mind? It is mentally stimulating. Strong scent, spicy and herbaceous.

What is the Spiritual Influence? Sage has been used for thousands of years to induce trance states and enhance spiritual awareness. It brings about purification and cleansing of our life patterns, particularly those where we are self defeating.

What Chakra is affected? The root, sacral and solar plexus chakra.

How do I use it?
Use diluted - 50:50 dilution (one part essential oil: one part of carrier oil)

  • Apply several drops (2-4) on location
  • Apply to chakras/vitaflex points
  • Directly inhale
  • diffuse

What are the Safety Precautions? Only therapeutic grade essential oils should be used
Sage essential oil contains thujone. Thujone has been a source of some disagreement, especially within the British School of Aromatherapy because it potentially may have a neurotoxic effect in high dosages if ingested. But, remember, that any product used incorrectly and in high doses may be harmful to the body.

This oil should be avoided during pregnancy, by children younger than 5 years old. Additionally, those who have epilepsy or high blood pressure should not use this oil.

Regarding Lolita's new owners, Palace Entertainment
  • Source: The Orca Network (alert email I received):
  • |Palace Entertainment, a California-based amusement park company, has been authorized by Miami-Dade County Commission to purchase the Miami Seaquarium (MSQ), including the lone Orca "Lolita." This presents an opportunity to ask that "Lolita" be released back into the waters of her birth - a request that has been repeatedly denied by MSQ's current owners.
  • Lolita has suffered in the same barren tank at the Miami Seaquarium for over 43 years. She is about 46 years old, which is equivalent to human years, so she could have several decades of life remaining, IF she is able to return to her native habitat. She lives a solitary life, performing routine daily shows for tourists. Her tank is the smallest for an orca in North America, and is in violation of the Animal Welfare Act, but the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has yet to acknowledge these glaring discrepancies.
  • Lolita was captured from the waters of Washington State where her probable mother "Ocean Sun" and extended family (L-Pod) still live. L-Pod is a resident group of orcas which researchers have documented each year since 1973. The key factor standing between Lolita and her reunion with her pod has been refusal by the Miami Seaquarium owners to allow her retirement. Marine mammal experts have proposed a plan in which Lolita would be transferred to a coastal sea pen, and, once she regains her metabolic condition and re-learns the skills necessary for survival, she will be given the opportunity to rejoin her family in the wild. If Lolita is unable to rejoin her family after the years spent alone in a tank, she will be cared for and allowed to live as natural a life as possible.
  • At the Miami-Dade County Commission hearing to approve the sale, commissioners expressed concerns about Lolita. Commissioner Xavier Suarez asked, "is there something that can be contemplated [to help Lolita]?" Commissioner Barbara Jordan asked, "Is there a retirement program for whales?"|
  • ~You Can Help Lolita!
  • Contact Palace Entertainment and ask that Lolita be released back into the waters of her birth. Please be courteous and concise, and simply express your wishes for Lolita in a positive way. We are not aware of the intentions of the company, so this is to acquaint the new owners with the groundswell of public opinion in favor of Lolita's return to her home waters.
  • Fernando Eiroa, President and CEO
  • c/o Palace Entertainment
  • 4590 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 400
  • Newport Beach, CA 92660
  • Email: Fernando Eiroa -
  • Cc:,
  • °SAMPLE TEXT: (It's best to use your own words, and all are welcome to include any of the information provided in this announcement above. And please remember to be polite and positive for her freedom.):
  • I am writing in response to the recent announcement that Palace Entertainment has been authorized to purchase the Miami Seaquarium. I'm sure you are aware of the controversy surrounding Lolita, an orca at the Miami Seaquarium who for nearly 45 years has lived in a small concrete tank, without the company of another orca.
  • Lolita was captured from the waters of Washington State where her probable mother "Ocean Sun" and extended family (L-Pod) still live. Marine mammal experts have proposed a plan* in which Lolita would be transferred to a coastal sea pen, and, once she re-learns the skills necessary for survival, possibly rejoin her family in the wild.
  • I urge Palace Entertainment to allow Lolita to be rehabilitated and released into her native waters. Her release has a high likelihood of a successful reunion. Such a decision would bring tremendous positive publicity to your company!°
  • ** Now I know a lot of people are on the fence about Lolita ever being able to return to the wild; however this might at least help her gain freedom from her tiny concrete tank in Miami and retired to a sea pen where she could actually be more like an Orca should be.
  • Thank you to anyone that does this for Lolita and passes it along for others to see!!

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(I don't want to come off as mean)But I don't agree with the whole humans aren't made for eating meat, because our teeth suggest otherwise, we can eat both meat and veggies, there are a lot of animals who do this, it's entirely possible. How can other animals eat each other but when humans do it, it is a terrible thing? I get it's leading to disease, but honestly that is all the additives not the meat itself. Testing on animals, I can agree with you on that, though.

Humans are opportunistic omnivores. We have the ABILITY to digest a wide variety of things which is an evolutionary advantage in case of food scarcity but eating large amounts of animal products over a long period of time will kill us. Obligate carnivores don’t get heart disease and cancer from eating meat. Humans do.

Humans have a generalized set of teeth. Look at your teeth and look at a lion’s teeth. Notice any differences? Now look at a gorilla’s teeth. Gorillas have been known to eat meat but what’s their primary source of nutrients? Fruit.

Meat itself has cholesterol, animal protein (which is highly acidic), and an extremely high likelihood of carrying harmful microorganisms since it’s, you know, rotting flesh. Obligate carnivores secrete much more hydrochloric acid than humans do (a lion has about ten times as much) so even eating raw meat that’s been sitting around won’t hurt them because most microorganisms simply wouldn’t survive. Meat has MANY characteristics which are harmful to humans that are completely independent of the hormones, antibiotics, cleaning agents, and other many additives that go into meat.

When animals eat eachother it is almost ALWAYS out of need. Think about the last time you ate an animal…did you have other options available? Could you very easily have prepared something else to eat? Do you biologically require a diet which contains flesh? (The majority of humans do not biologically require any animal products to be healthy. Exceptions are people with absorption issues or other metabolic conditions and these are incredibly rare.)
And another often overlooked difference: wild carnivores do not keep their prey in factory farms. They don’t lock them in warehouses where they can never see the sun, they don’t forcibly impregnate them and manipulate their genetics, they don’t pump them full of antibiotics and hormones and mutilate them. They don’t do anything until they are actually in need of sustenance, at which point they will most likely prey on the sick or elderly members of a herd.

Consider doing actual research and maybe having a thought beyond “hmm I have a couple of teeth which are slightly sharper than the others, must mean I should be eating rotting flesh” before coming into my inbox with this tired crap, please.