internet, i wanna just go ahead and express to yall that i know i seem like a one-trick pony with all the screenshotting and cyberharrassment

and i am. i was born to do this. maybe yer gonna write a novel or make a sandwich. i'ma be mean to a stranger. later i will maybe do a different thing. 

to briefly save face, be assured that i also sometimes read books and walk around in meatspace scowling and spitting. like, three people can corroborate this.

meantime, as ever, not sorry.

It is 11:58:59 April 1, 2014

As the second turns, thousands of teens stare abhorrently at their screens, blood running down their cheeks from their ears, as all the top hats simultaneously become screamers

sorry when i take ambien i think its appropriate to be honest/maudlin/share linda ronstadt songs with yall and im not saying it wont happen again cause it will but i AM saying i’ll be deleting all those posts summarily so savor em while they’re up (at 8:30??? please help me)