‘Guess what, mom was right about angels after all… they do exist. Too bad that all of them are giant dicks who don’t give a shit about anything.’

Castiel’s mouth went dry, his stomach sinking. He shouldn’t have gone through Dean’s old journals, he knew he shouldn’t have. But now that they were together and even shared a bedroom, Castiel had figured that whatever Dean didn’t want him to see was long gone. The page in question had been written years ago, that much Castiel could tell. Regardless, this was hurting.

Castiel was losing track of how long he’d been staring at that dreadful page, when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He hadn’t even noticed it when Dean had entered their room, and he all but flinched when Dean touched him.

“Everything alright there, Cas?”

Castiel forced himself to look away from the journal, guilt taking over as he glanced up at Dean, concerned green eyes gazing right back at him as Dean squeezed his shoulder.

“I apologize, Dean,” Castiel muttered as he held up the journal in surrender. “I honestly didn’t mean to read it.”

Dean took the journal without saying a word, his eyes scanning the page, the expression on his face gradually going from confused, to anxious, to positively horrified.

“Cas, no… That’s not-”

Holding up a hand, Castiel interrupted him, knowing all too well that Dean wasn’t to blame here. “I know, I shouldn’t have read it. I got curious because I like to see what’s going on inside your head, it isn’t your fault that I found something that I rather wouldn’t have seen.”

They exchanged a lengthy stare, and Castiel didn’t dare to do as much as move. For a long moment Dean hesitated, before sighing and kneeling down beside the bedside table, pulling another journal out of one of the drawers. This one was smaller, black, and it looked fairly new. Dean flipped through the pages for a bit, then sat down beside Castiel on the bed, resting his head on Castiel’s shoulder as he pointed at the top of the left page.

“The stuff you just read… That was years ago,” Dean mumbled as he wrapped his arms around Castiel’s waist, willingly offering Castiel the unconditional forgiveness that he hadn’t been sure he deserved after spying on Dean’s feelings. “This one here is my latest journal.”

Dean tapped his finger against the page once more, clearly determined to share his more recent thoughts. All Castiel could do while reading was smile and take Dean into his arms, never wanting to let go.

'So I might have been wrong about angels… I fell in love with one.’

That moment when you’re watching/ reading a book/show/movie and see a popular ship and wonder “why does tumblr ship this?” Until something happens to Person A and Person B becomes devastated/desperate or they are determined to save them and suddenly it just clicks like

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#66- On a plane (Destiel)

Requested by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing for my kink list. Enjoy, love!

Word Count: 1200ish

Warning: smut, sex on an airplane

A/N: More Destiel smut for y’all! Let me know what you think!

“You have to calm down, Dean.”

Dean looks over at Cas, knowing the expression on his face is probably almost cartoon-like with his horror. “Yeah, that’s gonna happen.” Dean’s hands still grip the arms of his seat, knuckles white, as he carefully doesn’t look toward the window of the plane.

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“I love you.”

Castiel heard the words, his eyes were clouded by the warm flow of blood from his brow, but his ears could make out the three words perfectly. The cold numb fuzziness of death was starting to erupt form his toes and fingers but all his mind was focused on was those three words.

“Cas, do you hear me?”

He thinks maybe someone is shaking his shoulders, maybe there is a palm pressed to his cheek, but he can’t psychically feel anything anymore. His nerves are dying as quickly as his heart rate is slowing, as quickly as his pulse is fading. All he can do is attach his weakening subconscious to the sound of those three words over and over and over again.

“Do not do this to me, sweetheart. You can’t die. Not like this. I’m in love with you, do you hear me? I fucking love you and you aren’t allowed to leave me! Goddammit, Cas! You promised me we would turn gray together!”

Cas thinks maybe a tear escapes his eye but he’s too drained to fight to keep air in his lungs. He wants to see that infinite green one more time but he can’t move anything, every muscle is locked into its final place. With one last thought, I love you, Dean, his light flickered into nothing.


“His vitals are rapidly improving. We are going to keep him here for some time to make sure everything is doing well and what was damaged is either repaired or repairing on its own.” A deep voice was slowly bleeding into Cas’ head.

It felt like he had been hibernating, like months or ever years had passed with his eyes closed and his mind shut off. Very foggily he started to register his own breathing, the rising and falling of his chest, the sense of a soft fabric wrapped around his skin, the warmth of lights above him, and the crisp taste of air in his lungs.

“Is there any chance he won’t pull through?” His husband’s voice filled his ears and seemed to expand his heart until he could feel his pulse quicken rapidly.

Suddenly he could feel people’s presences all around him, buttons being pushed and beeping that matched his heart’s pounding. Someone was yelling that his heart rate was escalated and he wished he could say, ‘no shit, I want to see my husband’. But all he managed was a simple twitch of his lips.

“Did you see that!?” His favorite voice wailed. “His lip moved! It moved! Cas!” All at once Dean’s voice was right in his ear, and he thanked every God he knew the name of for being able to feel his husband’s breath on his cheek. “Cas, you’re in there. I know you are. I’m right here, baby.”

“Sir, can you please-“

“Cas, listen to me.” Dean’s voice was heartbreak soaked in desperation. “You come back to me. You get your ass back to me or else-or else-“


Lips pressed to Cas’ forehead, they were dry and quivering. “Please.”

“Mr. Winchester, we need you to-“ The doctor sounded exhausted yet sympathetic.

“I’m backing up.” And then Cas was alone and cold.


The first thing Cas saw was a white ceiling. It pissed him off a little before he wanted Dean to be the first thing he saw. It only took a few seconds for him to move his gaze until he fell on his husband’s slouched figure. Dean was snoozing loudly all contorted on a chair in the corner of the room. Even though Cas knew he had died, knew he had been brought back to life, he thought Dean looked like he was the one that died.

Guilt wormed its way into his veins.

“Dean?” His voice was hoarse, barely above a whisper, and caused him to break into a coughing fit.

It was the fit that got the other man to startle awake. Wide-eyed and full of panic, Dean met Cas’ eyes and the world seemed to stop. Cas was too busy trying to cling to Dean’s eyes in hopes that this wasn’t a dream, and Dean… Dean was mesmerizing each detail of Cas’ face in case it was the last time he saw it.

“Swee-“ Dean’s face contorted into a painful pinched grimace as his voice simply gave out. Without a care in the world except to touch Cas, Dean leapt from his chair onto the hospital bed where he could gather up his frail husband in his arms. Pressing kiss to his head, Dean couldn’t help the sobs now the only sound in the room.

Castiel closed his eyes and simply gave in to the warmth of his husband. He relived his last moments and couldn’t believe he had the second chance to see Dean again. Tomorrow he may die, or the day after that, but right now he had the love of his life in his arms and he wouldn’t ever take in for granted again.

Still with a fragile voice, Cas painstakingly used his shaking pointer finger to draw the words ‘I love you’ against Dean’s back. Even if the other man didn’t understand what Cas was trying to say, he knew that Dean would never doubt the love they shared.

Sex Is No Proof

Summary: Dean walks into Cas watching some adult films. When he finds out the reason is not for Castiel’s pleasure, Dean must convince Cas that he’s enough.

Word Count: 560

Warnings: Mention of Porn (no description) A/N: So I got this idea after watching the Pizza Man episode. Although there is mention of porn, this isn’t smut. It’s fluffy Destiel with a little insecure Cas and comforting Dean. Hope y'all enjoy!

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“Cas…” Dean stared at the angel on the couch, his own laptop on Castiel’s lap. “What the Hell are you doing?”

Castiel never took his eyes off the screen. “I was alone.”

“We talked about this, dude. No porn.” He shook his head, walking over.

“You said no porn when I was around others.” As soon as Dean stole the laptop, he looked up and added, “And I wasn’t around others.”

Dean had a confused face at the site. “Red-tube, man? Where did you even get the account?”

He stood up. “Crowley.”

Dean rolled his eyes, then closed the site. “Of course. But why are you even watching this? You can’t understand jack about it.”

“You like porn, yes?”

Dean quirked an eyebrow. “Sure, as much as the next man, but-”

“And you like the way sex is portrayed in this films, correct?”

He nodded. “Skip to the punch line, Cas.”

“Crowley told me that you like people with experience. Well,” Castiel flicked his eyes away for a second, “before you, I was a virgin. I was just hoping to learn more efficient ways to please you in sexual activities.”

At that, Dean burst into laughter, placing his hand on Castiel’s shoulder for support. When the angle did not join with him, Dean calmed himself and took a breath. “Wait, are you serious?”

“You have never disappointed me, Dean.” His face held a slight hint of worry. “I just want to show you the same.”

“Do you honestly think I’m judging our relationship on the quality of your sex? Cas, please.”

“Members of those adult movies are very talented, I assume. It seems only reasonable that you would expect the same from me.”

Dean sighed, a comforting half smile on his face. He moved so he was just in front of Castiel, hands on both shoulders and gazing straight into his eyes. “Cas, porn stars are hired because of their skills under the sheets. But I’m not dating you because you’re good at sex, which you are anyway.

“And I could pick up any girl at a bar and have a good night, but you’re the only one that understands the life, understands my struggles, and is willing to put up with me when I’m going downstream, knee high in shit.

“I didn’t choose you because I wanted perfect sex. No, this isn’t some one night stand, Cas. You’re my boyfriend because you’re perfect as my boyfriend. Sex is only one part of a relationship, and I love you for every single part. I love you, just the way you are.”

Castiel began to smile. Being human had caused some insecurities he had never understood as an angel, but it also allowed him to feel this happy. “I love you too, Dean, I just want to prove it.”

“And you do, Cas, trust me. But sex is no proof. The way you always want to heal my tiniest cuts, the way you kiss me awake in the morning, the way you try your hardest to be romantic. That, that is proof. Anyone can be good at sex, but only you could be good at being my boyfriend.”

Castiel leaned into Dean’s chest, burying his face. Dean wrapped his arms around him. He whispered, “And plus, the more bad you are at sex just means the more I can to teach you,” and winked.

Dominant Castiel

Demon (to Dean): Any last words?
Dean: Yeah. Leave my boyfriend alone.
Castiel: Dean, you said the ‘B’ word!
Dean: Yeah I just used the ‘B’ word.
Castiel: That doesn’t freak you out does it?
Dean: No is it freaking you out?
Castiel: No, because I also think of you as my ‘B’ word
Castiel: *Internally* my bitch

I’ve felt the same
for years.
I carry
a dusted love,
an old rusted love,
God knows, it’s a tried and tested love.
Don’t kiss me, don’t -
kiss me -
You’ll taste the dust.
You’ll know how long the love must
have been kept, silent, crushed.
Just - meet my eyes, sometimes.
And that’s enough.
—  Things Dean said inside his own head, #3.