Don’t imagine Dean sitting in the impala listening to the mix tapes he gave cas, as he cries missing his angel realising how much he loves him

Don’t imagine cas coming back lost and confused and broken just trying to find dean

Don’t imagine sam having to hunt alone because Deans too distraught and can’t move from his bed

Don’t imagine dean sat sharpening his weapons vowing to kill lucifer in the name of castiel

Don’t imagine cas’ face as he staggers to the destroyed bunker that’s been repaired enough that the boys can just about live in it, thinking that the Winchesters are gone

Don’t imagine Deans face as he sees a man with dark hair and a trenchcoat from behind as he runs to him and it’s not cas

Do imagine Deans face when he sees cas for the first time since the end. And he pulls him in close and just tells cas he loves him

Do imagine cas getting confused at Deans outburst to find out that he was dead for a lot longer than he realised.

Listen guys...

I know that we are all upset over Cas’ death 

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But you gotta remember….

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So don’t fret! Dean’s gonna save our angel!!

just so there’s no confusion on this blog.

yes, I ship tf out of Destiel and Cockles. I also fucking love Sam/Jared, and TFW is my favorite fucking thing.

further, Danneel, Gen, and Vicki are just as fucking cool as the boys, and I love them all so much. I also have a bit of a ridiculous fucking crush on Vicki

so before you accuse me of hate, just don’t. it’s not there, period.

“Angels are immortal,” Cas rolls his eyes at Dean when the hunter points to an ad for a retirement home. But still, Cas buys the magazine for the hunter, anyway, liking the way it made him smile.

“Angels don’t need food,” Cas says with a straight face, but when Dean offers it, he takes a bite of the hunter’s pie, anyway, every time.

“Angels can just fly,” Cas reminds Dean when the hunter holds open the car door for him. But, with one look, Cas slides into the passenger’s seat of the impala without another word.

“Angels don’t need to breathe,” Cas says after Dean’s eyes go wide when the angel stays under the water too long. And, when Dean still looks concerned, Cas grabs the hunter’s hand and places it on his own chest forcing the air in and out to reassure him.

“Angels don’t need sleep,” Cas whispers when Dean covers the angel with a blanket after they watch a movie on the couch. But he quiets very quickly when he realizes the blanket is for both of them and lets Dean fall asleep on him instead.

“Angels can feel longing,” Cas says when he flies to Dean’s room and finds him wiping away the tears. And, instead, he replaces the hunter’s hand with his, sweeping away the tracks with gentle fingers.

“Angels can heal,” Cas says, this time pleading to an unseen God when Dean’s insides are on his shirt, his eyes twisted in pain until the angel’s hands touch the side of his cheek.

“Angels can fall in love,” Cas declares so quietly and gently, when he’s holding Dean, finally healed, inside the crook of his arms, looking into green eyes and counting freckles like they’re flecks of gold he’d protect at all cost.

What Dean and Castiel still need to do

- hold hands

- cook together

- watch old cowboy movies

- listen to Dean’s other mixtapes

- make sex jokes in front of other people

- wink at each other all the time

- embarrass Sam

- go ice skating

- dance

- get completely drunk

- whisper the cutest things to one another whilst hugging

- cuddle

- lay on the impala and watch the stars

- adopt a puppy and raise it with the help of Sam

- confess their love to each other

Some times I wonder.
What if Destiel can be explained with this scene of community. 

But then I remember Destiel started like this:
Dean asking for “Personal Space”

To: I will pin you against the wall because you stole my favorite gun underneath my pillow after “you played me”

And then I forget what I was thinking…
And… why did I made this post?
(At least I made someone smile ☺)

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I once read a fanfiction where Cas was an alien creature with tentacles who lived in water and Dean was a scientist studying him. Dean was examining him by feeling around his body and he like touched what was basically Cas's genitalia and eventually it ended up with dean pleasuring Cas.... so yeah your lettuce fic actually wasn't that weird


I wish I could unsee this. D:

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I've been thinking about the whole Cas as Jesus arc, and I just had a thought: What if he comes back during 13x03? "On the third day he rose again..."

Yeah this is more or less what I expect, timing wise… well, it dépends obviously on quite a few points but this is definitely a strong contender. It’s a nice idea! I mean I see Cas’s sacrifice in the Jesus parallel as being his final choice to become Human, his final fall, but yeah still - lots of parallels are all over the place in terms of characters portraying them and time wise but they are all still there.

Meanwhile, Mary Magdalene, sometimes viewed as Jesus’ lover, who loved Jesus regardless, cared for his body and washed his wounds after he was killed and before he rose… I’d love to see some pining!dean and something along thèse lines in 13x01…

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But now with… more angst and free worded love obviously ;)