Answer me this: How can we ever expect Dean to understand that he’s more than just a pretty face when that’s all he ever hears? “…This blade was stolen and smuggled into the US in violation of treaties with several governments. We can compel you to speak." Does that sound like Dean even slightly implying that he is interested in this woman? NO. Yet the at the first chance she has she twists his words into something else. Then look how uncomfortable that makes him! It’s sickening. We question why Dean feels the need to play the macho man? It’s because of situations like this. When all that matters to the people around him are his looks. I mean, remember Tara? I can’t even count the amount of times Dean’s been called ‘pretty’ before. Too many of us understand what it feels like to be treated like an object. To struggle to be taken seriously. To start each day by strapping on our armor, and trying to keep our heads up. It’s unfair, and it makes me sick. And to Dean it’s just another reminder that all he’ll ever be is a pretty face. But like I’ve said time and time again, Dean! Please stop doubting yourself. I wish you would understand that you are so much more than that. You’re worth more than your looks. And you deserve so much better.