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can you explain me a thing? In the meta about "Hide", it was stated that two signals were picked up, cause of the "She's lonley". Couldn't this creature have been meant, and not River, wouldn't that be more likely? And why is the "music room is the heart of the house" so important? The only associatian could be made cause of music and Song, but then again, is that likely? Of course I want it all to be about River, there's just this little sceptical beast inside of me who hates things to be nice

I understand your skepticism, I was unconvinced myself. 

Some writers are romantics, and Cross is such a sucker. Both his episodes have song undertones and both have allusions to River. I am NOT one to quickly say, “Ah yes! Everyone is writing River into each episode this is going to be awesome.”  I am actually a very, very, hard buy.

And I fought this with certain friends of mine UNTIL I decided to rewatch it. After doing so, the editing choices, the cinematography, and the writing wouldn’t make sense

1) except to set up River’s death revelation

2) in retrospect given that Steven is the head writer.

I am sure Moffat had a sitting and said, “Hey writers, make sure there are hints to River being dead, subtle ones, so it goes well with the Name of the Doctor for all these meta nerds online.” Because he himself is a meta nerd. He does it to such an extent that we sometimes think it’s farfetched. 

River’s death was a mystery so it wasn’t going to be IN your face. From the red setting on his sonic to the long song and all the others, it feels rightly set up.

If Emma were picking up the creature’s sentiments in the house:

1) it would be dead, because she said it had been dead for a long time

2) The way that Emma used choice words - and the change in the Doctors demeanour from “let’s hunt ghosts!” to “this is no fun at all is it” - It has ground.

Now let me ask you this, why would there be a need edit this revelation so dramatically? If this is not what it’s referencing, then why was he so sad and surprised and caught off guard? What other thing in the script could have incurred such un-Doctor-like behaviour?

Honestly though, I am not here to convince anyone of anything, if this means nothing to you, then by all means. As long as you at least enjoyed the episode! :D

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Can you elaborate on what you meant in your tags on the gifs from ttotd when the Doctor calls Clara his associate? I'm just curious...

Yes! I did, on the actual post :) I’m sure I could make a post on it, but I’ll have to watch the episode again and I’m not going to have time this weekend to do so AND meta. 

Meta#2 Praticar exercícios físicos - Parte 1

Não há melhor momento para escrever sobre essa meta. Mas terei que ser muito breve.


Estava eu planejando me matricular em uma academia no máximo na primeira semana de abril, mas meus planos foram cortados, ou melhor, derrubados. Na tarde de terça-feria, após encontrar o amigo Vital, transitavamos pelas ruas do bairro Cidade Baixa quando derrapei numa calçada e fui ao chão.


O meu primeiro tombo na rua e o primeiro desde a infância.


Resumindo a ópera (porque estou escrevendo com spenas uma das mãos): caí por cima do braço direito causando um edema, o que me deixou engessado, após 3 horas no HPS.


Bom, irei colocar meus planos de exercícios para mais adiante. E ponto.

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Amanhã post novo de cinema. Ontem assisti Sexo sem compromisso, farei resenha… e algumas questões sobre a história para debate.

The Most Gorgeous Places To Learn Paragliding In 2016

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