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Sam, Cas and Kevin joining Charlie and Dean on Larping adventure. What would the setting be (for example, Middle age fantasy world with Modern time traveler) and what would their respective role be?

So despite the fact that I just wrote a LARPing fic, I have literally zero experience with LARP.  I have a lot of friends (well, acquaintances now, I suppose) who LARP regularly.  Like, make their own chainmail, have showed up in the handbook (sorry, Dennis, I totes stole your spotlight moment for Jen of Acklesia), the whole nine yards.  I did a fair amount of research for LARP, Interrupted for accuracy’s sake.

I have done SCA, which could be argued to be LARP-adjacent, but I had to quit because I got hit in the head.  Having epilepsy, that’s a big ol’ nope.

To actually answer your question, I think they’d stick with the medieval-esque fantasy, because that’s what Charlie is familiar with, and also they basically live in a modern LARP, so that’s right out.

Charlie’s probably going to play a rogue/thief because Tolkien (Frodo lives).  I think racially she’d go half-elf because also Tolkien.  That, and Charlie definitely has an understanding for people stuck between worlds and not quite fitting into either.

Dean would play as a warrior-type, most likely a barbarian should that class be available to him.  It’s what he’s good at; he certainly has an affinity for fighting, for the hunt.  He’d be one of those players who wants to play an idealized version of themself.  Therefore, he’s going to be a human.

Sam has a distinct love for animals, so I think he would choose to be a druid should that be an option; if not, then ranger.  He’s going to choose to play an elf, because it makes sense class-wise.  Sam also identifies with being a studious outside, which would further influence his choice of class and race.  That, and he probably wants to play something as far away from human as possible.

Cas is a human paladin, plain and simple.  I don’t think I even need to explain that one.

Kevin’s a little harder to pin down as he’s probably being dragged into playing in the first place.  I think ultimately he’s going to choose to be a dwarven alchemist if for no other reason than it means he can pretend to blow things up and do it very well.

No one plays a dedicated spellcaster, because fuck witches.

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Bones, why would hannibal go through the trouble of surrendering when he was about to eat wills heart? And why would will now of all times admit that hannibal is bad for him when he was half way through Europe to try to kill him? What changed for both of them? I don't get it can you please provide your useful meta?

The short answer is because he couldn’t bear the thought of Will living on without him, not thinking about him, not looking for him, not finding him.

Not caring about what happened to him.

He spent the whole first six episodes learning that his life was hollow without Will in it. If he ate Will, Will would be a part of him forever, much like Mischa was. But now that he’d promised to save Will–someone saved Will Graham, can you believe it? And it was Hannibal, who we’ve been telling to SIT DOWN this whole time!–and he did it, the option of eating Will was taken off the table. That could not be his resolution. Hannibal doesn’t want a resolution any other way; he wants the two of them to be in each other’s orbit for the rest of their lives. He’s no less obsessed with Will now than he ever was, and he can’t bear to let Will go. He will cage himself, to make Will his keeper.

As for Will, he has been through literal torture for this entire season–enduring Abigail’s death firsthand, getting gutted, alienated from everyone (including Hannibal), getting almost killed over and over–and by most people, slowly–and being the person that Hannibal wanted him to be (and that he never wanted to be). He wanted to know Hannibal before he saw him next, he wanted to see him with clear eyes–and now he has.

For Will, the difference between the past and the future was before Hannibal and after Hannibal. For Hannibal, there is no difference–it’s a blur. Will has seen Hannibal reaching back in time, wanting to reverse everything and so playing out these dark and painful moments in his life into perpetuity. But Will has that full understanding. He doesn’t need to seek it anymore. Hannibal hoped to catch Will up in it again, in real life or in his mind–in some way, he must be a part of Will’s life. But Will doesn’t want to live like that, trying to make the teacup come back together. He’d finally reached the point where he just wants it to stop. 

And he missed his dogs.

I can’t say enough how important that line was, and the shot of their empty beds in his little house. Will’s dogs were always “the best part of Will” as Alana put it in season two–they were presented to us as the lightest part of him, the best and most pure and good.

Hannibal took it on himself to corrupt the dogs in both seasons, feeding them people and then Mason Verger, just as he corrupted Will. He asked Will to leave them in “Mizumono,” and Will eventually did leave them to search for Hannibal.

There in Will’s house, when Hannibal was present, the dogs were not. Where Hannibal is, the best and purest parts of Will must leave.

In the end, after all the suffering and darkness and pain and fear, Will just wanted them back. He missed them.

He missed himself.

Peeta was talking about rebellion before Katniss even considered the idea. Katniss didn’t really commit to the cause until Mockingjay, when she saw the death and destruction in District 8 first hand. And even then, she still only does a lot of the things she does with purely selfish reasons in mind. The main reason she goes to District 2 is to be away from Peeta (she can’t stand seeing him hate her). She only joins the Star Squad because she knows the only way she’s gonna get her chance to kill Snow is to be a part of the military campaign going into the Capitol. She leads the Star Squad on a suicide mission just so she can try and accomplish this ONE goal of hers. She leads two of her closest friends and the guy she loves into a death trap because she needs to kill Snow (to be fair to Katniss, they all follow willingly, fully aware of what she’s doing).

Katniss is the face of the revolution, yes. And there are times where she steps up for the people as a whole (her speeches in District 8 and 2 are such moments). But most of her actions? They aren’t for the cause. They are for her.


Parallels in the Opening + Closing Shots of CF, MJ1, and MJ2 

Yesterday’s trailer got me thinking about which shots FLaw is going to use to open and close MJ2. In CF and MJ1 he chose to feature Katniss in a moment of contemplation, and, more specifically, facing the circumstances of her (deteriorating) world. 

CF begins and end with Katniss grappling with her feelings of guilt and culpability for the death of innocent people. There’s anger there, too, of course, but the shots suggest she is paralyzed by her grief. Aside from her face, her body is completely inert.  

MJ1 begins and ends with Katniss trying to comprehend her world as it crumbles beneath her feet, sheering away her identity in the process. Her list of things that she knows to be true (aka “real”) is depressingly short and stocked with tragedy. She’s got her name, her age. Check. She’s from District 12. But wait. There is no District 12. And Peeta… well. Let’s just say he got left behind. The closing shot marries her suffering to Peeta’s. They are broken, abandoned, ravaged, and utterly alone. With her face juxtaposed over his, you get the sense that his suffering has become hers- that they have become the same person. And, in fact, both shots include Peeta- the mention of him in the opening scene, and then the hijacked version of him.

So for MJ2, what might Francis have in store for us? He loves a good parallel, so my money is on the answers being already there.

I think that the bottom gif of Katniss is going to be used to begin MJ2 (you can see my analysis of that gif here). Based off the background, the marks on her neck, and the reflection in her eyes, it seems as though she’s looking at Peeta (and you could argue that he makes a cameo in the shot through her eyes). She feels like she has lost everything, so she commits to killing Snow on what she believes will be a suicide machine because she wants revenge for what he has done to Peeta (and, sure, he’s done other unfathomably terrible things, but in the movies she doesn’t demand his head on a spike until he breaks her bae). 

MJ1 begins with Katniss struggling to hold on to what she knows to be real true, and we know that’s Peeta struggle in MJ2, too. This is the connective thread, at least emotionally, between the two films, the theme that unifies them both as “Mockingjay.” We all know how the books end, so it’s no coincidence that the filmmakers began MJ1 with Katniss’ paltry list of truths.    

This brings us to the closing shot- the epilogue. This is when we get to see Katniss looking upon the radically changed circumstances of her restored world, where being safe and loved is now what is “real.” And just like the opening and closing shots of MJ1, and the opening shot of MJ2, Peeta will be there, too. Even if the very last thing we see is just Katniss’ face, it stands to reason he will be there at least symbolically (or as a reflection in her eyes)… because, by the end of the series, you can’t have one of them without the other.  

We know that they filmed the epilogue in the same meadow they used in THG (when Katniss is sitting next to Gale, excitedly grabs a piece of bread and exclaims, “Is this real?”). And I very much think we’re going to get an Everlark kiss, because what is real and good is everything she shares with Peeta, and the meadow is now their family’s haven. I can’t see that FLaw would end the series with Gale being the only boy she’d ever kissed in that meadow. [Gotta erase that image asap…]

My money is on the last shot being one of Katniss looking at her family. Simple and true and real

Feel free to reblog and hazard your own guess! There are worse games to play. ;)

from Stone to Sky to Stoneheart

I’ve always been a little dissatisfied with the popular interpretation of Lady Stoneheart: that UnCat is, in fact, the antithesis of Catelyn, the shell of the character we loved but otherwise disconnected from her. But I enjoy this aspect of the story itself, and so I reread looking for the reason that LS clicked for me as Catelyn. I found it quite early on, in the inn at the crossroads.

Like all good tragedies, this one starts from the best of intentions. I don’t have any doubts that Catelyn arrested Tyrion in good faith. What she had on him was, to make a rough analogy to modern legal systems, enough information to make an indictment. But by the time she gets to the Vale, she knows better, but actively suppresses her doubts. She justifies her desire to do injustice, stays on her path, and it leads her to horror.

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Assassins and Assassinations in Game of Thrones and Their Historical Influences
Assassins, the worlds of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire are full of them. It is these assassins that are constantly taking things into their own hands in an attempt to level or change t...

Assassins, the worlds of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire are full of them. It is these assassins that are constantly taking things into their own hands in an attempt to level or change the political playing field. Of all of the assassinations that are carried out in both Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire only a few are executed by trained assassins…


Stand with the Mockinjay and watch the new full trailer for the last installment of The Hunger Games saga, set to open in theaters on November 20th.

Nathan’s kind of the perfect suspect isn’t he?  I mean, he has rage issues and psychological problems, enough money to get away with basically everything, and everybody hates him.  Max spends the entire game focused on him–warning people about him.  Most of the players of the game blame him when asked who to blame for Kate’s suicide attempt (I sure did).  Everything points to the fact that he kidnapped those girls and probably killed Rachel Amber. 

So, Jefferson’s going to get away with everything.  SERIOUSLY.  The Dark Room belongs to the Prescotts, the text about Rachel’s body comes from Nathan’s phone, and Kate only remembers Nathan driving her when she was assaulted.  He’s the absolute perfect fall-guy.  If any of this actually gets discovered then all the signs are going to point in one direction, to the point where the viewpoint characters and even the audience were fooled.  And Max, even if Max can get away and save Chloe, she has no proof of his involvement and no real way of stopping him.

This game is shaping up for a huge downer ending where Mark Jefferson gets away with his crimes and there’s nothing Max can do to stop him.  Assuming that the whole town isn’t destroyed by a giant tornado and the end of the world isn’t launched.
Ancient Empires: The Valyrian Freehold and The Roman Republic
Located along the southern peninsula of Essos, Valyria was once a modest kingdom comprised of mostly shepherds. Unbeknownst to the Valyrians and the surrounding kingdoms, the secret to their future...

Located along the southern peninsula of Essos, Valyria was once a modest kingdom comprised of mostly shepherds. Unbeknownst to the Valyrians and the surrounding kingdoms, the secret to their future power lay hidden deep within the fourteen flames; a group of fourteen volcanoes.1 The Valyrian people would go on to discover the dragons. With their discovery, the Valyrian peoples would go on to create “the greatest empire their world has ever seen”2 and conquer most of the known world in George R. R. Martins, A World of Ice and Fire. The empire that the Valyrian people would create, shares many similarities with the ancient Roman Empire of Europe, as George R. R Martin stated in his interview with Josh Roberts on SmarterTravel. From its landscape to the political and economic construct of the cities, George R. R Martin modeled his strongest empire in Essos after one of the strongest empires in history…

The Biggest Mystery on Veronica Mars Might Just Be Keith Mars’ “Game”

Look, I enjoy Keith Mars. 

Almost all of us, as viewers, like Keith. He’s sympathetic. He’s pretty funny. He’s cute to watch with his daughter (note that this is very different than saying he is a “good dad,” but that is a rant for another time). He tries to do the right thing. He is essentially a good guy (something very different than the “nice guys” ™ he wants for Veronica).

But seriously, what the heck? Let’s think about this in more detail:

Keith is short, bald, has constant money problems, lives in a tiny apartment, is hated by most of the town, and makes a living doing mostly repugnant things (spying on people for their dirty, personal secrets; to be fair, sometimes he does honest work for those poor suffering insurance companies regarding disability claims). 

(I won’t even get into his “voices.”)

And then there is that daughter of his…

Despite this, Keith manages to have serious runs with two (or three, if you count Harmony) of the most desirable women in Neptune in his age bracket during the series. Seriously, Alicia and Rebecca are way above his pay grade. He’s got Alicia bringing him sandwiches to work! In what world does that happen?

He ain’t that “charming.” Or is he? Help me out here, sleuths.