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But like - here’s the thing, really.

In a world where you can bring people back from the dead, but it doesn’t always work and it’s very difficult to do so, that’s a pretty big question. Why do some people come back but not others?

Last night, Percy stopped to consider that he’s died twice and been brought back to life both times, to his mind because people still needed him. Vex still needed him, Keyleth still needed him (and she said as much while resurrecting him), Vox Machina needed him to help save the world, Cassandra needed him, Whitestone needed him, so okay, he came back for a reason.

So now Percy is forced to consider that when people die and stay dead, it must be because they served no further purpose. They didn’t have a greater fate ahead of them.

Percy’s entire family, save Cassandra, is dead and so far as he knows, they cannot be brought back. In game and meta terms, he’s right. It’d be ridiculous to drop a dozenish expensive diamonds on bringing back all the dead de Rolos and Matt would almost certainly rule that their spirits had passed on and they could not be revived (the same as Tiberius could not be).

But within the story, that means that Percy has to realize that he is alive and his family isn’t because his family wasn’t important enough in the grand scheme of things. Percy had a fate to fulfill and the rest of his family didn’t. Scanlan, a tiny asshole of a gnome who writes dirty songs and has slept with enough women to fill a dozen brothels, Scanlan they could bring back, but not Percy’s siblings. Not Percy’s parents.

Percy’s not allowed to die yet, he has to go on living because others need him. But apparently Johanna and Frederick weren’t needed. Julius and Vesper weren’t needed. Oliver and Whitney and Ludwig weren’t needed.

Just him. He was needed.

It’s not fair.

Context: Our party is heading towards a…morally questionable town that has two schools that “allegedly” train assassins and poisoners. One of our party members, suffering from a moment of meta-gaming, does not want to go into the town.

Oracle: This place exports two things, one of them is poisons and the other is assassins. Guess what this place doesn’t export…. FUCKING PUPPIES! 

DM: Hey! That’s profiling!



April’s Featured Game: ARCADEA

GENRE: Fantasy, Adventure, Puzzle
SUMMARY: In the world of Arcadea, people can accomplish their dreams. How? Through video games of course! Everybody who lives in Arcadea has a special arcade machine they can visit in their dreams that lets them fulfill their strongest wishes. Whether it’s to go on an adventure, or make friends, or fall in love, or solve a mystery, or completely start a new life, there’s a game made just for them..
The game follows Maisie, a new arrival to Arcadea. She’s not very interested in all this gaming stuff; her only goal is to find an important person. But along the way, she can’t help but be roped into other people’s problems. She also can’t help that the arcade machines seem to glitch around her. A lot.

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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An Appreciation of the Emily Kaldwin Aesthetic

I LOVE playing as Emily Kaldwin. I just … I need to tell you guys that. She’s such a rare sort of video game protagonist, a lady who’s not sexualized. 

Shit, she’s even WEARING CLOTHES I WOULD WANT TO WEAR. That NEVER happens in games! Like, I think Lara Croft in the new games had a couple of cool, optional outfits, and some of Commander Shepard’s outfits were all right (boob plate though). But Emily’s clothes are a power fantasy for me. 

Obligatory disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with super feminine or revealing clothes, and if that’s what you like, more power to you. But as someone who has complicated feelings about gender, who enjoys dressing androgynously, Emily’s clothes are a damn revelation. 

The black boots! The long, dark coat with gold detailing, shiny buttons, and high collar! The hint of a crisp, tailored white shirt underneath. Pants! A big ol’ belt! It’s so cool. It’s how I’d dress every damn day if I was a literal empress. 

AND SHE GETS TO FROWN. Sweet Jesus, she gets to sound tired, and frown, and grunt in a fight. 

Look at my girl, RIGHTEOUSLY PISSED. 

She’s taken seriously by the story, by her enemies, by everyone, as a real threat. And she gets to look damn good taking back her throne. 


The Five Pips

I believe Moftiss are playing the Great Game for us, and they have laid out the groundwork in their season 1 episode aptly entitled The Great Game ;) They did, after all, draw attention to the five pips again in TAB, which is leading me to believe that the show is following a five structure arc, in five seasons. If the five pips in TGG were a form of foreshadowing, here is how I think it has played out so far:

Season 1: Like the first pip, the Carl Powers Case. This case ties Moriarty and Sherlock together as arch enemies that go way back (to Sherlock’s “very first case”), just as season 1 established them to be.

Season 2: Like the second pip, Janus Cars helping a man fake his death. I mean… Season 2 is literally leading to Sherlock faking his death.

Season 3: Like the third pip, tv personality Connie Prince gets murdered because the housekeeper didn’t want to abandon his lifestyle with the brother. Connie represents the media here, as did Magnussen, who got murdered because Sherlock didn’t want John to have to change his lifestyle.

Season 4: Like the fourth pip, where the painting is a fake. Season 4 is a fake, and we have to figure out why.

Season 5: Like the fifth pip, John Watson’s life being threatened by Moriarty. My deduction: John Watson is definitely in danger…

EDIT: This idea has been explored more extensively by @Sagestreet, go and read it

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Sansa’s first scene in A Game of Thrones, and the readers’ introduction to her from a POV perspective, starts with her feeding Lady under the table, and I’m quite sure this was intentional.

“I’ve never seen an aurochs,” Sansa said, feeding a piece of bacon to Lady under the table. The direwolf took it from her hand, as delicate as a queen.”

Septa Mordane sniffed i disapproval. “A noble lady does not feed dogs at her table,” she said, breaking off another piece of comb and letting the honey drip down onto her bread.

“She’s not a dog, she’s a direwolf,” Sansa pointed out as Lady licked her fingers with a rough tongue. “Anyway, Father said we could keep them with us if we want.”

The septa was not appeased. “You’re a good girl, Sansa, but I do vow, when it comes to that creature you’re as willful as your sister Arya.”

(page 139)

Like Sansa, Lady is courteous and perfectly disciplined. By hiding Lady, Sansa keeps up the appearances of a noble lady, but she refuses to let go of Lady. Lady is her tie to her Northern heritage, and her identity, and in her first scene, Sansa has learned to hide Lady. Sansa is not openly rebellious like Arya, who skips meals with the Queen to go riding with her friend, but she makes sure her rebellions are small, silent, and disciplined. When Lady dies, Sansa loses that concrete tie to her Northern identity, and while in Kings landing she has to sever any open connection or loyalty to her family. When she becomes Alayne she has to submerge her identity even further, but I think the key to her character the constant small assertions of her identity: her trips to the Godswood, telling Joffrey Robb might bring her his head, telling Cersei she will make the people love her, not fear her. These are all small assertions of who Sansa really is, a glimpse of when she keeps “under the table” in her mind.

Ignis: Noct, how much do you love me?

Noctis: I would die for you

Noctis: I would never let you go

Noctis: I would do anything for you

Ignis: Can you eat your vegetables for me?

Noctis: Let’s not exaggerate

Because multiple people have now said something about it:

Resurrection (the 7th level spell requiring a 1,000gp diamond that Pike typically uses out of combat) can indeed rez people who have been dead for as long as century, however it requires a body. It can be a mutilated or withered body, but it must be their body.

True Resurrection (a 9th level spell requiring diamonds worth at least 25,000gp) does not require a body and can resurrect someone who has been dead for up to two hundred years. No one in the party can currently cast this, though Keyleth is coming up on it and Pike is a ways behind her.

(Wish would also work of course, but let’s not pretend that isn’t just as rare a spell and again, the party cannot yet cast this. Keyleth and Pike will never be able to cast Wish, as it is a Wizard/Sorcerer only spell. Scanlan can learn Wish, but not until 18th level, when he gets his last opportunity to poach a spell from another class’ spell list, and he can easily choose something else.)

The bodies of the de Rolos are gone, never given respectful burials by their usurpers. There is no body for the twins’ mother either, likely burned to ash by Thordak. Scanlan’s mother was almost certainly buried in a pauper’s grave, if she was buried at all, and the body would be long since gone. 

We literally just this past episode had a conversation in which we learned that Vox Machina is not aware that if you’re powerful enough, you can resurrect the dead without a body. And of course they’re not aware of it, it’s never come up and requires someone to be incredibly powerful. 9th level spells are obscene. Do you realize that Delilah Briarwood was high enough level to cast 9th level spells, but she didn’t know any because A. they’re rare and B. her using any of them would have been a damn TPK on the party at the time?

This is not the players meta-gaming that they can’t bring their tragic backstories back to life. This is an in-character failure of Vox Machina to understand just how truly outrageously powerful they are. It’s the same reason they keep turning to Allura and Gilmore and Kima and Jarrett for help, despite the fact that all of those NPCs are now lower level than they are.

And even still, VM doesn’t yet have the ability to cast True Rez.

But more important than all the rules-based reasons that VM has not and will not try to resurrect their long dead families is this:

In a purely mechanical, rules as written sense, it’s probably possible that that everyone’s dead families could be brought back to life. But this is not a purely mechanical, rules as written world. If it was, there wouldn’t be resurrection rituals to begin with. Matthew invented those to make death more meaningful. This is a world with a story to tell and a narrative to uphold. 

For Tiberius, Vax prayed and meditated and was told by the Raven Queen that Tiberius had moved on and was at peace. This was Matt blatantly hinting that a resurrection ritual would not work. So per the laws of Matthew Mercer, once a spirit has moved on, the dead stay dead.

The de Rolos have been dead for five years. Elaina (Vex and Vax’s mother) has been dead for longer. Scanlan’s mother has been dead for much, much longer. They’ve moved on. There’s no way they haven’t.

And in an out of character sense, this is simply Matt maintaining a cohesive narrative that doesn’t allow a party of demi-god level players to just do whatever the fuck they want and make the campaign spiral wildly out of his control, while still allowing them to be more powerful than 99.5% of the known world of Exandria. 

In an in-universe sense, this is simple logic. Once the dead have gone on to their deserved rest, you can’t reach them anymore. They’re beyond your call. They are no longer in the limbo between life and death and their souls cannot be dragged back.

Which comes right back to the survivor’s guilt that Percy is wrestling with - that Percy, for all the faults and sins he blames himself for, is part of a powerful group that can bring him back to life seemingly without issue, but no one can save the family he lost.

This is why I think Jorah Mormont is a badly-written character:

In A Game of Thrones, Jorah Mormont is an unrepentant slaver with an inappropriate fixation on Dany.

In A Clash of Kings, Jorah Mormont is an unrepentant slaver with an inappropriate fixation on Dany.

In A Storm of Swords, Jorah Mormont is an unrepentant slaver with an inappropriate fixation on Dany.

In A Dance with Dragons, Jorah Mormont is an unrepentant slaver with an inappropriate fixation on Dany.

In a series where you can see change in characters with as little page time as Kevan Lannister, Bowen Marsh, and Loras Tyrell, Jorah has far more page time for infinitely less character development.

My list of rules for H&H

Heroes & Halfwits Drinking Game: 

-“What do I add to that?” (Once/episode)
-Meta gaming (Once/episode)
-Every time Frank doubles over laughing
-Every time they reference something outside D&D
-Every time they pass a note to Frank -Every natural 20/1 (Including wild magic)
-Every time Albus makes Borealis angry/they argue
-Every time Orma drinks 
-Every time Orma brushes off Bo-Jingles’ advances
-Every time Bo-Jingles sings
-Every time they dismember an enemy
-Every time a party member is downed      
        (X2 if they die [Quork’s friend])
-Every time they talk their way out of a fight
-Every time Bo-Jingles does something more suspicious than Albus 

Archie’s Unofficial List of Bad RPer Red Flags

A’ight so I’ve been roleplaying for a while, about nine years now, and let me tell you, I’ve had some awful RP partners. From sexual predators to emotionally manipulative people, and I’ve picked up a lot of red flags that I saw some time in my relationship with these people, so I figured being the RP senpai that some people see me as, I’d write them down.

  1. They’re not interested in your character. The best RP partners I’ve had over the years roleplay with me because they love my character, they love their character, and they love what our characters can do together. They want to know about my character so they can make plots accordingly, and spitball ideas. It seems obvious, but if someone’s not interested in your character but very interested in RPing with you, I’d call that a red flag.
  2. RPing with them feels like a privilege. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I’ve had a bad RP partner and didn’t know it yet, and when we were still RPing, it felt like whenever we got to do one on one sessions, that I was taking up their valuable time. That’s definitely a red flag.
  3. They’re just a little too nice.  They’re just too nice for comfort. They like all of your posts, they give you gifts, want to spend a lot of time with you, all of which are benign usually, but with them it just feels weird. Another HUGE red flag after this one is that this niceness doesn’t stay. After getting to know them, they stop trying to win you over and their personality completely changes.
  4. They don’t make time for you. I remember one RP partner in particular who would always be off RPing with a mutual friend of ours, and our RP always came second. It’d take him hours to post on a medium where replies were expected within 5-10 minutes if not sooner, and whenever this was brought up, he called me way too clingy, and said he just didn’t have time to RP more often than that, despite RPing with our mutual friend for hours at a time.
  5. They get jealous if you RP with someone else. While jealousy happens from time to time, with them, it’s excessive. If you roleplay with someone else, they need to know who it is and what you’re RPing. If you don’t want to tell them, obviously you’re trying to sabotage your RP with them. This behavior is a giant red flag, and I’d say to cut them loose immediately if you experience it.
  6. They surround themselves with typically weak-willed people. This one took me a long time to spot, but a lot of the bad RPers that I have will surround themselves with people who have very poor self-esteem or come off as very passive. A friend and I once had the same bad RP partner, and they come off as very cute and spunky where I come off as more assertive, and, unsurprisingly, they clung to my seemingly-weak-willed friend instead of me, because they were easier to manipulate in the bad RPer’s eyes.
  7. They need to be in control of an RP. If they’re not in control, they freak out. Often times they’re the one who comes up with the plots, and any you run by them gets shut down. While they’re free to do whatever they want to their character to hurt you, if you do anything to yours, it’s crossing the line.
  8. They play games with you. They ask you seemingly benign questions then will explode if you say the wrong answer, they sabotage your RP that’s not with them, they see how far they can push you before you bite back.
  9. They spy on your roleplay. This one’s pretty self-explanatory and really only applies to MMO settings, but they spy on their RP on an alt character.
  10. They will take IC into OOC. This can go in so many different directons and I’ve had it taken in different directions, but taking a romantic RP as that you’re flirting with them OOC, if you have a fight OOC and it transfers to their character being mad for no reason IC, or if they start talking shit about you to others because they don’t like the way that something happened ICly, drop them.
  11. They make it so that you can only RP with them. Let’s say they convince you to drop your characters together in some lost and forgotten section of the world until further notice,  or your character is in a position where they can’t function without the bad RPer’s character being with them.
  12. They have nothing good to say about anyone around you. They’re the kind of person who you dread bringing up new people you’ve met, because they’re immediately going to say “Oh, yeah two years ago they said something sort of racist.” or “I heard they meta-game out the ass” or anything else negative.
  13. They discourage you from meeting new people. This is another one that I didn’t pick up on for a while, but often times I see it in toxic RP partners that they don’t want to meet new people, and encourage others to follow in their way, either by talking shit about city RP or doing what was mentioned above in 12.
  14. If they do something, it’s fine. If you do the same thing, it’s cause for a war. This is another one that I’ve had a lot of experiences with. If they kill off their character out of the blue, you’re being unreasonable for being upset. If you kill off your character after asking them and planning it for weeks, you’re a bad RP partner.
  15. They constantly play the victim. They can do no wrong, someone is always wronging them. If you have a fight with them, even if they’re undeniably in the wrong, it’s your fault, and you have to apologize.

These are really only a few, but here’s some red flags for you! Feel free to reblog with ones that I may have missed or fall out of my experience. These are all taken from many of the bad experiences or RP partners I’ve had over the years.

Give It To Me Straight

How to create a straight relationship

She walks in. He looks at her. She looks at him. She looks away. They don’t speak to each other. Thirty minutes later, they have lunch with twenty other people. He really wants to enjoy his chicken, but he can’t, because he’s looking at her. She doesn’t like chicken. She doesn’t like him looking at her. There’s grease in his beard. And anyway, she’s been in love before, and never ended well, and he’s definitely not her type.

(Her type: boyish, cultured, well-mannered, emotionally unavailable.

This guy: literal war lord dressed in the scalps of his enemies.)

He keeps looking at her, though.

People’s reaction

How to create a gay relationship

Angel saves man from literal Hell, then rebels for him, gives up everything for him, dies for him, confronts Lucifer for him, dies for him again. Insert seven seasons of character development, longing looks, suggestive conversations, other people rolling their eyes and barely managing to control their snarkiness (”He likes you.”, “He was your boyfriend first.”) and resentment (”When Castiel first laid a hand on you in Hell, he was lost.”). Add a dozen weird plot points which only work if true love is in the picture (”What broke the conenction?”) and blatant narrative parallels providing mirrors between their relationship and canon straight relationships on the show. Oh, and since they’re both men, make clear this is not an issue - have Character One flirt with guys, and Character Two say he’s utterly indifferent to sexual orientation. Mix, turn and twist until main characters are incapable of even surviving wihout each other and their deep bond is acknowledged by friends and exploited by enemies.

People’s reaction

Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with you - they are just friends, you do know two men can be just friends, right - why do you have to ruin things for everybody, this is Supernatural, it’s not about love stories - I’m not homophobic, it’s just what it is, Dean is straight, you’re completely obsessed and it’s an insult to the characters and the actors -