naurin-of-the-east  asked:

Hiya! Just a quick question~ Which of the elven races/families/royalties/houses or whatever would be more fond of the colour pink for their dresses and formal regalia? Thank you!

It was a super fun question, thanks for asking it!

Okay, so there are some established color associations for different types of elves - the Vanyar with gold, the Falmari are the blue elves, the Laiquendi are the green elves, the Sindar are the grey elves etc., but pink’s not canonically associated with any type. 

If we want to make a good guess about where pink is common, first we have to think about why it’s common - so what kind of meaning or symbolism does pink have? Elves probably don’t associate pink with feminine like we do, and there aren’t actually that many pink things in nature. There are many pink flowers though, so maybe for elves pink is associated with spring or with Vána, for whom “all flowers spring as she passes and open if she glances upon them.” 

And guess what? Melian, Queen of Doriath, tended the gardens of Lorien in Valinor, and Vána was one of the Valar she served. And one of Luthien’s canon heraldic devices looks kind of like it has some pink accents. So I think the elves of Doriath, the Iathrim, would be especially fond of the color pink, as a sign of respect for one of the Valar and because of its association with their Queen and Princess. And maybe Doriath’s survivors also continued wearing pink in later ages in the Eastern kingdoms where they ruled.

Calling all you wonderful meta writers, meta readers, and fellow Sherlock fans!

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