Six degrees of why (almost) everything is Gerard Argent’s fault.

Hear me out… if you follow almost every major villain Teen Wolf villain back to the source of when it all went wrong, you’ll find Gerard Argent, lurking in the shadows like a moldy evil mushroom.


Kate Argent

It could be argued that many of the bad things that have happened on Teen Wolf are in fact Kate Argent’s fault, so we should address her first. Would she have ended up the way she did without her father’s influence? Maybe, maybe not, but we clearly see his fingerprints all over her worldview. While she and everyone else in this list are still ultimately responsible for their own actions, they were all influenced by Gerard Argent to some extent, and this is true of Kate most of all.


Peter Hale

As with Kate, he’s also been the instigator behind many a misfortune. Yes, Peter was obviously always of questionable ethics and morality and probably would have ended up in some kind of trouble anyway, but he wouldn’t have ended up on the path he took in the show without the Hale fire, which was set by Kate, because of the fanatical speciesism instilled in her by Gerard.


Deucalion & the Alpha Pack

Deucalion is another clear example of someone who was set on their dark, melodramatic path to murder and mayhem by Gerard Argent’s unscrupulous behavior and betrayal, and then of course through him we get the rest of the Alpha Pack.


Jennifer Blake / The Darach

Her fall to the dark side came after she was almost killed by Kali, which happened because of Deucalion, who was doing the whole Alpha Pack thing because of Gerard.


The Kanima

While Gerard didn’t have anything to do with why Jackson became what he did, or how Matt started using him, he happily took over using the kanima for his own nefarious purposes.


Meredith Walker / The Benefactor / the bounty hunters

Meredith and everything that was set in motion because of what she did (including the actions of a host of minor bounty-hunter type villains) were a result of her absorbing Peter’s crazy rage when he was in a burn induced coma … which he was in, because of the Hale fire, because of Kate, because of Gerard.  


The Berserkers

The ones we saw were all under Kate’s influence, after she was turned by Peter trying to kill her, which ties them back to Gerard through both Kate and Peter.  


The Exceptions (aka, there’s a reason for the almost!)
Every rule has a few, right? 

Matt Daehler

Went down a bad path without Gerard’s influence, although, Gerard did manage to get his hand into the mix, since he killed Matt.  


The Nogitsune / the Oni

Thus far the only confirmed instance of a major villain that really had nothing to do with Gerard Argent. Although, Gerard did (unwittingly?) send his 18 year old son to a clandestine arms deal with a bunch of Yakuza, one of whom was apparently possessed and being hunted by Oni, which nearly got said son killed, so there’s that.


The Dread Doctors

Too early yet to say, since we know very little about them at this point. Right now it seems like they are most likely their own thing, but who knows what future reveals may bring?


Of course, this only covers the major villains. There have been various minor villains not directly influenced by Gerard, but even so, most of them were touched in some manner by the circumstances surrounding the major villains, and could be said to have some connectivity in that way.

One final cheery thought: Gerard is still out there somewhere, alive and presumably with no one keeping active tabs on him now that Allison is gone and Chris is off chasing Kate.

I realized why Scott’s reaction to Stiles killing Donovan pissed me so much: it’s because we already have an example of how a supporting family member should act in this case with Talia and Derek

And then I got thinking. Talia obviously knew what had happened when she got down in the basement, but Derek didn’t seem to be scared of her. He wasn’t hiding because he was fearing how she would treat him, which was obvious in the way he wasn’t shying away from her in terror. He was hiding because he was grieving, because he was ashamed, because he knew that other werewolves would look at his eyes and know he killed an innocent(theories on what blue actually represents aside, this is what he knew at the time). But she didn’t treat him any differently, she wasn’t angry or disappointed. She understood what her baby boy was feeling and her reaction was to reassure him that the color of his eyes didn’t define who he was and didn’t change him into a monster.

Which gets me to another thing. How exactly did she know about Paige? I doubt she just went into the cellar and immediately understood everything. (It’s one of the reasons why Malia’s reaction in 5A finale bothered me; she saw the bite and immediately assumed Stiles had killed Donovan? How did she even know it was Donovan’s bite, no one else saw him or knew what particular chimera he was? And why did she immediately assume Stiles killed him? Anyway…) Somebody must have told her about it. Peter obviously knew what had happened. But there is a lot of meta that suggests Deaton was involved, which makes a lot of sense. From the black blood which looks an awful lot like Gerard’s poisoning, engineered by Deaton, to the fact that Peter is so sure when he says that he wasn’t the one to tell Ennis about Paige. Yes, we know that you can train yourself not to give away the lie in your heartbeat, so Cora could have been fooled by him, but Peter doesn’t really lie straight to your face, he evades the truth, but doesn’t straight out lie. But if it was Deaton, then it wouldn’t make sense for him to tell Talia, since this was obviously done behind her back. I assume there are consequences to betraying your Alpha, no matter how good or bad they are. Derek didn’t tell her, he probably remained in the cellar while Peter buried Paige. It could have been Ennis, gloating that even though Talia didn’t support his claim at revenge, he still managed to find another pack-mate, but this would have been right after the fight between Deucalion and Gerard and the rest of the packs probably dispersed after that.

So, by process of elimination, it must have been Peter. Which brings us to the reason Deaton might have said that he had been retired for ten years, even though the fire had been 6 years before. The whole debacles with Paige and Duke had been like a year before the fire, more or less. This means that, according to Deaton, he must have already been retired, right? But this doesn’t make sense, since we see him side by side with Talia during the talks with Duke. @athenadark has a theory that Deaton had been in a relationship with Peter and had been trying to make him a true Alpha. IF Deaton is saying the truth about being retired for ten years, then this could be because, ten years ago, he had switched his alliances, from Talia to Peter. Which means that, by this point, he could have been very invested in taking Talia down. By arranging Ennis to bite Paige and for her to be poisoned with mistletoe, it would have forced her hand in declaring war with him over killing her son’s girlfriend. On the other hand, he facilitated the meeting between Duke and Gerard, probably hoping that Duke would be killed and the war between hunters and werewolves would really start, making Talia fight on two fronts. And this is where I think it went wrong for him. Because he didn’t take into account Gerard’s ego. Duke wasn’t killed, but was made stronger and vicious, killing his pack but putting together a different one, a stronger one. The hunters wouldn’t go against it, not when the Alphas were so hyped up on power from their former Betas. This has the benefit of also removing Ennis from Talia’s territory, and leaving her to tend to Derek.

And to top it off, Peter does tell Talia about Paige. Tbh, I really don’t want Peter and Deaton to have been in a relationship, mostly because I despise Deaton and love Peter. But I can believe that they were friends, or maybe had a student-mentor type of relationship, that Deaton saw something in Peter and wanted him to be the Alpha, either because he genuinely believed in him or because he wanted someone to control for his own purposes. So, whether Peter realizes that Deaton had a hand in this or not, Talia does. Fires Deaton, or whatever the equivalent of demoting him from Emissary is, and warns the rest of the pack, including Peter, away from him. Maybe even punishes Peter for his role, however small or large, and this is why he looked so aged up by the time of the fire(either that, or the studio didn’t think that they will shoot any flashbacks with a younger Peter so that’s why they used Ian in the scenes with the fire). And maybe this is the final push that makes Deaton help the Argents surround the Hale house with mountain ash the night of the fire. The fact that Deaton was trying to either protect or mold Peter could be why he was the only one who made it out, albeit badly burned. The end result? Peter is the only Hale in Beacon Hills, the Hale Alpha left the town, and Deaton is free to do whatever the hell he wants.

I have a theory that he was involved in the experiments done on Peter while he was in a coma. As seen with Meredith, it’s easy to influence someone in that state. What if all those thoughts of revenge, all those names that Peter mentions in his rants, like the Mute and Desert Wolf, had been implanted by Deaton on purpose? What if he was the reason Peter and Meredith shared a room? Considering how much pull he seems to have in Eichen and how unsurprised he looks at them having all sorts of creatures in the basement, it’s totally possible.

This is kinda all over the place, but this was the first time I really thought about how Talia managed to find out about Paige in the first place and why did Deaton say he had been retired long before the fire, even though we still see them together, apparently on the same team.

So. Peter Hale.

I was talking with my girlfriend after the finale last night and we kinda noticed something:

Almost everyone conected to Peter by bite or by birth assumes a weird  non-wolf shape or have a lot of power (and more often than not don’t know how to use it):

  • Malia is a werecoyote
  • Kate is a werejaguar
  • Jackson (that the fandom thinks that was supposed to be his son) was a kanima
  • Lydia became a banshee
  • Scott became a true alpha
  • Peter himself wasn’t a normal werewolf or a full-wolf (like Talia) when he was the alpha; he wasn’t even a distorted werewolf (but still recognizable) like Deucalion; we was like a mutated monster.
  • And we never saw Peter and the twins in their full werewolf form as betas; they just grew fangs and claws and glowed their eyes. And the twins had that fusion thing that used to creep me out. Mutation. And there was that “I have always been the alpha line”.

So, I can’t stop thinking now: what’s really up with Peter (besides his plans that we never know)?

No, but hear me out...

Were you bothered by Deucalion’s personality changes when he lost and regained his vision? Me, too, until I thought about what those arrows to the eyes would do.

Chances are that Deucalion suffered from frontal lobe brain damage, when the arrows pierced the upper edges of his orbitae. Frontal lobe damage will almost always cause a change in personality. The person in question may turn violent, stop caring about people around them, stop caring about social rules, et cetera. Look up Phineas Gage, if you want an example.

When Jennifer healed him, she healed the brain damage, too, and Deucalion turned into the person he was before. An Alpha, but a responsible one, a man who might keep his deals.

I’m not sure this was intentional, but it works for me.

thealphasspark  asked:

Ok I was doing some scapping for a Sterek edit from Tatoo and I noticed something interesting. When Derek is explaining the Alpha pack to Scott the scene is intercut with Deucalion and Braeden scene. Deucalions entrance is very distinct. I've uploaded the caps here does this I instantly thought of Peter in the Benefactor in S4 and I'm pretty sure with seen him do this before with a hanky just can't remember where. I always suspected that Peter was working with the Alpha pack throughout S3 P1

It reinforces my personal headcanon that Peter was working with the Alpha’s during S3. So many fishy details and everything Peter said during the whole Alpha pack thing, especially to Derek. Always felt like leading to a trap. It just seems weird to have the focus so much on the hanky. Or it could be programmed code that made sure test subject PHale killed test subject TheMute before anyone spilled the beans. You know ala Summer in Serenity and lending more fuel to the whole military thing. P2


First of all - interesting detail with the hanky.  I giffed it just because that makes it all the more cool to discuss :) And I’ve been trying had to think of more examples like this, but so far i’ve got nothing… 

Here’s Deucalion cleaning his hands rather daintily in 3x01

And here’s Peter - looking slightly dazed, detached and very scary, also reaching for a hanky to clean off his hands after having literally tore the Mute to shreds. 

I’m coming up on season 3 in my rewatch and I don’t have much to add to the theory about Peter possibly working with the alpha pack. I will look for clues and get back to it. I’ve seen other metas on that before, but can’t remember the details at the moment. 

But Peter clearly knew the alpha pack was in town, that much is revealed already in 2x12. But at the same time Derek also knew that - but did he learn that from Peter or did he find out himself? 

In short I need to rewatch a lot of relevant episodes to comment on that with any sort of “proof” or theories. 

With regards to Peter killing the Mute I think your comment about test subject PHale and the comparison to River in Firefly very interesting indeed. I’m convinced Peter has been to Eichen House, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been under someone’s control before, like we see indication of through him sharing memories with Scott in season 1

How he rises from the bed all zombie-like, and also his whole body language and how he looks totally out of it in the woods with Laura can be interpreted as Peter being under someone’s control. 

I did rewatch the scene where Peter kills the Mute and I must admit that the more I think about it, the stranger the scene is. It’s something about Peter and how he moves and behaves that is distinctly un-Peter like. Peter struts, he’s sassy, gleeful and always delivers his lines with a twinkle in his eyes. He’s borderline psychopath but he’s a charming one. There’s nothing charming about this scene. 

Peter’s reaction was way too aggressive and wholly unnecessary. WHY did he kill the Mute? If it was because he got an ax to the chest, then we should expect half the characters to go on rabid killing sprees every other episode. Derek got a pole shoved through his chest, has been shot, stabbed and knocked to the ground, and the only person he’s killed so far is Peter. It does put things in perspective. 

So why did Peter kill the Mute? Perhaps because someone needed him neutralized? The Mute had just been captured by Derek and the Sheriff. Which would lead him into jail, interrogations and possibly him spilling the beans on the whole operation… That is assuming that the Mute knew damaging things - and he might have for all we know. Peter did mention him specifically in his dream-rant that Meredith picked up on. 

Peter: I won’t have to do any of it myself. Because I’ll hire people. Assassins. Professional killers. People like The Mute. The Chemist. Even… Someone like the Desert Wolf.

The mute, the chemist and the desert wolf was all named - so perhaps the benefactor and Meredith included these people more closely into the planning and execution? And Peter killed the Mute, and Stiles killed the Chemist and the Desert Wolf is still in the wind. Mission accomplished - secret kept. (because let’s face it, Meredith isn’t the real benefactor and that thing isn’t done yet)

The benefactor schemes is definitely run from Eichen House - and so whoever is in charge might also know how to “activate” Peter?

He comes into the hallway, walks rather mechanically and stop and just stares straight ahead - not at the mute, the sheriff and Derek. Instead he stares into nothingness as if he can’t see them at all, or doesn’t notice. Or isn’t allowed to. He stands like that for a while, perfectly still. Like a soldier awaiting orders.

Then he suddenly turns and charges full force ahead

He leaps and bears down on the mute who’s already handcuffed and unable to fight back. And he goes to town on that dude

And after, when he’s clearly dead - Peter has this blank look on his face. there is no glee, no sass, no snarky comments. There is none of that taunting playfulness that he displayed with kate - how he even enjoyed toying with her, making her beg. 

None of that we see here. Peter is just a killing machine in this scene, and his face blank - not satisfied, not anything

he then makes sure to tear out the speaking device, and we see it’s broken. Probably beyond any ability to get evidence out of it. We never hear about it again after. 

Even as he pulls out the hanky to wipe of the blood, his face shows no emotions, and we don’t even get a snappy comeback when Derek yells after him “We’ve found a better way”

Peter responds “I’m a creature of habit” - but there’s none of that patented Hale sass in it. 

And instead of strutting out of there, he walks off as mechanically as he arrived

Interesting scene indeed…

Thoughts on TW 407 “weaponized”

We start with the “chemist” in his lab testing out the effectiveness of his weaponized virus and drinking tea.

We go to the tape, it’s all very clear, someone has set up a darknet and an untraceable bank and to be part of the “game” you need to give your details to receive the transfer, with visual confirmation, foreshadowing.

We end at Scott and stiles listening to the tape. Scott is confused about the why someone would pay so much money to kill them.

Scott puts the money back in the bag, now we have a good scene.

Scott is putting the money away and Stiles ask if he’s going to slide them under his mattress (to keep, Stiles is not too happy about this) Scott says he’ll give the money back to Derek because it is his.

Now I think we get into something people may be confused about.

Then we have Stiles go, his and Peters, Scott is confused, what does that mean?
Stiles is conflicted, they should maybe proceed with caution, now remember Stiles knows something Scott does not! Stiles knows Derek is currently top of the list to die according to the resident banshee.

Scott asks; you don’t think we should tell Derek? Stiles say that’s not what he’s saying they have to tell Derek, but some of the money is Peter’s, now what Stiles is thinking is, if/when Derek dies all the money is Peter’s.
He even tells in not so many words just that to Scott: Half the money is Peter’s homicidal killer, you want to give half a million dollars to Peter?

Scott asks, we should give Derek his money back but not Peter? Stiles explains that was not what he said. Scott wants him to clarify; Stiles can’t seem to tell him that Derek may die and all the money would eventually end up with Peter, then they are interrupted by Malia.

A couple of things which jumped out at me, Stiles is still beneath the MYPET poster, Scott has a theme of covering the light and Stiles is framed by the rainy window. Any theories on this are welcome!

Malia bursts in, they found the Satomi pack poisoned, Stiles asks where is Derek? Immediately after that, which with my shipper goggles implies he thinks first of Derek before his questions what poison and how.

Clip to Derek bringing in Braeden from the rain, She’s been shot, she might be dying. Nothing to add really, well rain so she wasn’t dying, it seems to be a theme that running water means safe and stagnant means death is likely.

Flash to Deaton in the rain full on combat with a hooded figure! Deaton is suspiciously well trained in combat, I think this may be a good indication that there is a hidden war going on, one much deeper hidden away than the hunter/werewolf war.

Satomi Ito is the one who was hooded, she looks remarkably young.

werewolf age
I have some ideas about this any one of them can be true.

  • Werewolves all stop aging earlier than humans and thus have a longer life span. Clearly they can’t have extended lifespans starting from childhood because that doesn’t really jive with them being integrated somewhat with society.
  • Perhaps a werewolf who has achieved great harmony with themselves has the ability to extend their life by using the healing that werewolves can do. Perhaps Satomi did this in order to lead her pack because she could find no suitable replacement for her as alpha.
  • Alphas who like Satomi and Talia have inner calm have superior healing and that healing slows aging as they wish it.

This is what I have right now, I’m leaning to the Alpha thing, because they have that extra sparks that could heal Peter from his near catatonic state to full out hunk in just a short while. But please feel free to add anything.

Interlude, PSAT’s where is Lydia? She took the freshman year don’t you know she’s a genius. Then we have Stiles as the grammar nazi correcting Malia, who is not happy, Stiles shrinks again, it’s a disturbing pattern.

Scott delivers his line about living while also surviving, which sounds like something Derek is just starting to grasp tbh.

A quick interjection about clothing colours,

Those who wear red are: Scott (pinkish but I’ll allow it) Malia, Mrs Martin, Sydney (patient zero), assassin girl.

Stiles wears a black and turquoise hooded shirt, black often represents secrets and control, turquoise often clear thinking and self-reliance… any how moving on.

The CDC is called for the freakish rash that seems to be spreading, they respond very quickly, maybe they’ve had similar instances?

Then we have a reiteration of the money issue which is a theme this season, the girl Sydney brings it up to Scott, she needs to do well on the PSAT, because scholarships, which Scott needs too.

We have a little discussion about the eradicated diseases in the world, small pox and rinderpest, first kills humans second cows. Is this foreshadowing? I don’t know.

Satomi brings an infected wolf to Deaton… Question I have, where is her emissary? Or are Emissaries only tied to families? So no packs made up of bitten wolves have emissaries? I’m suspicious.

Enter Melissa Mccall! She walks past out assassin in red.

Derek is sitting with Braeden, he seems to be gazing at her, notice no romantic lighting which we still haven’t had around Derek and Braeden, we had a lot of romantic lighting around other couples, including Jennifer and Derek. Anyhow from his look I’d say worried is the right emotion to place on him, troubled about his own situation, the fact that he is losing his abilities, he sees Braeden lying there and he imagines it may soon be him. He is sort of paralysed about how to proceed now, because his hopes of getting to Kate rested in this woman’s shoulders, he is unable to find her himself and not willing to let Peter know his limitations.

There is also the trouble that someone just killed a whole pack by poisoning them and the person who knows is currently unconscious.

Melissa comes in, she doses Braeden with a drug which makes her wake up, she’s clearly less injured than we thought, I’m getting even more suspicious of her, she was conveniently with the pack and She survived whatever happened, and she’s more well off than would be expected from a gunshot wound, she also survived getting her face nearly ripped off.  

She also immediately knows that the Pack was not poisoned but infected with a designer virus that targets werewolves, where did she get this kind of information?

Lets go to Lydia, she’s in the white room at the lake house with Meredith’s possessions, she is still trying to learn about her powers and she’s very frustrated because “they have to work some of the time!” Also this scene is so clearly not just about Meredith it hurts, this scene is steeped in Allison, she’s lamenting the fact that even though she has this power it never comes in a way that could help people, “I wish I could have helped you” This was clearly much deeper than Meredith, this was about how she failed to save her best friend, and I dare anyone to say otherwise.

Lydia starts to pack the things away but spots a picture of Meredith in the white room, and she realises something, it is right in her face. I think this may be the game changer (it’s really subtle but this is Lydia’s show at the moment)

Kira and Malia have a discussion about if the guys are keeping something secret, which they are. Kira says if they are it’s probably for good reason. Kira proceeds to zap the poor CDC woman with her fantastic foxfire lightning, to prevent her blood from being taken? There was a zoom in on a blood filled tube and then a close up of the empty one that led to the zapping, preventing any supernaturals from giving blood.

We have a locker room scene where they decide to try to find another way into the Hale vault because obviously! Claws are the key to the vault, Stiles and Scott think they must be Hale claws but there has been no actual confirmation that this is the case, however they cover up by lying to Malia, who catches them, demands they tell her cause she can handler being on the list, she’s 4, she’s happy they’ll go after Scott and Kira first… We have Stiles going Progress, progress.

Stiles is suddenly very physically affectionate, my reading was he is overcompensating because he’s lying to Malia about something which concerns her, I’m still not sold on her being a hale, Peter was too uninterested in her or having lived in the woods for 8 years.

The money problems are brought again, I’m still uncertain that these problems are as big as they appear to the teens, they may be exaggerating what problems exist, making them over-dramatic and more immediate. I could see that being the case.

We’re back to Derek, he’s looking wistfully down again in Braedens direction, still not romantic lighting, the lighting is actually more blue tinted which I’ve tied to secrets and that which is hidden, so his wistful gaze is likely him reminiscing about the past, especially since he has to be prompted to move, he’s caught in memories, maybe about Cora, how he managed to save her, and now he has saved another person. Derek is also a very caring person which explains in part why he is at the hospital, he covers up with a joke that he’s looking out for his investment (but he hasn’t paid her anything yet) What there is in this scene though is Derek feeling guilty he almost got her killed, Derek doesn’t like being the cause of someone’s death, and his weakness has put a person at risk for a reason that he should have been able to handle himself, but he had to hire Braeden to keep from Peter that he’s losing his abilities. Why is he at the hospital with Braeden!? Well what is he supposed to do? He knows he can’t do anything at the school, because CDC is there and there is a werewolf killing infection going around, he would do no good running around.

To reiterate I don’t see much in the way of romance between these two.

Lydia knows someone is going to die, which is a positive thing, that she knows and can say so with confidence.

Deaton reveals that it’s a virus which kills wolves which has been modified (why it kills coyotes and Kitsune I can’t say) Satomi seems to be immune, she comments as the second person how much Derek reminds her of his mother, she used to visit her quite a bit and did he remember, he remembers the smelly tea, which is the solution to the problem of the virus.

I’ve talked about the gunshot before so I won’t do it here.

Agent Mccall tells Stiles about the tea in the vault and he runs to save Scott, but he is blocked by a wall, a wall which prevents him from reaching Scott, I would say it’s a bit foreshadowing about Stiles not being the one to save Scott from whatever path he will go down.

Scott uses his werewolf vision to see like Deucalion and apparently the wolf vision can see the magic abilities of the mushrooms in the jar on the shelf. Interesting to know that.

So we end with Malia finding out that on the list her name is Hale, Stiles touches her right shoulder with his left hand, I think Cupidsbower calls that the anchor position and she grips his wrist and rejects it.

Scott & the Feral Wolf

So, something that Tyler Hoechlin said in one of the many interviews/convention panels stuck with me. (I’m sorry, I can’t find the source for it to save my life.) He said that the wolf shape isn’t about being an Alpha, but about coming into harmony with your inner wolf, and that it was something that almost no wolves manage to do.

Now, that seems to be an awful lot of very specific information for an actor on Teen Wolf to know. If it’s true (i.e., it’s something that Jeff has established for his show behind the scenes, rather than being a piece of Hoechlin’s headcanon), then that gives some interesting insight into that Other Form that some of the werewolves we’ve met take on. And since we know that the way to gain a wolf shape involves your literal relationship with your Inner Wolf, I think it tells us a lot about some of these characters. This is of course true even if it is just alphas who can take this Other Form.

Keep reading

whenwolfsbaneblooms  asked:

Question about that post you just did, skimming through I I saw that you wrote that Derek gave his alpha spark up to Scott (or at least that's how I read it). Except I'm pretty sure he gave that spark to Cora to heal her? Granted it's been a while since I watched the last half of season 3A, but I don't recall Scott 'getting' Derek's spark in any fashion.

Derek didn’t give his spark to Scott, he gave it to Cora to heal her and the extra spilled over in the telluric currents. That’s where Scott got it from.

Think of magical spark like electricity. 

What the show has depicted is that supernatural power doesn’t come from nowhere. If it leaves one place, it goes somewhere else. This is why the Darach needed to do the ritual sacrifices — to get the power. It had to come from somewhere.

Beacon Hills is like a giant circuit. The nemeton is a battery where you can store magical energy (that’s why the druids’ five-fold mark and blood was on the roots — they’d kept it powered up with sacrifices). The telluric currents are how the energy flows between magical points in Beacon Hills. The currents are what Jennifer and Nogi used to travel around from place to place.

See, telluric currents and magic energy are linked. It’s one big circuit.

We’ve also been shown or told these things about werewolf power which seem to be true (that is, the visuals confirm them, because a lot of what we’re “told” by the characters when there’s no visuals is later proven to be wrong):

  • You can get basic werewolf power by being born with it or bitten by an alpha and transformed (the process of transforming human energy to supernatural energy is what might kill you).
  • You can get an energy boost by being in a pack (it’s like an amplifying effect, by pooling the energy).
  • You can get more werewolf power by killing your betas (Deucalion) or killing an alpha (Peter killed Laura, Derek killed Peter).
  • You can get werewolf power if you’re a True Alpha. We haven’t been told how that works, but it must follow the rules which have been set for magic in this world. The power has to come from somewhere. That means, as a True Alpha you can probably take energy directly from the telluric currents, but there must be werewolf energy in the circuit already for you to be able to take it (like the Darach could take energy directly from the currents, but only after the sacrifices added power to the circuit).

So where did the energy come from that Scott was powered up with?

Well, I think being a True Alpha is a bit like being a nemeton. They can take and store energy directly from the circuit. It fits what we’ve been shown.

  • We first saw Scott visibly trying to be magically strong when he was attempting to break the mountain ash circle to rescue Deaton. That was right around the time the alphas were impaling Boyd on Derek’s claws, and Derek didn’t seem to get a power up from that death the way Deucalion said he should after killing a beta (Derek didn’t actually kill Boyd, he was just the weapon used to do so, which was probably why the energy didn’t go to him but went into the telluric currents instead). Scott probably got Boyd’s energy in that scene. Boyd was a beta though, so it wasn’t enough.
  • When Derek sacrificed his alpha powers to heal Cora, Scott was in the ice-bath being sacrificed to the nemeton, and black stuff flowed into his eyes. It didn’t flow into Allison’s or Stiles’ eyes. Derek’s sacrifice and the flow to Scott happened at the same time. Also Peter was super shady about what would happen if Derek gave up the energy, and I think he was expecting it to work like the Darach’s sacrifices and put power in the system he could then take.
  • Scott has been visibly getting stronger as werewolves have been killed in the deadpool. (As has Peter, actually, which is suspicious.) It was pointed out in 3B during the heist of Silverfinger’s scroll that he was very weak for an alpha, but by 410 Monstrous we saw he’s become powerful enough to have a werewolf face like Deucalion’s. The Demon Wolf got a face like that by killing his betas and taking their energy. The most likely source for Scott’s power is the deadpool energy.

The thing about Teen Wolf is that half the story is in what’s shown, not what’s told to us (which is often wrong, because the characters don’t have the full story, or are lying).

What we’ve been shown is that werewolf energy flows like electricity, and it can’t just magically come from nothing.

Scott’s True Alpha energy had to come from something. That’s how it works. And the visuals strongly imply he got his werewolf power from Peter’s bite in the first instance, then Boyd, Derek, and the deadpool.

(Also, disturbingly, Lydia screams right before Stiles crashes his car in 3A. He crashes due to the telluric current storm Jennifer threw at him, and the implication is the crash killed him, and that’s when he was possessed by Nogi, which saved his life. Nogi targetted him in particular because he was already a spark, but one who hadn’t come into his powers yet — a tempting target, nice and powerful, and easy to possess due to being mostly dead. Anyway, that’s also right around the time Scott was powering up and breaking through the Darach’s mountain ash circle, so it implies he got the energy from Stiles’ spark when Stiles died. Eek.)

Anyway, that’s what I meant when I said Scott got the energy from Derek’s sacrifice. It’s not that Scott stole it or anything, or that Derek gave it directly to him, but that Scott did his True Alpha thing and took it out of the magical circuit that is Beacon Hills.

Scott Evolving

I’ve noticed that in episode weaponized and time of death that scott has more vangs now which is a sign of him evolving or turning into a full wolf like derek. derek started growing more vangs in season 3a then the next season he evolved into a wolf. im thinking that an increase in vangs is a sign of evolving for werewolves. another thing, in the teen wolf intro, during tyler hoechlin/derek hale’s theme a wolf is being shown which tells us that he’s a full wolf. at the very beginning of the intro during tyler posey/scott mccall’s intro you have to pause the intro. when you pause it you should see a wolf being shown during his intro. a wolf has been shown for scott and derek since 3a. it’s likely that scott will evolve to a full wolf. my guess it that scott will fully evolve to a wolf in season 5b?


Four seasons in and we still know so little about the workings of stuff like turning into a full wolf, what’s the story of the color of the eyes, why do some people become beast alphas etc. 

Let’s first compile the stuff we do know. And since this is Teen Wolf of course our information is conflicting - unreliable narrators. get used to the term :) 

From the bestiary (Argents)

Sometimes Alpha werewolves are able to take on various forms. Generally they take on the form of a full fledged wolf. However, depending of the character of said alpha their form can range from completely normal looking wolf to a monstrous beast. 

Beast alpha (known) - While similar to the Full Wolf Alpha the Beast Alpha retains a human’s four curve spine that allows it to stand upright. A beast Alpha’s form is a grotesque mix of wolf and human. 

So according to the bestiary in Argent’s possession and compiled over centuries by hunters alpha werewolves can sometimes take other shapes, and among them the most common is a full fledge wolf. 

This is backed up by Gerard in 3x08:

Gerard: No, but there was an exceptionally powerful Alpha who did live here. She had a capacity to shape-shift that was rare among her kind. That made her something of a leader, the kind of person that they would go to for advice and guidance… Talia Hale.

We know that Laura could do the same thing - shift into a wolf. We’ve now seen that Derek did the same thing - and in his own words he evolved. So is this a Hale thing now? And how come Derek could do it when he’s not an alpha?

Of all the werewolves we’ve come across so far, only Talia, Laura and now Derek are the only ones that could do this. None of the alphas in the alpha pack did, not even Deucalion. The same goes for Satomi and her pack, we have no evidence of them turning into actual wolves. 

So with this in mind it does seem like Gerard was telling the truth. The full alpha form nowadays, despite what the bestiary might say, is rare. Like a lost art form. 

But before we conclude anything - let’s not forget another thing told by Gerard.


Gerard: Do you know the myth of Lycaon? 
Scott: I know it’s where we get the word “lycanthropy.” 
Gerard: According to myth, some Greek citizens believed they owed their lives more to Prometheus than to the gods of Olympus. And some followers even took names to honor the titans instead of the gods. 
Scott: Like Deucalion. 
Gerard: The son of Prometheus. Lycaon didn’t just refuse to honor the gods. He challenged them. He invited Zeus to a banquet and then tried to serve him the flesh of a human being. Angered, Zeus blew the place apart with lightning bolts and then punished Lycaon and his sons by turning them into wolves. The part that’s lesser known is how Lycaon sought out the druids to help turn him back to human. 
Scott: Why druids? 
Gerard: The belief was that the ancient druids knew how to shape-shift. They couldn’t make Lycaon and his sons human again, but they did teach them how to shift back and forth. And so the druids became important advisors to the packs.

The druids taught them how to shift back and forth. Let me repeat that. THE DRUIDS! And also - there is no mention of them only teaching alphas….

So who should we believe? the legend or the bestiary?

This is getting long…. 

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virtualalternative  asked:

did someone of the meta group already made a post about the difference between male alphas and female alphas ? because I've been thinking about it and it seems that (minus Kali but maybe she was corrupted by Deucalion and that would also explained a lot) Jeff Davis implied that female alphas are better at being alphas than males, what do you think of it ?

I’m not sure if anyone else has written meta on this, but it’s an interesting idea. Not sure it holds water, though.

Female Alphas

  • Laura Hale
  • Kali
  • Talia Hale
  • Satomi

Male Alphas

  • Peter Hale
  • Derek Hale
  • Deucalion
  • Ennis
  • Ethan and Aiden
  • Scott McCall

Laura Hale had a full wolf form, which implies she had reached a point of inner peace and balance. However, if we look at her choices, they paint a picture of a young and unsure and frightened alpha. She took Derek and ran away from Beacon Hills, leaving Peter alone as an omega. Why did she do that? Did she know hunters caused the fire? How? If so, why didn’t she seek sanctuary with another pack? She didn’t join another pack, as far as we know, or stabilise her own with additional betas, either bitten or adopted. If she didn’t know the fire was caused by hunters, why did she leave? Why abandon Peter? If she came back to Beacon Hills suspecting foul play, why go alone, and how so easily taken by surprise? There are too many unanswered questions, but on the face of it, she seems to have not been a particularly effective alpha.

Kali may have been corrupted by Deucalion, but I think it was more likely that she, like Deucalion, was corrupted by the hunter war. She was afraid, and sought power to be able to defend herself against the hunters. In her fear, she lashed out and killed her pack — there’s no excuse for that, and it was clearly premeditated, but I think it was more an act of desperate fear than a need for power for its own sake. We saw a similar instinctual reaction and reaching for power in Derek when he became alpha and created his pack — for Derek, though, it was as much about sharing power as feeling safe. Anyway, whatever her motives, Kali’s actions resulted in a corrupt form of power, and it rebounded on her with Jennifer/Julia’s revenge arc.

Talia, once again, we don’t know much about, and what we do know is largely from Visionary and therefore suspect. She was the guardian of the Nemeton and Beacon Hills, and had a full wolf form, so had reached inner peace. She seems to have sincerely loved her children and accepted them. However, she didn’t train Derek (or Laura, very likely) in basic werewolfing during their childhoods, or teach them basic werewolf politics. She gave Derek into Peter’s care, which speaks poorly of her judgement. She doesn’t seem to have had any idea of what was going down with Paige, or that Ennis was a loose canon. Likewise, she seems to have had no clue a hunter was preying on her kid. She failed to dissuade Deucalion from his ill-conceived attempts to broker peace with Gerard — who wouldn’t even have been the head of the Argents given they are meant to be a matriarchy. She trusted Deaton, who never lifted a finger to help Derek, and ritually sacrificed three teenagers, and who even Gerard Argent doesn’t trust. She seems to have had no contingency plan in place with other packs, so that someone would offer help to her family if something happened to her.

None of these alphas strike me as particularly good. Laura and Talia are not mass murderers, as far as we know. But that’s a pretty low baseline for decency.

Satomi began as a beta with control issues, and grew into being an alpha over time. We see her actively thinking about things like strategy, with the Go game, and trying to do the right thing when she helps stop the Nogitsune and seek help when the sickness strikes her pack. We also see her learning a lesson from her past actions — she throws a firebomb and hits the wrong target, and instead of spiraling out of control, she uses that lesson to gain control of herself. That’s all admirable. As is the pacifist leanings of her pack. However, her pack are also easily swayed by charisma, and their pacifism leave them almost defenseless against attack. It’s not like hunters have gone away, so for Satomi not to have focused at least a little on defence is somewhat short sighted. She’s swayed too far in the opposite direction to Deucalion in the way she leads her pack, and it has left them wide open to attack.

Satomi is probably the best alpha we’ve seen so far, as she’s actively learned lessons from the past. However, she doesn’t seem to have had a mentor, either, and her choices have also been influenced by the hunter war, and have led her to play too cautious a game as a result. That turns out to be almost as deadly for her pack as Deucalion’s choices were for his. If there had been no-one to ask for help, her pack would be dead, and it’s pure luck, not planning, that there’s someone to ask for help. Her pack could easily have ended up like the Hales. Very, very easily.

I won’t run through the male alphas in detail — we’ve seen a lot more of their motives and actions in canon.

Peter and Deucalion are both murderers, although both seem to have been triggered by the hunter war. Peter killed for revenge, bit people without their consent, and emotionally manipulated a bunch of people. Deucalion killed for power, emotionally manipulated the alpha pack, and emotionally blackmailed Scott. The twins are also murderers for power, and seem to have been abused by their pack to the point that the alpha pack seemed a better bet — again, the implication is that their original pack was ravaged and dysfunctional due to the hunter war. Ennis likewise murdered his pack for power, bit an under-age teenager without her consent. What little motive we are given for biting Paige is that he’s reacting to events happening due to the hunter war (wanting stronger alliance with Talia, maybe, and a bigger pack so he’s less vulnerable to hunters).

I think we can all agree that whatever their motives, they are pretty terrible alphas. They don’t hold the care of their pack mates or the community as a priority, and trauma has made them inward-looking and selfish.

That brings us to Derek and Scott. I’m not going to mention the things Scott and Derek did before or after they were alphas.

Derek had no training and no competent support due to the ravages of the hunter war and made bad choices as a result. In fact, he’s been actively manipulated by Peter, who has led to Derek make poorer choices as alpha than he otherwise would. He bit his betas with informed consent, but chose impressionable teens and used his charisma and sex appeal to sway them. He threw a glass at Isaac to deliberately invoke a fear response and drive him away. Derek has attempted to kill twice in canon — the murder spree of the “alpha” of first season motivated his attacks on Deaton and Peter, and the “kanima” of second season motivated his attacks on Lydia and Jackson. He attempted to change his approach to being alpha at Scott’s urging, and mend fences by trusting him. He became more strategic about using violence. He risked his life to save Erica and Boyd from the alpha pack, in a planned raid. He refused to sacrifice his betas to the alpha pack, and was willing to both plan an attack and set up a trap to try and stop them. He gave up his alpha power to save Cora’s life.

The thing about Derek is that while his choices are poorly made and his actions are wrong in many of these cases, his motives have never been those of alphas like Peter or Deucalion. Derek’s most direct parallel is Satomi. Like Satomi, he made those bad choices for reasons that looked to the safety of the wider community and the people around him, not just for his own self aggrandizement or self protection, or because he was angry and afraid. That’s not to say he wasn’t angry or afraid, but that it was not all that drove him, and over time he became more aware of the consequences of his actions.

Derek was not a good alpha, but he was mostly well-meaning, and someone who learned from his mistakes and changed his behaviour as a result.

Scott is very young, but has a strong support network and people willing to help and teach him. He tends not to listen to them. He is potentially being manipulated by Deaton, but there’s no real reason for Scott to suspect Deaton at this point, so it doesn’t count against him that he trusts his mentor and father figure. He adopted Isaac into his pack and home and then physically assaulted him out of jealousy. Scott bit Liam without his informed consent, but in circumstances in which he felt he had little other choice. He handled Liam’s introduction into being a werewolf and part of the pack extremely poorly, to the point he resorted to kidnapping and violence; he didn’t tell Liam information he needed to know, and used emotional manipulation of Kira to kidnap Liam a second time. He has almost killed three times. First, he wanted to kill Peter which would have made Scott alpha, which is why I count it here; however, he didn’t want to do it for this reason. Second, he almost killed one of the hunters attacking Satomi’s pack; he did this in defence of himself and others. Third, due to the blackmail of one of the Orphans, he went along with a plan to attack innocent people; he didn’t stop due to his own principles, but due to fortuitous intervention. He also went along with Deucalion’s blackmail, although only the to point that Morrell was in danger, and then he resisted. Scott was willing to sacrifice himself to the Nemeton to save the parents. He tried to save Malia, and later Lydia. He initiated the rescue mission for Derek at the start of s4. He was willing to fake his death, at some risk to himself, to try and stop the Benefactor.

Scott is protective of his family, pack mates and friends, and tries to do no harm. However, he doesn’t understand his own power, or ethics, very well at this point, and has yet to acknowledge that he has done harm in the past, largely due to his lack of understanding.

Scott is not a good alpha. He’s mostly well-meaning, but hasn’t yet learned from his mistakes.

So, to answer your question, I don’t think gender is the defining characteristic of being a “good” alpha here. What we’ve been shown is that alphas can learn to be better and use their power in positive and communal ways, or decide to use their power in destructive and selfish ways. On the one hand, Satomi, on the other, Deucalion. Deucalion began strongly and with lots of support, and then made bad choices and kept on making them even when they were proven to be bad. Satomi started poorly and with little support, and has made better choices over time, while still having lessons to learn and being aware she does.

Right now, both Derek and Scott have been shown as on a journey in which they are learning what it means to be a werewolf, and choosing which road they will follow. Neither of them have been good alphas so far, but that isn’t the point. No-one starts off great at anything, no matter how much potential they might have. Training and experience are needed. Scott may yet become an awesome alpha. Derek, if he’s ever alpha again, may well do better the second time around.

Satomi is a lesson, and a counterpoint to Deucalion. It’s not being a female werewolf that makes her better. It’s being willing to learn from her mistakes.

Teen Wolf 5x20 "Apotheosis" Promos #1 and #2 Meta/Breakdown

[Season Finale]

SUMMARY: Loyalties are tested and new alliances forged as Scott and his friends work to stop the Beast before Beacon Hills is razed to the ground.

The title may reference to:

  • The Beast of Gévaudan - Sebastien reaching his highest strength, now fully resurrected. They will not be able to recover Mason or get him back.
  • The McCall Pack - Scott and the Pack are able to defeat the Beast and retrieve Mason back alive.
  • Werewolf Origins - references throughout the series relating to Greek Mythology, mainly Zeus and his outrage of turning a man into a wolf, formerly known as Lycaon.
  • The Wild Hunt - Introduction to the Ghost Riders referenced in 5x01 “Creatures of the Night” by Noshiko and Ken Yukimura
  • Scott McCall evolving into something more powerful as shown previously in Season 4 from the episode “Monstrous”, finally achieving the “God-like” status. He will transform into the True Alpha’s real transformation instead of looking like a regular Alpha.
  • Scott McCall - kills for the first time. Either Theo or the Beast/Sebastien/Mason. Or even Gerard or Deucalion.
  • Theo Raeken - stealing the Beast’s power or killing Deucalion. Finally achieves the role as Alpha and becomes a real werewolf. The word Apotheosis may reference to a clone theory that Theo has a clone or a twin.
  • Afterlife/Ghosts - reaching the point of death and Parrish’s premonition, hence the quick flash of Allison’s scene from Season 1. May be a vision of how they can stop it? They might visit the White Room again. Lydia’s powers allow her to talk to the dead.
  • Reveal of the Supernatural to Beacon Hills and the rest of the world - the world finds out or already knows about werewolves, banshees and kitsunes, etc. (Similar to what happened in BtVS.) This has consequences and the world rises up to eradicate the world of the supernatural (similar to what happened in Underworld: Awakening with the humans ridding of Lycans and Death Dealers.)

Here we go! :)


We start off the promo with the Surgeon at Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. He uses his power to spark the lights (for dramatic effect? or to show how awesome he is.) He is assumed to be the only survivor from the Beast’s attacks from 5x19 as Chris and Gerard interrupted him before he could deliver the killing blow. Most likely, the Pathologist and the Geneticist are deceased. The Surgeon might be there because he’s looking for Sebastien.

Scott and Stiles at the hospital. They are there because Sebastien attacked Lydia at the Police Station.

STILES: What is this?

SCOTT: It was Plan A.

STILES: Plan A never works.

Stiles is holding a paper, possibly out a book, referencing to the original story of the Beast of Gevaudan or the telluric currents map leading to the Nemeton? Something out of the Bestiary? Malia looks to be standing next to Scott (dark brown/dark blond hair?) but probably not since she’s trapped in the McCall household with Corinne. It might be either Lydia/Kira or possibly Hayden/Braeden/Melissa/Noshiko? Lori coming back with her brother, Brett and Satomi? (Notice they are wearing the same clothing as the previous episode. This will possibly occur from the same night to the following day.) Not sure what Plan A could be. Holland, both Dylans, Melissa, and Tyler will be at the hospital together.

(Probably the lighting here) but Scott looking sort of shady here as he looks at Liam. Liam nods. Possibly the moment when they encounter Sebastien and they fight him.

MAN/CHRIS: If we don’t stop Sebastien, we’re going to stand in his way.

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Allison & Her "Tape"

So far we’ve seen the Benefactor manipulate some pawns with the use of audio cassettes. 

  • Violet and Garrett receive a tape, or so we are assuming at this point. It may have been the invitation to the deadpool. 
  • Kate kills some assassins after questioning them, because she believes they also received a tape. 
  • Kate, while asleep in the rain, has a tape dropped into her tape deck and doesn’t notice it. How asleep was she that she didn’t notice someone dropping that off? It’s suspicious. (Almost as suspicious as Derek not noticing that someone was outside his window painting on it.) **Theory for this. 

The point of Kate’s tape was to move her into position to open the Hale vault. She was a pawn in the game. 

The other time we’ve seen something similar was Allison’s voicemail about Oak Creek. Allison was asleep, and her phone was turned off even though she says she NEVER does that. Allison’s clue was assumed to be failed, since Mr. Yukimura neglected to trust her as an Argent.

However, Allison later dies at Oak Creek. Her chess piece was still taken out of the game. 

Twice now we’ve had supernatural creatures, Kate and Derek, completely oblivious to someone sneaking up on them while sleeping. It’s feasible for the reasons of: Kate being hypervigilant of Hunters and finally crashing into a short deep sleep, and Derek just generally being tired in the middle of the day since he stays up all night running around and wolfing out. 

The other explanation is that something put/kept them asleep in order to deliver the messages (the voicemail, the tape, the Alpha Pack symbol). 

(Or, they are being Alpha Mind Fucked. We know it’s something Deucalion and Peter can both do, at least.)

I still think the Deadpool isn’t a Purge but a Game. This whole thing has been a chess game, with both sides trying to collect pieces and sacrificing them. I still think Deucalion is playing one side of the game, and either Gerard or Deaton are playing the other. If Gerard is playing, it is (Deucalion) Asshole vs (Gerard) Evil Asshole. If Deaton is playing, it could be more (Deucalion) Asshole vs (Deaton) Neutral/Believes Greater Good. 

Deucalion evidence: 

  • Allison = Deuc had lived in the same building as her. We already know that Isaac climbed into her 4th story window like it was nothing, instead of using the front door. He knew the building, he had his eyes now. He could have loaded the voicemail on and then turned her phone off while she slept. 
  • On the other hand, her window was electrified. This means a kitsune/nogitsune could have slipped through it silently, since they are not affected by electricity. I do not think it’s Kira though.
  • Kate = Deucalion could have Alpha Mind Fucked her to make her forget him finding her in the car, and instructed her to wake up after 5 minutes and remember to look in her tape deck. 
  • Derek = Cora could have let them in. She was with the Alpha Pack, at least as a suspicious prisoner. We never got a definite answer about the two female bodies  (booties) seen in the woods at the end of season 2. 

But basically: I believe there are parallels between Allison’s voicemail, Kate’s cassette tape, and Derek’s window symbol.

On the other hand, it could be a completely different agent helping another player out – someone who can manipulate sleep. If so, it would be someone who might also have had close contact with Stiles who had some serious issues figuring out if he was dreaming or awake.