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Meta Monday Announcement

Having just returned from a trip, being slightly under the weather, and attempting to prep for class, I need to focus my energies, so Meta Monday is taking a one week hiatus. When we return next week, I will address Targaryen madness and mental illness in medieval Europe. It should be a good one!

In the meantime, take a look at the upcoming topics and add your suggestion or clamor for which of these should be bumped up in priority:

  • violence
  • armor and tactics
  • table manners
  • trade
  • postal service
  • bastards
  • bookishness
  • feudalism
  • arranged marriages v. love matches
  • ships and water travel
  • medicine and healthcare
  • knighthood
  • seasonality
  • tourneys
  • Knights Templar and the Faith Militant
  • games and pastimes
  • prostitution
  • maesters and the Citadel
  • Ironborn and the Vikings
  • Dothraki and the Mongols
  • clothing

It’s Opening Day tomorrow, so I won’t be around, which means I’ve got to knock out Meta Monday today. I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this topic, so this week I’ll be addressing homosexuality in medieval Europe and ASOIAF.

madefrommemoriesff-blog  asked:

I just wanted to let you know that am really enjoying your Meta Monday posts! They are absolutely fascinating regardless of topic and I really look forward to them every week. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Why, thank you! I enjoy putting them together. I can go off on a tangent in a way I can’t in the classroom. ;)

Next week will probably be warrior women!

thefutureisover  asked:

What about a MetaMonday for how mental illness and treatment (or lack there of) went down? There's a lot of reference to the Mad King, but I often wonder how depression and anxiety were addressed. Was it as simple/futile as 'You're a witch!'?

‘Madness’ got a bit of a mention in the disability post if I remember correctly, but I could expand upon the subject. Thanks for the suggestion!

ladysaruka  asked:

Very excited for more meta Mondays! I was wondering if you had anything in the hopper considering agriculture and the seasons. I mean know that the seasons in the series are very long (winter is very ominous tbh) but how does it work? How do people especially the small folk keep track of ages? Also how can there be "autumn" wheat when most wheat needs an extended long cold period (to know winter is over) to grow properly?! What aBOUT CROP ROTATION?!?! Anyhoo have a happy new year!

I do have something about seasons on the list. I can’t however explain how seasons work in ASOIAF. To me it makes zero sense, and I’m not sure GRRM could explain it. My knowledge only extends to how people in the Middle Ages related time to the seasons and how that might compare to the people of Westeros. So that was my plan of what to discuss! Thanks for the suggestion and a happy new year to you too!

caesiamusa  asked:

I hope your mom's surgery goes well! Have you considered doing a Meta Monday on regencies? Between Tommen in King's Landing, Sweetrobin in the Vale, and the developing situation around Rickon in the North, I think regents are a pivotal part of politics in Westeros right now. No matter what topics you choose, I always love your comparisons between the medieval period and ASoIaF- thanks so much for doing them!

Thank you! I appreciate it.

That’s an interesting topic. One I certainly hadn’t considered, and you’re right that everyone seems to be in a regency at the moment in Westeros. I’ll add it. Thanks for your suggestion!

yiggady  asked:

Hello. I have a theme for your Meta Monday extravaganza. In ASoIaF, there are a handful of women who pursue a warrior's path (Brienne, Arya, Alysane Mormont, and so on). The Mormonts aren't breaking with the viking traditions on which they are based, but Brienne especially seems to be flying in the face of a womens station at that time both in the books and real life. In medieval history, are there any examples of women who did this? An exploration of this theme would be greatly appreciated!

That’s a great topic for exploration. I’ll add it to the list. Thanks for the suggestion!

nayrael  asked:

Meta-Monday suggestion: importance of seasons. From what I know, seasons were very important, both for agriculture and for military matters so I am interested in what you have to say about how dreadful words "Winter is coming" was to medieval Europe :)

Oooh, yes. Interesting. It’s funny, because as long as you had a good harvest, and therefore weren’t fearful of starving, the winter was a period of time when you had a lot of leisure time and the pace of life was a good bit slower. Not exactly a nightmare. Thanks for the suggestion.

fishinthepool  asked:

Hey ya, I love your blog (especially Meta Mondays :D). Sooo, I do have a Meta Monday topic I'd love you to clarify. Tourneys! They crop up all over the place but I am hopelessly ignorant and clueless on tourney-related things (except a bit of info I gathered from this movie "A Knight's Tale" but it is a movie...). So my question is: are the tourneys described in the books accurate from how they were in the middle ages?

Love for Meta Monday! Thank you. Thrilled to hear you enjoy it. I will absolutely add medieval tourneys to the list. They’re generally misunderstood in the popular mind, so that’s a really great topic. Thanks for the suggestion.