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Imagine the morning after Alec and Magnus had their first date. Alec stayed the night, even though he believed that it might be a bad idea. It is too early after all to stay a whole night at Magnus’. It all goes too fast. But he can’t help himself. So they are lying in bed. Magnus is still sleeping peacefully. He is lying on his stomach, half of his head buried in a pile of pillows, face towards Alec. Alec is wide awake. His head resting on his hand while he simply stares dreamily at Magnus. Magnus doesn’t wear any make-up and he is snoring a little. Alec smiles. A tiny smile at first. But it gets broader, he just can’t stop it. He can’t believe that he is in Magnus’ loft, lying next to Magnus, the most beautiful man he ever layed eyes on. Alec knows that he must look like a fool but he doesn’t care at all. He lifts his right hand and brushes through Magnus’ thick black hair. He is surprised how soft it is when it is not spiked up. Alec’s fingertips are wandering carefully along Magnus’ jawline, he doesn’t want to wake Magnus up. His thumb brushes over Magnus’ cheek. Magnus still doesn’t wake up under Alec’s gentle touches. And Alec? He is just smiling while the sun comes up and the first ray of light lightens up the bedroom. He closes his eyes for a second, his hand lingering over Magnus’ cheek. When he opens his eyes again, he notices that Magnus is awake. He looks bleary and it is so adorable that Alec has a lump in his throat. But the thing that shocks him the most are Magnus’ eyes. His cat eyes are showing and they are so beautiful that they instantly take Alec’s breath away. He swallows. It takes Magnus a bit to understand what is happening. He wants to turn away from Alec, ashamed. He needs to glamour his eyes again since it looks like they shocked Alec so much. He just hopes he is not that much disgusted by them. Or him. Alec grabs Magnus’ shoulder, silenty shaking his head. Magnus furrows his brows. Until Alec leans towards him, cupping Magnus’ face with both hands. Magnus closes his eyes, he can’t look at Alec any longer. It’s too much. He silently curses himself that he forgot about his warlock mark. But Alec just doesn’t care at all. He presses a featherlight kiss on Magnus’ left eyelid. He hears how Magnus inhales sharply. Then he kisses the right eyelid. It’s so soft and tender, Magnus feels like crying. It takes all of him to fight against the tears building behind his lids. When Alec presses another soft kiss against his forehead, Magnus opens his eyes. “Don’t hide your true self from me, Magnus. Ever. You’re beautiful. All of you.” And that is the moment when Magnus Bane falls even more in love with Alexander Gideon Lightwood. Not that Magnus will tell him about his feelings yet. It’s too early. Magnus knows that. But one day soon…

okay guys lemme talk for a sec.

as a writer and a queer person, bury your gays is shit. it’s cheap and hurtful.

that said, matt, as much as he loves narrative, is beholden to the dice and the characters as people.

allura was too close to the lair, and kima followed her even tho she knew something was wrong, because something was wrong, because that’s what kima does.

gilmore in the thordak fight just didn’t have the dice power to keep up, didn’t have the hp to survive the way vm does.

matt does not want to kill any of his characters.

he is trying. he is trying. making gilmore so much more than just flamboyant, making kima a paladin not just a bitch lesbian, making allura one of the most powerful arcane casters in the world instead of just the femme bisexual, trying to make sure he remembered they pronouns for jamon saord, making sure that raishan was recognised as a woman despite her form as a man at the time.

they might seem like little things but as a writer, as someone critical of media, as a queer person, he is trying, and dear god do i love him for it.

he doesn’t want to kill any of his pcs, but if it happens it happens. if he kills vex or vax or scanlan or grog or any other pc or npc, it’s because they failed the rolls.

London and the Culture of Homosexuality -- Masterpost

I’ve finished the book London and the Culture of Homosexuality, 1885-1914 by Matt Cook. We’ve learned a lot along the way and now that it’s finished, I thought I’d compile everything into one post for easier access.

1) Empty train carriages, Molly houses, and moustaches on trial

2) “That’s not a sentence you hear every day” - how modern Sherlock incorporates Victorian-era facial hair code

3) Gay lit is gay, the Criterion bar is gay, Turkish baths are gay, green carnations are gay, button holes are gay

4) Homosexual men loved to liaise at the Criterion Bar

5) TJLC is Real: Carefully-Chosen Words and Public Opinion

6) Sherlock fits a case study of a period-relevant homosexual man

7) Anal violins

8) Gay graffiti worth writing about in your memoirs

9) Cabs were helpful, Gothic romance was queer, literary gay subtext was criminal evidence, the male-on-male gaze was a stand-in for sex, and idealised male nudes were all the rage

10) Every Great Cause Has Martyrs - how language used in the TAB trailer mirrors that used by Victorian homosexual men

11) Did Victorian-Era Gay Men Think Sherlock Holmes Was Gay?

12) The closest thing I’ve ever written to a personal TJLC manifesto

Discussions/asks/misc with other people about the book: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

Buy the book online

Thank you to everyone who read/commented/liked/reblogged posts from my little readalong liveblog. I loved doing it and I hope you liked it too.

Up next:

Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century by Graham Robb

I have some friends who get a lot of anxiety from those shitty posts that are like “if you don’t share this something bad will happen” and I couldn’t find that one protective image of the dog or whatever SO… I made one of my cosmic magician kiddo for you to share if it helps you feel like it helps you cancel out the worries of when you see those kinds of posts… So, if you’re feeling anxious or worried from one of those chainmail posts, share this to RESET AND PROTECT YOURSELF and cancel out the post that upset you.


“If you can’t hold it, you take your ass to the men’s room and cry in private on the toilet. Like a man!“— Emerson, Pushing Daisies

This is an incredibly important scene because I believe this is the first time an MCU male superhero has cried. And Matt is not crying over the death of a dog, family member, love interest or cherished friend. It’s not an epic moment during battle or when everything he’s been fighting comes to a head. (Common examples of when it is acceptable for men to cry in media - see trope Manly Tears for more.) No, Matt is crying because he’s fighting with his best friend. Foggy, too, is crying because he’s fighting with his best friend. They’re crying because they care so much about each other and they feel so much. And it’s all expressed. Foggy feels deeply betrayed, but beyond that he’s overwhelmed with grief and worry over Matt. Matt finally is facing the fact that he personally hurt someone that he loved with his actions. And THEY ARE CRYING because of it.

I’m stressing this because crying over these “every day” events is not common for men in media. This is particularly important for Matt, who’s portrayed fairly traditionally masculine - physically strong and mentally stoic, reserved in his emotions. But yet, he cries when he’s fighting with his friend. And the narrative validates both his and Foggy’s crying. The scene is full of pathos and their fight is one of the more painful scenes on a fairly gruesome show. They’re expressing their feelings and talking it out and crying, and they’re not weak or any less badass for it. They are simply human for doing so. 

I believe that these types of portrayals are very helpful in breaking down gender stereotypes, which is helpful for everyone. Men suffer from a lack of close and healthy male friendships where they can express themselves and be emotional, which causes not only them problems but society at large. Daredevil got this right and it’s important.


As those of you who read my reviews know, I do write in real time so whatever mistakes I made in the beginning of the post I may have rectified at the end. This post will most likely include anti-Damon/anti-Delena/anti-Bamon/anti-Steroline/anti-Bonenzo sentiments. I will probably call out misogynoir, anti-black and racist treatment and perhaps make references to True Blood, Buffy The Vampire Slayer or other shows.  If you do not like it, no one is forcing you to read. OK? OK. Alright. Let’s go.

1. I swear Sybil is going to try and bring Hell on Earth in which case she’s just a knockoff of Ruby from Supernatural.


3. A black man named Arcadius or “Cade” because we have to modernize everything, as the first psychic. Why do I feel like this is going to go terribly wrong terribly quickly?

4. So Cade sees a man staring lustfully at a girl and tells him that what he imagines is impure and illegal but if the man let’s him deep into his mind then he (Cade) may be able to quell his urges. This results in the village stoning him and burning him at the stake because of his power. But like how though? He didn’t SAY anything that would be like omg he could read my mind! The man was staring at the girl unabashedly, anyone would know what he was a pedophile. And because he was burned at the stake Cade knows what true evil is and Cade got his revenge in death. This is SUCH a weak story.

5. Paul looks good though. Like he looks good. Good. Really good.

6. Georgie’s voice is ANNOYING. Like it GRATES my ears.

7. “I can only deal with one temptress at a time”. How is Georgie a temptress? She’s just persistent and annoying?

8. This conversation between Lou and Damon is painful because this is like sitting down with a bunch of drunk frat guys and listening them talk about how sneaky and manipulative and bitchy women are.

9. So Sybil works for Cade who is probably not the devil but a warped punisher of the wicked who is in fact wicked because he has minions kill for him or something ridiculous like that.

10. How would people know she’s psychic? It would be different if there was a whole bunch of paranoia and they outcast anyone they think is psychic and then one day they just happen upon a real psychic. Also if she’s psychic wouldn’t she know that the villagers are coming for her? How does the psychic ability work? Does she have to zone in on a subject or is she overwhelmed by voices and then learns control? Fucking details man.

11. Why is the music intense like it matters that there are two sirens?

12. Georgie and Nanny look exactly the same to me, it took me a long time to figure out who is who.

13. Damon, why the hell would family be a sore sport for YOU? YOU are the sore spot for THEM.

14. Don’t do it, don’t sit down on the chair backwards.

15. She does it.

16. Why is Sybil purposefully leaving out which one of the sirens she is. If the revelation is that her sister is either Georgie or Seline she could just say I met a girl on the island I was banished to or I lived on an island and a girl came to me.

17. Also I feel like they could’ve formatted her backstory in a better way than her telling Stefan and Alaric the story of her origin when they’re meant to be impatient to break her hold on Damon.

18. Did one of the sisters say “If we cannot live off of what God has provided us for then we are not meant to live at all” I thought this was BC, what God? There was not ONE God.

19. Do the writers think that by making Sybil say that the parallels between her and Stefan are “too good” because they both belong to sibling dynamics in which one sibling is the “good” sibling and the other is the “bad/selfish” one means that they acknowledged how lazy they are by making those parallels? THAT’S ALL THE SHOW DOES. The Originals, Klaus and Elijah are like Stefan and Damon. The Heretics may’ve been a “family” but yet again it’s messed up family dynamics, like this is nothing NEW, all you do is the same thing over and over again.

20. Why is Matt’s hair … why, no.

21. “And I know I tracked you down a few months ago and none of this doesn’t make any sense.” That was awful dialogue. OMG.

22. Damon is responsible for killing Matt’s sister and he almost killed Matt’s dad, yeah, I think it’s a testament to the show’s preoccupation with Damon that Matt wouldn’t just kill Damon right there when he’s knocked out. Honestly. Damon has done too much shit to the people around him that the fact that none of them just go ENOUGH and kill him is completely unbelievable to me. We literally only get that once in 2x02 and he hasn’t grown from that moment, so.

23. Yeah, see, here’s the thing about this parallel. Sybil forced Georgie to eat human flesh so she wouldn’t die on the island, continuously but lied saying that what they were eating was boar, she also lied to her saying there were provisions on the ships when it was just sailors. The show tried to draw parallels between her and Stefan because Stefan forced Damon to turn in 1846 except like it’s not really the same because Stefan didn’t force Damon to kill and become a sociopathic rapist and as an anon pointed out, Stefan and the show try to hype up Damon to be this innocent human when he actually helped Katherine kill humans, so like … I just feel like yelling at the show, YOU TRIED IT. Damon isn’t evil because Stefan didn’t want him to die in 1846 and each time I watch that scene I’m just like … this really doesn’t justify or illuminate anything about who Damon is.

24. Stefan’s angry face is actually really hot.

25. Oh so Sybil is the village girl not the girl from the island. Oh shocker!

26. Did the writers actually fucking make Sybil fucking say to Stefan, “Which siren is your spirit animal?”???? ARE THEY FUCKING KIDDING ME. HOW MANY TIMES DOES IT NEED TO BE SAID THAT THAT SHIT IS OFFENSIVE AND DISRESPECTFUL TO INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES? LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME? But oh yeah Julie g’waan with that tweet ‘bout respect and value of other cultures. Seriously, this show.

27. So Matt stabbed Damon. And? There was barely any torture. He just stabbed him. Like I am so done with this show. If you’re going to torture Damon then fucking torture him, Matt deserves that shit.

28. Yeah, see Tyler isn’t dead.

29. Why is everyone talking about how Damon wouldn’t be forgiven if he killed Tyler? And how especially Elena wouldn’t forgive that. Damon has done everything he possibly could and Elena has forgiven him. Stop acting like there’s an actual line that Damon can’t cross when we all know there isn’t. It’s ridiculous.

30. Damon talks too much.

31 Oh Seline is the second siren. THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME>

32. Seriously Matt you couldn’t have dunked his head in vervain or something?

33 Damon shut up.

34. Stefan didn’t seal Damon’s fate, shut the fuck up, Damon decided to be who he was because he’s Damon. I’m tired of that narrative.

35. So a black man is the devil. EXCELLENT, TVD. JFC.

36. Also their version of the devil makes absolutely no sense. Why is Cade in hell in the first place when he literally did nothing wrong? Did he create hell for the souls that he keeps and why is he collecting souls in the first place? And they keep mentioning God, as in the Christian God, so how are you going to have a Christian God but not a Christian Hell? WHAT?

37. Cade let out a psychic blast so powerful before he died that he created its own world. THAT IS SERIOUSLY THE EXPLANATION FOR HELL? OH MY GOD.

38. I also find it so fucking tacky that the people who damned Cade and made him create hell are all POC. Like seriously FUCK YOU, TVD.

39. Oh shut up, Damon deserves hell.

40. “A glass of vervain everyday keeps the vampires away” DOESN’T even roll of the tongue.

41. Matt and his father don’t do anything for me.

42. Oh Tyler IS dead, like legit dead. I’m actually mildly impressed.

43. Zach’s performance is actually on point. It’s the best part of the episode.

44. So Georgie goes to hell because she killed a girl in a car accident. OK so like I don’t get it does that mean Julian is in hell too? What about Mary-Louise and Nora? Are they in hell? WHO goes to this hell? Does just everyone who does a bad thing go to this hell?

Final thoughts: I just have questions. Honestly. The details of Cade and the devil and this hell dimension are aggravatingly blurry. So now that Tyler IS dead watch everyone forgive Damon despite the show trying to tell us they won’t. I’m perfectly fine with the show emphasizing that Stefan has as much darkness to him as redemptive qualities, that’s why I love Stefan, but there’s also this emphasis on trying to make him the worse brother and he’s not, Damon needs to own his actions and the show needs to stop trying to pass the buck too. I believe Cade will “rise” and with him, villains of the past. If Kai went to this hell too it’d be the perfect opportunity to bring him back. This show sucks with details.  

I’ve made some more progress on the book I’m currently obsessed with, London and the Culture of Homosexuality, 1885-1914 by Matt Cook, and have made a couple posts about it here and here. Now I have my next longer meta brewing (!!)…but in the meantime, here are some updates:

(if you’re not keen to see more posts like this, I’ll tag everything related to this book “london and the culture of homosexuality” so you can avoid it if you like)

1) The Sins of the Cities of the Plain was a pornographic (homosexual) novel published in 1881. It follows the memoirs of a young male prostitute, John Jack Saul, who is “paid to set down his experiences by a client“, who just happens to provide an address in Baker Street, which was really the address of a friend called William Sherlock Scott Holmes Potter. The book talks about doing the do in Belgravia and picking up men in Regent’s Park, as well as the joys of having sex with guardsmen/soldiers. It did not mess around: one of the chapters is literally called “The Same Old Story: Arses Preferred to C*nts”. So. It was pretty gay.

2) The Criterion Bar on Piccadilly Circus attracted all kinds of men, including guardsmen, for meetings of a more intimate nature. According to Cook’s research, it was considered to have “a subcultural reputation for homosexual activity” and was a “great centre for inverts”, according to some 19th century contemporaries. (“Invert” was another derogatory term for homosexual.) I’m sure there’s no need to remind you that this is where John Watson and Mike Stamford meet up before Stamford introduces Watson to the love of his life Holmes. 

3) Turkish baths were considered to be very gay (many other homosocial spaces developed similar reputations).

4) Articles in popular fashion magazines like Modern Man “bemoaned the damage done to the fashion for buttonholes by [Oscar] Wilde’s penchant for green carnations”.

This, in an article titled: “Judging a Man by His Button Hole.

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More to come ;)

Six degrees of why (almost) everything is Gerard Argent’s fault.

Hear me out… if you follow almost every major villain Teen Wolf villain back to the source of when it all went wrong, you’ll find Gerard Argent, lurking in the shadows like a moldy evil mushroom.


Kate Argent

It could be argued that many of the bad things that have happened on Teen Wolf are in fact Kate Argent’s fault, so we should address her first. Would she have ended up the way she did without her father’s influence? Maybe, maybe not, but we clearly see his fingerprints all over her worldview. While she and everyone else in this list are still ultimately responsible for their own actions, they were all influenced by Gerard Argent to some extent, and this is true of Kate most of all.


Peter Hale

As with Kate, he’s also been the instigator behind many a misfortune. Yes, Peter was obviously always of questionable ethics and morality and probably would have ended up in some kind of trouble anyway, but he wouldn’t have ended up on the path he took in the show without the Hale fire, which was set by Kate, because of the fanatical speciesism instilled in her by Gerard.


Deucalion & the Alpha Pack

Deucalion is another clear example of someone who was set on their dark, melodramatic path to murder and mayhem by Gerard Argent’s unscrupulous behavior and betrayal, and then of course through him we get the rest of the Alpha Pack.


Jennifer Blake / The Darach

Her fall to the dark side came after she was almost killed by Kali, which happened because of Deucalion, who was doing the whole Alpha Pack thing because of Gerard.


The Kanima

While Gerard didn’t have anything to do with why Jackson became what he did, or how Matt started using him, he happily took over using the kanima for his own nefarious purposes.


Meredith Walker / The Benefactor / the bounty hunters

Meredith and everything that was set in motion because of what she did (including the actions of a host of minor bounty-hunter type villains) were a result of her absorbing Peter’s crazy rage when he was in a burn induced coma … which he was in, because of the Hale fire, because of Kate, because of Gerard.  


The Berserkers

The ones we saw were all under Kate’s influence, after she was turned by Peter trying to kill her, which ties them back to Gerard through both Kate and Peter.  


The Exceptions (aka, there’s a reason for the almost!)
Every rule has a few, right? 

Matt Daehler

Went down a bad path without Gerard’s influence, although, Gerard did manage to get his hand into the mix, since he killed Matt.  


The Nogitsune / the Oni

Thus far the only confirmed instance of a major villain that really had nothing to do with Gerard Argent. Although, Gerard did (unwittingly?) send his 18 year old son to a clandestine arms deal with a bunch of Yakuza, one of whom was apparently possessed and being hunted by Oni, which nearly got said son killed, so there’s that.


The Dread Doctors

Too early yet to say, since we know very little about them at this point. Right now it seems like they are most likely their own thing, but who knows what future reveals may bring?


Of course, this only covers the major villains. There have been various minor villains not directly influenced by Gerard, but even so, most of them were touched in some manner by the circumstances surrounding the major villains, and could be said to have some connectivity in that way.

One final cheery thought: Gerard is still out there somewhere, alive and presumably with no one keeping active tabs on him now that Allison is gone and Chris is off chasing Kate.

Things you realize in your 6th daredevil watch:

Matt’s dad says “anyone who has the guts to step into the ring deserves respect, don’t you forget that” in episode 2, but then in episode 9 when Nobu says “I have shown you respect. You would be wise to return the courtesy,” Matt says “you’ll have to earn it.”

The parallel heightens the sense of /wrongness/ in that fight. The wrongness of Matt fighting with the intent to kill is made all the clearer by the fact that in doing so, he is stepping away from his father’s teachings, which were shown to be so integral to his motivations/ideology in episodes 1 + 2.

This got longer than I meant it to

I’ve seen some posts about the different ways Matt and Frank protect Karen from gunfire. So I thought I would re-watch the scenes and see what I found. The first thing I want to point out is that this is in the same episode (The Man in the Box), which is definitely not a coincidence. One shooting is at the beginning of the episode and the other at the end, like bookends. THIS IS IMPORTANT. This is a signal that we’re supposed to be paying attention, and comparing these two scenes.

Both Matt and Frank hear something before the shooting starts. Both of the them consider Karen the priority to protect, but as other’s have pointed out, they have two different methods of doing so. 

Matt pushes Foggy to the side to ensure he’s safe, but he physically tackles Karen to the ground with one arm around her. Now, he also puts himself between the gunfire and Karen, but it should be noted that there is also a desk to stop or slow the bullets. He also doesn’t cover her head, she covers it herself with her own arms.

And then there’s Frank. The first thing Frank does after hearing whatever he hears is to knock the gun out of Karen’s hands, but he does it as he’s tackling her. Then he covers her entire body, including her head. Unlike with Matt, there is no barrier between them and the bullets and you can see that Frank’s not wearing body armor. And Frank is also protecting her from shrapnel, Matt leaves half of Karen vulnerable to blowback (granted not as dangerous as bullets, but still). Frank is willing to take ALL the damage, whatever it might be.

These two scenes are like those spot the difference pictures. So why? Why should we be paying attention to this? I think that it’s because we’re supposed to be paralleling Matt and Frank, not just in the way they fight crime, but with their relationships with Karen. And I would argue that’s the biggest theme we’re supposed to focus on. By the end of the season Frank pushes Karen away and Matt tells her (or rather shows her) that he’s Daredevil. Frank does it to keep Karen safe, Matt does it because he needs her to understand him, which, while unintentional, draws her further into danger.

So Frank wants what’s best for Karen, even if that means sacrificing himself. Matt will protect Karen from danger, but is not willing to let go of her completely. He doesn’t want to be alone, even after what happened with Elektra and Foggy. He wants understanding and acceptance, even to the detriment of others. That, to me, is the biggest difference between Frank and Matt. They both care about Karen, but Frank has learned from his loss. He knows he can’t always protect her and that she would be safer without him. Matt’s loss has only made him want to draw her closer, to have another Elektra, someone he can be himself with.

Matt sees Karen as his one light in the dark, not noticing that she holds her own darkness, protecting her in the midst of danger instead of trying to keep her out of danger entirely. Frank SEES Karen. He says as much in the diner scene. He sees the hint of darkness there and he doesn’t flinch. Matt loves the IDEA of Karen. 

Honestly, either way the writers go it should be interesting. I just don’t think they would spend so much time on Frank and Karen, to have that shot of her looking up at him, if it were truly over. I hate HATE love triangles. HATE. I cannot accurately describe my hatred for love triangles. But I think it’ll be what they did this season, more of a compare and contrast. Any way it goes, I can’t wait!

okay, so matt says he doesn’t like guns. sure. he doesn’t like killing people, and guns generally do that.

but there are other reasons too, if you think about it.

guns are fucking loud. like, ridiculously loud. anyone with normal hearing would flinch if one went off. with matt’s hearing, it would be infinitely worse. and it’s not just the sound. the smell of gunpowder. how it sticks to your hands. he can probably taste it too, maybe even for days afterwards. and what about where the bullet lands? if it hits a person, matt can probably hear the exact route it takes. if it splinters bones, burns tissues. all the blood. god, the amount of blood. it would permeate everything. hell, at this point, matt can probably tell just where the blood is coming from based on the oxygen saturation of it.

so when matt says he doesn’t like guns, yeah, it might just be a moral or ethical choice, but it probably is also related to all the horrible sensory input they provide.

It’s interesting that in 2x03, Frank was extremely dismissive of Matt’s ideology of not killing, and tried to force Matt to kill either him or Grotto. Fast forward to 2x11, and Frank refuses to allow Matt to sacrifice his ideology because there’s no turning back after killing. Interesting how his stance has changed. I think the earlier scene in the diner really got to Frank - he probably has not killed, at least not so brutally, in the presence of an innocent civilian before. What’s more, that civilian happens to be Karen, who is possibly the only person alive who Frank actually cares about (I am not putting a romantic spin on this, but you can’t deny it). I think the pure brutality of what he did is comparable to the prison fight, but Karen’s horror and cries definitely shook him. It made him so aware of the person that he is - twisted, terrible, cruel - and he no longer believed in making people see his way. So later when Matt agrees to kill the Blacksmith, Frank refuses to let him. Frank is on this path already, there’s no going back, but he can’t let anyone else get dragged down with him. 

TJLC IS REAL: Carefully-Chosen” Words and Public Opinion

Or, Another Installment in:

Weeesi Liveblogs “London and the Culture of Homosexuality, 1885-1914″ by Matt Cook and Flails Continuously Because Reasons

(Previous posts here, here, here, and here. I’m also tagging with “london and the culture of homosexuality” but apparently tracked tags are no longer a thing so idk.)

Let’s talk about words.

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{ Matt and John: Behind the Curtain }

( notes and basic info about the ship )

This is the main ship of my MCU continuity. I personally don’t really get into the Marvel movies, so this continuity is predominately based on the Netflix shows. Since they’re all interconnected, I eventually just put it all under a blanket rather than divvying each series into a different continuity. 

The ship and storylines bloomed from it is a bit of a lynchpin, so while I’m obviously not going to center every thread in the continuity on it, obviously, but its relevance does vary between muse to muse. It’s been role played and plotted on and off tumblr. Given we have so many threads, listing idly on an established timeline, I understand it might be confusing. Following is a run down on certain important fact and plot points.

– John and Matt met by incident at a coffeeshop. Naturally, John approached him and chatted him up. Set post S2 of Daredevil by some months, Matt has found himself plagued by a ghostly entity terrorizing his flat (theorized that the chaos and stress he’d been through recently attracted it). Upon drawing out John’s profession from him, Matt decided to invite him over that very night, mostly out of curiosity. John being John and Matt being a very attractive dark-haired bloke with a fantastic ass, it was a given that he would happily take that invitation. Shortly after arriving at Matt’s flat, John quickly sussed the presence. However, they put in some effort to get to know each other before John gets down to business. Long story short, one thing leads to another after he smudges the flat some to quiet down the ghost. They end up in bed together and stoking some very intense feelings .

– They try to keep it casual, of course. Matt is hesitant to let anyone get close to him for good reason, and John is well – He’s been wary and a bit fragile with relationships since Kit left. It also doesn’t help that shortly after meeting, John implied that he was just passing through and might not stay. Naturally his mind is quickly changed the more attached he gets to Matt, at least in deciding to stick around for as long as the relationship runs its course (he never expects any relationship to last). 

– John isn’t blind. He notices the perpetual damage on Matt. Though he asks after it, Matt typically lies, dodges the question, or tells a half-truth. John doesn’t believe him, but doesn’t exactly hold it against him. He likes him far too much, to be quite clear. 

– They start talking about moving in together within a few months of meeting. Initially John just wanted to move into an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen to be closer to Matt. It was casually pointed out to him that Manhattan was an expensive place to live, regardless of the part he was looking to settle. It still took a little more time before that last step was taken, for one obvious reason…..

– I’m not going to come out and say that John is gung ho about Matt being Daredevil. Naturally, he worries about Matt’s safety on his night shifts, but nor is John precisely against vigilante justice. He certainly doesn’t have much faith in the police, though not so much because he has cynicism toward justice or the concept of authorities protecting people, but he is deeply cynical when it comes to the human element. John knows it’s susceptible to corruption and red tape. So John really doesn’t have any moral quandary when it comes to what he does after dark. He just wishes he wouldn’t do it so often on three hours of sleep.

– Yes, this has become one of the continuities that John works toward going legit. He has since opened and independently runs a private investigation agency that primarily focuses on unusual, preternaturally based cases, though he may take a mundane one in a pinch. ( However, he still collects, steals, and sells artifacts and other magical objects. )

– He has dual citizenship with England because he frequently still returns there.

B O N U S:

– Some NSFW head canons–

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An Analysis of the Frank-Matt-Karen Relationship

So, I’m not sure if this has been done before. I’m sure it has, BUT I wanted to make this anyway because I can’t get enough of Castle lately and my brain is on overdrive about them and so I started thinking…

I had my first thought while watching a gif of the hospital scene, when Karen steps over the line to show Frank the picture of his family.

NOTE: This is super long (w/picture). READ AT OWN RISK :)

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ok the thing is i don’t think it’s just the “blind thing that chicks dig” that makes matt so attractive 

like i realize that he could murder a man with his thumb

but matt murdock is just so nonthreatening

he’s not overly loud, he has that soothing voice, he’s charming in a kind way, and there is just something calming about him

and in a world where women are used to being freaked out by men, i can tell you its not just his blindness or even his perfect butt that has women flocking to him