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I do want to remind everyone that while season 4 was rather lacking character development and relationships, it was originally supposed to be a part of season 3, which had quite a lot of that and was much less focused on overall plot. As unfortunate as it was, keep in mind that it is important to keep the overarching plot moving and therefore, the writers cannot focus on character development and relationships all the time. Narratively, I think it was the right move to make season 3 very character heavy and season 4 very plot heavy. Because the seasons are so short, mixing the two up could have been rather ineffectual. But because they were separate these seasons overall left us with very powerful messages. Even though it doesn’t feel like it, I think we will eventually get the character and relationship development we want to see. We just have to be patient and we should appreciate the plots as they are presented along with character development. Character and relationship development wouldn’t mean nearly as much without a good plot.


i just thought about this parallel between 01x11 and 04x06. it’s just very interesting to me so i had to just jot it down real fast. now sure okay we don’t have a lot of explicit confirmation Coran knows 100% what’s going on here, but it’s heavily inferred due to the fact he’s been in communication with Keith prior to this moment (Keith’s been talking to him), he’s monitoring the situation, and his expression. plus… .this parallel. 

The thing is…. Coran knows that Keith won’t quit. There’s just no talking him out of this. He knows this because he’s been here before with Keith, on the precipice of Keith diving forwards without reserve and doing what he believes is right even at the expense of his own life and possibly at the cost of it. Coran knows right now he literally can do nothing to stop this. 

01x11 Keith believed he was doing to help Shiro and also for the greater cause of the mission: to protect the black lion because from day one they’d been told if it fell into Zarkon’s hands it would all be over. 

But there’s a slight difference here too, and I think it’s why Coran looks like that here. 01x11 is probably one of the TRUE times yes…. Keith actually has been reckless and impulsive (i feel these words get thrown around a lot for him see this perhaps). 04x06 - based on his behaviours - he isn’t actually being reckless and diving in without thought. That’s the concerning thing (he’s Considered it properly and that really shows - I mean…. see this too i posted earlier!!) 

So yea he’s actually being logical and pragmatic in a dire situation. He’s making a call that is difficult and FAR from easy, but he’s setting aside everything else for the sake of getting shit done fast. 

Now don’t get me wrong, just because he’s being completely pragmatic and rational here - to the point he’s not weighing in the value of HIMSELF to the mission or the cause - IT DOESN’T MEAN HE’S RIGHT AND THAT THIS IS OKAY…. keith…. but he thinks it’s the right judgement to make. The stakes are high, voltron is in danger. Someone has to do something.

And keith has proven time and time again that when it’s time to make a tough call, a choice for the greater good and universe that could well divide people and cause discord - he can and will be objective even at the expense of how the team see him and what people think of him. (of course there are exceptions, there always are and that’s interesting when this pattern breaks). 

Overall here though, Keith is once again doing everything he’s strived to do from the very start: keeping the mission from sabotage and ensuring Voltron can continue it’s quest for the greater good. No matter what. 

Is this Princess Romelle?

This theory is really not my own (shoutout to darkspellmaster’s detailed theory here) but I’m really on board with the idea that this mysterious rebel fighter is Princess Romelle. So lets look at the clues that would suggest this…

First off, she is teamed up with the two most forefront and prominent characters of the Rebel Forces: Matt Holt is the one who links Team Voltron to the Rebels. Captain Olia is leader of the Rebels and was presented to be an important character by Lauren Montgomery prior to the release of S4.

Second, she was included in this dramatic reaction shot along with characters that the audience already have a history with.

Third, she is shown to be part of the Rebel Forces yet her outfit is different from their color scheme.

Fourth, her armour looks similar to King Alfor’s and the Paladin’s armour with the black bodysuit underneath and white breastplate, armplates and leg gear. The color accents of yellow and blue is reminiscent of Alfor’s armour and the shape of her helmet is similar to Allura’s. Altean sentries also have the same white, yellow and blue color scheme. In short, her whole look suggests Altean. (FYI, DotU’s Romelle was a distant relative of Allura because their planets Arus and Pollux were sister planets that were at war)

And fifth, she speaks with a computerized voice modulator which gives her a low woman’s voice. In DotU, Romelle spoke with a lower voice to connote that she was more mature (or older?) than Allura. Her low speaking voice was one of her more recognizable character traits. Also, she is given one line of dialogue that proved to be useful to whats going on in the story.

So this mysterious rebel fighter was inserted into the story and given prominence in the key scenes of the story but nothing else is reveled about her. This could mean that we will see more of her in future episodes.

But if this mysterious rebel is Romelle, where are the other Polluxians? What do they look like? Do they look like the Alteans that we’ve already seen? Or do they shapeshift their appearance to hide their Altean heritage?

I just... I just wanna talk about Matt Holt for a second.

This kid has been to hell and back. On his first mission into space ever he, along with his father and captain, gets abducted and basically tortured by a homicidal alien race. This boy has never left earth. Up until this point he didn’t even know that there was life outside of earth! So, he’s gotta come to terms with all that, and also with the fact that he is now a prisoner who will probably spend the rest of his now very short life at the mercy of these killers.

Then, he gets separated from his father and Shiro. Shiro saves his life and then he’s gone. His father is sent away and this kid is alone. Like really, truly alone. And from what we learn about him, he seems like a pretty independent, self-assured individual. But he’s got two parents, he’s got a little sister whom he’s really close to, I’m sure he had some close friends too. I don’t think Matt Holt has ever really been alone in his life. But then, suddenly, he is. 

But this kid, man. This kid makes it. He is resilient. Through a series of events, he is freed from his captors. And what does he do? He doesn’t run away, he doesn’t try to go back to earth. He doesn’t break down and let his experience overtake him. He joins a resistance group and fights. Not only does he fight, but he becomes a ranking officer! Like, he doesn’t know any of these aliens from a hole in the wall and they don’t know him. He owes them nothing. But somehow, he feels a duty to stand with them against the ones who took him away from everything he ever knew and everything he ever loved. 

So, he fought and he resisted and made some dangerous enemies. So dangerous, in fact, that it would seem he had to fake his own death and go off-grid so that he wouldn’t be found. Now, this kid is on an unknown planet scouring through transmissions that he can’t really understand hoping to find even hints of clues to defeat the enemy. He is alone once again, in every sense of the word.

This kid should be hard as stone at this point. But when the audience finally gets their first look at him. He’s happy. He’s cheerful. He praises his sister, he flirts with Allura, and he even makes a food pun!

You have a kid who’s been to hell and back. A kid who’s got literal scars from his demons. A kid who, out of all the characters, except maybe Shiro, has had the most traumatic experiences. And yet, he’s still so… bright. He still smiles, and laughs and jokes and appreciates things like how smart his sister is or how pretty a girl is. And I think that’s just pretty fucking amazing.

Kuron Comeback

It’s been a while since anyone’s really talked about Kuron/Clone Shiro since season four (4) premiered, but that doesn’t mean the theory has lost it’s value or validity. Actually, season four seemed to show some pretty hard foreshadowing in regards to the Kuron story line. Hear me out.

Okay. Season four shows Lotor acting almost…manically after Zarkon basically kicks him out of the empire and marks him an enemy–something his generals seem to notice (Ezor, Zethrid), especially after he goes and kills Narti when he believed her to be a spy and his plan to pass into another reality and obtain more quintessence fails. However, Acxa still has faith in him as a leader, even though it seems as if the rest of his generals have turned their back on him.

Eventually, however much Acxa dismisses her teammates’ warnings, she betrays Lotor and sides with her team, realizing the dangers of staying by his side.

There are many metas describing how Acxa and Keith could be related (the ones I’ve seen have something to do with them being siblings), and whether you believe them or not, there is clear mirroring going on between both Acxa and Keith, and I do think that the comparisons between them are definitely on purpose.

If you don’t believe me, here are some comparisons between the two:

  • both are Galra hybrids
  • both are the “loner” types
  • both are loyal to their leader (shiro/lotor)
  • both are very capable in battle
  • also, this seems to speak for itself:

(that expression is,, like,, exact. just sayin’)

Although, they also contrast (which can add to mirroring value):

  • Acxa is described as “a calculating, intelligent leader and Prince Lotor’s top general. She’s calm, measured and never rushes into action.”
  • Meanwhile, the wikia describes keith as “hotheaded and temperamental” and “while Keith is imbued with a sense of justice and bravery, this can manifest itself in a stubborn personality, making him someone who refuses to back down from a fight despite any warnings from his teammates that he should flee”

These clear distinctions makes it seem as if these two make up for what the other lacks. 

But it isn’t just those two

Notice how both team voltron and lotor’s team are both made up of five characters. We’ve discussed the similarities between keith and acxa, but let’s break this down further…

  • First, we have hunk and zethrid. These two are similar in build, to point out the obvious, but are otherwise quite contrasting. Like I mentioned before, contrast can add dimension to two characters’ mirrors or foils. 
    • according to the voltron wikia, “what [zethrid] has in strength and combat prowess she lacks in mental acumen” to which, i would say, is opposite to hunk’s obvious mental stamina (“a high acumen for xenobiology and chemistry as well as his skills as an astromechanical engineer” sounds smart enough to me), although zethrid is also given credit for being highly knowledgeable about weapons
    • both are considered the strongest (physically) of their team
    • both are loyal to their leader
  • Next, there’s lance and ezor. To me, this makes a lot of sense:
    • they have v similar personalities–ezor is considered the “friendliest” of lotor’s generals,,,let me directly compare that to the blue lion (lance’s OG)’s wikia: “The Blue Lion was the first of the five lions to be found, and reflected Lance’s personality of a hyper and fun-loving person” hmm. just gonna leave that there.
    • then there’s just…ezor is known to be agile and acrobatic, and lance, well…

(if this is your gif, please let me know so I can credit you)

    • …we know he has some capabilities.
    • and then there’s the fact that ezor can literally turn invisible. *clears throat* how was lance feeling in season three (3) when there was one paladin too many? *ahem* invisible, you say?
  • Then we have pidge and narti. honestly, this jumped out at me because narti’s cat (kova) strongly reminded me of rover/beezer. but there are some other similarities if you squint a little…
    • kova is narti’s eyes and ears, as was rover to pidge
    • narti uses her tail as a weapon to grip and choke enemies. whooooo else has a weapon that can transform into a literal whip?
    • tbh I don’t have much on these two, but i think there’s enough to tell where I’m going with this,,
    • also, i’m not implying that pidge will die, because dreamworks will be receiving a strongly worded email if anything happens to her, but maybe pidge, in a sense, already “died”? if you catch my drift? when she found out matt was “dead.” but who knows, maybe it’ll be a metaphoric “killing” of sorts
  • Also, in this case, we’re gonna draw a comparison bt lotor and “shiro” for argument’s sake

I’m pretty sure the writers wouldn’t just accidentally draw so many comparisons between the two teams. I mean…why? They could have literally given Lotor’s generals SO many different characteristics,, but,, alas,,

ANYWAY, on to the Kuron plot line. (Aka, back to the Keith-Acxa Theory)

We see Acxa side with her team near the end of season four, as previously stated. And we also know that she was reluctant to stun/betray Lotor, even though it seems as if his actions had slowly started to pile up. Now…who else is very loyal to their leader despite his recent out-of-character behavior, and would be too stubborn to see what’s right under their nose because of their trust in said leader?

Originally posted by blogcamarofreak

It seems to me that season five will touch on team Voltron, much like lotor’s generals, discovering Shiro’s (Kuron’s) true nature, but Keith’s trust gets in the way of him seeing what’s right there in front of him.

Still, Keith will have to make the same choice as Acxa: continue his loyalty to “shiro,” or betray his “leader” and side with his team?

a list of things about The Defenders in no particular order

- Matt and Jessica doing things together
- how they managed to pair off so that Matt and Jessica were together most of the time, and Luke and Danny were
- Luke absolutely slaying Danny about privilege
- Elektra’s coat going whoosh
- Stick cutting his own fucking hand off to escape (I was waiting literally the whole time for him to just keel over from the blood loss, but fine, whatever)
- Foggy what have you done to your hair (I say like Cecil about Carlos in WTNV)
- was kinda hoping that Melvin wouldn’t be in it?
- all the loved ones in a room together! Karen and Trish! NEW FRIENDS FOR EVERYONE.
- Matt being good with kids
- Jessica being surprisingly good with kids, and also letting Matt know she knew about his past, and also at the same time kind of reassuring him about it
- Matt turning the light on and off like a good responsible citizen who cares about the environment
- really Matthew you’re not even locking the trunk now, just closing it? that’s cool, sure
- Matt and Foggy clearly still caring for each other
- Stick is dead, okay, not really a surprise I guess
- really Danny she totally tricked you into punching the wall and you fell for it
- I think this whole thing would have gone better if Matt went to see Father Latte more than once
- Danny being strapped down on a rolly cart for ease of use
- Alexandra’s frankly ridiculous and impractical outfits that were always on point
- I have a lot of complicated emotions about Elektra and Matt and their relationship, and that frankly IDIOTIC thing Matt did at the end, but let’s not go into that now
- um crying
- some more crying
- there needs to be a superperson support group (because people don’t like the word ‘hero’)
- also god fucking damn that ending, holy shit, how dare you marvel

Why Shiro Should Be A Paladin

aka why having Shiro not be a paladin is an awful idea and here’s why:

Shiro is character whose own limitations on who he is and what he can do are set by him and him alone. In Shiro’s own mind, his greatest enemies are not the Galra, but himself.

We as an audience know Shiro is a good person. A great and inspiring leader, a supportive and kind friend, someone who has suffered hardship and won against it. But Shiro doesn’t know that.

Every time he looks at prosthetic that replaced his hand, or the scar on his nose and the white patch in his hair, he doesn’t see a survivor. He sees someone marked by his failure to protect his team from a threat.

You can’t tell me there aren’t some nights where Shiro will lay awake in bed, thinking about all the ways he could’ve prevented the Galra from abducting them on Kerberos mission. You can’t tell me sometimes when he sees Pidge, acting so much like Matt and Sam that it hurts, he wants to drop on his knees and apologize until his tongue falls out for letting their family get torn apart. You can’t tell me that sometimes Shiro wishes that Keith wouldn’t glance at him with that loving look in his eye, because he doesn’t deserve it and even though losing Keith would make his heart bleed right out of his chest, he’d rather Keith hate him than disappoint him again.

Because to Shiro, he will always be another disappointment. He failed the Kerberos mission. He failed his team. And despite how hard he tries not to, Shiro believes that he will fail Voltron too. And everything up until now is just a waiting game.

Shiro tried so desperately hard to get Keith into the idea of becoming the new leader of Voltron because he believes that Keith would be a far better leader than him in the long run. Shiro believes far more in Keith then, at this point in his life, he could ever believe in himself.

Having Shiro not be a paladin of Voltron is not “character progression”, it’s not “the way that it should of always been”, it’s not even that good of a homage to the original series, it’s just ruining Shiro’s character arc of which the end result should be Shiro believing in himself.

Some may argue that Shiro needs to separate himself from Voltron, learn to love himself away from it. Accept his role away from Voltron. And I’ll say that would be great character development for a completely different character. Because Shiro’s problem is not that he doesn’t believe he is good enough without Voltron, it’s that he believes he is not good enough for Voltron.

By having Shiro not be a paladin of Voltron, they are confirming his worst fears. He is not worthy. Being chosen by Black was a mistake. They were only waiting for someone better. He is a broken soldier who will never be able to pick up his own pieces.

And that would be fucking terrible.


“If you can’t hold it, you take your ass to the men’s room and cry in private on the toilet. Like a man!“— Emerson, Pushing Daisies

This is an incredibly important scene because I believe this is the first time an MCU male superhero has cried. And Matt is not crying over the death of a dog, family member, love interest or cherished friend. It’s not an epic moment during battle or when everything he’s been fighting comes to a head. (Common examples of when it is acceptable for men to cry in media - see trope Manly Tears for more.) No, Matt is crying because he’s fighting with his best friend. Foggy, too, is crying because he’s fighting with his best friend. They’re crying because they care so much about each other and they feel so much. And it’s all expressed. Foggy feels deeply betrayed, but beyond that he’s overwhelmed with grief and worry over Matt. Matt finally is facing the fact that he personally hurt someone that he loved with his actions. And THEY ARE CRYING because of it.

I’m stressing this because crying over these “every day” events is not common for men in media. This is particularly important for Matt, who’s portrayed fairly traditionally masculine - physically strong and mentally stoic, reserved in his emotions. But yet, he cries when he’s fighting with his friend. And the narrative validates both his and Foggy’s crying. The scene is full of pathos and their fight is one of the more painful scenes on a fairly gruesome show. They’re expressing their feelings and talking it out and crying, and they’re not weak or any less badass for it. They are simply human for doing so. 

I believe that these types of portrayals are very helpful in breaking down gender stereotypes, which is helpful for everyone. Men suffer from a lack of close and healthy male friendships where they can express themselves and be emotional, which causes not only them problems but society at large. Daredevil got this right and it’s important.

here’s a diagram of possible endgame voltron ships bc i saw one that pissed me off so i thought i’d make my own lol

i think hunk and shay are fairly obvious. they’ve only showed romantic interest in each other and no one else.

i don’t think either pidge or shiro will end up with anyone bc pidge is too young for the other paladins and shiro is too old.

as for the weird z thing with keith, lance, allura, and matt: i think that if dreamworks doesn’t want an lgbt relationship on their show, lance will end up with allura. lance is definitely going to end up with someone and my bet is either allura or keith. however, if keith and lance do become canon, then there also seems to be a pretty good chance that matt and allura will become a couple. he clearly thinks she’s beautiful and she blushed/smiled when she first met him, instead of how she always responded when lance would flirt with her in s1/s2 (which was visibly annoyed).

so uh yeah that’s just my two cents, let me know what you think.

Interesting thing to note in this episode that despite her doubts at the beginning about Lance’s ‘thing’ Pidge does trust his abilities. And they also make a point of Lance himself being professional and rather stoic about stuff that are asked of him.

“Hey Lance, you have four minutes to scan the base and land your Lion.” “Copy that.”

“Hey Lance, you have a minute to get into the base.” “On my way.”

“Hey Lance, scan this guy’s face and make sure you’re not seen.”

(okay maybe not entirely stoic but can you blame him)

“Done and done.”

So they trust him with stuff but… I don’t think he sees this.

Why Doesn’t Keith Remember Pidge from the Kerberos Launch?


Keith you were literally in the background of some of those pics, how are you so oblivious?

Unless he did remember and was playing along to keep her secret, but I kinda doubt that Keith has that kind of acting ability…though it seems like he and Matt know each other so you’d think he’d recognize Matt at least? Idk man I hope we get some good pre-Kerberos exposition sometime soon, this is confusing af

anonymous asked:

could you please shed some light on the last malec's scene? magnus' expression specifically when he says "i can't do anything without thinking of you" like he hates himself for saying it.

That’s because Magnus “Petty” Bane was a nervous pile of nerves in that moment. Harry’s portrait is amazing because you can see Magnus’ anger dissolving into awkwardness and then fear and then hope.

Magnus literally downed his drink before walking outside, took a deep breath, had nervous hands nervously moving as he looked everywhere but at Alec’s general direction, and then did the “this is awkward” lips-pushed-smile.

 Evidence I

When Alec starts to apologize again. Magnus doesn’t want to talk about that anymore, because it doesn’t matter to him anymore. Magnus’ voice is much softer now, telling Alec not to apologize, telling him that his mistake is in the past. Notice that Magnus is hugging himself. He’s insecure, afraid that he may have broken what he and Alec had.

Evidence II

The first thing that Alec says after that is that without Magnus, he can’t think straight. This is when the “I can’t do anything without thinking of you” comes. Alec is shaking his head, Magnus is voicing something that makes him very vulnerable. 

It’s hard to talk about feelings because it makes you vulnerable. For someone as proud and as experienced as Magnus, he knows just how important those words are. He knows that, as great as a feeling that is, it is also a double-edged sword. Magnus’ feelings are so strong, he knows he’ll factor Alec in no matter the circumstances and that is not always a great thing. 

Especially if Alec doesn’t want to get back together with him, after everything that has happened.

You see, Magnus doesn’t know where that conversation is going. Alec’s next words could very well be “we should stay apart, this isn’t good for any of us.” 

But they aren’t. Blunt, honest to a fault Alec just blurts out an “I don’t think I can live without you.” Magnus’ face when he hears it is of someone who has just seen the light at the end of the tunnel. He can barely believe it.

Evidence III

Now Magnus knows where Alec is taking this. Alec wants him back. Alec still loves him. Magnus’ voice was never softer than when he says he thought he had to choose between Alec and the downworld. Magnus is half talking half smiling then, because he didn’t lose Alec, like he feared he had.

Magnus can be 100% sincere and 100% unafraid. And he is. He’s back at moving as he speak, closing the distance between them that he created. Imitating Alec, letting all his walls fall down. He’s laughing again.

This is how I saw this whole scene. In my opinion, it’s not that Magnus hates himself for not being able to stop thinking about Alec. He hates the situation they are now and how, despite everything, Alec is still so present in his mind. He probably never said that out loud. He probably never elaborated that so clearly.

And it might just blow up on his face. But it doesn’t <333

Imagine the morning after Alec and Magnus had their first date. Alec stayed the night, even though he believed that it might be a bad idea. It is too early after all to stay a whole night at Magnus’. It all goes too fast. But he can’t help himself. So they are lying in bed. Magnus is still sleeping peacefully. He is lying on his stomach, half of his head buried in a pile of pillows, face towards Alec. Alec is wide awake. His head resting on his hand while he simply stares dreamily at Magnus. Magnus doesn’t wear any make-up and he is snoring a little. Alec smiles. A tiny smile at first. But it gets broader, he just can’t stop it. He can’t believe that he is in Magnus’ loft, lying next to Magnus, the most beautiful man he ever layed eyes on. Alec knows that he must look like a fool but he doesn’t care at all. He lifts his right hand and brushes through Magnus’ thick black hair. He is surprised how soft it is when it is not spiked up. Alec’s fingertips are wandering carefully along Magnus’ jawline, he doesn’t want to wake Magnus up. His thumb brushes over Magnus’ cheek. Magnus still doesn’t wake up under Alec’s gentle touches. And Alec? He is just smiling while the sun comes up and the first ray of light lightens up the bedroom. He closes his eyes for a second, his hand lingering over Magnus’ cheek. When he opens his eyes again, he notices that Magnus is awake. He looks bleary and it is so adorable that Alec has a lump in his throat. But the thing that shocks him the most are Magnus’ eyes. His cat eyes are showing and they are so beautiful that they instantly take Alec’s breath away. He swallows. It takes Magnus a bit to understand what is happening. He wants to turn away from Alec, ashamed. He needs to glamour his eyes again since it looks like they shocked Alec so much. He just hopes he is not that much disgusted by them. Or him. Alec grabs Magnus’ shoulder, silenty shaking his head. Magnus furrows his brows. Until Alec leans towards him, cupping Magnus’ face with both hands. Magnus closes his eyes, he can’t look at Alec any longer. It’s too much. He silently curses himself that he forgot about his warlock mark. But Alec just doesn’t care at all. He presses a featherlight kiss on Magnus’ left eyelid. He hears how Magnus inhales sharply. Then he kisses the right eyelid. It’s so soft and tender, Magnus feels like crying. It takes all of him to fight against the tears building behind his lids. When Alec presses another soft kiss against his forehead, Magnus opens his eyes. “Don’t hide your true self from me, Magnus. Ever. You’re beautiful. All of you.” And that is the moment when Magnus Bane falls even more in love with Alexander Gideon Lightwood. Not that Magnus will tell him about his feelings yet. It’s too early. Magnus knows that. But one day soon…

I was thinking earlier about the composition of the hospital scene, the one where frank meets matt karen and foggy for the first time and the meaning of the ‘red line’ around frank. How later on he says “no. If you cross over to my side of the line… theres no coming back from that, not ever.”

How frank is literally strapped in place behind it. How matt toes it, but doesnt cross it. And in the begining karen is second closest to it after matt and how foggy is the one who is the furthest away from it. And how ultimately its karen the one who walks straight through it, emotional and with a purpose, and gets right in frank’s face.

Thats one hell of a visual rapresentation of their histories and view of the world.

okay guys lemme talk for a sec.

as a writer and a queer person, bury your gays is shit. it’s cheap and hurtful.

that said, matt, as much as he loves narrative, is beholden to the dice and the characters as people.

allura was too close to the lair, and kima followed her even tho she knew something was wrong, because something was wrong, because that’s what kima does.

gilmore in the thordak fight just didn’t have the dice power to keep up, didn’t have the hp to survive the way vm does.

matt does not want to kill any of his characters.

he is trying. he is trying. making gilmore so much more than just flamboyant, making kima a paladin not just a bitch lesbian, making allura one of the most powerful arcane casters in the world instead of just the femme bisexual, trying to make sure he remembered they pronouns for jamon saord, making sure that raishan was recognised as a woman despite her form as a man at the time.

they might seem like little things but as a writer, as someone critical of media, as a queer person, he is trying, and dear god do i love him for it.

he doesn’t want to kill any of his pcs, but if it happens it happens. if he kills vex or vax or scanlan or grog or any other pc or npc, it’s because they failed the rolls.

I really love the scene with Jessica telling the girl about Matt’s dad. Because you have Jessica who pushes everyone away and makes out like she doesn’t care and like she hates everything who not only went out of her way to find out about Matt so that she could trust him, but who is openly reaching out to both this girl and Matt, making the effort to build a connection with Matt and comfort the girl. And not only that but she understood them. She was able to research what happened to Matt’s dad, but all the other stuff, the stuff about feeling abandoned and later coming to understand why it had happened, that was just Jessica understanding people and finding a level on which she could connect to Matt and Lexi. And Matt, who hides everything and keeps his emotions locked up and never lets anyone really see him, is hearing Jessica make this effort, hearing her express what he went through, hearing her reach out to him and really that what he’s wanted for so long. That’s what he craves- he can’t bring himself to be open with other people but he also wants them to understand him so he needs someone to just go searching and figure him out, almost by force, and Jessica does that in a way that Foggy and Karen and even Elektra weren’t able to and he’s so grateful and he just accepts it and falls into this rhythm with Jess. I love the dynamic it establishes between these two and I love the snarky sarcastic friendship that forms. 

What the paladins were thinking about...

In episode 2 of season 1 the paladins are using head hole to project their minds so they others can see what they are thinking about.

What they are thinking about seems very superficial, especially Shiro, Pidge and Hunk. Though I think this is telling us a lot about these characters. They are all home sick and thinking of what is “home” to them, just in different ways, since they are different people.

We might think that Hunk is just hungry, he is the big guy right? I don’t think so. Hunk uses a lot of food metaphors (for example for the Blade’s station), food is important to him (see the “food goo incident” in season 1) and it’s also a thing he is really curious about when encountering new planets and their cultures (anyone who likes eating street food when travelling can relate here).

If I am not mistaking (are there any food experts around?) the jummy thingies on the left are spam musubi, a dish created by Japanese Americans on Hawaii. By the way, if you have any idead what the ship’s on the right are let me know ;)

Later in the show Hunk uses the power of fusion cuisine when dealing with angry restaurant owners and intergalactic diplomats. To Hunk home is being able to eat the food he loves (as somebody who lived abroad over longer periods of time and wasn’t able to do so, I really relate to this).

Keith is thinking about the shack where he stayed after dropping out of school. This seems to stress him being a “loner”. We know that except for Shiro he doesn’t have family or other important people (on earth). But considering that the shack most likely belonged to his dad and this is where they probably spend a lot of time together, if they weren’t living there, it makes sense that this is “home” to Keith. When Keith has the vision of the shack in his Marmora trial his dad even says: “You’re home son.”. To Keith this place is home and it suggests that he misses his father a lot more than he lets on.

Pidge is thinking about Matt, though we don’t know that yet and are left to believe that the girl in the image is “Pidge’s girlfriend”. Keith even says so to remind us of this.

But we soon learn this is far from true. After season 4 there can be no doubt that Matt is the most important person in Pidge’s life. There is no other person who can reach her the way he does. So, Matt is basically home to Pidge.

With Lance, it’s probably the most obvious: This group of quite different looking people is his family. Lance’s home is with his family. He mentions missing his home and his mom two episodes later. But different from Pidge there is not just one single person on his mind. I believe Lance needs the whole group to be together to feel at home.

Shiro never mentions any family or people he has on earth so maybe there just aren’t any. Though we learn that the Garrison is important to him. He calls Pidge’s dad the smartest man he’s ever met and we know that to professor Holt saw his team as a second family. So, for Shiro, despite the way they treated him at his return there, the Galaxy Garrison is home.

This gives us a lot of information what each of these characters is going for and what motivates their actions in the series. We know by now that Pidge was willing to risk a lot to go and find Matt and in season 4 she finally did. We know that Hunk’s view on the world is through food and it surely will continue playing and important role for him. We can also make predictions based on this, for example:

  • If the Garrison is ever going to come up again, Shiro would probably try to side with them.
  • If Keith gets a chance to find out what happened to his parents, he will take it.
  • If Lance fears for his family’s safety on Earth, he would do anything he can to protect them.

But as always these are just my thoughts. Thanks for reading!

guys guys guys…..what if kaltenecker is matt in disguise?????

like listen hear me out. matt is in galra captivity right. then he…finds a cow suit and puts  it on. goes up to the galra.

matt: excuse me….i’ve been turned into a cow, can i go home?
the galra: you’re excused 

then he goes to the space mall and he purposefully plants that video game in front of the store bc he knows it’ll catch pidge’s attention…..knowing that if pidge buys it she’ll get a free cow (him)…that way he can sneak onto the castle ship unnoticed 

wow i can’t believe i’ve never thought of this